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                      Premier Pro Points
                  Sales Quality Assurance Test Call
                                       Prepared By

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The following pages are a sample of our new and enhanced Quality Assurance
Premier Pro Points report for sales and catering test calls. The following are the
key points of difference with this report:

    Detailed recap of all phases of the sales process including the important
     follow-up phase.

    Detailed suggestions and recommendations when appropriate to further
     improve the manager’s selling skills

    The top of each page has a hyperlink to hear an audio of a sample of
     using the skills outlined on that page. This helps make this report as
     effective a training tool as possible. These audios are switched out each
     month to provide new examples of using effective selling skills.
     Combined with the written suggestions, the Premier Pro Points report’s
     audio enhancement will help your hotel continue to fine-tune and develop
     their team’s selling skills to OUTSELL THE COMPETITION.

    An Action Planning Worksheet is included to be used by the manager to
     take the information learned in the report and address any areas that need
     improvement. This helps ensure the investment in the shopping program
     is used as effectively as possible to achieve the objective of being a
     positive training tool designed to fine-tune and improve each manager’s
     selling skills.

                                Premier Pro Points
                            Sales Quality Assurance Test Call
                                                     Prepared By

                                                  Shop Details
  Location Shopped:          Sample Hotel                          Date of Shop:    2/4/2005

         Sales Person:       John Michaels                           Shop Type:     Sales
           Hotel Type:       Upscale                                 Property ID    000

                     ADI:    Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX               Shop ID Code:       Sample Report
                    Brand    Marriott                         Special Notation:

                                                  Sales Scenario
                     Group Corporate
        Market Segment:                                               Attendees:    55
        Client Name: Renee Davis                                       Flexibility: Client is flexible
  Organization Name: Meetings and Conventions                        Competition: Doubletree

                      Sales Training
               Function:                                                       Immediate
                                                                   Decision Date:
Function Space Needs: Space for 55 people on                  Overnight Needs: 45 rooms arriving Wednesday,
                      04/07/05 - 04/08/05 with                                 04/06/05 and departing Friday,
                      breakfast, lunch and AM/PM                               04/08/05.
                      breaks. One group dinner.

                                             Score Summary
          Section             Possible   Actual      %

Greeting                                                        100%
                                 10        10      100%
Qualification of Needs           21        11       52%
Presentation                     18         2       11%            60%
Handling Objections              14        10       71%                                                      Score
Attempt to Close                 20        15       75%
Professionalism                  15        12       80%             0%
Total                            98        60       61%                   G     Q     P     OO   C       P

                                                 Financial Summary
Note: for an additional fee, competitors can be               Hotel            Competitor 1         Competitor 2        Competitor 3
contacted to obtain pricing only for the same event

                                                                               This Service Not    This Service Not    This Service Not
                                                                                Requested           Requested           Requested

(Final) 90 roomnights @:                                        $139.00                 $0.00               $0.00                $0.00
Total Room Revenue:                                          $12,510.00                 $0.00               $0.00                $0.00
Total Combined Room Rental:                                    $400.00                  $0.00              $ 0.00               $ 0.00
Estimated Food and Beverage:                                 $9,000.00                  $0.00              $ 0.00               $ 0.00
Miscellaneous:                                                   $    0.00             $ 0.00              $ 0.00               $ 0.00
                       Total Potential Revenue               $21,910.00                 $0.00               $0.00                $0.00

                            Capture                                                           Reachability Factor

       Yes, effectively convinced the caller to book this                 100% Caller spoke to sales person on initial call
       or future business
       No, was not effective in gaining the caller’s                      50% Receptionist took enough details to start inquiry
       confidence for this or future bookings
                                                                          0%       Receptionist took minimal information

                                                                          0%       Caller was transferred into voicemail

                                                                          If message left, it was returned in 1.5 hours

                                          Chronology of Interaction
Date                            Time          Comment
February 4, 2005                10:25 AM      All times are listed in Eastern Standard Time. Caller contacted the hotel and spoke
                                              to the sales assistant, who took the details of the inquiry and explained the manager
                                              would return the call shortly.
February 4, 2005                11:55 AM      Manager left a message for the caller.
February 4, 2005                12:24 PM      Caller made contact with the manager and discussed the details of the inquiry.
February 4, 2005                              The caller received a contract via fax.
February 4, 2005                              The caller received banquet menus via email.
February 14, 2005               5:00 PM       The shop was closed out without further contact from the manager.

