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									               In this issue…

               FRMS School History
               Student Achievement
               Role Models
               Are You a Nerd?
               King Tut
               Your Holiday Traditions
               Holiday Gift Ideas
               The Dirt on Dashboard
               Rode to the Super Bowl
               Video Games
               Movie Info
               Chris Brown
               A Holiday Story
               Puzzles & games
12-18-07           Student
ISSUE 2           Newspaper
By Kate Lohman                                      the most popular. The homerooms with the best
                                                    records would play against each other at the end
                                                    of the nine weeks. The whole grade level
                                                    watched the play-offs, making it a big event!

                                                    The Pool:
                                                    ~The pool we currently have is the only pool that
                                                    the district has ever had.
                                                    ~There is a window where you can watch
                                                    swimmers in the pool from the dungeons.
                                                    ~The auxiliary gym (upstairs gym) was an open
                                                    area that used to have bleachers so that you
                                                    watch sporting events held in the pool and our
                                                    current gym.
                                                    ~The diving blocks used to be at the other end
                                                    from where they are now.
Have you ever wondered what the middle school
used to be like? Here is a quick peek:
                                                    The Courtyard:
The Building:                                       ~There was once a courtyard where the seventh
~The Franklin Regional Middle School current        grade “mall hall” and computer labs are today.
building opened in 1971.                            ~This courtyard was going to be used for
~Our middle school building was first used for      gardening in biology class. The soil was too
seventh and eighth grades. There was an             rocky to plant anything though.
intermediate high school for the ninth and tenth    ~The courtyard was then used to house rabbits,
graders. The Intermediate High School is now        chickens, and even a goat! Mr. Blank explains
the current high school. Heritage Elementary        how they were fed and what it was like, “The
was then the high school for eleventh and           students would get left over lettuce and
twelfth grades.                                     vegetable scraps from the kitchen and would
~The original building was just rooms 201-218,      feed the animals by dumping the food out a
which is now the sixth grade hall, rooms 301-       window into the courtyard area. There was
308, the gym, and cafeteria.                        always a crowd of kids on one side of the glass
~The current main entrance, Little Theater,         and a crowd of animals on the other side of the
Primetime Studio, and offices used to be a          glass at feeding time.”
parking lot.                                        ~ At one time, the school was so crammed that
~The staircase by the library used to be a ramp.    the courtyard was used as a classroom.

The School Day:
~In the 80‟s, ninth grade was moving into the       The Dungeons:
middle and sixth grade was moving out. The          ~Our school does have
sixth grade classrooms were not complete so         dungeons. They are
they rode a bus to a school in Monroeville for      behind the downstairs
three months of the school year!                    seventh grade hall and
~Students began school at 8:30 and went until       the nurse‟s office.
4:00, when the school first opened.                 ~The dungeons are used
~The students had three thirty-minute classes,      to keep furniture and
homeroom, lunch, club, or intramurals when the      supplies. They were once used to hold cages of
school day was so long.                             animals that students cared for including:
~Intramurals were games that homerooms              chinchilla, gerbils, hamsters, and mice.
played against each other, a schedule told you      ~A window in the dungeons looks into the pool.
who would play who. Homerooms would                 ~There were classes in the dungeon with the
practice for the competitions. Speed football was   pool window during a period of time when the
                                                    school was rather crowded.

Middle School History continued                         ~In the three-hundred-wing, Mr. Fleming‟s room
                                                        was a wood shop. The tech ed room was the
Band:                                                   metal shop at one time.
~ The band room used to be rooms 301, 302,              ~General Music was in two classrooms in the
Faculty Dinning, and half of the cafeteria.             three-hundred-wing.
~A folding door separated the cafeteria from the        ~ One of those General Music classrooms was
band room. This affected teaching in the band           used for a chorus room. The chorus at that time
room.                                                   was very small.
~ The entrance to the band room was the first           ~Where the technology classrooms are was
set of double doors going into the cafeteria.           once the metal shop, wood shop, and drafting
~ Band section and instrument storage rooms             room.
are now part of room 300.
Specific Classrooms:                                    ~Some Franklin Regional teachers are Franklin
~Mr. Blank once had a real window in his                Regional graduates. For example, Mrs. Miscik
classroom that looked over the courtyard. Unlike        went to school at Franklin Regional.
the window he has now that looks over the “mall         ~Some teachers have taught other teachers
hall” the real window opened.                           when they went to Franklin Regional.
~The main entrance, main offices, guidance              ~Teachers had to make phone calls from the
offices, and nurse‟s office used to be where the        guidance counselor‟s office at one time.
BCK House and Panther Pit House are now.

