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									9/6/2009                               Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

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      Private Label Rights?

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                                  *** Video Endorsement ***                                                                              1/37
9/6/2009                                 Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                   -- Stuart Tan,
                   Bestselling Author of "Secrets of Internet Millionaires"

                             From the laptop of Edmund Loh
                             Today's Date: Sunday, September 06,


      Dear Professional Marketer,
      How would you to like own a STRING of Internet Businesses, each generating THOUSANDS of
      dollars in revenue for you - every single month - even as you work on your next business venture,
      laze around or spend your time anyhow you like?

      And how would you fancy doing this WITHOUT having to commit your precious time and effort in
      creating your own collection of products?

      PLUS jumpstart your Internet Marketing career with all the tools and resources you need to build
      and grow your Online Business for less than a fraction of what most people out there are forking
      out to pay?                                                                       2/37
9/6/2009                                  Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
      My name is Edmund Loh. I have been marketing online since 2005. Today, I own and operate a
      series of growing Internet Businesses, most of which originated from Resell Rights and Private
      Label Content.

      I have also produced HUNDREDS of hot selling Private Label Rights titles for THOUSANDS of
      Internet Marketers and Entrepreneurs from around the world.

      When I am not in the Private Label Rights business, I make a comfortable living from Affiliate
      Programs and selling products which I don't even have to create from scratch.

      And when I'm not at the computer, I'm having fun outdoors - jogging, traveling, meeting new people,
      trying new things out, gaming at the cyber cafes nearby... yep, all those.

      Sounds Too Good To Be True?

      I hazard a guess this isn't your first time reading a letter like this. It's easy for many people to talk
      big online. But HOW MANY of them have proof to back what they say?

                   "So Before We Continue, Please Allow Me
                          To Prove Myself To You. . ."
      I quit my first and last full-time job at the age of 18 and now I make a full-time living online at the age
      of 21. I work from home, at my friend's house, in the hotel room, or wherever I take my laptop and
      Wireless Broadband Modem to. Okay at this point you must be thinking, "Is this just another one of
      those guys who do nothing but talk hot air?"

      Well, I'll back my words up with the statement screen shots from some of my online merchant
      accounts. (Click on any of the thumbnails below to view enlarged screenshots in a new window.)

             Here's a combined screenshot of the sales history taken from my PayPal account from April through
             July 2006, most of which I made from Resell Rights Marketing.                                                                                 3/37
9/6/2009                                      Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                                                              I've been making a killing from reselling digital products
                                                              which I don't even have to create, this being just one of

                                                                 I am also actively reselling digital products at higher
                                                                 price levels i.e. $67.00 - 97.00.

                                                                 All I had to do was:
                                                                 1. Locate the demand,
                                                                 2. Pick the "right" Resell Rights product,
                                                                 3. Set up and start marketing!

             When I am not wearing the hat of a reseller, I also make
             a comfortable living from Affiliate Programs.

             This is just one of the many Affiliate Programs that I
             have joined and made a lucrative living from.

             Really, it's just a matter of finding the right product for
             the right demand, and bring it to their "doorstep"!

                                                                 This proves my point further.

             If you are into Private Label Rights as well, chances are that you've probably heard of Private Label
             Rights Gold. Heck, maybe you have a couple of products that originated from PLRGold in your hard
             drive right now.

             My 5th and final PLRGold Master Rights Pack product launch aunch took the Internet Marketing arena
             by storm and it registered as The *BIGGEST* PLR Blowout of Year 2007. It was the rave and rage by
             Internet Marketers of all levels as no one had previously organized a PLR Blowout THIS scale.                                                                                        4/37
9/6/2009                                     Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

             Was it a mere case of fluke? Not in my opinion. In my
             next launch called 750 Traffic Tactics, I 'down scaled'
             by offering a lower priced product, but with mass appeal.
             Using the same 'product launch' techniques, I made
             more than $24,369 in sales... in just 64 hours!

             I had to close the 7-day sale prematurely because all of
             the copies had been sold out. This figure does not
             include other back-end sales I have made and also 82
             other sales made by my leading Joint Venture Partner
             for this launch, Ian del Carmen.

             Of course, I have to pay out 50% of the total sales to
             my Joint Venture Partners and affiliates, so I still keep
             more than $13,918 in profits. Not bad for 64 hours.

      I have also been featured on a galore of interviews by many top Internet Entrepreneurs such as
      Stuart Tan, Sean Wu, Gobala Krishnan, James Brown, Alvin Phang, and Aurelius Tjin. In
      addition, I have worked together with top-tier marketers like Vince Tan, Jeremy Gislason, Doug
      Champigny, Liz Tomey, Dylan Loh, Simon Hodgkinson, and too many more to name.                                                                    5/37
9/6/2009                                      Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                               First Name:

                               Your E-Mail:

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                            After filling in your details, your browser is set to return to this webpage. Please check
                            your Inbox in a few minutes for a confirmation mail. I respect your privacy and will not
                            rent, sell or trade your details to anyone else. You may cancel your subscription at any

                    "And Here's Something Else You Should
                               Know About Me."
      I had ZERO business experience prior to joining the Internet Marketing scene - with only 1 full year
      of job experience to boot (as an office boy, if that helps at all).

