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					Plane Flight Simulators

A Plane Flight Simulator are one of the most important tools any aspiring pilot can have. It’s not like learning to
drive, where you are on the ground and a crash can be just a minor bump. Pilots need to have a working
knowledge of how to fly before taking a plane (which may cost a lot of money) into the air. Many elite flight
schools use flight simulators to get their pilots ready to fly for real.

There are many different plane flight simulators out there, from 3D flash games, to software based cockpit
simulations which are run by the most up to date software and technology.

Flight schools will have access to expensive simulation software, hey – you are paying them enough to learn to
fly, so they can afford it! There is also plenty of software available for download online today. The benefits are
that you can experience a realistic flight today, without the dangers of piloting a real plane.

Plane Flight Simulators: What The Instructors Say

Many top flight instructors understand that using plane flight simulators is essential for any aspiring pilot. Top
flight instructor Peter Davies says ‘Plane flight simulators can get pilots ready for almost anything. They can take
real life scenarios, problems and potential failures and have the pilot deal with them without risk. The more
realistic the simulator, the better prepared the pilot will be when they eventually take to the skies.’

Plane Flight Simulators: How Real Are They?

Although there is nothing like actually being in the air, some simulators come pretty close to the real thing. Most
simulation programs come with a lot of graphics and realistic scenery (things like rivers, cities, and landmarks).

The graphics are only part of the experience though, you want the controls to be realistic too, and also put you up
against common and not so common problems you could face when flying for real. A good flight simulator can
give you the confidence you need to take that step and fly for the first time, and it can also improve your skills so
that you can learn a lot faster.

Flight Simulators: Are They For You?

A plane flight simulator is for you if:

-      You dream of sitting in a cockpit of a plane and experiencing a real take off/landing.
-      You want to become a pilot one day.
-      You are a hobbyist who likes planes/flying.
-      You can’t yet afford expensive flying lessons.

Description: An article about plane flight simulators and the benefits of a plane flight simulator for aspiring pilots.