        Special thanks to Mr. John Blank, Mrs. Showman, Mr. Silvestri, Mrs. Blauger, Mrs. Lazzaro, and
        Mr. Guadagnino on their expertise on the history of the Franklin Regional Middle School!!

                 Survey               by Jen Long

                         As you know, the Paw Print is written by Franklin Regional students that
                 are on the newspaper staff. But we don‟t always know exactly what you want to
                 read about in the next issue! Other FRMS students have helped us with that by
                 taking a survey in homeroom.
        Two homerooms from each grade were chosen to take the survey. If you were in one of
these homerooms, we‟d like to thank you for your input! We learned a lot from it, and we hope to
incorporate many of your ideas into future issues.
        This survey had two questions: the first was asking what you would like to see more of in
the next issue, from school news to technology. The second question was an open-ended
question asking what ideas you had for the Paw Print. We saw some great ideas!
        For the first question, the two top categories were sports and entertainment. They were
closely followed by school news and puzzles & games. This question really gave us a good idea
of what exactly we needed in future issues.
        In the second question, we got tons of good ideas! Many of you gave ideas for future
articles. Other students suggested having more pictures in the newspaper.
        A big “thank you” from the Paw Print staff goes to all the students who took the time to fill
out our survey. If you weren‟t one of the students who took this survey, you can always e-mail
your ideas to Mrs. Yeager at lyeager@franklinregional.k12.pa.us.
        Also, if you have some great ideas that you want to write about as a staff member, we
can always use more writers! E-mail Mrs. Yeager to become part of the staff.
Thanks again for your input!

By Brianna Humbert                                 We usually stop by my grandfather‟s
After receiving surveys from over                  house and open presents. My uncle also
seventy students, I realized that every            comes down often so it‟s nice to see
single one of those polled celebrate               him. We also go to my cousin‟s house
Christmas. On the survey, the students             on Christmas Eve.
were asked to list what holiday they               -Zach Jansma
celebrate at this time of year, and what           Go to my grandma‟s house to open
traditions their family has. There are             presents and eat breakfast. Then, go to
many different traditions everyone‟s               friend‟s house for Christmas party and
families have.                                     dinner.
8th Grade                                          I go to California every other year to
We open presents Christmas night, and              celebrate Christmas and just spend time
go to the movies Christmas Day.                    with my family.
-Robyn Stanley                                     -Anonymous
We go to church on Christmas Eve and               Yes, on Christmas my family and I get
then drive around the neighborhood                 our yearly tree from Delmont and we
looking at the lights.                                   each make a tree ornament of the
-Anonymous                                               year and we put our names and the
 We go over to my grandma‟s                              date with Merry Christmas on the
house every Christmas Eve with                           side. Then we hang it up.
our whole family, and we eat                             -Anonymous
dinner and trade off gifts. Then,                        Because we are Italian, every year
the next day, my other                                   we have the fish feast and yummy
grandparents come over and we                            desserts.
exchange gifts with them.                          -Anonymous
-Alexis Stauros                                    We do have one little tradition. On
My family goes to one half of my family            Christmas Eve night, we open family
on Christmas Eve and the other half on             gifts that we have gotten for each other.
Christmas Day. We open all open all of             It‟s so much fun and I enjoy it. We also
our presents after we eat dinner.                  go out after that, to go around
-Anonymous                                         Murrysville and Export to look at the
Go to my grandma‟s house Christmas                 Christmas lights.
Eve, and then open presents Christmas              -Anonymous
Day. The weekend before Christmas,                 Every year the day after Thanksgiving,
my family goes out to eat.                         my family and I set up the tree.
-Tim Turner                                        -Chris Harvey
My family always goes to my mom‟s
aunt‟s house on Christmas Eve. We                  7th grade
also go to church on Christmas Eve. On             Go over to grandparents.
Christmas, everyone comes to my                    -Bethany K.
house and we have ham and chicken                  Everybody comes to our house for the
noodle soup.                                       holidays. We put up our tree and lights
-Anonymous                                         after Thanksgiving. We go shopping
I pretty much just chill. I also eat food. I       downtown after Thanksgiving for
also like playing in the FR Christmas              Christmas.
basketball tournament.                             -Rachel Barkey
-Mike Stewart                                      No
                                                   -Laura Kohrs