                                                                      3                 Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
   Should your score fall below 80% Click here to hear an audio example of a good Greeting
 1. Number of rings before answer 1          Answered in four rings or less       Yes      No         N/A
                                                                                    0        0           0
 2. Number of seconds on hold       0        Caller placed on hold                Yes      No         N/A
                                                                                    0        0           0
 3. Caller on hold sixty seconds or less                         Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     0        0              0
 4. Operator’s greeting was polite and friendly                  Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     0        0              0
 5. Operator’s greeting was easily understood                    Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     0        0              0
 6. Operator transferred the call promptly                       Yes      No              N/A
    and appropriately                                                0        0              0

 Sales or Catering Department
 7. Number of rings before answer 2          Answered in four rings or            Yes      No         N/A
                                             less                                   1        0           0
 8. Number of seconds on hold           17   Caller placed on hold                Yes      No         N/A
                                                                                    0        0           0
 9. Caller on hold sixty seconds or less                         Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     1        0              0
10. Greeting was polite and friendly                             Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     1        0              0
11. Greeting was easily understood                               Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     1        0              0
12. If Sales Person not available, receptionist obtained
    pertinent details of inquiry in addition to name and         Yes      No              N/A
                                                                     1        0              0
    phone number to pass on to Sales Person
13. If a message had to be left, call was returned within        Yes      No              N/A
    24 hours                                                         5        0              0

Score: 100% 10 points out of a possible 10
Comments: The caller contacted the hotel and spoke with an assistant who uncovered the dates, number of
rooms, number of people and Caller's phone number. The assistant asked permission to place the call on hold
for a moment. The assistant returned quickly and addressing Caller by name, stated the space was available.
The caller was then asked the type of company. Caller was advised that Manager was in a meeting and asked if
he could call Caller right back. Caller agreed and the assistant took the name of Caller's company. The manager
returned the call within an hour and a half.

The assistant spoke in a professional and friendly manner, which provided the caller with a positive first
impression. In addition, the manager returned the call quickly.

                                                             4                Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
                                         Qualification of Needs
 Should your score fall below 80%                 Click here to hear an audio example of a good Qualifying

Event and Organization Details
1. Asked objective of event or travel                              Yes         No            N/A
                                                                      1         0              0
   Manager uncovered the objective for the booking. By doing this, the manager can customize his presentation so that it
   specifically applies to the customer.

2. Asked all necessary questions about specific
   needs for event or travel (i.e. overnights, food and       Excellent     Good         Average       Poor            N/A
                                                                      4         3              2           1              0
   beverage, times and dates, set-up style and A.V.
   Will vary depending upon type of group)
   The hotel did a thorough job in qualifying the needs to check availability. The assistant determined the dates and the
   number of rooms. She also asked the number of people attending event. Manager recapped these needs when he
   spoke with the caller. The manager also asked about the food and beverage needs and the time for the dinner.
   Manager also determined if any break-out rooms would be needed. With this information the manager is able to readily
   check availability of guest rooms, meeting rooms and banquet space.

3. Uncovered history of event or travel                            Yes         No            N/A
                                                                      1         0              0
   We suggest that the manager determine the group's booking history. He will then be able to ensure that space is
   booked appropriately. In addition, this can assist the manager in being able to anticipate any slippage or potential fall-

4. Asked about the budget or price expectation prior                Yes        No            N/A
   to quoting pricing                                                  1         0              0

   By uncovering the budget, Manager will know if he is quoting in the price range acceptable to Caller and be prepared
   for possible rate resistance. If the manager feels the customer will be price sensitive, he is then in a position to take a
   proactive approach and really sell the hotels features and benefits prior to quoting the pricing to minimize the potential
   for an objection. This insight will also help determine if the customer would be receptive to upsell suggestions.

