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					Garden T ree W alk Reference Map                                                            Interpretative T ree W alk                         C ity of Glen Eira
                                   Glen Huntly Road
                                                                                            W elcome to the Hopetoun Gardens.                  Glen Eira is renowned for its abundance
                                                           1                                W hat you see around you is a mature park          of magnificent parks.
                                                                                            established in the late nineteenth century
                                                                                            and containing a most interesting collection       Hopetoun Gardens is a wonderful example
                                                                                            of trees.                                          of the beauty and diversity of these parks.       Your Guide To
                                12                                                                                                             W e encourage you to take the time
                                                                                                                                                                                                Hopetoun Gardens

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Recreation Services
                                                                                            Many of them are unusual and uncommon              to explore all that Glen Eira has to offer.
                                                                                            and you may not know their identity                Melway reference ~ Map 67 H4.
                                                           T oilets
                                                                                            while others are more familiar,

                                                                          Parkside Street
 Victoria Street

                                                                                            though there may be aspects of their
                                                                                            biology or history that are new to you.
                         11                                                                                                                    For more information on
                                                                                            N ote how many of the trees in the                 Glen Eira's parks please refer to :-
                                                  3                                         Gardens are mature. In a garden of this            ¥ T he Glen Eira Guide
                                                                                            age it is important to plant new trees.            ¥ Glen Eira C ity C ouncil's `O ut & About'
                                                                                            You will note that trees are being planted         brochure
                                                                                            whenever possible to ensure that there are         ¥ or the Glen Eira C ity C ouncil's W eb Site,
                                                                                            beautiful trees for future generations to enjoy.
                   10                  Rotunda
                                                                                            T he responsible removal of senescent trees
                                                                                                                                               For all sports club and parks and gardens
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Tree Walk
                                                                                            and their replacement is a vital role for
                                                                                            the C ouncil as managers of these splendid         information, contact :-
                                                                                            gardens, ensuring that their health is retained    Glen Eira C ity C ouncil Recreation Services
                                                                      6                     and their beauty is on-going.                      Phone : 9524 3470
                                                  7                                                                                            Email : recservices@
                                                                                            Hopetoun Gardens is bounded by Glen Huntly
                                                                                            Road and Victoria and Parkside Streets in
                               8                                                            Elsternwick. T he gardens can be found at the
                                                                                                                                               T o report any maintenance issues in parks,
                                                                                                                                               and for all facility bookings, contact :-
                                                                                            Melway reference ~ Map 67 H4.
                                                                                                                                               Glen Eira C ity C ouncil Service C entre
                   1. Quercus robur ~ English O ak                                          Please refer to the map and notes printed          Phone 9524 3333
                   2. Quercus suber ~ Cork O ak                                             in this brochure to identify the trees on your
                   3. Cedrus deodara ~ Deodar                                               walk. Enjoy!
                   4. Tristaniopsis laurina ~ Kanooka
                   5. Cinnamomum camphora ~ Camphor Laurel
                   6. Harpephyllum caffrum ~ W ild Plum
                   7. Magnolia grandiflora ~ Bull Bay Magnolia
                   8. Araucaria bidwillii ~ Bunya Pine
                   9. Combretrum caffrum ~ Cape Bushwillow
                   10. Calodendrum capense ~ Cape Chestnut
                   11. Syncarpia glomulifera ~ Turpentine
                   12. Brachychiton acerifolius ~ Illawarra Flame
1. Quercus robur ~ English Oak                                           4. Tristaniopsis laurina ~ Kanooka                                                7. Magnolia grandiflora ~ Bull Bay Magnolia                   10. Calodendrun capense ~ Cape Chestnut

