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					                                    Camden Select Board
                                    Minutes of Meeting
                                     November 21, 2005

PRESENT: Chairperson John R. French, Jr., Vice Chairperson Karen Grove, Secretary Sidney
          G. Lindsley, Karen Grove, Parker Laite, Jr., James Kierstead, and Town Manager
          Roberta Smith. Also present were members of the press and public.


   1. Public input on non-agenda items.

   2. Presentation from Dave Jackson concerning Camden’s designation as A Preserve America

   3. Report by Connie & Dianne Conover on Curtis Island.

   4. Consideration of Camden Housing Committee Letter of Intent to apply for 2006 Public
      Infrastructure Grant

   5. Discussion regarding Dog Ordinance

   6. Report on the Mill Street property transfer. (Tax Map 78 Lot 13).

   7. Consideration of resignation of Peter Brown from the Parks & Recreation Committee as
      an alternate member and appointment of Ann Bex to fill the remainder of his term.

   8. Consideration of the following Victualer’s and lodging licenses:
         a. The Elms B & B at 84 Elm Street
         b. Francine Bistro at 85 Chestnut Street
         c. Sea Spirit, Inc. at the Camden Snow Bowl
         d. Camden Riverhouse at 17&19 Mechanic Street

   9. Discussion concerning curb cuts on Chestnut Street and Frye Street.

   10. Tannery Demolition Report; Tannery site fencing/gate

   11. Consideration of the following regarding the 2005-2006 Tax Commitment:

          a. Abatement of $80.85 tax assessed on a common lot, Map 122 Lot 29
          b. Supplemental Tax in the amount of $2,095.98 for a building on Map 124 Lot 11

  12. Consideration of Application to Department of Environmental Protection for a
      Brownfield Site Assessment.

  13. Consideration of an Employee Appreciation Day.
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 2
November 21, 2005

   14. Committee Report

   15. Manager’s Report

                                      Minutes of Meeting

Chairperson French called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

   1. Avery Learnard – Beech Street – stated the Planning Board has been reviewing the
      Camden Affordable Organization’s 24 home Lupine Terrace proposal and the subject of
      using Beech Street as a thru access way. At the last Planning Board meeting Town
      Attorney Bill Kelly stated he felt that bringing approval for the improvements of Beech
      Street as a thru way does not fall to the jurisdiction of the Planning Board but the Select
      Board because Beech Street is a town right-of-way. Ms. Learned explained this road
      was accepted in 1941, it’s a two-rod road with a 33-foot wide easement and the
      easement length was 350 feet long but the road itself is about 250 feet. The remaining
      easement was never developed and it serves two houses. Camden’s Subdivision
      Ordinance calls for local roads to have easements of 50 feet in order to provide vehicular
      safety, adequate drainage space, and sidewalks for pedestrian safety. As the town’s
      largest residential subdivision being built to serve Camden’s workforce and as an access
      point within about a 1,000 yards of the local market and ½ mile from the school and
      because it is already a 200 foot long dead-end lane serving two houses the community
      she feels if anything was an example of a proposed road worthy of close scrutiny and
      thorough examination then this one is. The current proposal does not include a
      sidewalk. It does not address the drainage concerns on the west side of this street and
      most importantly it does not have a 50 foot right-of-way which is what our ordinance
      requires. She stated at some point the Select Board will be faced with making some
      decision about it and she does not know when but the impact to Beech Street as a thru
      way is really critical to the existing neighborhood. Those on Thomas Street, Birch Street,
      and Beech Street do not support it. As a member of this community she would like to
      request that when the Board is presented with this issue that you allow yourselves
      ample opportunity to look at the file in the town office and especially that of the public
      hearing comments from the community and that as you go through your process you
      hold a public hearing so that the community members can be involved in your decision

       Board member Laite stated that on November 29th from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm there will be
       a Knox County Budget Hearing at the Rockland Courthouse and they will be discussing
       the jail and the sheriff department’s patrol budget which equates to about 68% of the
       total county budget of their expenditures and he encourages anybody who would like
       to come down and listen to see what is going on to please attend.