      After another full year of groping in the dark and walking into bumps, I finally cracked the code to
      Resell Rights riches, so to speak. Not without cost and errors, obviously.

      This enabled me to run several Internet Businesses... ALONE. What this means is that I don't have
      any permanent staff to feed on my payroll (but I do outsource certain tasks often).

      Now don't get me wrong: bragging is NOT my sport. And I am definitely not trying to impress you.
      But I hope you've finally accepted me as someone worth listening to.

      So let's roll on with the good stuff, shall we?

      I DO want to drive one point home, though: I strongly believe that YOU (yes, you) - or anyone - can
      also achieve a substantial degree of Internet Marketing success in your own rights.

            Regardless of how long or short you have been in the Internet Marketing scene. I
      started becoming widely recognized by other top-class Internet Entrepreneurs and off-line
      marketers only after 18 months of marketing online.

            Whether you had any previous experience & expertise or not. My first and last full time
      job had absolutely NOTHING to do with sales and marketing, and prior to being involved in Internet
      Marketing, I had no more than basic computer skills.

           And it certainly doesn't matter how old or young you are too! I was only 18 years-old
      when I got my first kick start online.                                                                                      6/37
9/6/2009                               Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                     "Why I Believe ANYONE Can Easily Make
                             Great Money Online. . ."
      As said earlier, I started out online with NO experience in marketing whatsoever. But I knew enough
      to stick to basic marketing common sense. If you've watched "Robots" before, then you will
      remember this quote being said often throughout the film, "Find a need and fill it!"

      This became the basis of my Internet Business in my early days. It still hasn't changed today. When
      Private Label Rights was introduced to me in the same year I got started out (which I popularized
      it soon after), doing business online became more profitable and fun. I poured my early profits into
      re-investing on my marketing education and learned from other Internet Marketers along my journey

      And I never looked back since.

                              "Fast Forward 2 Years Later. . ."
      Today, more and more friends and online acquaintances started asking me questions like below. If
      you find yourself asking any of these questions, tick any of the following:

                           "How do I market a Resell Rights product online?"

                           "How do I find hot selling products like you do, Edmund?"

                         "How do I use PLR products to build a solid business and
                       enhance my profits?"

                           "How do I set up several web sites that sell products from scratch
                       at a fast pace?"

                           "How do I generate web traffic?"

                          "How do I turn and flip every Resell Rights and PLR product into

                           "Can I gain access to the same tools and vaults you use
                       for your business?"

      I tried to help as many friends and online acquaintances as I could but within a while, I realized that
      it was slowly consuming my time.

      Therefore, Resell Rights Mastery has been conceptualized.                                                                             7/37
9/6/2009                                       Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
      Now How Would YOU Like To Join The Ranks Of World Class Internet
      Marketers... Starting TODAY?

                         Introducing Resell Rights Mastery:

      This is my private JUMBO collection of constantly adding Resell Rights, Private Label Content,
      Cutting-Edged Reseller Strategies, web graphics, tools, and resources which I use to build and
      grow my STRING of Internet Businesses. Now I am handing you the keys to my kingdom, so you
      can also now access my personal vault of marketing 'money making' weapons... on every level!

                                          Edmund, INCREDIBLE! That's the only word I can think of to even
                                          come close to describing the premium value you have delivered with
                                          my Resell Rights Mastery Membership.

                                          I personally run a couple of membership sites, and am an avid
                                          subscriber of several more, but, in all honesty, I have to tell you that I
                                          would have paid you DOUBLE to gain access to what you have!

                                       There are titles inside that I haven't even HEARD of yet, and
                   you manage to make them available for your members. Bravo Edmund on a job well done!

                   -- Tracy Yates,
                   Columbus, Ohio

                                      Hello!                                                                                    8/37
9/6/2009                                    Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                                      I am glad I made the right decision, because Resell Rights Mastery
                                      has given me a lot of Private Label articles that I have successfully edited
                                      and sold.

                                     You too can have these Private Label articles, you can edit and call them
                                     your own, then submit for viral distribution, or compile your own
                   Information Products and sell for profit!

                   I would recomend this membership for both beginers and for anyone who wishes to produce
                   their own product without spending too much time writing their own. This is absolutely, the
                   easiest and cheapest way to make money online. Period!

                   -- Harib S.H.,

                   Dear Mr. Edmund Loh,

                   I don't know how to thank you enough for your awesome membership site! With the
                   wealth of information & content that you are providing at your site, many are likely to reach
                   their success with leaps & bounds. I look forward to your membership updates in the near

                   Many thanks again!

                   Sincerely Yours,
                   -- Ken,

                         "Will Help Take Your Business Above And Beyond!"
                   Hi Edmund,

                   I consider yourself to be one of the very first people who put me on the path to Internet

                   When I first tried my hand at online marketing I was merely an affiliate, but then I just
                   happened to come across an eBook written by yourself based around resell rights, it was all
                   new to me, but I knew I had stumbled upon something great. I soaked up all the tips and
                   tricks from the E-Book, and the rest is history now!