5. Asked if Caller was flexible with their dates during             Yes         No             N/A
   initial qualification                                               1          0              0

   Knowing the caller's date flexibility would be helpful in the event that the original dates are not available. The manager
   can then immediately check the alternate dates rather than having to go back and forth with the customer. If rate
   becomes an issue, the manager may be able to offer alternate dates at a lower rate and so knowing the customer is
   flexible assists in this strategy.

6. Obtained type of organization                                   Yes         No            N/A
                                                                      1         0              0
   Manager did well in obtaining this information. Toward the end of the call the manager uncovered the caller's contact
   information and asked which company the caller was representing for the request.

                                                               5                Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
 7. Uncovered the decision maker                                     Yes        No             N/A
                                                                       1          0              0
    It would be helpful for Manager to determine the decision maker. In doing so he could be sure the correct individual is
    receiving the written and telephone follow-up. In addition, if others will be involved in making a decision knowing this
    will help the manager be as proactive in this area as possible. For example, he may want to send more than one set of
    information so each decision maker has their own packet. In addition, if appropriate, and if the person he is dealing with
    is receptive to it, at times the manager may be able to introduce himself to the other decision-makers.

 8. Uncovered the decision date                                      Yes        No             N/A
                                                                       2          0              0
    Manager asked about the time frame for making the decision so he would be able to follow through in a timely and
    appropriate manner.

 General Qualification Skills
 9. If details were taken by receptionist, Sales Person         Yes          No            N/A
    was knowledgeable of them and recapped them                     1          0             0

    Manager reviewed the details the assistant had uncovered relating to the group's basic needs.

10. Uncovered buy factors                                            Yes        No            N/A
                                                                       2          0              0

    We recommend that the manager establish what the group is looking for in the hotel selected. This insight can be
    invaluable when selling to the customer. The manager will then be able to offer features and benefits during the course
    of his hotel presentation which correspond with these buy factors and this will help capture the customer's attention
    and interest.

11. Asked if Caller was familiar with them                           Yes        No             N/A
                                                                       1          0              0

    We recommend the manager determine if the caller is familiar with the property. By establishing Caller's familiarity with
    the hotel, Manager will have an idea of how much the customer knows about the hotel. This will then impact how
    extensive and what type of presentation is needed to provide to the client. If the customer has never been to the hotel,
    more time will be needed to explain the property prior to quoting pricing.

12. BONUS POINT Inquired about potential future needs for            Yes          No             N/A
    either their hotel or for sister properties                         1           0              0

    It is helpful to ask if the group has additional bookings planned and where they are going to be held. This information is
    beneficial in several ways. If the manager has to negotiate with the customer, knowing if this is a one-time piece of
    business or if there is other potential would likely impact how he handles the objection. In addition, not only can this aid
    in cross-selling other properties it can also generate additional leads for the hotel, thus generate more revenues.

13. BONUS POINT Asked how Caller heard about them                    Yes        No             N/A
                                                                       1          0              0

    We suggest that the caller be asked what prompted them to call the hotel as this open-ended question can provide the
    manager with additional insight into the booking and helps determine what marketing strategies and working.

14. Made good use of open-ended questions                    Excellent     Good        Average       Poor           N/A
                                                                     3         2             1          0              0
    We recommend that the manager incorporate more open-ended questions into his qualifying. By using the open-
    ended questions it will help him to establish rapport and provide the manager with valuable information. It lessens the
    feeling of asking a lot of questions because the customer talks more, and often provides more information than would
    be provided from a close-ended question. Armed with good knowledge, Manager is then able to move more smoothly
    through the remainder of the sales process.

15. Utilized good listening skills                                Yes        No            N/A
                                                                     1         0             0
    Manager was attentive to the caller's responses and information provided. He appeared to listen well.

16. Showed a genuine interest in understanding and               Yes         No            N/A
    meeting the caller’s needs                                     1            0            0

    Manager was friendly and came across as interested in assisting the caller in whatever way necessary.