   2. Dave Jackson, Director of The Conservancy for Camden Harbor Park and Amphitheatre
      presented a certificate he accepted on behalf of the Town of Camden from Preserve
      America designating the town as a Preserve America Community. He told the Board
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 3
November 21, 2005

       there are 295 communities in the country that have this designation and Camden and
       Gardiner are the only Maine communities with this designation. The town received this
       designation because we were able to approve in our application that this is a town that
       recognizes its heritage and that has taken important steps to preserve it and to utilize it.
       He said he should explain that he finished the application but in particular Richard
       Anderson did a good job of getting it started. One of the things that we were able to
       demonstrate is that we are indeed very conscious of our heritage and we are taking
       steps to utilize it and protect it through organizations such as Camden Historic
       Resources Committee, the archives at the library, the Conway House, and the
       Windjammer Days. He stated one might ask what do we get for this designation. We
       get a certificate signed by Laura Bush, a nice sign we can put on the highway, we get on
       their website, we get a logo we can use on literature, we get a logo we can use in ads,
       and there are some grants involved. This program is about heritage tourism and it is a
       very important trend around the country. The grants have been announced and there
       is $5,000,000 available and they are given for utilizing what we have, such as research
       and documentation, interpretation and education, planning, marketing and training.
       The first application is due December 16th and it is unlikely that anybody will be ready
       to get matching funds and a plan ready before this date but there will another round
       later and he would encourage organizations to apply for these grants. He is going to be
       putting together a grant for the Camden Harbor Park and Amphitheater because it is a
       project he has already started and he thinks he can get this together by December 16 and
       it would be for research and documentation to designate Amphitheater as a National
       Historic Landmark. He stated these applications need to be approved by the Select
       Board. He will plan on having his ready for the Select Board’s December 5th agenda.

   3. Connie Conover, caretaker of Curtis Island, reported on the status of the roof shingling
      on the buildings on Curtis Island. As of this morning Atlantic Roofing Company has
      one more day of shingling, 2 days of cleanup and have requested that the gutter system
      be postponed to one day in the spring. The rain in October has really slowed the project
      down. We have had 23 days of rain this fall. The reason they are requesting a day in
      the spring is because they have a different crew to install the gutter system and it is also
      a wooden system and would require painting and would be better to do in the spring.

       Board members at first had concerns of postponing the gutter installation into the
       spring but after further discussion decided it would be better to wait and do all the
       work in the spring rather than do it now and then have to paint it again in the spring.
       The Board was in agreement to hold back a certain percentage of the project funds that
       is both agreeable to Atlantic Roofing and the Town of Camden until the gutter system is

       Mr. Conover stated it was a fairly quiet summer on the island. The island path was not
       opened until July 15th because of the bald eagles in residence. The number of island
       visitors over the summer was down compared to previous years. He thinks this is due
       to the fact that Maine Sport use to advertise noon luncheon kayaking trips in their
       brochures but they can’t put this in their brochure anymore because they can’t limit
       their advertising to Curtis Island. Other projects completed this year included restoring
       the lantern room in the light tower, cleanup of island tree blow downs, replaced picnic
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 4
November 21, 2005

       table, touched up painting of house exterior, tourist chairs, interior furniture and
       shelves, and prime light tower, replaced broken and missing room shingles (hopefully
       for the last time).

   4. The Board considered a Camden Housing Committee Letter of Intent to apply for a 2006
      Public Infrastructure Grant. Mrs. Smith stated the CAHO is requesting support for a
      $500,000 Community Development Block Grant Application for infrastructure work in
      support of their housing project.

       Becky McNeal, member of the Camden Housing Committee read a letter from Joanne
       Campbell, Chairperson of the committee explaining what the grant would cover. In
       summary the grant application if approved would cover half of the cost of infrastructure
       (utilities, roads, sidewalks, drainage, etc) at the Lupine Terrace subdivision. This
       subdivision is a 10-acre site at Cobb Road and Beech Street as a new family-home
       subdivision that will offer homeownership opportunities to 24 mixed-income families
       who are part of today’s Camden workforce. The Lupine Terrace site is within walking
       distance of the town center and the middle school and is served by town water and
       sewer. In her letter she explains that at least 14 of the homes sold will be first-time
       homebuyers whose incomes would be insufficient to purchase a typical home for sale in
       Camden. If CAHO succeeds in winning the requested subsidy, they will be able to price
       the 14 houses as follows:
                      7 houses priced at $135,000 for families at 50% AMI (income $25,650 or
                      4 houses priced at $155,000 for families at 80% AMI ($41,050 or less)
                      3 houses priced at $175,000 for families at 110% AMI ($56,375 or less)

       A recapture formula in each deed will limit the financial gain of the individual owner in
       the event of resale. In addition, CAHO will have a right-of-first refusal on any house
       that is sold.

