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Preventing Medication Errors (PDF)


Receive valuable information on the McKesson PROmanager-Rx automated medication dispensing system, including a data sheet and customer spotlights.

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									Customer Spotlight

                                Somerset Hospital Closes Loop
                                In Medication-Use Process
                                Overview                                                             labor. There’s a lot of re-work. It’s repetitive
                                                                                                     work, so there’s the potential for people
                                The 120-bed Somerset Hospital services                               to lose focus, which increases the risk for
                                primarily a rural constituency in southern                           dispensing errors.”
                                                                                                     Continued Russic, “We didn’t want to go
Customer Spotlight              One of the first customers of the Paragon®                           with all cabinets; there was limited space
                                community hospital information system,                               on the nursing units, plus we had limited
Somerset Hospital               Somerset regularly installed new Paragon                             medication storage space in the pharmacy.
Somerset, PA                    modules soon after their availability to                             Also, when you put everything into cabinets,        support pharmacy and clinical systems.                               you’re really taking the dispensing function
                                                                                                     away from the pharmacy and putting the
                                The organization’s strategic plan called                             burden on the nurse.”
Solution Spotlight              for moving to electronic health records
– PROmanager-Rx™                within five years. All that changed with the                         Answers
                                HITECH (Health Information Technology for
                                Economic and Clinical Health) Act. “The                              Their search for an automated, bar-code-
                                news of available stimulus funds changed                             driven dispensing solution for the central
                                our time horizon,” said chief information                            pharmacy led them to the PROmanager-Rx™
                                officer Jonathan Bauer. “Working with                                system. PROmanager-Rx is the only solution
                                McKesson, we condensed our timeline to just                          that enables hospitals to fully automate the
                                22 months. Overall, we plan to be at the first                       dispensing, storage, and restocking of tablets,
                                stage of ‘meaningful use’ by fall 2011.”                             capsules, and other oral solid medications
                                                                                                     that come pre-packaged from drug manu-
                                Challenges                                                           facturers in unit-dose, bar-coded form. The
                                                                                                     combination of manufacturer packaging,
                                With plans for computerized physician order                          bar-code scanning of every dose, and sophis-
                                entry and bar-code medication administration                         ticated software makes PROmanager-Rx the
                                in place, Somerset turned its attention to the                       safest automated pharmacy system available.
                                pharmacy. “We addressed the prescribing,                             In addition to the highest levels of safety, the
                                transcribing, administration, and monitoring                         system also reduces the packaging burden
                                process, but not the dispensing portion of the                       inside the hospital, saving both pharmacy
                                medication-use process,” said Bauer. “We                             labor and costs.
                                were looking for a solution that closed the
                                loop by automating dispensing and improving                          Explained Russic, “PROmanager-Rx is the
                                accuracy and efficiency.”                                            right choice for us because it will automate
                                                                                                     about 80 percent of our daily cart fill,
                                Medication dispensing at Somerset is a                               easily fits into our pharmacy layout, and is
                                manual process. The pharmacy performs a                              affordable. With PROmanager-Rx, we will be
                                24-hour cart fill, delivering approximately                          able to fill directly to the nurse servers, which
                                600-800 scheduled medications to nurse                               is important to us. We want to keep the
                                servers located in patient rooms. For PRNs,                          nurse in the room with the patient.”
                                some first doses, and narcotics, nurses access
                                automated medication dispensing cabinets.                            The pharmacy plans to bar-code package
                                                                                                     and manually dispense non-oral solid
                                “The manual cart fill is one of the most                             medications—liquids, vials, patches,
                                inefficient processes in our department,”                            ampoules, etc., which will be the minority
                                said Michele Russic, director of pharmacy.                           of the daily dispensing volume once
                                “It requires a lot of pharmacist and technician                      PROmanager-Rx is installed.
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