                   I highly recommend for anyone wanting to learn and profit with
                   resell rights. Whether you are new to the resell rights industry or not, Resell Rights Mastery
                   and Edmund (The King Of PLR) will help take your business above and beyond!

                   BIG Fan,

                   -- Bren O'Hara

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9/6/2009                                Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

             "Join Resell Rights Mastery: ENTERPRISE Today
                     And Here's What You'll Get. . ."

                       RRM Enterprise Component #1:
                   Constantly Adding Resell Rights Library!
                     That's right. You get access to my continuously, well-stocked vault of
                     high quality digital products - ranging from E-Books and Special
                     Reports to software, audio and video - with mass appeal and the
                     license to resell.

                     As I've said earlier, I run a string of Online Businesses and there's only
                     so many products that I can resell on my own. In other words... I've got
                     hundreds of products too many than I could actually milk my profit

                     This is going to be YOUR gain.

                     As I am a friend and 'connector' of several Internet Marketers and
                     product creators, I get timely access to the latest release of Resell
                     Rights products in the market. Like you, I make an un-biased spot check
                     to see if the products even worth looking at much less resell for my own

                     You can benefit from my work in sourcing for the hottest Resell
                     Rights products in the market and as a proud member of Resell Rights
                     Mastery, you too can gain your access to my constantly adding vault
                     of quality digital products.

                     Every time new products are added, you will be instantly notified!

               With The Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights To These
               Products, You Can:

                          Set up and resell any products of your choice and pocket
                     100% of the profits - you keep every single cent of the profit you make
                     without having to share any percentage with me.

                          Create your own unique package consisting of a collection of
                     focused-themed products and sell for a higher price!

                           Add an edge to your affiliate marketing promotions by offering                                                               10/37
9/6/2009                               Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                     quality bonuses,

                        Start and add top notch content to your own focused-themed
                     membership site,

                        Reward your customers with surprise or unannounced

                           Craft out your own unique One Time Offers and downsells,

                           Add content into your own E-zine or newsletter,

                          Use the products for personal use only - even if you have no
                     intentions of reselling the products, you can read the E-Books and use
                     the software for your own use,

                           And much, much more!

               Here's A Sneak Peak At What's In My Secretly Guarded Vault Of
               Hot Sellers That You Can Use, Resell And Keep All The Profits By
                                                  1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12                                                                  11/37
9/6/2009                              Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                                                                        Page 12

                                                                    Second Chance Profi
                                                                    Retail Value: $47.00
                                                                    Comes with Master R

                                                                    Discover How Your 'Exi
                                                                    You Exactly How To Inc
                                                                    Get More Subscribers,
                                                                    Profits... Literally Overn

                                                                    Feedback Analyzer P
                                                                    By: Dave Guindon
                                                                    Retail Value: $37.00
                                                                    Comes with Master R

                                                                    - Extract feedback com

                                                                    - Instantly separate the
                                                                    and negative comment
                                                                    easy-to-read tables!

                                                                    - Extract feedback com
                                                                    different eBay sites: eb
                                                                      b             b

               And here's some more...

                                                         1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10                                                               12/37
9/6/2009                                  Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                                                                            Page 10

                                                                          12 SEO Myths Busted
                                                                          By: Arindam Chakrabor
                                                                          Retail Value: $19.95
                                                                          Comes with Master R

                                                                          Search engine optimiza
                                                                          part of any marketing b
                                                                          search engine optimiza
                                                                          will be floating out in th
                                                                          collection of websites o
                                                                          being found. The only p
                                                                          frenzy over getting sea
                                                                          optimization right has r

                                                                          In this report, you will d
                                                                          that exist about SEO. B
                                                                          myths, and applying the
                                                                          suggested in this repor
                                                                          yourself a lot of time an
                                                                          is worse than taking a
                                                                          you think are going to h
                                                                          them be useless, or wo
                                                                          your search engine ran

                                                                          The WOW Effect
                                                                          Retail Value: FREE

                             + PLUS MANY MORE TITLES!
                         + PRODUCTS ARE ADDED REGULARLY!
                     This is by no means everything... in fact, this is just the icing of the
                     cake. I've been religiously adding new Resell Rights products into the
                     member's area that I have purchased and could find since Year 2006...
                     up until today.

                     So you have my guarantee that I have been constantly feeding my
                     members with new products to resell, create their bundle their own
                     bundles, use as bonuses... and much more!

               IMPORTANT! Reseller terms and conditions vary from product to product. You are advised to check
               with each product license before using.

                            RRM Enterprise Component #2:
                            Constantly Adding Collection of
                                 Private Label Rights!                                                                              13/37
9/6/2009                                Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                     Don't have a flair for writing? Do you hate product development or
                     simply DON'T have the time for it? Perhaps niche marketing research
                     puts you off.

                     No problem! Drop your product development chores and get your
                     hands on this smoking HOT collection of TOP quality products with
                     Private Label Rights!

                     Introducing Private Label Rights: With the Private Label Rights
                     (PLR) to ready-made products, you can put your name as the author,
                     edit the product contents, put in your links, change the cover, edit the
                     sales letter, sell, or anyhow you like!