Score: 52% 11 points out of a possible 21

 Should your score fall below 80%                  Click here to hear an audio example of a good Presenting

Basic Skills
1. Sales Person was proactive in presenting rather          Yes          No           N/A
   than just answering Caller’s questions or just              2          0             0

   quoting pricing and availability
   While Manager was friendly, we recommend that he take a more active approach in leading the caller through the sales
   process. This could be accomplished by the manager proactively presenting the hotel's features and benefits to the

2. Was able to knowledgeably describe and discuss                    Yes       No            N/A
   the features upon request                                           2         0              0

   Because little information was offered this does not apply.

3. Sold benefits as well as features                                 Yes       No            N/A
   (2 or more benefits must be stated to obtain a Yes)                 3         0              0

   In addition to presenting feature statements, we suggest the manager also state the corresponding benefits. This way
   the manager could communicate the price-value relationship and possibly preclude objections from being raised.
   Although the features "tell" the caller about the hotel, the benefits "sell" the caller on the property. The more benefit
   statements used, the more effective the presentation will be in selling the caller on choosing the hotel.

4. Made presentation in an interesting and detailed           Excellent      Good        Average       Poor         N/A
   manner including:                                                   3         2              1          0           0

   Location      Guest           Restaurant        Lounge          Function          Quality     Additional
                 Rooms                                             Space             Service     Amenities
   Once the manager confirmed space and inquired about the decision date, Caller inquired about the rates. Manager
   quoted a rate of $139.00 net, per night, adding that was the best rate available. He explained that the corporate rate
   was $169.00 per night. The manager continued on by quoting the meeting room rental at $300.00 per day.

   Manager did well by comparing the rate quoted to the normal corporate rate. However, the presentation was quite
   limited. We suggest that the manager also present the hotel's features that would be of particular interest to the caller.
   For example, describing the guest rooms and key amenities. If there is high speed internet access, this is good to bring
   up. Mentioning what food and beverage outlets are available, and if there is an exercise room or other amenities and
   services the hotel offers. It is beneficial to discuss the level of service and quality of accommodations and what the
   catering options are. Sometimes it is also helpful to give a brief overview of the location of the hotel. By taking a little
   more time to present the hotel the manager will lay the groundwork to lead into a successful close. He will also be
   more effective in conveying price value and in convincing the caller that the hotel is a good choice for their event.

                                                                 8              Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
  Presentation Continued:

5. Addressed Caller’s buy factors during presentation Excellent              Good        Average        Poor         N/A
                                                                      3           2             1           0          0
 We recommend that the manager uncover and address the caller's buy factors. By determining what is important to the
 group, the manager is then poised to offer a more customized presentation. When a presentation is customer-focused,
 the client is more interested in what is being presented as it then applies directly to their wants and needs. By taking
 time to specifically sell to these important issues, the manager will be gaining the customer's interest and attention. He
 will be able to outsell the competitors more effectively if he is successful in convincing the caller that his hotel can easily
 accommodate the important needs of the group.

6. Made presentation first before quoting price                     Yes         No            N/A
                                                                      3           0             0
  Before any pricing is quoted, we suggest that the manager offer a detailed and enticing presentation of the hotel's
  features and benefits. The caller is then potentially "sold" on the rate and pricing before hearing them. This approach is
  also effective for minimizing the potential for rate and pricing objections.

 7. BONUS POINT Attempted to creatively present the hotel Yes                   No            N/A
    by asking the caller to go to the hotel's web site live 2                     0             0

    while on phone so the site could be used as a tool
   (Please note that Caller may decline offer but manager still
   obtains points for asking)

   When selling over the phone, you are limited in your ability to create a picture. Because the customer may have
   access to the internet, to further sell the caller, it is helpful to take them to the hotel's website while on the phone with
   them. This way, the caller is able to see color photos and meeting room layouts as the manager is presenting pricing
   and availability. The hotel's features and benefits can be more effectively presented when offered in this fashion and it
   can make the presentation more interesting and enticing.