Holiday Traditions continued                6th grade
Playing charades, my dad makes a            My mom and I bake Hershey
Santa Claus note.                           cookies. On Christmas Eve, I go to
-Danielle Vensel                            my aunt‟s house and open presents
        Not really, just to meet            from all my relatives. We decorate
        together.                           our house with Christmas
        -Ivory D.                           decorations.
        I go to my aunt‟s on                -Rachel Carretta
        Christmas Eve. I stay at my         We open presents in our living room
house all day on Christmas. Then            and our family from Indiana comes.
on the 26th I drive to Harrisburg to        We have big breakfasts, lunches,
see the rest of my family.                  and dinners.
-Julia Bolkovac                             -Quaicle Simek
We eat turkey for dinner. All the           My favorite traditions for Christmas
grandparents come over on                   are when we get pajamas. Every
Christmas.                                  year on Christmas Eve, before we go
-Daniel Kierschner                          to bed, my mom gives everyone new
We make cookies every Christmas             pajamas. This is my favorite
Eve. We watch Christmas shows               tradition on Christmas.
like Frosty and Rudolph.                            -Anonymous
-Krysta Hoover                                      We have a huge feast.
We always go the same route.                        Christmas Eve is always at my
Wait for all the presents to be                     house. Christmas Day is
opened before playing with                          always at my aunt‟s house.
them. Eat before opening                            -Julianna Carolla
presents.                                           On Christmas we have a
-Tyler Smith                                turkey and our relatives visit.
Find the pickle in the tree.                -Nieha Santoro
-Dominique Weakland                         On Christmas Eve we have seven
We go to my grandma‟s on                    fishes.
Christmas Eve and have traditional          -Brendan Gello
Polish food. Then Santa comes and           Each cousin gives a different cousin
we get presents. We tell everyone           a gift. We go to my grandma‟s
Merry Christmas. On Christmas we            house.
go to my other grandma‟s and                -Anonymous
having a big turkey dinner                  I bake cookies with my grandma. I
-Ali Fagan                                  open my gifts from my grandma and
To go to my grandparent‟s house             pap and cousins on Christmas Eve.
and have a big meal. To give gifts to       -Ashley Brett
my family.                                  Going to my aunt‟s house and
-Nicole Stevenson                           getting presents and lots of food.
Every year my whole family goes to          -Matt Yakshe
my grandparents‟ house and we               We open one present
open all of our presents there.             on Christmas Eve.
-Toni Osbsky                                -Anonymous

            The Best                               The Face of King Tut
                                                   By Rachel Barkey
            Holiday Gifts!
By Lauren Echols                                   The famous King Tut
The Holidays are starting up, and with             finally showed his face
all the new things out there it is so hard         on November 4th.
to pick out the perfect gift that everyone                  In Luxor, Egypt
will love. There is so much new                    King Tutankhamen (Tut) was unveiled
technology, so if you know the person              for the first time in public. His body was
you are buying for has an ipod or an               leathery, black, and narrow with large
MP3, think about getting them an itunes            incisor teeth and slightly misaligned
gift card.                                         bottom teeth. Even though he was
         Some people you may be getting            considered well fed and healthy, he was
gifts for are your teachers. Are you just          only 5 feet 6 inches at the time of his
going to go out and get some old knick-            death.
knack or coffee mug, or are you going to                    Dr. Zahi Hawass said that
get a hip new gift? Think about getting            because of the humidity and heat caused
them a gift card, such as a department             by people entering the showcase tomb,
store or a restaurant. Teachers will just          their breathing will change the mummy
love it, but if you’re not quite sure about        into dust within 50 years. The only good
your gift, stick the gift receipt in with it       thing left of the mummy is his face.
just in case.                                               The scientists removed Tut’s
          If you’re shopping for a brother         mummy from his sarcophagus and
or a sister, think about getting something         placed him on a CT scanner to find out
they really like or ask them what they             exactly how the boy king died. The
want. If you’re still not sure what to get         results of the scan ruled
your sister, get her a lip-gloss. If she’s a       out the possibility that he
tomboy, get her a basketball or                    was violently murdered,
something else sporty. If you’re not sure          but stopped short of the
what to get your brother, get him                  exact cause of death.
something like a kickball, baseball, or a          Experts are suggesting
bat. For your aunts and uncles, think or           that just days before
ask what they want because everyone is             dying, Tut badly broke
different. If you need any other ideas,            his left thigh, an accident
get your aunt a candle or a homemade               that may have resulted in a fatal
gift that she will just love. For your             infection, but they are not completely
uncle get a key chain or a Dick’s gift             sure.
card. A fun idea for a gift for your                        Even after more than three
mother is a bottle of nail polish or some          thousand years since Tut’s death and 85
make up. If you still need some other              years since the tomb’s discovery by
shopping ideas you can go to                       Howard Carter, scientists continue to
www.target.com,                                    study and learn from King
www.redenvelope.com, or                            Tutankhamen.
www.shopzilla.com.                                 Source: Pittsbugh Post Gazette,
                                                   November 15, 2007