               Check Out Some Of The TOP Quality, Potential HOT Sellers That
               Are Yours To Grab...
                                                                                 1| 2| 3| 4| 5
                                                                          Page 5

                                                                      Xyber Brander
                                                                      Retail Value: $197.00
                                                                      Comes with No Restr

                                                                      Add an HTML advertise
                                                                      software. This is a grea
                                                                      leads and increase sale
                                                                      business. You simply br
                                                                      distribute your branded

                                                                      Your advertisement dis
                                                                      window on the end use
                                                                      screen once they instal
                                                                      branded software.

                                                                      Traffic Scorpion
                                                                      Retail Value: $197.00
                                                                      Comes with No Restr

                                                                      Traffic Scorpion is a we
                                                                      that creates pages opti
                                                                      search engines that inc
                                                                      over time. An advanced
                                                                      allows it to gradually ad
                                                                      without you lifting a fin

                                                                      Each page is optimized

                                  + PLUS MANY MORE IN THIS                                                               14/37
9/6/2009                                   Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                               We're Barely Scratching The Surface. . .
                              And Products Are Being Added Regularly!
                     This means there's absolutely NO need to create your own digital
                     product from scratch! That's plenty of time you save in creating your
                     own digital products and even more money from engaging professional

               With The Private Label Rights To These Products, Here's What
               You Can Do:

                           Put your name on the products as the author,

                         Edit the contents and put in your affiliate links for back end

                           Change the title and E-Covers anyway and anyhow you want,

                          Sell the product as your own and keep ALL the sales - no profit
                     sharing involved!

                           Change the sales letter anyhow you like,

                         Break the contents down to multiple reports and articles for viral
                     marketing effect!

                           Add content to your E-zine or blog for your readers,

                          Spawn a series of products with Master Resell Rights with
                     your name in each of them, creating a branding effect in the process!

                         Create your own unique product packages to be sold up front,
                     back end, or as a One Time offer - and at any price you wish!

                           And so much more! Your imagination is the limit.

               Important! Private Label Reseller terms and conditions vary from product to product. You are
               advised to check with each product license before using.                                                                           15/37
9/6/2009                                  Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                         RRM Enterprise Component #3:
                       Cutting-Edge Reseller Strategies For
                               Absolute Beginners!

               In my Confidentially Detailed Step-by-Step Videos & Manuscripts, you will
               unearth some of my personal and jealously guarded secrets to TOP GUN
               reseller tactics and strategies... NOT covered in MOST paid products on the
               same subject!

               If you're new to the field of Resell Rights Marketing, I strongly advise starting with this
               component. By tonight, you will have a clearer vision and a better overview into the
               Resell Rights battlefield.

               You will realize that there's no need to pit against 499 other resellers who are
               selling the same products in a frivolous price war and man-slaughter.

               Wondering how you can get customers as soon as you set up your first Reseller
               website? How do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the desperate resellers
               who only know how to sell for less? How do you brand yourself as an expert in your
               own rights?

               It's all in here.

                         Titles Included In The Exclusive "RRM Members
                                Only" Beginner Reseller Strategies:
                        Resell Rights: The Basics
                               VIDEO #1: Types of Resell Rights Explained
                               Understanding what you can and cannot do with certain Resell
                               Rights products paves the foundation to dominating the Internet
                               Marketing field. Not only do you save yourself potential legal                                                                          16/37
9/6/2009                                   Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                               disputes from product authors, you can now creatively plan
                               your business overview with the right products to drive your
                               Internet Marketing forte.

                               VIDEO #2: How To Pick A High Quality Product To Resell
                               Not all products are created equal. In fact the harsh truth is that
                               most of the Resell Rights products out there are sub-par and low
                               in quality. While I have done extensive research to put in only the
                               best products into the member's area, developing the sixth sense
                               for picking a hot seller can put you steps ahead of your

                        Resell Rights: Technical Aspects
                               VIDEO #1: How To Register Your Domain And Integrate
                               With Your Web Hosting
                               First time making a domain name purchase and hosting? Learn
                               how to do it now - step-by-step. Get your first web hosting and
                               domain in just minutes.

                               SHEET #1: Getting A 3rd Party Payment Processor
                               You need a way to start accepting credit cards and other
                               payments online so if you don't have an account with any of
                               these third party payment processors yet, you must get at least
                               one right away.

                               VIDEO #2: How To Edit Your Reseller Sales Letter, Put In
                               The Order Button And Upload To Your Web Host
                               Learn how to make easy editing to your reseller website sales
                               letter, thank you page, put in the order button to accept
                               payments, and upload all of the files to your web host. Step-by-

                        Resell Rights: Marketing Tactics
                               ISSUE #1: Reseller's Dilemma Answered
                               Have you ever engaged and lock horns with other resellers in a
                               price war? Are Resell Rights products truly dead? Tap into my
                               years of experience as a Resell Rights marketer and find the
                               answers to solving the Resell Rights crisis, how to stay ahead of
                               your competitors and make price wars irrelevant.

