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					                             Neighborhood Newsletter
               February 2008                      Volume 2, Issue 2

Welcome New Neighbors                             We will not publish information without a
Welcome to William (WL) and Billie (BJ)           resident’s approval. Some residents may
Edwards and their two children, Chris and         share more information that others. We’ve
Ashley, who have moved into 1402                  also received some helpful suggestions to
Upchurch Woods.                                   make the directory more useful, such as
                                                  including a map with house numbers.
The Edwards first noticed their new house
during the Parade of Homes while visiting
their friends the Kinseys and decided that        Telephone Book Recycling
this is where they would like to make their
                                                  Residents and businesses       can       recycle
Chris,19, is currently still living at home and   unwanted telephone books      February 4,
has begun a promising career as a Sports          2008, until May 9, 2008,     during Wake
Editor for the Garner Citizen, and Ashley,        County's Annual Telephone Book Recycling
12, is currently a sixth grader and honor roll    Program. The program coincides with the
student at North Garner Middle School.            delivery of new telephone books from
The Edwards have been living in Garner for        several different companies.
the past 4 years and in Clayton prior to that.    Our local telephone book drop-off point is at
WL and BJ look forward to meeting                 Garner High School, 2101 Spring Drive.
everyone in the neighborhood!                     You may recycle telephone books year
                                                  round at the North Wake and South Wake
                                                  Multi-Material Recycling Facilities.
Neighborhood Directory
Next month we will publish an Upchurch
Place Directory. We recently sent out a
survey asking you for input on what kind of
information you’d like to see in the
directory, and your preferences regarding
the format in which we will publish it.
Our preliminary results indicate the
directory will be published hard copy.
We’ve      obtained     feedback       from
approximately half of our residents to date,
with most supporting at least minimum
information (names and phone numbers).

Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2008                                                       1
                                                                    Adopt A Highway
                                                                    The N.C. DOT’s Adopt-A-Highway (AAH)
Contents                                                            program is a volunteer-driven, cleanup
Welcome New Neighbors ........................... 1                 organization committed to reducing roadside
Neighborhood Directory ............................. 1              litter and keeping North Carolina’s
Telephone Book Recycling Program .......... 1                       highways clean. Jordan Road is currently an
Contents ...................................................... 2   orphan; would you consider joining an
Know Your Covenants ................................ 2              Upchurch Place Adoption group as a
Adopt A Highway ....................................... 2           community project1? Adopting a stretch of
Upchurch Trails .......................................... 3        Jordan Road entails a commitment, as
Spring Yard Sale? ....................................... 4         explained below.
The Upchurch Exchange ............................. 4
                                                                    An organization can apply to adopt a
Would you like to be a feature writer or contribute                 highway on-line. Each adopted section of
articles to the Upchurch Place Neighborhood                         highway is approximately two miles long.
Newsletter? E-mail your ideas or articles to the                    NCDOT will post a sign at each end of the
editor, Karen Stark,                             adopted section with a group’s name to
                                                                    show its participation in the program.
The Upchurch Place Neighborhood Newsletter
                                                                    The volunteer group initially signs a 4-year
is published monthly. Articles for publication
should be submitted no later than the 25 of the                     contract with NCDOT agreeing to remove
month. The UPNN retains the right to edit all                       litter from their adopted stretch a minimum
material submitted for publication.                                 of 4 times each year (once every 3 months).
                                                                    A group may keep its adopted section of
                                                                    highway indefinitely if the DOT renews its
Know Your Covenants                                                 contract at the end of each 4-year period and
Here are links to the covenants for                                 the required number of pickups is done.
Upchurch Place:
                                                                    NCDOT also provides safety training, safety                          vests and trash bags. NCDOT removes the
/genextimages.asp?docid=106145776                                   trash-filled orange bags from the roadsides                          after a litter pickup.
/genextimages.asp?docid=106145775                                   Before collecting litter for the first time, all
Questions about the Covenants? Curious                              volunteers must receive adequate safety
about what is permitted or looking for a                            training. The local AAH coordinator
clarification? Submit your questions to the                         provides a safety video that every group
editor and we will get answers. However,                            member must view before participating in a
for formal permission, you must contact the                         cleanup. This video reviews the safety
Developer, Doby Blackmon, 8715 Old Stage                            procedures to be followed by everyone
Road, Raleigh, NC 27603.                                            participating in the AAH program.
                                                                    For more information see:
                                                                    If you are willing to participate, contact
                                                                    Karen Stark at