The English oak has been among the most valuable of                      This native tree has enormous potential for use as a                              This beautiful tree was introduced into gardens from          Cape Chestnut is a beautiful small tree bearing delicate
trees for timber for shipbuilding, furniture making and for              street tree because it is very tolerant of compacted soils                        its home in Florida, Texas and Arkansas, in 1732. Little      orchid-like flowers in shades that vary from pale mauve
houses. The construction of a single farmhouse in                        of the type we find in our streetscapes. It grows along                                   wonder for it produces cup-shaped white               to white, often with darker speckling. They flower in
fifteenth century England used 330 trees, many as small                  our coastline from Gippsland to southern Queensland                                               flowers with a beautiful scent. Flowers can   December and January. Propagation of this tree is very
as 150mm diameter. To obtain tall, straight trunks for                   and bears pretty, small, yellow flowers in summer.                                                be 220mm across, and are usually seen in      difficult and growth is slow so they are infrequently
ship-building, English oaks were grown among coppiced                    Its smooth bark is grey but is often blotched with olive                                        late Summer and Autumn. Grown from              grown in home gardens. Look on the ground and you
hazels (Corylus avellana), drawing the oak trees up to the               green patches making it most                                                                  seed, plants take 20 years to flower. However     may find a hard woody seed capsule covered by spiky,
light and ensuring long straight grained timbers.                        attractive throughout the year. It makes                                                    our nurseries grow plants from cuttings when        wooden bumps.
                                                                         an ideal native tree for the home garden.                                                                 flowering is more quickly achieved.
2. Quercus suber ~ Cork Oak                                                                                                                                                      To grow at its best this lovely tree    11. Syncarpia glomulifera ~ Turpentine
                                                                         5. Cinnamomum camphora ~ Camphor Laurel                                                                enjoys a high humidity with good
This is another type of oak native to Spain and Portugal                                                                                                                     summer rainfall. This is why leaves on      This beautiful native tree has very distinctive foliage,
and to north Africa including Morocco. Note its bark.                    The name Cinnamomum is the                                                                     trees in these gardens are smaller than          smelling of turpentine when crushed (thus its common
This thick, rough outer layer is the source of cork used                 classical name for the familiar spice                                                      those in their native locations which are            name), and massed creamy white summer flowers. Its tall,
for bottles. It is cut and carefully peeled away from the                cinnamon, produced from the dried bark                                                               generally more moist.                      straight trunk is very typical of the species and has been
trunk and large branches. This harvesting takes places                   of a close relative of the Camphor                                                                                                              one of the reasons for its use as a timber tree. The other
every 9-10 years taking care not to cut into the live tissue             Laurel (Cinnamomum verum).                                                                     8. Araucaria bidwillii ~ Bunya Pine              is its resistance to rotting especially in water. Because of
of the tree. The centre of the cork industry is Portugal                 Camphor laurel is the commercial                                                                                                                this its timber is used for wharfs and piers and was used
though the recent use of plastic corks is reducing                       source of camphor oil used extensively in                                                    The name Araucaria comes from a Chilean            to create the wharf at Lord Howe Island.
demand.                                                                  perfumery and medicine. This oil is extracted                                              Indian tribe, the Araucanos. Why should an           In gardens it has good drought tolerance and will grow
                                                                         from the pale, light wood. It has considerable insect                                     Australian tree from Queensland be named to           on poor, shallow soils.
3. Cedrus deodara ~ Deodar                                               repelling qualities and has been used by the Chinese for                              honour a Chilean tribe, you may ask?
                                                                         centuries for their traditional storage boxes. Possums                            Other Araucarias, notably the famous Monkey Puzzle            12. Brachychiton acerifolius ~ Illawarra Flame
The name 'deodar' is from the Sanskrit                                   enjoy eating the foliage. Look carefully and you may see                          Tree (Araucaria araucana), are native to Chile and these
meaning 'divine tree'. This is a fitting name for                        areas where the foliage has been grazed leaving only         Combretrum caffrum   trees were named there. Bunya is the Aboriginal name          The Flame Tree is one of the most characteristic of
this elegant conifer from the western                                    small leaf stubs.                                             Cape bushwillow     for the tree. Bunya Pine can produce 5kg cones, and           Australian trees with large maple-like leaves, and remark-
Himalayas. It can always be identified by the                                                                                                              the seeds were regularly eaten by Aborigines, who held        able flamboyant scarlet flowers. Since these develop fol-
pendulous nature of its branch tips and its                                6. Harpephyllum caffrum ~ Wild Plum                                             great feasts every three years when seed crops were            lowing the loss of foliage they can look very dramatic.
main growth tip.                                                                                                                                           highest. Roasted or boiled the seeds taste like roast                                         They are most numerous
Note how the                                                                      Related to the mango and cashew nut, the                                 parsnip. The foliage is extremely prickly but the timber                                          following a hot, dry
evergreen foliage forms                                                     Wild Plum is native to South Africa where it grows in                          is valuable. The tree was discovered by Andrew Petrie,                                        period of weather. The
little bundles of needle-tip                                             riverine forests. Its fruits are up to 25mm long and red                          the Superintendent of Government Works at Moreton                                        bark of the Illawarra Flame is
leaves of up to 35 in a                                                                 when ripe and though slightly sour they are                        Bay, and named to honour J.S. Bidwill who took seed to                             fibrous and was used by Aborigines
bunch. This is a                                                                     relished by children in southern Africa where     Seed capsule of     Kew Botanic Gardens.                                                                            to make a cord that was
                                                                                                                                      Combretrum caffrum
characteristic of cedars                                                   they are used to make jellies and a rose wine.              Cape bushwillow     A cautious note ~ Don't read this beneath the tree.                                                       then made into
and distinguishes them                                                   Unfortunately you are unlikely to find fruit on this tree                         A 5kg cone can make a considerable dent in your                                                           fishing nets
from other trees.                                                        because male and female trees are separate and the                                head!                                                                                              among other uses.
Cedars have a lovely                                                             two are required for pollination.
aromatic timber and                                                                                                                                        9. Combretrum caffrum ~ Cape Bushwillow
are used for building, especially for
intricately carved screens, for the                                                                                                                        This is a very rare tree in our gardens though it is not
timber is generally soft.                                                                                                                                  uncommon along river and stream banks and in moist
                                                                                                                                                           places in the cape region of South Africa.                                                                     Seed capsule of
                                                                                                                                                           To the Zulus this tree was valuable. Its bark acted as                                                         Syncarpia glomulifera
                                                                                                                                                           a charm to cause the downfall of their enemies.                                                                ~ Turpentine

                                                                                                                                                           Otherwise it is not an especially useful plant though
                                      Harpephyllum caffrum ~ Wild Plum                                                                                     valuable as a fuel.                                               Syncarpia glomulifera ~ Turpentine

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