                                                          students       advanced     or
FRMS Student                                              proficient in math. Plus, 92%
                                                          of this year‟s sixth grade
Achievement                                               scored        advanced      or
       By Jennifer Long                                   proficient in math.
                                                        Students did just as well in the
        “Oh no! I got a C on my math           reading section! The target for all
test!” “If I bring home a B at                 schools in reading was to have 54%
midterms, my parents will kill me!”            of students score advanced or
“Yes! I got a 99% in English!” These           proficient. In the 2005-2006 school
are some of the things you might               year, 85% of our eighth grade scored
hear around FRMS from some of our              advanced or proficient, 77% of our
fellow students.                               seventh grade scored advanced or
        It‟s easy to only think Ugh, my        proficient, and 86% of our sixth
sister beat me in science! or My               grade scored advanced or proficient.
friend got an A and I only got a B!                     As you can see, all of our
Sometimes, all we think about when             scores on the PSSAs were way
we get our report cards are, a) how            above the target scores. We were
we compare to our friends, and b)              also above average overall among
how we compare to what we‟ve done              other schools who took the same
in the past. We‟re actually missing a          test. In math, the average percent of
whole concept: how we compare to               students from all over Pennsylvania
other kids in our area.                        achieving advanced or proficient are
        When it comes to grades,               around 69 or 70%. In reading, the
Franklin Regional students are doing           average percent of students is about
very, very well! But how do we know            65%. All three of the grades in
this? Well, think all the way back to          FRMS beat both these state
last year. There was a week when               averages!
we all took a series of tests called                    First of all, I think that we
the PSSAs. They seemed like a                  really need to thank all of our
huge pain then, but they‟re actually           teachers, since they are the ones
very important. The state uses the             that taught us so well! I‟d also like to
PSSAs to make sure that every                  thank Mr. Kelly, Mr. Suvak, and our
school in Pennsylvania is doing an             PTO. Then, of course, I‟d like to
adequate job of teaching their                 congratulate all of our FRMS
students.                                      students for doing so well on the
        Every          school         in       PSSAs! Congrats!
Pennsylvania‟s target for the PSSA                      If you‟d like to know more
math assessment is to have 45% of              about Franklin Regional‟s PSSA
their students be “advanced” or                results, you can look at our district
“proficient” in math. According to the         report card at
2005-2006 Franklin Regional district           http://www.franklinregional.k12.pa.us
report card, all of the students in            /stuff/frreportcard0506.pdf or the
FRMS passed with flying colors!                PSSA scores for all the participating
83% of this year‟s eighth grade were           PA schools at
advanced or proficient in math. This           http://www.pde.state.pa.us/a_and_t/c
year‟s seventh grade had 75% of its            wp/view.asp?a=3&q=115272.

NERD TEST                                                        Super Bowl
Have you ever thought you might be a
nerd? Well, take this very non-scientific                         Anyone?
test and find out…………………                                           By Lauren Echols
    1). Do you tuck your shirt in?
    a) yes
    b) sometimes
    c) no never that’s stupid.