       Ms. McNeal also brought to the Board’s attention that Penquis Community Action
       Program is happy that they are doing this and they have assured CAHO that their
       agency is delighted to be a member of the team development for Lupine Terrace and
       they are consistently impressed with CAHO’s capacity to succeed in development
       targeted affordable homeownership opportunities despite numerous obstacles.

       Bob Gassett, Thomas Street – stated after 1-½ years of discussion about this subdivision
       he just found out that it may be only 14 houses that will be affordable. He thinks the
       CAHO plan is flawed in that in 30 years they don’t necessarily have to be affordable
       anymore they can go to the open market and it could happen sooner than that. They
       have the right of first refusal but if they don’t take that opportunity then these houses
       are immediately back on the open market so he is asking for caution for what we are
       thinking about granting.

       Leonard Lookner – Melvin Heights Road – stated he thinks its great that this
       subdivision is within walking distance of downtown and the schools but he wonders in
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 5
November 21, 2005

       this infrastructure grant how the sidewalk is going to connect or how do they anticipate
       that people will walk form Lupine Terrace to the downtown community or schools.

       Beck McNeal responded that CAHO does have a plan that will be submitted through
       Beech Street and they will request the Select Board grant them to develop the correct
       infrastructure for Beech Street, the development itself will be side walked. It is their
       plan to have sidewalks and walking paths in Lupine Terrace.

       Avery Learnard – asked if this is the same grant that CAHO applied for last year that
       was denied and if so has CAHO received any feedback on how to proceed to make it a
       better grant this time? Ms. McNeal stated this is not the same grant as last year but it is
       the same agency. When they applied for a grant last year they were not at the same
       point in their development as they are now.

       Lavana Snyder – Timbercliffe Drive – stated she would like to know what the specific
       infrastructure is in this development that is CAHO applying for.

       Ms. Mc Neal read from Joanne Campbell’s letter again: This grant would cover about
       half the cost of infrastructure (utilities, roads, sidewalks, drainage, etc.) at the Lupine
       Terrace subdivision. Ms. Snyder asked if the sidewalks are part of the plan that has
       been submitted to the Planning Board. Ms. McNeal stated yes it is part of the plan that
       has been submitted to the Planning Board.

       Leonard Lookner- asked if this infrastructure grant would help our communuithy
       develop a connecting sidewalk on Thomas and Beech Street or will the burden be on our
       community to build sidewalks?

       Chairperson French stated in his opinion he thinks some of the responsibility is the
       community because that section of town has developed a lot in the last few years, new
       homes built, developments, etc so as the town grows we are always looking at new
       sidewalks. We are slowing improving them.

       Board member Grove asked if any part of this grant included the development of that
       part of Beech Street to extend it. Her concern is if that is in there and we have been
       asked by someone to look at this then are we getting ahead of ourselves. Ms. McNeal
       replied Beech Street will be addressed but not with this particular grant. Beech Street is
       a town road so they can’t do anything without the town’s approval.

       Sidney Lindsley made a motion to approve the Camden’s Housing Committee
       Letter of Intent to apply for a 2006 Public Infrastructure Grant. Karen Grove
       seconded this motion. The motion passed on a 4-1-0 (Laite abstained)

   5. Mrs. Smith reported that several residents have requested that the Board discuss the
      possible adoption of an ordinance which would tighten the provisions for animal
      control, including a pooper-scooper provision.
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 6
November 21, 2005

       Linda Norton –Bay View Street – stated the town’s ordinance calls for dogs to be under
       an owner’s control. If a dog is not on a leash that is not under control. She has a deaf
       cat and unless she leaves her cat in the house she cannot be assured that the cat will be
       safe. Her cat has no defenses available to her to know if a dog decides to chase her. She
       feels dogs need to either be behind a fence or on a leash when outside.

