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									Assessment Practices

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    Assessment Reform
Movement towards emphasizing the use of
performance assessment to support
systemic, state-, district-, or school-wide
   Lesson Plans must include Performance Objectives
   Performance Objectives
Often called authentic assessment.

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Performance Assessment
Guides changes in instruction and
Monitors student achievement toward
desired outcomes
Holds educators accountable
Certifies student capabilities

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   The use of performance assessments will
   result in better teaching and learning
   processes and enhanced student

Office of Educational Research and Improvement,
                   April 1997
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InTech Performance Assessment
  Journal Reflections
  Email Responses
  Reflections in the “New Ideas” Database
  Construction of Technology-Connected Lessons
  (with performance objectives included)
  InTech Teacher Questionnaire - Pre/Post Assessment
  Brain Checks
  Trainer Observations

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   Journal Reflections
Individual Reflection
Small Group Sharing
Whole Group Sharing
Affirm Successes
Vent Frustrations
Exchange Ideas
Identify “Shifts” in Teaching and Learning
Identify Changes in Efficacy Beliefs
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Daily Journal Writing Topics
 Day   1 - Why am I here?
 Day   2 - What have I done so far?
 Day   3 - How can I deny the power?
 Day   4 - How can I defend traditional practice?
 Day   5 - How have my beliefs changed?
 Day   6 - How has my instruction changed?
 Day   7 - How have I changed professionally?

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     Email Responses
Directed Reflection
Individual Communication with Instructors
How are things going?
  Grouping students…

  Managing a classroom in motion…

  Planning Technology-Connected Lessons…

  Implementing Cooperative Learning…

  Assessing student learning…

  Rearranging classroom design…

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 New Ideas Database
The New Ideas Database encourages Personal
Reactions to Professional Journal Articles and
other topics.
Establishes relevance of Journal Article
principles and ideas to individuals and to
Models classroom management strategies
Allows the teacher to “learn by doing”

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Technology-Connected Lessons
   Four Technology-Connected Lessons vs. a Test!
     Builds technology integration skills sequentially

     Improves and extends integration skills throughout the
      training period
     Ensures transfer of practice to the classroom

   Student Self Assessment Rubric/Teacher Assessment
   Rubric - Lesson Plan #4 - Assessment Rubrics
   One Group Presentation - Triboard or Electronic Portfolio
     Builds “teamwork”

     Shares “best ideas”

     Each-One Teach-One

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InTech Assess Online
Assess Online-Diagnostic (Day One)
 Heightens awareness of individual skill
Assess Online-Post (Day Seven)
 Allows participant to assess personal
 Allows for group data collection to
  assess the impact of the training
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        Brain Checks
Measures retention of content information
Provides opportunity to “process” content
information using language
Allows for “Each-One Teach-One”
Allows for peer tutoring
Offers a chance to “re-teach” content

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Instructor Observations
Growth in technical skills
Comfort with applications and hardware
Success with technology-connected lessons
Collaboration with peers and team
Increased use of classroom technologies
Increased interest in curriculum software
Expanded technical vocabulary

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Redelivery Challenge:
Journal Reflections
Email Responses
Reflections in the “New Ideas” Database
Construction of Technology-Connected Lessons
(with performance objectives included)
Assess Online
Brain Checks
Trainer Observations
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Speaking of Assessment…
 Please complete the On-site Redelivery
 Training Assessment and bring it with you
 to Day 2!
 You may download it from the Redelivery
 Forms Web page on the InTech Redelivery
 Web site or locate it on your InTech
 Redelivery CD.

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How will you be assessed?
  Check out the InTech Course Evaluation to
  see ahead of time how the participants will
  evaluate you as a trainer!

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