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									                                                  Halifax, NS B3J 2H1
                                                  1975 Gottingen St.
                                                  c/o HRP - Victim Services
                                                  Family Violence
                                                  Metro Interagency Committee on
Mount Saint Vincent University
Parking & Conference directions
 “The Mount” is located at 166 Bedford
 Highway. Coming from Halifax, turn left                                           A Practitioner’s Guide to
 onto Seton Road (before the white Mount
 Saint Vincent sign). If coming from
                                                                                   Intimate Partner Abuse
 Bedford, turn right after the sign.                                               and Femicide:
                                                                                   Safety, mental health issues,
 There are three driveways on the right
 hand side of Seton which have parking                                             and risk assessment
 spaces. Parking is free in these lots, but
 please do not park in handicapped spaces
 unless appropriate, nor in spaces marked                                                   Hosted by:
 “Reserved”.                                                                       Metro Interagency Committee
                                                                                        on Family Violence
 The conference is in the Rosaria Building,
 which is at the top of the parking lots. Go
 straight down the hallway until you come
 to stairs on your right. Go up these stairs,
 and the Rosaria Multi-purpose Room will
 be straight in front of you, across the hall
 (Room 302).

Registration fee: The registration fee is $50.
We are also able to offer some subsidized
spots. We have set aside 50 no-charge seats for
those who need them. These are on a first-
reserved-first-served basis. We are able to do
this thanks to the generous support of the
Department of Justice Partnership & Innovation
Fund. Thanks are extended as well to RCMP                                             Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell,
Community Policing and Halifax Regional                                               Johns Hopkins University
                                                                                        Monday, May 26 th, 2003
                                                                                            8:30 am – 4 pm
                                                                                     Mount Saint Vincent University
                                                                                            Rosaria Centre
                                                                                          $50 (subsidy available)
                                                                                      Lunch and refreshments included
                                                    partner violence, prevention of dating violence and
        Our Presenter
                                                    interventions to prevent and address domestic
                                                                                                                         Registration Form
    Dr. Jacquelyn Campbell                          violence in the health care system, across cultures
                                                                                                                              (please copy for others)
                                                                                                              There will be no registration at the door.
                                                    and internationally. Dr. Campbell has written more
We are honoured to invite Dr. Jacquelyn                                                                       This form MUST be received by April 21.
                                                    than 100 articles and chapters, mainly about
Campbell to Nova Scotia. This is the first                                                                         Full fee - $50
                                                    battered women and family violence. She is also the            Cheque MUST accompany registration, payable to:
time someone with expertise in intimate             author or editor of five books. She has been working           Metro Interagency Committee on Family Violence
partner femicide has been brought to Nova                                                                     r    (see address on reverse)
                                                    with wife abuse shelters and advocacy organizations
Scotia, where we have limited experience using                                                                     Subsidy (e.g. child/eldercare, un/underwaged, out -
                                                    for the last 20 years, including leading support               of-town travel for non-profits): 50 free spots have
her risk assessment tool. This risk assessment      groups and serving on four shelter boards. Currently,          been set aside for those in need, on a first-
is an excellent resource for professionals who                                                                     reserved-first-served basis. If your registration is
                                                    she is on the Boards of Directors of the Family
provide services to women living with violence.                                                                    received after all spots have been taken, you will
                                                    Violence Prevention Fund in San Francisco, the House           be advised by email. This is on an honour system
Our provincial Department of Justice is             of Ruth in Baltimore, the National Advisory                    and we would ask that you consider those who are
currently developing risk-assessment guidelines                                                               r    in true need.
                                                    Committee on Violence Against Women chaired by
based on Dr. Campbell’s ground-breaking work.                                                                      Special needs (e.g. hearing
                                                    the Attorney General and Secretary of Health and               impairment, vegetarian, etc.).
                                                    Human Services, and the Department of Defense                  Please indicate at right how
During the morning session of the conference,                                                                      we can help, or email us (see
                                                    Task Force on Domestic Violence.
Dr. Campbell will talk about the health and                                                                   r    below).
mental health effects of domestic violence. In                                                                r    Parking (please see directions on reverse)
the afternoon, she will discuss risk                      Metro Interagency Committee
                                                                                                              Note: If it is necessary for you to cancel, please advise
assessment, including the results of her                       on Family Violence                             by May 16th; there is a $10 non-refundable admin fee.
femicide study. She will outline how to do risk
assessment with women living in intimate             “The Interagency” was established in 1995 as part        Receipt of your registration will be confirmed by
                                                    of the Province of Nova Scotia’s initiative to address    email. Receipt will be inserted in your conference
partner violence. Dr. Campbell will also lead us                                                              folder, to be picked up the day of the conference.
in a discussion on the implications of risk         domestic violence in the criminal justice system. It is
assessment for safety planning.                     an action-oriented committee whose purpose is to
                                                    better serve people affected by family violence in        Name (first)                  Name (last)

Dr. Campbell holds a BN, a Masters in Community     the Halifax Regional Municipality through
                                                    strengthening our network and working relationships,      Organization (if employed)
Health Nursing, and a Doctorate in Nursing. She
is the Anna D. Wolf Endowed Professor and           sharing information, and advocating on family
Associate for Faculty Affairs at the Johns          violence. It is comprised of 60 local agencies and
Hopkins University School of Nursing with a joint   groups in HRM who work in the area of family
                                                    violence, and is one of many provincial interagencies     Address (cont’d)
appointment in the Johns Hopkins School of
Hygiene and Public Health. Her research and         across the province. Meetings are held on a monthly
                                                    basis. We network, educate members on services and        City or area/Postal Code
policy initiatives are in the area of family
violence and violence against women. She has        programs in the community, advocate on issues
been Principle Investigator on three research       involving domestic violence, and organize training        Phone                      Email (important!)
grants on battering. Specific research areas        workshops for professionals in areas related to
                                                    domestic violence and children witnessing abuse. If               QUESTIONS/CONCERNS? CONTACT:
include risk factors for intimate partner
homicide, abuse during pregnancy, marital rape,     you are interested in joining the committee, contact                          Verona Singer
physical and mental health effects of intimate      Lynda Ceresne, Chair: (902) 490–5300

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