     2). When you’re in bed do you recite                  Are we going to make it all the
the digits of pi?
                                                   way to the Super Bowl? Well, this has
     a) yes
     b) no                                         been a pretty great season, even though
     c) only half                                  it has been a bit crazy, especially with
                                                   our loss on Dec. 9 to the Patriots and
    3). Is your best friend homework?              Sunday to the Jaguars. With only two
    a) yes                                         games remaining in the regular season, I
    b) no                                          think we have a pretty good chance to
    c) yes and my girl/boy friend is science       make it to the playoffs. Our toughest
                                                   opponent was the Jacksonville Jaguars,
    4). Do you pick your nose and eat it?          who had the same 9-4 record as the
    a) yes, and it’s yummy                         Steelers. Unfortunately, playing them at
    b) no, that’s gross
                                                   home did not help. In fact, we broke our
    c) yes, it tastes like chicken.
                                                   perfect winning record at home for the
    5). Do you do your math homework in            season.
        other subjects?                                    Now, we play the 4-10 St. Louis
    a) yes                                         Rams and the 4-10 Baltimore Ravens,
    b) I just do it at home                        both relatively weak teams, to end the
    c) I love math sooooooo much.                  season. We need to win both games to
                                                   guarantee the play-offs. Our main
    6). Do you play online computer games          competitor for the AFC North Title is
        for more than 1 hour?                      Cleveland with 8-5, but with Big Ben on
    a) yes                                         our side, we can’t lose. If Cleveland
    b) yes, but it’s 4 hours on weekends
                                                   looses one and we win one, we’ll clinch
    c) no, I play outside
                                                   the playoffs.
                                                           This season, even without our
If you answered yes to 2 or more                   superstars, Troy Polamalu, Najeh
questions then cut this out and tape               Davenport, and Santonio Holmes, we’ve
to your forehead:                                  been doing fine, but hopefully we may
                                                   have all three players in our next two
        I am a nerd!!!!                                    In this reporter’s opinion, the
                                                   Steelers will make it all the way to the
                                                   Super Bowl!
                                                   (Thanks to Colin Jonov and David Leftwich for helping to
By Alex Muzika                                     update Lauren’s article! – Mrs. Yeager )

        The Dirt On                                          “Where have the role
        Dashboard!                                           models gone?”
        By Luke Sciulli                                      By Madeline Peters
                                                                      It is important that we all know
        To get the scoop on this controversial               who the real role models are, and what
        grading program, I talked to Mrs. Allison who        makes a person one. Here is the
        helps train teachers in our school.
                                                             dilemma, there are almost none left! If
        What is Dashboard??                                  you were to look at the tabloids and on
        Dashboard is an Internet driven                      the television and search for at least one
        computer-grading program that lets                   decent character to tell a kid or teen to
        teachers submit grades, make seating                 watch and emulate, you could be looking
        charts, and take attendance.                         for quite a long time. The main reason
        What is so unique about the program                  for this is that celebrities seem to have a
        and how does it benefit students??                   habit for the thinking that any kind of
        Eventually, students will be able to                 publicity, whether it is positive or
        check their own grades on the program.               negative, is good publicity. The constant
        Another cool feature is that a teacher               haunt of celebrities getting caught drunk
        can post a topic or lecture on a
                                                             driving and attending wild parties at
        discussion board and students can
        answer online. This is where it gets                 ridiculous hours does nothing to support
        interesting. If students miss an                     a healthy life style. A recent study done
        assignment teachers can post your                    by Kingston University suggests that
        missed work on the Dashboard website.                teens are 27% more likely to imitate a
        All you have to do is print it, do it, and           celebrity’s actions than their parents.
        turn it in!! These awesome features may                       Maybe, part of the problem with
        start appearing some time this school                finding suitable role models is that kids
        year.                                                are looking in all the wrong places.
        What are some of the problems with the               When kids watch T.V. or read
        program?                                             magazines, everything they read they
        “Things weren‟t working right at first.
                                                             may take as what they should be doing.
        You have to remember, the program is
        still being developed.” (Mrs. Allison)               So cover stories and top news such as
                                                             “Paris Hilton is Finally Going to Jail”
        I wanted to get the opinions of the                  and “Britney’s Twisted Childhood” do
        faculty, who use Dashboard on a daily                not do much to improve the insight of a
        basis. After speaking to several                     teen’s look and behavior in life. Teens
        teachers who declined to comment                     and children shouldn’t pay attention to
        about the program, Mrs. Almgren                      the media as much as they do, because
        graciously submitted her view, “After                the only thing they put out for them to
        being asked to share my thoughts on                  see is negative news. It should be well
        Dashboard, the new FR record-keeping                 known that the media only does this
        computer program, I can summarize it
                                                             because they know that bad news sells,
        best with a report card comment: „Has
        made progress but still has room for                 and it sells a lot.
        improvement.‟”                                                Teens and children should just
                                                             look around them, at real lives and real
         Thanks to Mrs. Allison and Mrs. Almgren for         homes, when they want to look for
taking their time out to contribute to this article.         promising habits and proper behavior.

