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									                           Jen Morgan
                           K9’s “Sirius & Vision”

Executive Summary:
      Jen Morgan is a founding member of Southwest Panhandle Search and Rescue
      K9/Emotional First Aid Team. She is a NASAR SAR TECH II certified responder, a
      NASAR SAR K9 TECH III , II, and Human Remains K9 handler. She has seven years of
      experience in search and rescue, on land and on water. She trained her two Australian
      Shepherds, Sirius, as a NASAR SAR TECH III & II, NSDA & NAPWDA area search
      K9, and Vision, a NASAR and NNDDA certified human remains detection K9. Jen has
      attended numerous seminars and classes, ranging from search and rescue techniques,
      crime scene preservation, NIMS, FEMA courses, HAZMAT training, Bloodborne
      Pathogens education, and Red Cross classes on first aid and CPR. She has also given
      presentations in Lost Person Behavior and Components of Search and Rescue to groups.
      In addition to her K9 handler duties, Jen is also the President of SWPANSAR.

    NASAR SAR Tech II & III (National Association for Search & Rescue)
    NSDA- Area Search written test passed
    K9 NNDDA Cadaver - Land & Building (National Narcotic Detector Dog Assoc)
    NASAR K9 SAR Tech III Human Remains Detection
       (National Association for Search & Rescue)
    Certificate of Haz Mat Training (LANDSTAR)
    Bloodborne Pathogens (Michigan State University – School of Criminal Justice)
    Crime Scene Procedures and Evidence Handling
       (National Search Center for Missing Children)
    NIMS (National Incident Management System) IS-200 (FEMA)
           o ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
    NIMS IS-700 (FEMA)
           o NIMS an Introduction
    NIMS IS-100 (FEMA)
           o Intro to Incident Command System, I-100 for Federal Disaster Workers
    NIMS IS-00809
           o Emergency Support Function (ESF) #9 Search and Rescue (FEMA)
    Adult/Child/Infant CPR w/AED (American Red Cross)
    Standard First Aid (American Red Cross)
    National background check- CLEAR
    ABI (Alabama Bureau of Investigation)background check-CLEAR
K9 Partner Certifications (Vision):
    NASAR K9 Human Remains Detection Certification
      (National Association for Search & Rescue)
    K9 NNDDA Cadaver - Land & Building (National Narcotic Detector Dog Assoc)
    Canine Good Citizenship (American Kennel Club)
    Nominated for 2009 AKC ACE Award ( Award for Canine Excellence )
    Awarded runner up for the ACE Award (Award of Canine Excellence in Search
      and Rescue 2009

K9 Partner Certifications (Sirius):

      NASAR K9 SARTECH III – Area Search Dog
       (National Association for Search & Rescue)
      Canine Good Citizenship (American Kennel Club)
      NASAR K9 SARTECH II-Area Search Dog
      NSDA(National Search Dog Assoc)- Area Search Dog
      NAPWDA(North American Police Work Dog Assoc.)- Area Search Dog
      NAPWDA- Obedience test

Memberships and Affiliations:

      Member of Southwest Panhandle Search & Rescue K-9/Emotional First Aid           Team.
       Refer to
      The National Center for Missing Children
      CART-Child Abduction Response Team (State of Florida)
      SARSAR (South Alabama Rescue Search and Recovery)
      CUE Center for Missing Persons
      NAVSAR (National Association of Volunteer Search & Rescue)
      NASDN (North America Search Dog Network)
      NSDA(National Search Dog Assoc.)
      NAPWDA(North American Police Work Dog Assoc.)
      AKC – American Kennel Club

Search and Rescue Experience:

      President and founding member of SWPANSAR K9/EFA Team
      I have participated in 100 + searches over my 7 yrs in SAR , 29 of which were in 2008.
       And 42 were in 2009.
      Setting up HRD (human remains detection) K9 workshop
      Search Mangement for several searches which include, ICS training, studying lost person
       behavior, making up assignment forms, mapping, briefing, team leader in field, training
       volunteers to take out in field, and debriefing.
      Taught line searching in a mock search for the National Center for Missing Children
      Helped set up for Preventing Crimes Against Children Seminar for the National Center
       for Missing Children
      Along with search and recovery, I have participated in humanitarian services during
       Hurricane Katrina.
      I have also worked with the National Center for Missing Children in fingerprinting
       children and continued to educate the public about child safety & provide K9
      Escambia County, FL Sheriffs Office – Distribution of Sexual Predator Flyers
      Letter of Appreciation, Walton County Sheriff’s Office
      Letter of Appreciation, Escambia County- Sheriff David Morgan
      Letter of Appreciation , Orange Beach, FL


      SARSAR- Jan 2010-Law Enforcement & Mutual Aid Responders Training
      Apprenticed for NASAR to become an instructor for Human Remains and Air Scent K9
      South Alabama Rescue Search and Recover (SARSAR) – Jan 2009
           o Law Enforcement and Mutual Aid Responders Training
      NSDA (National Search Dog Alliance) 2008 Inaugural Conference
           o Canine Motivation Class with U.S. Border Patrol
           o Crime Scene Preservation Class with Florida Fish & Wildlife
           o Advanced Human Remains Detection (Vision)
      North Alabama Search Dog Assoc - Bama Breeze Airscent Seminar 2008
           o Advanced Airscent (Sirius)
      “Maximizing Results for First Responders Class” by Bruce Walstad
      Shepherd’s SAR Camp 2007
           o Basic Wilderness Search & Rescue Skills Course
      Southeast K-9 SAR - K9 Trailing Workshop 2007 (Tallahassee, FL)
      Certificate of training for Introduction of Search Management
      Center for Missing Persons National Round Table Conference 2006
           o Intro to Search Management
           o “Sonar – A Locating Tool” Class
           o “Forensic Art: Where Art & Science Meet” Class
           o Scent Theory Class
      Crime Scene Procedures and Evidence Handling
       (National Search Center for Missing Children) (Child Abduction Response Team)
      Preventing Crimes Against Children Seminar 2006
       (National Center for Missing Children)
      Human remains detection (HRD) K9 workshop
       (National Search Center for Missing Children)
       “Internet Crimes Against Children” classes
      Klaas Kids Missing and Abducted Children classes
      Introduction to Human Trafficking
      Sexual Predator methodology and statistics
      Attended National Round Table Conference 2009 for missing personss
      Web Design Class
      Domestic Violence/Missing
      Understanding behavior- Difference Alzheimer’s disease and relate dementias
      Table top discussion with North Charleston, NC police dept.
      South Ala. Rescue Search and Recovery (SARSAR)- Jun 2009
           o Coast Guard Presentation
      Certificate of Training in 24hrs completion of Human Remains and field work with
       Partner K9 “Vision”
      National Search Dog Alliance- Crime Scene Preservation Class
      Certificate of Completion in a 8 hr course on Emotional first Aid
      Taught components of Search and Rescue to C.E.R.T (Community Emergency Response
      NOCDS-(Network of Canine Detection Services – 40 hr Human Remains Advanced

Updated 01-22-10

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