 8. BONUS POINT Attempted to upsell including:                          Yes     No            N/A
                                                                          1       0             0
   Upgraded            Amenity             Welcome            Additional         Theme       Higher priced        Other
   guest               in guest            Reception          function           breaks      food or
   room                room                                   room                           beverage
    We suggest that the manager attempt to upsell. This could include suggesting room upgrades or food and beverage
    options. The upgrade can create a more favorable guest experience while at same time increasing revenues for the
    hotel. When making an upsell suggestion, it is important to really sell the service or amenity in an enticing manner in
    order to convince the caller that it is worth the extra dollars being spent.

 Addressed Competition
9. Asked if other facilities were being considered                      Yes    No             N/A
                                                                          1      0              0
10. Demonstrated knowledge of the competition                           Yes    No             N/A
                                                                          1      0              0
11. Presented their strengths vs. competition’s                   Excellent   Good       Average        Poor          N/A
    strengths                                                             3      2              1           0           0

   Note: If competition was not discussed at all, questions #10 and #11 are rated n/a and do not impact the score

   Because of how competitive many market conditions are, we suggest that the manager be proactive and uncover the
   competition for the booking. He can then, in a professional manner, enter into a discussion on the competing property's
   strengths and weaknesses - while underscoring why his hotel would be the best choice for the caller's group. When
   done in a professional manner, this could deter the caller from pursuing the other hotels. Addressing the competition
   provides the manager with an opportunity to communicate why the Marriott is Caller's best choice for the event.

 Space Availability
12. Confirmed within 24 hours if space was                              Yes     No            N/A
    available or not                                                      1       0              0

13. If requested dates were not available, Sales                        Yes     No            N/A
    Person asked for alternative dates                                    1       0              0

14. Quoted pricing within 24 hours                                      Yes     No            N/A
                                                                          1       0              0
15. When quoting pricing, described item being discussed                Yes     No            N/A
                                                                          1       0              0

   The manager did well in this area. Once he confirmed space and inquired about the decision date, Caller asked about
   rates. Manager quoted $139.00 for the guest rooms and $300.00 per day for the meeting room rental. He advised
   Caller that the corporate rate for the rooms was $169.00 per night.

Score: 11% 2 points out of a possible 18

                                                                   10            Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
                                            Handling Objections
 Should your score fall below 80% Click here to hear an audio example of a good Handling Objection

 If an Objection Was Not Raised
 1. During the call        Manager did a nice job in selling the caller on choosing their facility and so an       5
                           objection was not raised
                           Not Applicable, an objection was not raised and this section does not apply             0

                           An objection was raised, see questions 2 through 4                                      0

 Basic Skills
 2. Confirmed their understanding of the objection and               Yes        No            N/A
    clarified what the caller was looking for                          1         0               0

    The manager took a moment to determine and clarify why the customer was raising a concern. By taking this step, the
    manager is in a better position to determine what type of strategy will be most effective in overcoming the concern.

 3. Acknowledged the objection and appeared                    Yes         No          N/A
    interested in the caller's concern                           1          0             0

    The manager did well in expressing an interest in addressing Caller's concern and took steps to respond to this by
    offering a solution.

 4. Reinforced the features and benefits in trying to            Excellent    Good        Average       Not Done         N/A
    overcome objection                                                   3        2              1               0         0

    While manager overcame Caller's objection with a fee reduction, we suggest that he first try the approach of reinforcing
    features and benefits. By doing so, he may be able to sell the caller on the original quote without having to lower the
    pricing. Even if the manager does lower pricing, it is still good to combine the lower rate with a selling statement as the
    combination of both may be needed to successfully overcome the concern.

 Objection Due to Meeting Room Rental
 5. Sales Person responded to the objection by lowering the rental from $300.00 to $200.00 with 100% room pick-up.

 6. Response to objection was plausible and
    maintained integrity                                       Excellent     Good         Average       Poor            N/A
                                                                       3         2               1             0           0
    Manager maintained pricing integrity when he lowered the pricing. He did this by stating that as long as Caller could
    guarantee a minimum of 45 guest rooms per night, which would be a 100% pick-up, he would lower the meeting room
    rental to $200.00.