       Dotty LeBlang – Bay View Street – stated that the town needs a mandatory leash law. It
       won’t solve the problem but it will put the responsibility on the pet owner. Our voice
       control ordinance has been abused, people have been attacked and presents are left on
       people’s lawns.

       Leonard Lookner – Melvin Heights Road – stated the town does not need another
       ordinance. He feels this would be infringent on human rights we already have a state
       ordinance to enforce these issues. He has more stray cats then dogs running loose in his
       yard and the deer in his yard are a lot more destructive then the dogs.

       Police Chief Roberts there is a town ordinance that refers to the barking dogs, excessive
       noise but there is also a state law that deals with this. They generally use the state law
       with the exception of the case for the excessive noise by a pet which is a local ordinance
       because we do not have a state law that is comparable for that. But for the others we
       use the state law is because if we write a summons under the state lawn then the DA
       office will prosecute that and we don’t have to pay the town attorney to go to court to
       prosceute a $25.00 fine. The state law does recognize voice control. What it says is it is
       unlawful for any dog licensed or unlicensed to be at large this means off the premises of
       the owner and not under the control of any person whose personal presence and
       attention would reasonably control the conduct of the animal. If the animal is
       adequately trained to respond to voice control then this is not a violation under the state

       Lesley Menery – Union Street – asked what could be done about a pooper-scooper law.
       She is very concerned about health concerns surrounding animal control?

       Chief Roberts said when he first heard about a pooper-scooper provision he will admit
       he raised his eyebrows but after doing more research he realized this is a legitimate
       health concern. On the other side he has called the district courts in Knox, Waldo,
       Lincoln, Sagadhoc and York counties and none have ever had a case come to court.

       Dotty LeBlang – stated the towns of Bucksport and Bar Harbor and the city of Portland
       do have pooper-scooper laws on the books. She provided copies of these ordinances to
       the Board.

       Chief Roberts reported that he received 250 animal complaints last year. Between
       October 27 and today 14 complaints were logged. One was mischievous behavior, two
       for sick raccoons, and nine for loose dogs. He also stated that one summons was issued
       for keeping a dangerous dog. This person has three bullmastiffs and one left the
       property and attacked a man and his dog while walking down the street.
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 7
November 21, 2005

       Select Board members Grove and Kierstead both agreed with residents who complained
       about dogs defecating on people’s lawns and owners not cleaning up after them.

       After further discussion, James Kierstead and Karen Grove volunteered to work with
       the Chief Roberts and Town Manager Smith to review the current ordinance and
       propose changes. These revisions will be discussed at a Select Board meeting in
       December and at this time they will also hold a hearing for public comment.

   6. Mrs. Smith reported the Mill Street property transfer to Sarah and Peter Lindquist has
      taken place. The closing was on November 15, 2005.

   7. Sidney Lindsley made a motion to appoint Ann Bex as an alternate member to the
      Parks & Recreation Committee and accept the resignation of Peter Brown from the
      Parks & Recreation Committee. James Kierstead seconded this motion. The motion
      passed on a 5-0-0 vote.

   8. Mrs. Smith reported all applications have been reviewed and approved by the Codes
      Officers. Life Safety Inspections have been completed by the Fire Department.

       Sidney Lindsley made a motion to approve the following Victualer and Lodging
           a. A Victualer and Lodging License for The Elms B&B at 84 Elm Street
           b. A Victualer License for Francine’s Bistro at 55 Chestnut Street
           c. A Victualer License for Sea Spirit, Inc. at Camden Snow Bowl
           d. A Victualer License for Camden Riverhosue at 17 & 19 Mechanic Street

       Karen Grove seconded this motion. The motion passed on a 5-0-0 vote.

   9. The Board received requests to discuss curb cuts on Chestnut and Frye Street as it
      pertains to on-street parking. Leonard Lookner stated originally he was under the
      intention that 3 parking spaces were going to exist in front of the old YMCA. He was
      told this the day the town granted a license to move the power pole. The lot on the
      corner, which is approximately 7500 square feet, has two curb cuts on it for driveways
      this means two parking spaces being taken away in a very strategic part of our
      community. He thinks this is excessive and there are extremely few lots that have two
      curbs cuts on a lot of this size. He thinks the owner of this property should be asked
      which one he wants. Regardless of what is there now this is a business zoned property
      and the property owner took advantage of the 50 foot height restriction of a business
      property and the fact that it was in a historical zone so he did not have to create
      commercial use on the first floor. He got the best of both and the fact that is still in the
      business zone still should mean that there should be an emphasis put on parking for
      business. He has been burdened by a power pole and now he is being burdened by
      another parking space being removed. He requested the Board to ask the property
      owner if he wants his curb cut on Frye Street or Chestnut Street.