                               ISSUE #2: Think EXPANSION!
                               Have you always been looking for a breakthrough in your income?
                               Perhaps you're ambitious at heart. Then the key to it all is to
                               think expansion. This is especially crucial if your business had
                               just gone past the "survival" phase. This manuscript discusses
                               several viable ideas on speedy Online Business expansion.

                               ISSUE #3: Unique Reseller Packaging Strategies
                               The Resell Rights market is extremely competitive today. One
                               vital component to successfully - profitably - sell a Resell
                               Rights product is to dress it differently than all of the other
                               holders of the same Resell Rights license you are holding are
                               dressing their products.

                               ISSUE #4: How to Create Killer Bonuses From RRM
                               In Resell Rights Mastery, there are tons of products to cater for
                               your entire Internet marketing needs. Remember, to be
                               successful in any niche you are targeting, more is usually better.                                                                  17/37
9/6/2009                                 Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                               What better way to emphasize the 'more' factor by giving
                               your customers tons of bonuses!

                               ISSUE #5: More Ideas On Creating Killer RRM Bundles
                               The key is to package it in such a way that no matter the
                               quantity, it will still come across as great value, just like a juicy
                               steak - after all, it is the sizzle that sells it!

                         RRM Enterprise Component #4:
                     26 Cutting-Edge, Sophisticated E-Cover
                           Photoshop Action Scripts!
               This belongs to the RRM Elite Artist Club as the main perk: You receive not
               one, not two, but 26 totally different, unique E-Cover Photoshop Action
               Scripts that allows you to transform your 2D covers into beautiful 3D E-
               Covers - at the click of the mouse!

               That's right. You can get your hands on my 'system' that enables you to create an
               INFINITE amount of stunningly professional E-Covers for your digital products and...

                       "Dress Your Web Pages Professionally,
                        Impress Your Visitors And Prospects,
                       AND Skyrocket Your Conversion Rates!"
               Here's A Breakdown On The Different Types Of E-Cover Action
               Scripts You Can Get In This Component:-

                          E-Book (6) - If you need an E-Cover for your software, scripts,
                     templates, or a set of products "packed into one", the E-Cover Box is
                     ideal for these purposes. This is also a popularly used E-Cover online!                                                                    18/37
9/6/2009                               Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                          Box (4) - If you need an E-Cover for your software, scripts,
                     templates, or a set of products "packed into one", the E-Cover Box is
                     ideal for these purposes. This is also a popularly used E-Cover online!                                                            19/37
9/6/2009                               Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                         Membership Pass (4) - Own a membership site or an exclusive
                     website for the privileged few? Don't look any further than using these
                     membership pass E-Covers! Also ideal to use for online business

                           CDs/DVDs (4) - If you are producing your own MP3s, audio/video
                     files, or even hardcopy CDs/DVDs, this particular set of E-Covers are

                          Special Report (4) - If you are creating a short report of under 20
                     pages, this E-Cover is highly recommended. Some of the scripts are
                     also suitable for use if you are running an online publication such as an
                     E-zine.                                                              20/37
9/6/2009                               Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                          Miscellaneous (4) - A variety of other E-Covers that do not fall into
                     the above mention categories. These Action Scripts include:
                     background, order buttons, headers and website screen.

               Check out how these Photoshop Action Scripts work in a nutshell:-                                                               21/37
9/6/2009                                         Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                                                                                                 Step 1:
                                                                                                 Load the Action Script
                                                                                                 in your Adobe
                                                                                                 Photoshop* program.
                                                                                                 Start with selecting the
                                                                                                 first sequence.

                                                                                                 Step 2:
                                                                                                 The blank template
                                                                                                 appears. Paste or
                                                                                                 design your flat 2D
                                                                                                 cover on the template.

                                                                                                 Step 3:
                                                                                                 Click on the remaining
                                                                                                 sequences in the
                                                                                                 Action Script and
                                                                                                 watch your cover
                                                                                                 transformed into
                                                                                                 professional 3D E-
                                                                                                 Covers in a flash!

               * You require Adobe Photoshop Program version 7.0 or higher to use any of these Photoshop E-Cover Action Scripts.
               Adobe Photoshop and the Action Scripts can be operated in both Microsoft and Mac version.

                       And all it takes is just a few clicks of the mouse!

                       The "real world" value of this component alone is worth FAR more than
                       the price I am asking for this membership package. I mean, imagine
                       seeing yourself churning out INFINITE beautiful E-Covers like these at
                       the convenience of a couple of mouseclicks:                                                                                                22/37
9/6/2009                                   Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

               INCLUDED! Step-by-Step Photoshop E-Cover Tutorials!
                                                                   You also receive privileged access to my
                                                                   quick start step-by-step Photoshop E-
                                                                   Cover tutorials, which would definitely
                                                                   come in handy if this is your first time
                                                                   using Adobe Photoshop scripts of any

                                                                   In my tutorials, I show you how YOU can
                                                                   easily use and maximize your benefits
                                                                   from using my Photoshop E-Cover
                                                                   Action Scripts - every step of the way -
                                                                   screenshots included.

                                                               I can confidently guarantee you'll be able
                                                               to grasp all of what you need to know
                                                               about using the scripts to design your
                     covers for you under 60 minutes, and possibly half an hour!

