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					 insertion agreement
Landscape architecture magazine—the magazine of asLa
2010 dispLay ad insertion agreement

cont :_________________________________________________________________________________________________
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  ad type:                                                                      ad rep:
  issue(s): mark all that apply.                                                materiaLs/notes:
    Jan 10             feb 10             mar 10            apr 10
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    sep 10             oct 10             nov 10            dec 10              totaL:

in consideration of the providing of advertising, production, or related services by asLa now and/or in the future, the undersigned advertiser agrees and
shall be governed by the following: (1)-Whether sums are due under contract or open account, it is understood that all invoices are payable in full 30 days
from invoice date, and subject to a 1% late fee per month beginning on the 31st day after the billing date. (12% per annum compounded monthly.) if
timely payments are not made, advertiser agrees to pay all collection agency fees and other costs of collections, including reasonable attorney fees and
court costs incurred by advertiser in pursuing and collecting payments. the liability of advertiser is joint and respective with client. (2)-any dispute by
advertiser with any services provided by asLa or the amount charged for same shall be reported to their sales representative in writing within 30 days
from invoice data (any such dispute shall not affect advertisers’ obligation to make payment within 30 days as set forth above). failure to report any such
dispute within such time constitutes a waiver of any claim by advertiser with respect to such dispute. (3)-agency represents that client will immediately be
notified of the terms hereof. (4)-notwithstanding to whom bills are rendered, agency and client shall remain jointly and severally obligated to pay to asLa
the amount of any bills rendered by advertiser within the time specified and until payment in full is received by asLa. payment by companies to agen-
cies does not constitute payment to asLa. publisher reserves the right to cancel an advertising schedule if any ad is delinquent in payment past 60 days
of the invoice date. (5)-cancellations and changes in orders must be received in writing no later than 60 days prior to the month of publication. advertis-
ers canceling after the cutoff date will be billed for the space ordered. (6)-all changes to an ad schedule must be submitted in writing 60 days prior to the
month of publication. note: any change in an ads frequency will result in an upcharge.

adVertiser certifies that aLL statements and information in this appLication are true, cor-
rect, and compLete and are made for the purpose of oBtaining adVertising and that aLL offi-
cers, oWners, or empLoyees are authorized to purchase adVertising.

  authorized signature:                                                         date:
  print name:                                                                   titLe:

return completed signed copy to: advertising sales, asLa, 636 eye street, nW, Washington, dc 20001
fax: 202-478-2190

                                                                       fax 202-478-2190

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