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					                                          Directory of Senior Services 2011
                                               Advertising Insertion
Organization Name:
Contact Name:
                                 Street                       City/Prov.                  Postal Code

Phone:                                      Fax:
E-mail:                            Mobile:
Selected Category for Ad and Listing Placement:

                                                                 Non                        Free Listing
                            Width x Height     Member           Member            Price      with ad 
Full Page Inside Cover    7 ⅛" x 9 ⅝"                $3,080          $3,280
1/4 Page Inside Cover
                          3 ⅜” x 4 ¾”                 $845                 $945
                          8 ⅛" x 10 ⅝” plus
Full Page Back Cover                                 $3,200          $3,400
                          ⅛" bleeds
Full Page                 7 ⅛ ” x 9 ⅝”               $2,525          $2,725
Half Page Horizontal      7 ⅛” x 4 ¾ "               $1,575          $1,750
Half Page Vertical        3 ⅜" x 9 ⅝"                $1,575          $1,750
One-Third Page Horizontal 7 ⅛” x 3 ⅛ "               $1,150          $1,295
Quarter Page Vertical     3⅜"x4¾"                     $710                 $835
Quarter Page Horizontal
                          7 ⅛"x2 ¼"                   $710                 $835
Eighth Page Horizontal    3⅜"x2 ¼"                    $445                 $550
Eighth Page Banner        7 ⅛ " x 1"                  $445                 $525
Full Colour               Full four-colour process            $395
Spot Colour               Touch of Colour                     $200
Do not pay—invoice to follow with copy of publication. GST not included in pricing.

Advertiser's Signature                                        Date

Advertising Deadline: December 10, 2010.
Sign, date and return by fax to 780.426.5175 or sign, scan and email to
                                       Directory of Senior Services 2011
                                             Advertising Insertion Order

A signed Insertion Order must be received by Sage by December 10th, 2010. Ads will
not be printed without receipt of a signed Insertion Order. All advertisers receive a free
quarter page listing - please complete the enclosed listing form and return with your
Advertising Insertion Order. A copy of the publication and an invoice will be sent to the
address on the insertion order post-printing (approximately May 2011).

Ad Placement within Publication

Your ad will be placed near your free listing, as space permits. Should layout not permit for
your ad to be placed on the same or adjacent page as your free listing, it will be located
within the Section you have indicated on your listing form.

Submitting Ads Digitally

Please supply digital ad to David Loper at David can be reached at
780.701.9012. Digital files must be provided as an EPS, Quark or high resolution PDF file,
300 dpi. All digital ads must be received by the advertising deadline of December 10th,


All advertisers are required to return a signed proof of the ad and listing prior to either being
included in the publication. This ensures that you are happy with what will be printed and
prevents any disappointment or miscommunication. Proofs will be sent in January and
must be signed and returned by fax prior to the stated deadline on the proof. We
appreciate your assistance in ensuring the accuracy of all materials prior to printing.

Advertising Contact:
Karen McDonald
Manager, Corporate Relations
Fax. 780.426.5175

15 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2E5

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