                     The guide is written in "easy to understand" English as all the technical jargons have
                     been stripped off so you don't have to worry even if English is NOT your first language!

                       RRM Enterprise Component #5:
                   Stunningly Beautiful, Multi-Purpose Web
                       Graphics, Icons and Templates!                                                                             23/37
9/6/2009                                   Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                     I am also dishing out my favorite collection of headers and templates
                     that I use for both my E-Covers and mini site layout designs! Here's a
                     further browsing on what you get in this component:-

               26 Ready-To-Go Headers (JPEG Format)

                     * Images have been significantly resized to prevent image theft.

                     You can edit any of the pre-made headers in your favorite Graphic
                     Editing software or program - simply paste your web site name and title
                     and you are ready use them for your mini sites and web pages!

               40 Professionally Designed, Multi-Purpose Templates (JPEG
               & PSD Format)                                                            24/37
9/6/2009                                   Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                     * Images have been significantly resized to prevent image theft.

                     As the templates of all variety comes ready in both Photoshop Source
                     Document (PSD) and JPEG format, you can edit any of the templates
                     anyhow you like in Adobe Photoshop or your favorite graphic design

               You Can Edit These Templates To:

                           Decorate your E-Cover background and layout,

                          Use for your mini site web graphics,

                           Create your own custom headers and footers,

                           And much more! Your imagination is the limit!

               297 Instant "Copy And Paste" Bullets, Arrows And Icons!

                          99 "Arrow" Icons - make certain critical points and text in your
                     sales copies and opt-in pages to your visitors and prospects with a
                     HUGE variety of unique arrow icons!                                                          25/37
9/6/2009                                Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                          100 "Down Arrow" Icons - easily prompt your visitors or
                     prospects to take action (opt in or purchase) using any one of more of
                     these down arrow icons!

                           98 Unique "Bullet" Images - instill benefits in your products or
                     services in a fun-and-easy-to-read style with my truckload worth of totally
                     different, eye-catching bullets!

                             RRM Enterprise Component #6:                                                                26/37
9/6/2009                                  Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                  20 Professional Autoresponder Accounts
                          with Broadcast Feature!

                     How would you like to have your very own professional auto responder
                     accounts at your disposal?

                     The money is in the list - and it's also obvious your auto responder can
                     be your best cash-raking asset. However, you probably don't fancy the
                     idea of forking out too much per month on auto responders especially if
                     you plan to build multiple sub-lists in one or more niches.

                                      Autoresponder Features:
                               Up to 20 Auto Responder accounts! You can have various auto
                               responders for different newsletters, pre-launch lists, customer lists, and
                               much more.

                               Up to 10,000 subscriber count! There is no limit as to the number of
                               subscribers you can get per auto responder.

                               Sophisticated Broadcast system - allowing you to email your
                               subscribers in almost an instant.

                               Double Opt-in - your subscribers have to confirm again to be in your
                               mailing list, preventing "spam accusation" issues while attracting only
                               serious subscribers.

                               Up to 50 Link Tracking devices! Allowing you to monitor your links                                                                          27/37
9/6/2009                                      Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                                 and affiliate links.

                                 Unlimited follow up messages! You can store as many pre-written
                                 newsletter issues and follow up mail as you want. Write once, and let
                                 the auto responder handle the intervals of the message for you on auto

                                 Send your emails in TEXT or HTML format.

                      You save at least $14.95 a month from acquiring auto responders

               These Autoresponders Are For You If:

                             You operate in multiple niches / sub-niches - you can build
                      several types of mailing lists from one account and manage multiple sub-
                      lists! Highly recommended for niche marketers who operate in niches
                      who builds small - medium size lists.

                            You are an avid follow-up marketer - automatically follow up with
                      your prospects by loading a series of follow-up emails and set their
                      intervals on automation! Now's your chance to let the auto responders do
                      the follow up work and closing of sales with your prospects for you while
                      you do something else, anyhow you like!

                          You are running your pre-launch promotions - build excitement
                      among your prospects so they'll be the first to know and grab your next
                      new product the moment the floodgates are opened!

                           You want to publish your own regular e-zine / newsletter for
                      your subscribers without having to invest heavily in printing and hard

               * Import leads feature not available.

                              RRM Enterprise Component #7:
                             2 x 10MB Web Hosting Accounts!
                                                         Don't waste another second... start
                                                         your own web site and be in business

                                                         As a privileged ENTERPRISE member                                                                       28/37
9/6/2009                                  Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                                                       of Resell Rights Mastery, you are
                                                       entitled to receive 10MB web hosting
                                                       account FREE from our partner

               Imagine the websites you can spawn - each cranking in profits for you with literally
               almost infinite ROI! The only investment you need to make is that of a domain name
               for each web hosting account, which you can also acquire easily from!

                         Some Of The Major Features Include:-
                               10MB space for web hosting account - no strings attached.
                               No third party ads displayed on your web pages.
                               Domain name purchase available if you don't have one just yet.
                               24/7 online support.
                               Unlimited email accounts, forwarding and email client compatible.
                               Unlimited MySql Databases, user accounts and subdomains.
                               Supports PHP, Perl and CGI.
                               Online File Manager (no FTP needed).
                               Has Cron Manager.
                               User-friendly control panel.
                               Front Page extensions.
                               And much more!