       Chairman French stated he has spoken with Jeff Nims and he was under the impression
       it was three parking spaces but the final plan does indicate two parking spaces.
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 8
November 21, 2005

       According to the Planning Board that back cut is an access road for the whole
       development. This is a utility access that was required by the Planning Board or
       through the subdivision process. His only curb cut he has is the front one even though
       he has a garage from the back that is accessed through the access road but this access
       road belongs to all three owners.

       Leonard Lookner stated at that Planning Board meeting he asked that question and he
       was told the property owner is the only one who can have a vehicle to control this curb
       cut. The meeting that approved the power pole he was told a lot of things that were
       wrong and three Select Board members based their decision on the testimony received
       that day. That testimony proved not to be correct, the way the pole was set, the way the
       pole could potentially be set, the kind of apparatus that came off that pole, the fact that
       were suppose to be three parking spaces. He is sure the testimony was inadvertent but
       it had to weigh on the decision of the Board members and he has been burdened by that
       and now there are being burdened again.

       Board member Lindsley stated that the pole is between the parking space and the curb
       cut and yet we were told that pole could not be moved up or down and he agrees that
       maybe the facts were not all known at that time.

       Chairman French stated the problem was not with the pole but the right-of-way was not
       big enough to allow for an anchor. They had to have an easement to get onto someone’s
       property to anchor it. Mr. Lindsley stated they needed the anchor if they continued to
       run the heavy wires across the street. The neighbor across the street volunteered at that
       meeting to run the wires under the street and a guide wire wouldn’t be needed and the
       pole is sitting there today with no guide wire.

       Board member Kierstead stated he felt he had enough facts to make an intelligent
       decision and that is what he did. Most of the facts still hold water, but like Leonard said
       earlier we were told there would be three conduits and it turned out to be nine plus
       some plastic ones but we were talking to the CMP people and there are only three CMP
       conduits. The thing that is up there is offensive and he did not know they were going to
       do that. As far as the parking spaces go there when the YMCA was there, there was no
       street parking so any parking that we get on that side of the street is a net gain.

       Manager Smith stated the preliminary plan that Landmark Surveying did for the town
       for the water, sewer, road, drainage and sidewalk work showed no parking on that side
       of the street. It showed a sidewalk and the Board voted that they did not want to build
       a sidewalk on both sides of the street so we referred it to the parking committee and
       they made their recommendations on parking and the plan that came back to you
       showed two spaces and that is what the Board approved when it went out to bid. After
       the project had been awarded the bid and the work had started there are not too many
       people who control that but the Board had a plan in front of them showed two parking
       spaces when it was approved.
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 9
November 21, 2005

       The request to move the pole came from the town. The public works department
       wanted it out of the way of for sidewalk maintenance. It did not come from the
       property owner.

       Leonard Lookner stated the request to move the pole may have come from the highway
       department, however, all the apparatus that kind of looks like a small oil refinery
       around it did not come from the highway department it came from the property owners
       across the street. So essentially we have not only accepted the burden of the town pole
       but we have accepted the burden unbeknownst to us of the property owners and all of
       the apparatus on their side of the road. The property owner was concerned about the
       guide wire on his side of the road and yet they burdened him with this thing that looks
       like Bingham, NJ on his side of the road.

       Chairman French stated he is satisfied with the previous vote of the Board approving
       the license agreement for the underground utilities and conduits on Chestnut Street.

   10. Mrs. Smith reported that Costello Dismantling has submitted a report on the final
       disposition of all materials from the Tannery project. She stated we have received
       payment #7 from Costello and this includes the balance of the contract minus a 3%
       retainage, which is still being held by the Town. She also provided a board with a
       Demolition project re-cap as of November 20, 2005. (attached). She also stated that
       Chip Laite asked her to get a price on the installation of wider gate in the perimeter
       fencing. She asked Jim Bouquet, of Summit for a price but she is still waiting for an
       answer. She wonders whether the Board wants to spend money on a wider gate at this
       point and time until the Committee has had a chance to sift out there recommendations
       and what the Board might want to do.

