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AS Photography

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									AS Photography Induction
    AS Photography Induction
Reasons for choosing AS Photography
  Future career
  Links with other subjects [ie Geography]
  Photography is already a hobby
  X No Exam!
  X Friend has also chosen it
  X Seems like an easy subject to study
AS Photography Induction

What IS an AS in Photography ?
     AS Photography Induction
Unit 1 – Coursework Portfolio
• 50% of AS, 25% of A Level
• No time limit
• 80 marks
• Portfolio of work set and marked by the centre and
  moderated by AQA
     AS Photography Induction
Unit 2 – AS Externally Set Assignment
• 50% of AS, 25% of A Level
• Supervised time 5 hours
• 80 marks
• Work produced will be marked by the centre and
  moderated by AQA
      AS Photography Induction
What will you do; what will you learn?
• In class
  –   How to research and generate ideas
  –   How to use competently film and digital cameras
  –   Process B+W film
  –   Make B+W prints
  –   Use a computer to download images from a digital camera
  –   Use image manipulation software to enhance your images
  –   Save the images and output to a printer
      AS Photography Induction
What will you do; what will you learn?
• In your own time
  –   Continue research and generating ideas
  –   Take photographs, make great images
  –   If you have a PC and the software, work on your digital images
  –   Visit exhibitions and galleries
  –   Read books and magazines to further increase your knowledge
  –   Show an interest in the subject
      AS Photography Induction
How do we teach you?
  –   Maximum class size of 21
  –   Demonstrations
  –   Workshops
  –   Presentations
  –   1:1 tuition - to help reinforce your underpinning knowledge
  –   1:1 tutorials - looking at and discussing your ideas and images
     AS Photography Induction
What facilities do we offer you?
  – Two studio learning environments
  – Fully equipped B+W darkroom with wet tray and dry-to-dry print
  – Two imaging suites utilising 20 inch iMac’s and industry standard
  – 20 Fuji digital cameras [fully manual and programmable]
  – 20 brand new 35mm SLR film cameras
  – Lots of tripods and other useful stuff
  – Wide range of books and magazine in photography section of the LIC
     AS Photography Induction
What about the staff?

  – Four photography teachers with a wide range of teaching
    experience, industrial experience and professional practice

  – Two Technical Assistants to ensure the place runs smoothly
      AS Photography Induction
What do WE ask of YOU?
  –   That you attend all lessons and arrive on time
  –   That you are attentive, show interest and are inquisitive
  –   Complete all work to the best of your ability
  –   Meet the deadline set for each assignment
  –   Make good use of feedback and advice from the teaching staff
  –   Always work safely both in and out of College
  –   That you embrace the concept of ‘Independent Learning’
     AS Photography Induction
What is ‘Independent Learning’
  – YOU take responsibility for YOUR own learning and the
    acquisition of new skills and knowledge
  – Utilising the resources available [equipment and people]
  – Move from teacher-led to student-initiated learning
  – Have ongoing dialogue with teachers [and your peers]
  – Understand the transition from GCSE to AS mode of study
       AS Photography Induction
How will your work be assessed?
• All coursework must be handed by the deadlines set by the College.
  Late submission is only accepted in exceptional circumstances
• All coursework and final images for Units 1 & 2 are marked
  independently by two teachers and a final mark for each Unit
  is agreed
• An AQA appointed Moderator will visit the College in June to look at
  a cross-section sample of students work and determine if the marks
  awarded by staff are accurate and fair
• The final Grade [A -U] is then published by AQA in August 2009
  AS Photography Induction

  What equipment it would
     essential to have
– Portable Hard Drive for storage of digital files
   • Allows you to transfer files to home and we can only offer a
     finite amount of storage space on the Bilborough server
– Pens, paper, folders, mounting card, Pritstick etc
   • Because we cannot afford to supply them to 250 students!
  AS Photography Induction

What equipment it would be good
           to have
         A 35mm SLR film camera or digital camera
    [This makes it easier to work in your own time or during holidays]
     AS Photography Induction
What costs can you expect on the course?
  – Free B+W film throughout the year
  – Free B+W photo paper until half-term
  – Photo paper then charged at:
           – £1 for 20 small sheets [for tests and workbooks]
           – £2 for 20 medium sheets [better quality prints]
           – £4 for 20 large sheets [contact prints and final prints]
  – Inkjet prints for final folio [35p/A4; 50P/A3 - gloss]
  – A3 workbooks [£2 each]
  – Photocopying and printing out digital files [documents/photos] Students
    are give a set amount of ‘print credits’ and then pay fpr printing
  – One-off £10 charge for ‘insurance’ for equipment [any surplus at the end
    of year will be used to provide more free materials]
      AS Photography Induction
• An average cost of about £50.00

• The more you work the more materials you may use


• The more efficient and less wasteful you are, the further
  your materials will go!
   AS Photography Induction
And Finally…..
Do not choose Photography if you are thinking it
is an ‘easy option’ or you will treat it as ‘super
enrichment’. We expect each student to work hard
and be committed to the successful completion of
the AS.
But, overall - we want AS Photography to be
enjoyable… serious but fun!
 AS Photography Induction

AQA Assessment Criteria
    AS Photography Induction
• AO1       Develop ideas through sustained
  and focused investigations informed by
  contextual and other sources, demonstrating
  analytical and critical understanding.
     AS Photography Induction
• AO2       Experiment with and select
  appropriate resources, media, materials,
  techniques and processes, reviewing and
  refining their ideas as their work develops.
     AS Photography Induction
• AO3        Record in visual and/or other
  forms ideas, observations and insights
  relevant to their intentions, demonstrating
  an ability to reflect on their work and
    AS Photography Induction
• AO4       Present a personal, informed and
  meaningful response demonstrating critical
  understanding, realising intentions and,
  where appropriate, making connections
  between visual, written, oral or other
    AS Photography Induction
Skills and Techniques
• Candidates will be required to demonstrate
  skills in all of the following:
        AS Photography Induction
• the ability to explore elements of visual language, line, form, colour,
  pattern and texture in Photography

• the ability to respond to an issue, theme, concept or idea or work to a
  brief or answer a need in Photography

• appreciation of viewpoint, composition, depth of field and movement;
  time-based, through such techniques as sequence or ‘frozen moment’

• the appropriate use of the camera, film, lenses, filters and lighting for
  work in their chosen area of Photography

• understanding of techniques related to the developing and printing of
  photographic images, where appropriate, presentation and layout.
    AS Photography Induction
Knowledge and Understanding
• Candidates must show knowledge and
  understanding of:
      AS Photography Induction
• how ideas, feelings and meanings can be conveyed and
  interpreted in images and artefacts created in Photography
• historical and contemporary developments and different
  styles and genres
• how images and artefacts relate to social, environmental,
  cultural and/or ethical contexts, and to the time and place
  in which they were created
• continuity and change in different styles, genres and
  traditions relevant to Photography
• the working vocabulary and specialist terminology which
  is relevant to Photography
      Useful information
• The whole AS syllabus can be downloaded from:
• Information about photography careers can be found at:
• The following sites are two of the industry lead bodies for commercial

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