                                                                        Participants must be 12 or older.
Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2008                                                                            2
Upchurch Trails                             Since we’ve added more trails, I thought it
Our walking trails have expanded even       was time to map them, so you are all aware
further, with a new trail connecting the    of your walking opportunities. The red lines
garden path to the end of Upchurch Woods.   on this recent satellite photo show
Thanks again to Ed Fontaine for             (approximately) the locations of the current
bushwhacking through the woods to blaze     trails.
this trail for us.

Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2008                                               3
                                                    Spring Yard Sale?
La Piazza Opens at 50/42                            Anyone interesting in participating in or in
La Piazza, a locally-owned Italian                  helping organize a Spring Yard Sale in the
restaurant, opened in January at Middle             neighborhood? Our last yard sale, held last
Creek Commons, the new shopping center at           fall, was a resounding success, thanks to the
the intersection of NC 50 and NC 42.                organizational skills of Marc Beard. If
The hours are 11 am until 10 pm Monday              you’ve been unpacking those moving boxes
through Thursday, 11 am until 11 pm Friday          and find items that just don’t fit in your
and Saturday, and noon until 9 pm Sundays.          house, a yard sale can be a great way to un-
                                                    clutter your house and make some pocket
This reviewer, having dined at La Piazza,
                                                    money at the same time.
can confirm that the Veal Piazza is
excellent. We look forward to many geat             If you have interest in holding a yard sale,
meals at this restaurant, especially in the         contact Karen at We
warmer weather when the outdoor dining              need to pick a weekend and organize the
area opens.                                         advertising.
The website has a discussion
group devoted to La Piazza, including an
image of the menu, so you can check out the
offerings and the prices.
opatra4042/001.jpg )
The phone number at La Piazza is 662-5007.
Rumor has it they are very busy, so call
ahead to check the wait time.

The Upchurch Exchange                               Used Books –Did you know the Basic
                                                    Needs Ministry Thrift Shop is also a great
Basic Needs Ministry Thrift Shop                    place to buy used books? We have
Do you have books, toys, household items or         hundreds of recent popular fiction hardcover
clothing in good condition that you don’t need or   and paperback and all types of children’s
don’t use? Consider making a tax-deductible         books, all priced at 1$ or below. Shop for a
donation of your items to the Basic Needs Thrift    cause and get great bargains.
                                                    Saturdays 9am -6 pm, Mondays 6 pm -9 pm.
Shop. Located behind the Peddler’s Village off
NC 42 near the I-40 interchange (driveway next
to the Bojangles), the Basic Needs Thrift Shop      Advertising in the Upchurch Place Neighborhood
sells donated items to raise money to cover the     Newsletter is free to residents.
                                                    Contact Karen at with items for sale,
cost of running the food pantry and warehouse.      services offered or help wanted ads.
Basic Needs is a 501(c) (3) charity serving         Please keep your ad to 20 words or less, and include your
Garner, Angier, Clayton, Fuquay-Varina and          contact information.
Cleveland Township.                                 Ads will run one month unless renewed by email.
Hours of operation are Saturdays 9-6 and            The Newsletter and its publishers make no warranty or
Monday evenings 6-9.                                representation for the advertisement material provided, nor
For more information, see                           are they liable for any misrepresentation or damages.

Volume 2, Issue 2, February 2008                                                                    4

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