       Board member Laite stated one of his concerns is that there has been an 8 foot gate
       throughout the whole protect and whether it was mis-design anytime they have taken a
       piece of equipment through that gate they had to pull up the post, peel the fence back
       and it never got put back the same way twice. This should have been addressed earlier
       on but now that we are going to close this site up temporarily no matter what happens
       we are going to have to get equipment in there at some point and time. His suggestion is
       to double it up and we will be able to use it a later date. For example if the fire
       department wants to go in to do more training, which is a great location, they won’t
       have to disassemble the gate.

       Chief Roberts stated there was a pre-fab house that was brought in and they did allow
       them to park three of the sections in there as well

   11. The Board considered the following regarding the 2005-2006 Tax Commitment:
          a. Abatement of $80.85 tax assessed on a common lot, Tax Map 122 Lot 29. Mrs.
             Smith reported this abatement is to correct an assessment error.
          b. Supplemental Tax in the amount of $2,095.98 for a building on Tax Map 124 Lot
             11. Mrs. Smith reported the building on the lot was omitted from the original tax
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 10
November 21, 2005

       Sidney Lindsley made a motion to approve the abatement and supplemental tax
       regarding the 2005-2006 Tax Commitment as stated above. James Kierstead seconded
       this motion. The motion passed on a 5-0-0 vote.

   12. The Board considered an application to the Department of Environmental Protection for
       a Brownfield Site Assessment. Mrs. Smith stated Nick Hodgkins, of DEP is encouraging
       the town to apply for a Brownfield’s Site Assessment Plan. She was surprised about this
       and she didn’t think you could double dip and she knew they had done something
       before but he indicated that was different sources of funding and she thinks in
       recognition of all the work the town has done there they are looking to help us fill some
       of the data gaps. If we get an application in for source assessment and feasibility study
       then we could do the testing we had talked with Summit about and Mr. Hodkgins
       would include some remedial options as well. This stands a good chance of approval
       and it would not be for us to do something they would hire a consultant to do this data
       testing and Summit is very likely whom they would hire because they are an approved
       consultant. Some members of the Tannery Re-Use Committee have offered to fill this
       application out and she thinks we could get together next week and we could do the
       testing in December.

       Chip Laite made a motion to approve the application to the Department of
       Environmental Protection for a Brownfield Site Assessment. James Kierstead
       seconded this motion. The motion passed on a 5-0-0 vote.

   13. Manager Smith stated if the Board wants to consider designating an Employee
       Appreciation Day this year she suggested it be a floating holiday taken sometime in
       December because that is the easiest to schedule without closing down the offices.
       Board member Grove asked how many paid holidays do employees receive now? Mrs.
       Smith stated she believes its 11 paid holidays. Mrs. Smith stated the union employees
       have a different coverage some of them have holiday time built into their schedule.
       Board member Grove stated there are some of us that don’t get any paid holidays and
       we all work very hard. Mrs. Smith stated she is only bringing this up because
       historically the Board has done it and she really thinks it started in replace of any kind
       of recognition of the holidays.

       John French made a motion to approve a floating Employee Appreciation Day for all
       regular employees to be taken in December. Chip Laite seconded this motion. The
       motion passed on a 4-1-0 (Grove opposed).

   14. Committee Reports
       Opera House Committee: Karen Grove reported that this committee is beginning their
       capital campaign.
       Tannery Re-Use Committee: Karen Grove reported that she has been approached by
       people that have indicated that they did not agree with the input received at the public
       hearing held by this committee on November 17, 2005. Frank Stearns was present and
       who is a member of this committee stated in his opinion that public hearing held a
       narrow margin of opinion because only a few people showed up and participated in the
Camden Select Board
Minutes of Meeting - Page 11
November 21, 2005

   15. Manager’s Report: There was none.

       Karen Grove made a motion to adjourn at 9:10 p.m. James Kierstead seconded this
       motion. The motion passed on a 5-0-0 vote.

                                            Respectfully submitted,

       __________________________           __________________________
       Sidney G. Lindsley                   Janice L. Esancy
       Secretary, Camden Select Board       Recording Secretary