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									                   MIS Advisory Board Minutes
                    Friday, February 17, 2006

Welcome and Introduction by Monica Holmes & Bob Kennedy
Holmes welcomed all attendees to the meeting and thanked everyone for coming.

BIS Update by Monica Holmes, Department Chair

CMU 2010 Vision Plan:
          CMU will be a nationally prominent university known for integrity, academic
           excellence, research and creative activity, and public service

CMU 2005-2010:
  Institutional Priorities
          Create an environment that supports teaching and learning as the top priority.
          Provide educational experiences and programs that enhance diversity and a
           global perspective.
          Enhance the infrastructure for research and creative activity
          Provide service for the public good
          Strengthen the institution’s culture of integrity

CMU 2010 Vision:
          Institutional priorities
               o College of Business Administration’s strategic goals
                     BIS strategic goals and objectives
                            BIS strategic goals for IT support including SAP
                                     MIS programs
                                     Technology, soft skills, Six Sigma
                            MIS Advisory Board’s strategic goals
                                     Curriculum
                                     Employer/Faculty/Student
                                     Strategic
                                     AITP NCC
                                     Meeting President Rao at the end of this meeting

MIS Advisory Board – Mission:
       The MIS Advisory Board is a collaboration of corporate members with CMU
       faculty, administration, alumni and students designed to provide mutual support
       between companies and the MIS program at CMU. Advisory Board meetings are
       held three times a year on the CMU campus to provide guidance and input for the
       future direction of the MIS programs.
Branding the MIS Programs:
           Why do companies recruit MIS graduates?
           What do companies come to CMU for?
           What distinguishes CMU-MIS from the other schools?
           Need to create our own brand

CMU MIS Graduates:
           They know…..
           They can do….
           They have these values
           Social responsibility
           Ethical principles

Activities in the BIS Department:
   Assessment of the MIS programs
           o Both undergraduate and graduate
   Information Systems Analyst Certification
   SWOT analysis of the department for Dean Fields
   Dean Fields starting April 1, 2006
   Marketing to lower classmen regarding MIS programs
   Working with CBA regarding the new BSBA
   ERP/SAP concepts taught to all business students

The BIS numbers:
       Majors- 71
       Minors – 31
       MSIS- 25
       Enrollment is down
       Students taking the SAP classes
           o Undergraduates
                    Introductions to ERP/SAP- up
                    ABAP-up
                    Configuration- down
           o Graduates- all 3 classes up

AITP Global House:
       Non-profit foundation

   2006 AITP NCC in Dallas
            o Contributions needed
            o $1,900 raised so far by the board
Approval of November 4, 2005 minutes

Treasurer’s Report
   MIS Advisory Board Endowment $31,000
   MIS Advisory Board Spendable Account $1,900

AITP Report with introductions by Brad Mitchell and E-Board members
      Membership Update
          o Introduction of E-Board members
          o Breakdown of majors of members
                    11 IT
                    30 MIS
                    Total of 42 active members
      Balance Updates:
          o Present balance of $3,750

      Extracurricular Activities:
          o Ebay auction
          o Fundraisers: Bowling, can drive, coin wars earned $68.00
          o CMU Intramural Sports
          o Playing extreme Dodgeball & Volleyball
          o Tutoring in Cobol, VB, Excel

      Speakers:
          o Vivian Como, Career Services
          o Dow Chemical
          o IBM

      Approximate Budget breakdown for AITP conference in Dallas, Texas in 2006.
          20 attendees, $300/person airfare, $200/person Registration fee, $100/person
          hotel, $1,000 miscellaneous expenses, Total $13,000.

      Planning Committee for AITP Conference in Detroit, MI in 2007.
          o Chairperson ~ Rachel Swift
          o Enrolling 15 active members
          o Planning skit for 2006 conference
          o Raising awareness for 2006 Conference
          o Flyers are being distributed around campus
          o Announcements in classrooms by professors
          o 30 shirts with Guitar logo for 2006 conference
          o Thumb drives for pass outs at 2006 conference
          o Questions, please contact Rachel Swift ~
AITP NCC 2007 by Sean Guitar
     Logo presentation
         o monitor should be checked out to see what it says
         o need to attach CMU somehow
         o need logo in a graphic (Illustrator) file

     from Kevin Jetton
           o needs URL for special CMU AITP sites
           o he will contact Detroit CVB

     Advisory Board
           o should have reps at 2006 event
           o possible sponsors/exhibitors for 2006/2007

     Funding
           o    need to fund actual conference
           o    need to determine what to do with leftover funds
           o    benefit to CMU
           o    need to clear where money will go

     2006 at Dallas
            o try to get promotional materials left over from Super Bowl
            o need to have CMU booth Friday and Saturday
            o need AITP/CMU shirts and stickers
            o full-page 2007 flyer to hand out in Dallas to promote Detroit 2007
            o CMU “crew” in Dallas March 30-April 1, 2006.
            o Uniform (tee-shirts)
            o Exhibit area table with Detroit Info
            o Promotional items/merchandise, foam guitars/records
            o Skit during the closing awards banquet

     2007 Strategic Team Members
           o Sean Guitar
           o Monica Holmes
           o Lynn Eady
           o Bob Kennedy
           o Rachel Swift

     More formalized planning
           o more and more people are becoming involved

     Need to help students in 2006 and 2007
     What do we want to do post 2007?
           o future conferences
           o continued sponsorship
           o regional conferences sponsored by CMU

     Let Kevin Jetton do his job
           o make sure we are taking advantage of opportunities, email him if have
               any suggestions.