 7. Overcame objection successfully                                  Yes        No            N/A
                                                                       5         0               0
    The manager was responsive to the caller's needs and concerns. He took time to address this issue and was able to be
    flexible with the pricing, yet maintained integrity while doing so. Even though a stipulation was attached, the manager was
    able to overcome the caller's objection.

                                                                11               Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
8. Used a trial closing question to determine if the             Yes        No             N/A
   objection was successfully overcome or if there                  1         0               0

   were any other obstacles to address
   After addressing the caller's objection, we suggest that the manager ask a trial closing question. By asking a question
   such as, "Does that sound like it would work for you?" the manager is able to determine if he was successful in
   overcoming the objection. If he gains a positive response, he knows he can then move on in the sales process towards
   a close.

9. Offered alternative dates when they could be                     Yes        No            N/A
   more flexible    (does not impact score, but in                    0         0              0
   many instances can be a good strategy to maintain
   Another strategy that is sometimes good to use is to ask about moving the group to a different set of dates where the
   hotel needs more business. The booking may be able to be moved to a lower demand period, resulting in a win-win
   solution for the client and the hotel. The client gains better pricing, and the hotel has additional revenues during a time
   frame that they need more business. This can create a win-win solution for everyone. It helps maintain the original
   price quote on the dates first discussed, yet shows flexibility in trying to assist the customer.

Score: 71% 10 points out of a possible 14

                                                                 Attempt To Close
     Should your score fall below 80% click here to hear an audio example of a good Closing

Closing Techniques
1. Used a trial closing question to lead up to the close                                        Yes              No                   N/A
                                                                                                    2               0                    0
   We suggest that the manager periodically ask trial closing questions to test the caller's interest in what is being
   presented. When the manager receives enough positive responses, he can then move into the close with confidence.

2. Summarized the features and benefits to help lead up             Yes       No            N/A
   to the close (does not impact score, but good skill to use)        0         0              0

   Before proceeding into a close, we suggest that the manager recap the hotel's features and benefits, especially those
   that would specifically address the caller's wants and needs. This can reiterate to the customer how the hotel is able to
   meet their needs. It also can provide a lead-in to asking for a commitment.

3. Attempted to close on a                                Definite                     Tentative                          Other                       Not                 N/A
                                                       Commitment                    Commitment                     Logical Step                     Done
                                                                      10                           10                             10                       0
  Special Note: "Other Logical Step" option is for pieces of business where asking for a commitment at the time of the conversation(s) would not be appropriate. Simply offering a
  proposal does not earn points. Manager must have a definitive conversation in regards to ultimately closing on the business, and must follow through.

   The manager assumed the sale by stating at the onset of his first conversation that he had placed the space on a
   temporary hold. While it is great to be aggressive in going for a close, we recommend that the manager first ensure
   that the customer has the information they need to make a decision and that they are sold on the property first. This
   can be accomplished by offering, then reviewing, the hotel's features and benefits. Manager is then in a better position
   to ask for the business.

4. Offered to send a proposal or contract                                                      Yes              No                                         N/A
                                                                                                   3               0             via Email                     0

5. Offered to send sales collateral                                                            Yes              No                                         N/A
                                                                                                   1               0             via None                      0

   Manager stated that he would email a proposal to the caller within 15 minutes. This quick response time showed a
   desire for the business and a high commitment to customer service. The manager did not mention if he would be
   sending information on the hotel.

Next Step
6. Before ending call, reiterated or confirmed next                                             Yes              No                   N/A
   action to be taken                                                                               2               0                    0

   Manager did well in confirming the next step. He advised Caller that the next step would be that he would forward a
   proposal by email. He may want to mention other collateral material that is being sent to the caller as well.

7. Agreed upon a time to follow up                                                              Yes              No                   N/A
                                                                                                    2               0                    0
   Before ending the call, we suggest that the manager gain feedback from the caller regarding the best date and time to
   follow up on the booking. This way, the manager would know that he is contacting Caller at the appropriate time. This
   will also give a good lead-in when calling to follow-up as the call will be expected from the customer.