               ** Web hosting upgrade packages are available **

                         RRM Enterprise Component #8:
                     Exclusive Membership Passes To Other
                              Partnering Websites!
               Check out some of the other membership passes you will receive on top of your
               access to Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise:-                                                                   29/37
9/6/2009                                  Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                                                  Lifetime Membership A
                                                               ($97.00/Month Value
                                                                       Discover how you cou
                                                                       highly successful, resp
                                                                       powerful database lis

                                                                       Receive Member audio
                                                                       traffic courses, List Bu
                                                                       & resources PLUS muc

                                                                       Membership access is
                                                                       members with special
                                                                       Jeremy Gislason.

                                                               LIST BUILDER P
                                                                7-Day Trial Offe
                                                                  Discover how to put your list b
                                                                  pilot by having your new, targ

                      "So WHO Benefits The Most From This
               YOU... if you are always on the hunt for the latest products to resell and pocket
               all the profits - no profit-sharing involved!

               YOU... if you want to skip the product development stage by acquiring your own
               instant TOP quality products which you can edit and call your own literally!

               YOU... if you want to get the most bang for your buck and join as many
               membership sites for a one-time fee!

               YOU... if you want to save on investing in auto responders on a monthly basis to
               build your mailing list!                                                                 30/37
9/6/2009                                   Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

               YOU... if you are active in building websites and that you want to save as much
               as you can on monthly web hosting!

                            Now Let's Make A Quick Wrap Up:
        As an Enterprise Member of Resell Rights Mastery, you get:

                            RRM: Enterprise Components                                  Value
                      Constantly Adding Resell Rights Library                           $4,150
                                                                                     + $250/month
                      Constantly Adding Private Label Rights Collection                 $5,000
                                                                                     + $250/month
                      Beginner Reseller Strategies videos & manuscripts                   $297
                      The RRM Elite Artist Club                                           $297
                      Stunningly Beautiful Graphic and Web Templates                      $197
                      Up to 20 Professional Auto Responder Accounts                  $14.95/month
                      Up to 2 FREE 10MB Web Hosting                                   $9.95/month
                      Exclusive Membership Passes                                        $530+

                                TOTAL "REAL WORLD" VALUE:-                           $10,995+

                      But I Have NO Intention Of Charging You That Today.
                                                  (Not By A Long Shot!)
        Granted that it would certainly be more costly not only in terms of money but also time and effort
        commodity as well, if you were to attempt to shoot in the dark (and a genius once said that
        "guessing is the least smartest thing to do").

        If you shop around and manage to find anything similar to this membership package (if any at
        all), chances are you'll see them with exorbitant price tags anywhere from $497 to even a
        whopping $997! (I have reasons to believe that the contents and Internet Marketing solutions at Resell Rights
        Mastery is worth a WHOLE LOT more.)







        So if I said that you can secure your INSTANT access to the entire membership site in the
        next mouseclick for just $297.00 per month, I'm sure you would agree with me that this is more
        than a fair deal.                                                                                     31/37
9/6/2009                                Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                     Don't Forget... New Products Are Being Added Regularly!
        And if you do, then you're going to be pleasantly surprised. Because it won't cost you anywhere
        near that. Not at all.







        As a matter of fact, if you can get your membership access at only $197 per month you'd be
        getting quite a bargain.

        Especially when you consider the amount of time, money and effort invested into putting together
        the *ultimate* Resell Rights membership, it would've cost you tens of thousands of dollars in
        product creation, getting started (and making mistakes) before you taste your first success







        I am guessing your curiosity is getting the best out of you. :-)

                                         "Okay, Heads Up!"
             Grab Your Instant Access To Resell Rights Mastery
                 For Only $497 $297 $147.00 - ONE-TIME!
        Yes, that's right! For a one-time fee of only $147.00, you can get:

                           The amount of Resell Rights products you can download on a
                           regular basis without having to pay extra!                                                                        32/37
9/6/2009                                    Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                            The Private Label goodies you don't have to invest anywhere near a
                            hundred dollars per pop!
                            An INFINITE amount of E-Covers produced almost instantly on
                            the FLY and save at least $97 for each and every one of them in
                            professional graphic designing fees!
                            The exclusive membership passes you don't have to invest further,

                            The money you save in acquiring auto responder accounts
                            from outside (that's saving $14.95 a month at the very least, I
                            remind you),
                            The websites you can spawn for multiple income streams yet save in
                            webhosting fees,

           And You Get All These Without Having To Shell Out A Cent Extra - Every
                                      Single Month!
        At this price, it's no longer a bargain but. . .

        . . . One Heck Of A Steal!

        And on top of everything you're already getting...

                            BONUS! Instant Access To RRM
                           "Members Only" Affiliate Program
                     Your Enterprise membership privilege automatically entitles you to benefit from one of
                     Resell Rights Mastery's instant income opportunity centers where you can:

                            1. Give away Lifetime Gold Membership access (valued at $197) -
                            give away to your customers, subscribers and friends as a bonus gift!

