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									What is Title VI?                             Who is covered under                            What are examples of
                                              Title VI?                                       “adverse effects” noted in
Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
prohibits discrimination on the basis of                                                      Executive Order 12898?
race, color, or national origin in programs   Any person who is discriminated against
and activities supported by Federal           based on race, color or national origin.
                                              Minorities are covered, including Black,           The denial of, reduction in, or
funding. It specifically states: “no person
                                              Hispanic, Asian American and American               significant delay in the receipt of or
in the United States shall, on the ground
                                              Indian or Alaskan Native. Undocumented              benefits of NJDOT programs, policies,
of race, color, or national origin, be
                                              aliens are also covered. The elderly,               or activities
excluded from participation in, be
denied the benefits of, or be subjected to    children, the disabled and other populations
                                              (such as female head of household) may be          Adverse impact on employment
discrimination under any program or
activity receiving Federal financial          covered because of concentrations in
assistance.” 42 USC §2000d                    certain protected communities.                     Air, noise and water pollution or soil

                                                                                                 Destruction of natural resources
                  Title VI                              Executive Order 12898                    Destruction of community cohesion or
         prohibits discrimination                      extends the protection of                  its economic vitality
            whether the form                            Title VI to low-income
      is intentional or whether the                           populations.                       Destruction or disruption of public and
           unintended effect is                                                                   private facilities or services
           unduly burdensome
             to the recipient.                                                                   Displacement of persons, businesses,
                                                                                                  farms or nonprofit organizations
                                              What is Environmental
                                              Justice (Executive Order                           Increased traffic congestion, isolation,
What does Title VI cover?                                                                         exclusion, or separation of minority or
                                              12898)?                                             low-income community from the
Title VI of the Civil Right Act of 1964 and                                                       broader community
supplemental legislation covers all federal   Executive Order 12898, enacted in 1994 by
aid except those federally funded contracts   President Clinton, requires each federal           Bodily impairment, infirmity, illness or
of insurance and guaranty. It does not        agency and its recipients when                      death
cover employment, except where                implementing programs, policies or
employment practices result in                activities to the greatest extent practicable
discrimination against program                by law develop a strategy that prevents
beneficiaries, or where the purposes of       “disproportionately high and adverse
federal assistance is to provide              human health or environmental effects”
employment. The Act does not apply to         on low-income and minority populations in
discrimination based on age, sex,             the United States.
geographical locale or wealth.
                                                                 Title VI Complaint Form
  How do I file a complaint with
                                                  SECTION I: GENERAL INFORMATION
  NJDOT?                                          Name of Complainant:
  Any person or group who believes they have      City:                State: Zip                                           Code:
  been discriminated against may file a signed,
  written complaint with the New Jersey           Contact Person:
  Department of Transportation within 180         Phone Number:
  days of the violation. In addition, a           Fax Number:
  complaint may also be filed within 180 days
  of the alleged discrimination with an           SECTION II:
  appropriate federal agency.                     AGENCY, CONTRACTOR, INSTITUTION
                                                  Please provide the name of the agency, contractor or
                                                  institution that discriminated against you:

          To file a complaint with NJDOT          Name:
  Division of Civil Rights and Affirmative        Address:
  Action, you may contact them at the             City:                                  State:          Zip Code:
  following address and number:
                                                  How were you discriminated against? Please give specific
    NJDOT/Division of Civil Rights/AA             information and the basis of the discrimination, i.e., status as
              Title VI Unit                       a minority, low income, etc.
    1035 Parkway Avenue,P.O. Box 600
         Trenton, NJ 08625-0600
             (609) 530-3009

         To file a complaint with United States
Department of Transportation, please contact      When and where did the discrimination take place?
them at the following address and number:

      US Department of Transportation
                                                  Were there any witnesses?
      Federal Highway Administration
                                                  Please provide names and addresses.
           Office of Civil Rights                 Name:
         400 7th St., SW, Rm. 4132                Address:
          Washington, DC 20590                    Phone:
          Phone: 1-202-366-0693
           Fax: 1-202-366-1599                    Name:
                                                  Address:                                                                              Governor Jon S. Corzine
                                                  Phone:                                                                             Commissioner Kris Kolluri, Esq.
                                                  Please provide any additional information on a separate piece of paper.           Executive Director Nelida Valentin
                  August 2006


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