                                                                              Super Mario
Video Game Reviews                                                            Galaxy
       Just in time for the holidays!                                         Rated: E for
             By Matt Thornton                                                 Everyone
                                                                              Platform: Wii
                     Guitar Hero 3                                            Price: $30-$50
                     Rating: TEEN
                     Platforms: Xbox 360,                                        This is your typical
                     PlayStation 2, PlayStation                                  Mario game….
                     3, Wii, PC, Mac                                             Except you get flung
                     Price: $79.99 (Ps2) All
                     others cost $89.99
                                                                                 across space at an
                                                       incredible speed and you have to flip around
                       Rock out with this new          in a 3D world to find stars with large watery
addition to the Guitar Hero series. This               eyes that never seem to look away…
version is harder than the previous ones               creepy. The Mario Franchise has really
with things such as, “This game‟s Hard                 grown from its old 8-Bit NES classic. This
Mode is the older game‟s Expert.” With                 game has gotten rave reviews, and from the
songs such as “The Devil Went Down to                  short time of playing it in my local Wal-Mart,
Georgia” and “Through the Fire and the                 I know it‟s a keeper.
Flames”, your fingers will surely be
throbbing for days after you take it out of the
package. The Wii version of this game has
                                                       DVD In The Spotlight
“extra special” features such as the ability to        By Matthew J. Lis
fight it out over an online connect with a                 It's 1962, and change is in the air in
friend. Also new with this title is all the            Baltimore. Tracy Turnblad, a girl with
guitars are wireless without any extra cost!!          big hair and big dreams, has only one
This is a very fun, addictive game that is a           passion in life - to dance on "The
popular hit with nearly everyone who picks             Corny Collins Show." When her chance
up the sleek, plastic Les Paul guitar.                 arrives, she grooves her way into
                                                       instant stardom and the eyes of teen-
                       Age of Empires 3:               dream Link Larkin.
                       Asian Dynasties
                                                           But with the program's scheming
                       Rating: TEEN                    stage manager against her, trend-
                       Platform: Windows XP,           setting Tracy will need the help of her
                       Windows Vista                   best friend Penny, her bighearted
                       Price: $29.99                   mother, and sassy co-host
                                                       Motormouth Maybelle to show the
                        This expansion to the          world that all it takes to make a dream
                        Age of Empires 3
                                                       come true is a toe-tappin' beat and a
                        allows you to play as
                                                       little Hairspray!
                        the large, populace
                                                           You can get Hairspray on DVD now!
Asian Dynasties and conquer your enemies.
Age of Empires has a little “fact book” which          This makes an awesome Christmas
explains the items and units in the game               present!
while you maneuver your War Elephants to               Regular Edition DVD
attack a neighboring villager trespassing on           2-Disc Special Edition (That's What I
your land. This is definitely a game a history         Have!)
teacher could appreciate. The graphics are             Blu-Ray Disc
pretty good and the landscapes are unreal,             Source:http://www.igglevideo.com/co
with just the fact the people have smudges             ntent/movies/index.html?client=iggle&
for faces. You will need the first Age of              id=81005
Empires 3 edition to install this.

Hey MovieGoers!                                theaters for one week only! It will also
                                               be in Disney Digital 3-D!!! Disney
  Here is a list of DVDs that are              Digital 3-D is the state of the art
going to be coming out in the near             CLEAR 3-D!! I've seen a few movies in
               future:                         it myself, and I thought it was the best
                                               3-D I have personally ever
----DECEMBER----                               experienced. The concert starts
                                               February 1, 2008, and the tickets go
4th Pirates of the Caribbean: At               on sale December 1, 2007. So get
Worlds End (PG-13)                             your tickets, because the show is
11th The Bourne Ultimatum (PG-13)              only going to be in theaters for one
11th Harry Potter and the Order of             week!!!
the Phoenix (PG-13)
18th Balls of Fury (PG-13)
                                               The Golden
18th Bring It On: In It To Win It
18th The Simpsons Movie (PG-13)                 Rating: PG-13-
18th Stardust (PG-13)                             sequences of
18th Underdog (PG)                              fantasy violence
23rd Rush Hour 3 (PG-13)                        Genre: Fantasy/
                                               Opens: December
----JANUARY----                                     7, 2007
15th   Mr. Woodcock (PG-13)
                                               Description: Lyra
15th   Suburban Girl ( PG-13)
22nd   Blonde Ambition (PG)                    Belacqua is an orphan who lives
22nd   The Game Plan (PG)                      happily in Jordan College, Oxford,
22nd   Sydney White (PG-13)                    playing with local boys and terrorizing
29th   The Comebacks (PG-13                    the professors. However, when Lyra
29th   Daddy Day Camp (PG)                     overhears scholars discussing a plot
29th   Feel The Noise (PG-13)                  against her uncle, Lord Asriel,
29th   The Invasion (PG-13)                    centering a mysterious substance
                                               called Dust, her curiosity is roused.
                                               Soon Lyra is in over her head as she
                                               uncovers a frightening plot and a
   Movie Info                                  whole new world of possibilities.

