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					The Brown Bag News
The Ban Righ Centre
32 Queen’s Crescent, Kingston, Ontario K7L 3N6

After almost 26 years of operation change must be expected. Much of it is good, and some of it requires regretful
    The good news is fun to report. In August of 1999 Barb Schlafer was appointed Director of the Centre taking on
those joys, challenges, and responsibilities. Her years as program co-ordinator and student advisor stand her in good
stead as she brings her values and ideas to her new roles representing the Foundation to the University and
fundraising to ensure its good financial health.
    As Barb was “gearing up” for this stage of her Ban Righ Centre career, Janet Troughton had been “gearing
down.” Two years previously she had reduced her time from 75% to 60%, hoping to retire in 1999. The idea of
retirement had been “percolating” in the background for about 10 years. It came to fruition in March of 1999 when
Janet applied for early retirement after 23 years as “expert multi-tasker” at the Centre—program planner,
administrator, student advisor, advocate, writer, and always available friend.
    While we know that no-one is indispensable and that change brings opportunities as well as disruption, Janet,
with her focus on community, leaves a unique mark on the Centre and she cannot be replaced. Rather, someone new
will fashion her own place here. The Centre itself will continue, in the words of one student, as this “beautiful
haven” filled with “the warmth and energy” of “beautiful gentlewomen.”
    Janet says she is looking forward to having more time for her 93-year-old mother, the ESL students living with
her, her children and grandchildren living in Montreal, for painting, (her paintings will hang in the Jean Royce
Lounge from January 24 to February 11).
    Janet’s official retirement date is December 31, 1999 but she will help out until her replacement has been found.
You are all invited to drop in at 32 Queen’s Crescent, Wednesday, January 26 between 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to
wish Janet au revoir. A light lunch will be served. Please see the Speakers Series for details.

Board news
Report from the Chair
Being an alumna of Queen’s is an ever engrossing affair. Thanks to my recent active involvement in the Alumni
Association and its Committee on Women’s Affairs (CWA) I was appointed the alumni representative to the Ban
Righ Foundation early in 1999. I’d learned a bit about recent activities of the Board and of the Centre through Molly
Higginson, the Past Chair, and Ela Rusak, the CWA’s former representative. I knew that the Foundation and the
Centre had been through a challenging time of bringing their roles up-to-date within the university and in relation to
the Administration. I’m more than pleased to be able to enjoy the fruits of those endeavours. I now chair, until the
fall 2000, a very enthusiastic, energetic Board with Barb Schlafer as our first full-time Director.
    Showing up in mid-December for the Christmas lunch was all the reminder I needed for why the Centre is where
it is and does what it does. The place was hopping with women who are on campus because they want a university
education no matter what the odds they face. Ban Righ Centre is the welcoming supportive place they need to keep
them going. In an era when higher educational institutions sound very corporate, the Ban Righ Centre can remind us
that higher education is also about the much more ethereal values of humanity.
    The Board acknowledges with immense gratitude the excellent contribution of Janet Troughton who retired at the
end of 1999. We now must concentrate on getting a complete staff complement in place. We must also work
towards a much more ambitious fundraising goal to ensure the Foundation has its own endowment in place to keep
the programs of the Ban Righ Centre thriving for many years to come.

Farewell & good wishes…
…Patricia Bogstad, Heather Cole, Anna Northcott, Beth Pater, Ela Rusak, and Janet Troughton, faithful Board
members all.

New Board committee formed for advocacy duties
The Board has set up an Advocacy
Committee to investigate, analyse, and publicize student needs.
   There are no quick fixes for the complicated problems involved in keeping university education accessible to all
who can meet its standards. We are fortunate in the high level of knowledge our Board Members bring to this
   Members of the committee are Margaret Little, Mary Louise Adams, and Manon MacFarlane, with support from
the entire Board.

Student profile
Manon MacFarlane
It is no accident that student Board members have influenced the work of the Board and inspired its members over
the years. Manon MacFarlane is a case in point.
    One of our current student board members, she is working towards her Honours degree in Psychology and
Women’s Studies. The mother of seven-year-old twin girls, Morgan and Moriah, Manon finds time to study, hold a
part-time job at Queen’s, and is Peer Advisor for the Student Awards Office, working out of the Ban Righ Centre.
She advises students about government and University awards and loans programs, referring thorny issues to the
Student Awards Office. Manon, who is a consummate budgeter herself, also advises students about budgeting skills.
    One of Manon’s guiding principles is that she will achieve her goals without getting into heavy debt. She has
slowed her progress towards her degree in order to achieve this. With two children for whom she is responsible, she
feels that prolonged time in University is the sacrifice she must make. When she is finished, Manon plans to go into
business for herself.

As usual… heartfelt thanks
Without all the willing and generous help that comes our way our activities would be limited and so much richness
would be lost. Thank you all. A few will be mentioned.
   Thank You, Queen’s students for your continued support of the Ban Righ Centre. Through the AMS you have
supported: bursaries—student commitment to bursaries for mature women students was renewed by the student
body in a referendum this fall; an accessible entrance and washroom; a modern kitchen; technical equipment. Your
support of diversity has enriched the entire Queen’s community.
   Thank you to all our faithful donors. We never take your support for granted. We are grateful for it every time a
student needs help and we are able to provide it.
   And finally, Anne Holley-Hime, who did the layout for the printed version of The Brown Bag News just before
Christmas for which we are infinitely grateful.

The Brown Bag News is edited by Janet Troughton. Centre staff are available Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3:30
p.m. and on Friday until noon. Drop in or call for an appointment.

1999-2000 Board Membership
Honorary Chair: Margaret Hooey
Membership: Helen Cooper, Chair, Mary Louise Adams Kathy Beers, Pat Bogstad, Lynn Davidson, Julie Darke,
Molly Higginson, Karen Knight, Dorothy Lele, Margaret Little, Cinde Lock, Ann Lukits, Manon MacFarlane, Cathy
Paul, Virginia Puddicombe, Marion Reid, Barbara Schlafer, Janet Troughton

Ban Righ Staff
   Karen Knight 533-2977,
   Barbara Schlafer 533-6000, x 74931,
   Janet Troughton, 533-2977,