     Keynote Speakers
           o major fundraisers
           o sell the major speakers
           o panel
           o lots of people to choose from
           o no decisions yet
           o need to manage egos

     Activities outside of conference
            o dinners
            o speakers at those dinners

     Objectives
           o Nailing NCC 2006
           o Make splash in 2007
           o Post 2007
           o AITP
           o CMU
           o Advisory Board
Discussion of MIS Programs/Job Opportunities by James Cappel

     Declining MIS Majors at CMU
     Cause could be a lot of jobs are going to India
     In 2003 there were 113 MIS Majors, now in 2006 there are only 62
     If this trend keeps going, there may not be any MIS graduates to hire
     Possible solution is to have better information being put out there to students
      about the MIS major as well as prospective students.
     Jim sent out an email to the corporate MIS Advisory Board member asking them
      for their input on how to increase MIS majors.
     Some responses were to just get the word out to MIS students and prospective
     Another thing we need to overcome is the negative stories in the media about all
      the jobs going to India
Update on College of Business Administration by Dean Vetter

      Keynote Speaker for Dialogue day was 1973 CMU graduate student Mike Glenn
       President of Universal Forest Products presentation
          o 900 students attended the presentation
      Mike Fields – New dean officially takes over April 1, 2006.
      Revised BSDA (Undergrad program) – implemented successfully
      Enrollments overall around 8,200 student credit hours
      Graduate enrollments down, undergraduates up
      Reasons for good undergraduate program
       o Good recruitment program
       o Students seeking out the degree programs in the college
      Reasons hurting Graduate enrollment
          o more competition in tri-city area hurting enrollment
      Improving on Graduate enrollment by increasing GA funding and GA positions
       starting MBA program in Detroit, priced at $24,000
      Budget improved
          o base budget funding, additional funding for GA’s
          o soft funding(many of our activities)
      Accreditation
          o not yet heard from ACSB
          o possible they might give 1 or 2 years extension to meet the standards
      Faculty research increased
          o resources to step up research and faculty involvement
      Six Sigma
          o planning 2nd stage- non-academic (training to staff)
          o university is one of the first to invest in six sigma training for faculty
          o 86.6% students accepted job offers from potential employers
          o 91.3% students from grad school were offered jobs
          o Trustee Campbell’s professorship(reward) – money for professorship or
              development introduced
         o Capital gain – 10 million dollars ( goal was 7.2 mil)

Action Team Reports:

Curriculum Action Team:

     BIS 425, capstone class- put’s it all together in what seniors have learned from
      their experience in the BIS 400 level classes.

     Competition team base- work together on intergrading the different competitions-
      Example – Client User- Systems Analysis & Design.

     Display for 2006 conference advertising: Rent a car for display to promote Detroit
      2007 conference, pass out name tags in shape of records or CD’s, handouts- foam
      records or guitars.

     Create a master schedule for the 2007 conference.

     Brochures, buttons, stickers to promote 2007, handouts ready for 2006 conference
      in Dallas.

Employer/Faculty/Student Action Team
     Breakout speaker dynamic sessions for 2007: Mobile computing (possible
      competition), SAP, Networking, robotics, IT in Michigan, local technology, Nano
      technology, Project Management, incubators for business, game design,
      microsoft- merging technology, PMI, pod casting, google, yahoo, etc.

     Sponsorships from companies, speakers and volunteers. Get list of companies to
      get involved – get people involved from the companies who are interested.
     Bob Kennedy & Christopher Jablonski will work on the companies who might be
      interested in sponsoring.
     Booth at 2006 NCC (Dallas)
              o Video of Detroit, Red Wing’s, Detroit Pistons, Auto Show,
                   Superbowl, Best kept secret about Detroit, What’s fun in Detroit,
                   Links to Detroit Times, Economic Clubs, The Metro Times, Crain’s
                   and State of Michigan.
Strategic Action Team
      Skit is finished; needs to be tweaked and edited

      Trinkets
               o come up with deadline to get things done – March 20th
               o have talked to Kevin Jetton about dates
               o jump drives, price quotes est. $1400

          Need to develop CMU conference website est. $500

          CMU delegate – 3 teams
             o Booth staffing – get teams to work in shifts
             o skit
             o learners – info gathers

          T-shirts for CMU delegate est. 50 shirts @ $20 each – will have some to give

          Banner, pamphlets, flyers on Detroit
              o maybe quizzes to earn jump drives
              o need Detroit timeline

      Alumni Fundraising:
          o Portal- CMU past graduates
          o Gold membership- contribute back to CMU
          o CMU License plate programs- raising money

New Business:
      Possible Blackboard shared file

Old Business:
      Motion to officially appropriate $1900 up to $3100 in the spendable account to
       the AITP NCC 2006,
      Motion by Lynn Eady, second by Chris Jablonski

Wrap-Up and Closing Remarks:
Holmes thanked everyone for attending the meeting and wish everyone a safe journey

Facilitator for Future meetings:
   July 21, 2006 – Lynn Eady- Delphi
   November 3, 2006- need facilitator
Meeting adjourned at 3:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted by:

Loree Recker,
Executive Secretary
AITP E-Board members

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