                                               National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus:                    Rating: PG- N/A
                   Best of Both                      Genre:
                   Worlds Concert in              Action/Thriller
                   Disney Digital 3D            Opens: December
                   Rating: N/A                      21, 2007
                   Concert/Music               Description:
                   Opens: February 1,          Treasure hunter
                   2007                        Benjamin Franklin
                   Description:                Gates looks to
                   Hannah Montana              discover the truth
                   fans everywhere will        behind the
                   get a once in a             assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by
lifetime chance to see her sold out            uncovering the mystery within the 18
concert!! That's right! Hannah                 pages missing from assassin John
Montana's concert will be in select            Wilkes Booth's diary.

                          By: Matthew J. Lis (Sixth Grade)
Chris Brown                                         Puzzles and Games
               By Taylor Rowland                    By James Kreitzburg

                 Just to think, Chris               (see print copy)
                 Brown, 2 years old
                 standing in front of the TV
                 dancing and now he‟s
                 dancing in front of
                 millions of fans. With the
                 2005 hits "Run It!" and
"Gimmie That" he proved himself to be
Hollywood material. To top it all off, he
proved he could act in his film debut of
"Stomp the Yard", and this month he
stars in a holiday theme movie "This
Christmas." This fall his album
"Exclusive" hits the stands, which
formed the hits "Wall To Wall" and "Kiss
Kiss" featuring T-Pain. The Kiss
Kiss music video was shot on the
campus of Florida International
University, in Miami, Florida.
        Chris Brown's first self-titled
album has sold 1,920,665 albums to
date and is still rising. Christopher
Maurice Brown was born on May 5,
1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia and
was raised by Clinton Brown and Joyce
Hawkins. He was influenced by artists
such as Michael Jackson and Sam
Cooke. He recorded "Say Goodbye" for
the "Step Up" soundtrack, and he also
released a DVD entitled "Chris Browns
Journey" which shows his road to the
Grammy's. Chris Brown will be in a
scheduled 8 episodes of "The OC"
playing a small role as a band geek.
Soon enough you'll see him in a movie
called "Phenom" where he plays the
starring role as a high school basketball
player on the long hard road to the play-
offs. Can't get enough of Chris Brown?
Listen for his new single "With You" and
the "Umbrella (Cinderella Rmx)” with
Rihanna and Jay-Z. Oddly enough, you
will see his familiar face on a few
episodes of "Sesame Street." Chris
Brown is only 18. His career has
skyrocketed, and its only just begun.