                            2. Earn a whopping 50% 75% commissions for every member you
                            refer who upgrades their membership access - to any of the three
                            paid levels at Resell Rights Mastery!

                     Commission Plan
                     For every member who upgrades / purchases to:

                            Elite Artist Club - you earn $50.25
                            Platinum level - you earn $72.75
                            Enterprise version - you earn: $110.25

                     All the marketing materials are provided in the affiliate center and I will be doing all the
                     work maintaining the site PLUS this is a TOP quality bonus incentive you can throw into
                     your next product launch or massive promotion!                                                                                 33/37
9/6/2009                                Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
        At this point, you really don't have to give it much thought anymore (just don't pass out on me). I'm
        giving you the keys to my private vault - the same vault that I have used to build many of my hot
        selling products. The only other place I would keep my huge stash of resellable products and
        wealth-building materials. (By the way, did I tell you that currently more than 18,000 active
        members are logging into this website around the clock?)

        If this can't make you turn your head, I don't know what will.

        Now while the profit potential is great - and you can almost imagine yourself growing your
        business with Resell Rights Mastery - I have a tiny suspicion that you have one last concern:

                                          "Is This Really For Me?"
        Alright, this is the part where I'm going to be straight-forward with you (and soon you'll thank me
        for this). If you plan to just purchase this membership access and do nothing with it then your
        money isn't good with me.

        "Edmund, you crazy? Are you chasing your potential customers away?"

        Well here's my take - I am prepared to deliver what I have promised on this web page. And then
        some. But the truth is that if you're not willing to invest in yourself and creating your own success,
        nothing and nobody else will invest in you too.

        Sorry for being brutally honest but it pains me a lot ot see innocent people get scammed by so-
        called Internet 'prophets' who do nothing but give false promises and they fail to deliver. I used to
        get suckered into these kind of dodgy deals, a few times too many in fact. That's why I always
        caution my customers and subscribers to use their due dilligence when investing in anything on
        the Internet.

        Back to the original question...

                                         "Is This Really For YOU?"
        To show you how confident I am in what Resell Rights Mastery can contribute to your Internet
        Marketing success (and how serious I am about it too), I am going to assume the entire risk of
        your investment.                                                                              34/37
9/6/2009                              Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                       "Act Now And Secure Your Enterprise
                        Access To Resell Rights Mastery!"

                                          RRM Enterprise Form

                           Yes, Edmund! Please give me Enterprise access
                        to your membership site! I want to have access to                                            35/37
9/6/2009                                      Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…
                          the same tools and downloads you are using to
                          rake in a fortune online!
                          I understand that I will be getting the following:

                                 Constantly Adding Resell Rights & Private Label Rights products
                                 on a monthly basis,
                                 Cutting-Edged Beginner Reseller Strategies - step-by-step videos
                                 and manuscripts on how to profit from Resell Rights not found anywhere
                                 RRM Elite Artist Club - the same 'system' you use to spawn UNLIMITED
                                 professional 3D E-Covers and minisite graphics,
                                 20 Professional Autoresponder Accounts with broadcast feature,
                                 2 x Web Hosting Accounts,
                                 Exclusive Membership Passes to other websites,

                          I will also be getting your Enterprise Bonus Perks at no extra cost:

                                 "Members Only" Affiliate Program - I will earn 75% commissions for
                                 every successful referral sale I make to this cool membership site!

                          And much more - I get all of the above for a one-time fee of only $147.00.

                          I am protected by your 365 Day "Around the Year" Money Back
                          Guarantee Policy. I can test-drive Resell Rights Mastery for one full year after
                          my purchase RISK-FREE!

                                    Act Now And Secure Instant Access To
                                      Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise!

                       Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
                                   goods and services provided by AMLOH ENTERPRISE.

        Warm Regards,

        -- Edmund Loh,
        Membership Webmaster

               P.S. Don't let this amazing offer pass you by. As other members are also reading this letter, I
               cannot guarantee that this discounted offer will last forever. I also reserve the right to revoke this offer
               any anytime. So act now and lock on your membership spot!                                                                                           36/37
9/6/2009                                    Resell Rights Mastery by Edmund Loh -…

                         Act Now And Secure Instant Access To
                           Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise!
               P.P.S.        I bet you can't find ANY of my competitors going through the same length I take to
               assume all the risk for you. I am extremely confident that my membership site is capable of
               delivering to your Resell Rights and Internet Marketing needs, and that's exactly why I have the
               balls to offer a 30 90 365 Day 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee policy.

                         Act Now And Secure Instant Access To
                           Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise!
               P.P.P.S.          While I am aware that there are freeloaders out there who will (not might) take
               advantage of my good nature, I have reason to believe that most people are honest. And I believe you
               are too. That is why I am willing to go extreme lengths to assume the risk of your purchase for you -
               even for a full year. So don't think, don't wonder. Just try it out. You'll be glad you did.

                         Act Now And Secure Instant Access To
                           Resell Rights Mastery: Enterprise!

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