Score: 75% 15 points out of a possible 20

                                                                                          13                        Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
                              Professionalism and Follow-up

 Should your score fall below 80%, click here to hear an audio example of a good Professionalism

Sales Person Product Knowledge and Professionalism
1. Displayed good product knowledge when questioned              Yes        No              N/A
                                                                    1          0               0
  Manager was familiar with rates and pricing, however additional information was not discussed.

2. Was professional overall and used good                        Yes No      N/A
   telephone etiquette                                             1  0        0

   Overall the manager conducted himself in a professional and accommodating manner.                    He communicated
   professionally and used good phone etiquette with the caller.

3. Returned calls promptly and was prepared                      Yes        No              N/A
                                                                    1          0               0
  The manager created a positive impression with the customer by returning calls promptly. He always came across as
  being prepared by having the information in front of him.

4. Manager attempted to establish rapport                        Yes        No              N/A
                                                                    1          0               0
  Rapport is an important intangible part of the selling process. The manager will be able to more easily convince the
  customer to book when rapport is in place. In addition, it helps if any negotiations are needed. The manager did a nice
  job in this area and spoke in a relaxed and friendly manner that put the caller at ease.

5. Used Caller’s name more than once during the call             Yes        No              N/A
                                                                    1          0               0
  The manager addressed the caller by name during the interactions. This further enhanced his ability to establish

Written Follow-up
6. Materials were received in a timely basis               Excellent     Good          Average        Not Rcvd        N/A
                                                                     3          2               1            0           0
                                                           W/in 3 days    (4 - 5)       (>5 days)
  The manager did a nice job in this area. He followed up in writing the same day he spoke with the caller. Banquet
  menus were received by email and a contract arrived via fax.

                                                            14                 Sample Hotel 2/4/2005 Sample Report John Michaels
 7. All information promised by the Sales Person               Yes                   No       Not Rcvd         N/A
    was received                                                 1                      0             0           0

    The manager forwarded the information he stated he would send.

 8. Quality and presentation of correspondence                    Excellent       Good         Average            Poor         N/A
                                                                             3          2             1               0            0

    The correspondence was professionally done and of excellent quality. It created a positive impression of the hotel and
    of the manager.

 9. Correspondence was personalized by                             Yes        No        Not Rcvd   N/A
    addressing the specific details discussed on the                 1           0             0     0

    The manager's correspondence was personalized and reflected the details discussed with the caller. Therefore, it
    covered all the information necessary to make it an effective document, tailored to the event.

 Sales Person Follow-up
10. Followed up personally in a timely                            Excellent       Good         Average        Not Done         N/A
    basis to pursue the business                                              3          2             1              0            0
                                                                  (w/in 4 days)    (5 - 8)          (>8)
    Telephone follow-up is a critical step in the sales process. We suggest that the manager establish a date for following
    up and then recontact the caller as promised. This gives the manager yet another opportunity to address concerns and
    close on the business.

    Overall, the caller was not convinced to buy. While the manager did do some things well, to sell the caller on choosing
    the hotel, if the manager qualified in a little more detail, he could then provide a more extensive presentation. It is also
    important to call to finalize the sale and complete the sales process to its final conclusion.

11. Identified why business was lost                                     Yes         No            N/A
                                                                             1          0             0
    This is not applicable, as telephone follow-up did not take place.

12. Identified future business potential                                 Yes         No            N/A
                                                                             1          0             0
    This is not applicable, as telephone follow-up did not take place.

13. Set action for future contact                                        Yes         No            N/A
                                                                             1          0             0
    This is not applicable, as telephone follow-up did not take place.

   Note: if Caller does not speak with Manager when declining to book, then questions #11, #12, and #13 are rated N/A and do not
   impact the score.

Score: 80% 12 points out of a possible 15
        Action Planning To Further Develop Selling Skills
These Action Plans will assist you in using this report as a positive training tool. They will help to further develop
outstanding selling skills to outsell the competition. If any sections of the report achieved a score below 80%, it
is advised that an Action Plan be created and implemented to help improve the skills in this portion of the sales

Key Areas Missed that Impacted the Overall Score:

Steps to be taken to help further improve these skills:

    Employee Signature:                                                            Date:

    Supervisor Approval:                                                           Date:


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