HAVE HOPE                                           ankle. He fell face-first into the pillow.
                                                    “How can you be so happy?” snapped
A Holiday Story
                                                    Alison. What she really wanted to say was
                                                    “How can you be so happy when Hope is
        Alison Cleary stared into the night
                                                    out roaming in the cold?” She shoved him
sky. The stars twinkled above her, and
                                                    off her bed and buried her face into her
the moon shone brightly. Although the
                                                    pillow before the tears could start
snow-covered trees looked beautiful in
                                                    pouring out.
the moonlight, Alison still did not feel
                                                             “Good morning, Alison,” said
happy. Even the fact that every house in
                                                    Alison’s father, Tim. “Hi,” mumbled Alison.
the neighborhood gave off a warm, happy
                                                    She slipped into her kitchen chair and
holiday vibe did not cheer her up. How
                                                    buried her face in the itchy placemat. She
could it? Tomorrow was New Year’s
                                                    never felt so sad in her entire life.
Eve, which would be the two-week
                                                    Suddenly, she recoiled. “What are you
anniversary of the disappearance of the
                                                    doing?” she asked. She reached across
family’s beloved dog, Hope. The sweet,
                                                    the table and picked up a red plastic bowl
easy-going Golden Retriever had strayed
                                                    that had once belonged to Hope.
from the Cleary household a week and six
                                                             “Oh, honey.” Trisha shared a look
days ago; tomorrow would be exactly two
                                                    with Tim. “We are getting rid of Hope’s
weeks. Alison was super worried
                                                           things.” She gestured toward the
about her. Lately, the ten-year
                                                           leashes, collars, and toys.
old dog’s arthritis had been
acting up, and sometimes she
                                                                    “Honey, we are donating
had difficulties walking. This led
                                                           them to the animal shelter. They
Alison into a deep train of
                                                    can use them there.” She shoved a bunch
thoughts, all worries about Hope.
                                                    of stuffed toys and squeaky rubber balls
        “Still thinking about Hope?” asked
                                                    into a big green garbage bag.
Alison’s mom, Trisha. Her words
                                                             “No!” shouted Alison. She shoved
interrupted Alison’s thoughts, but she
                                                    back her chair. “What makes you think
certainly could not forget them. Alison
                                                    she’s not coming back?”
nodded. Trisha placed a hand on her
                                                             “Well, we have lots of fliers up,
daughter’s shoulder and pulled her close.
                                                    and everyone knows what she looks like,”
Even though Alison was standing right
                                                    said Trisha. “If someone found her, they
above the blasting heat vent, she still felt
                                                    would have definitely called us. She must
cold inside.
                                                    have gone too far.”      “Not possible,”
        “Yay, yippee! It’s New Year’s Eve!
                                                    said Tim. “Her joints hurt her.”
Wake up Al!” shouted Alison’s bratty little
                                                             “Well then, she is probably d…”
brother, Petey. He ran into Alison room
                                                             “No! I’m going to find her.” Alison
and began jumping up and down on Alison’s
                                                    ran to the closet in the front hall and
bed, tossing her into the air like a popcorn
                                                    grabbed her coat and snow boots. She was
kernel in a hot air popper. “Mom and Dad
                                                    not going to sit here and listen to her
are going to let me stay up until midnight
                                                    family make plans to sell Hope’s things.
on New Year’s Eve!” he chanted. The more
                                                    How could they just lose hope that Hope
he bounced up and down, the higher Alison
                                                    would return? “I am going to find her,”
was tossed. “Ouch. Stop it,” said Alison.
                                                    said Alison. With these words, she threw
She grabbed the six-year old’s skinny

Puzzles and Games
                                                   off. Alison gasped. She wondered if
                                                   maybe she was dreaming. Standing there
       By James Kreitzburg                         right before her eyes was Hope!
                                                            “So where did you find her?”
       (see print copy)                            asked Alison. She was sitting in front of a
                                                   warm fire her dad had made, petting
                                                   Hope. “When I went to take her things to
                                                   the shelter, I saw a Golden Retriever who
                                                   looked a little familiar.” Tim paused to
                                                   smile at Alison and Hope.
                                                            “They had found her two days
                                                   after we lost her, but since they are so
                                                   far away, they didn’t know about our
                                                   signs,” explained Tim.
                                                            “So, she was fine,” concluded
                                                   Trisha. “They fed her, and walked her,
                                                   and she made some friends.” Trisha
                                                   handed a mug of hot chocolate to Pete. He
                                                   reached in his glass and pinched off a
                                                   piece of a marshmallow. He threw it to
                                                   Hope, who gobbled it down. The entire
                                                   family laughed.
                                                            Alison smiled brightly. She just
                                                   couldn’t contain her happiness. The entire
                                                   family was sitting around the fire sipping
HAVE HOPE continued                                hot chocolate, laughing and talking, and
her coat on over her pajamas and ran out           celebrating Hope’s homecoming. In an
the front door.                                    hour, it would be a new year. Alison made
         “Hope!” called Alison. She had            a vow to make it the best year, starting
been out searching for two hours, and her          with how she cared for Hope. She planned
entire body was frozen. “Maybe Mom was             to order a personalized tag for Hope with
right,” she thought sadly. She dragged             the Cleary’s contact information to avoid
her frozen feet through the snow toward            this sort of situation from repeating
her house. Twenty minutes later, she               itself. Hope was home back where she
arrived home. “Alison!” shrieked Trisha.           belonged, and the family was having fun.
She rushed toward her daughter and                 After all, they had Hope!
threw her arms around her. “Come in.”              Written by Carly Zalevsky
She ushered her daughter toward the
front door. “Come on, we have a surprise
for you. Alison wiped her nose. Whatever
it was, she certainly didn’t care. Alison
pushed open the front door. She was
attacked by something, and the force
knocked her over. Her hood fell in her
eyes, so she couldn’t see, but whatever it
was it was licking her. She pulled her hood


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