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					Shahrzad (Shaz) Jahangirian
P.O.Box 493,
Kew, Vic, 3101
Phone: 61 – (0)3 9458 4799 (ext: 228)
Mobile: 61 – (0) 414715910

Australian Citizen

Career Objective
To become an integral member of a dynamic, innovative software team where I
can contribute my skills as an analyst programmer to deliver cutting edge
software design and development solutions.

Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform 1.4          December 2004

Bachelor of Computer Science                         May 2003
Software Engineering / Computer Science (Invited to do honours)
La Trobe University

Certificate III In Accounting                                 October 1999
ICS - International Correspondence Schools Learning

Key IT Competencies
   Proven software development skills, utilising software development life cycle
    methodologies, including the Agile approaches
   Recent workplace utilisation of software architecture design principles
   Advanced understanding of systems design in an Object Oriented
    environment; database design and programming techniques
   Programming in an Object Oriented environment and exposure to Unix,
    Linux, and Windows platforms
   Exceptional understanding of System Architect with rapid adaptation to new
   Superior analytical and problem solving skills
   Solution oriented, with high level problem solving skills, delivering solutions
    within given time frame
   Advanced understanding of Client-Server Technology
   Solid understanding of web technologies, web site design, construction, and
   Excellent oral and written communication skill
Proven Technical Competencies
   Advanced skills on Java/ J2ee, including Swing, JDBC, JavaBeans, Servlets,
    JSP, and Tomcat
   Using Java on WebSphere, Eclipse, Visual Editor, Sun NetBeans, and
    Borland JBuilder Platforms
   Advanced skills in C++ on Unix, Dos, Linux and Windows platforms
   Advanced skills in Rapid Application Development using Borland C++ Builder
    and Standard Java
   Advanced skills to implement databases in Oracle and MySQL Relational
    Database Management System using SQL query language, including Stored
    Procedures, Triggers, and some Form and Report builder
   Intermediate to Advanced programming in C, Visual Basic, Cobol, Ada, PHP,
    Html, Scheme, and Assembly languages
   High level skills in using Rational Rose to produce visual modeling in UML.

Programming Sample
You may download two of my Java applications at

Also you find my C++ programming sample at


Freelancing – Custom Software Development              2007 – Current

Currently besides looking for full time job, I develop software applications and
website design.
In last few years I wrote few desktop application as follows:
 Currently I am developing a Lottery Application that allows user to have
    random numbers for lottery ticket, to select some numbers, create system
    selection up to 25 numbers, save winner numbers and have reports.
 A Contact Manager application that stores and retrieves a person or a company
    details in a database. I used Java programming language and Java DB or open
    source Apache Derby database. It is very user friendly with complex user
 I developed a desktop application using Amazon web services documents. This
    application creates requests for retrieving Amazon products to be used as feeds
    in website. I use this application for displaying Amazon products at my
    websites. I wrote this application with Java language too.
 Another application that I wrote using Java is a Desktop Browser, this
    application load URLs that fetch from a text file like urllist of yahoo and display it
    for certain amount of time and close it. User has the option to select URLs
    numbers and displaying time.

Also I have designed and developed following websites

      Shaz Software Solutions @
      England @
      France @
      Egypt @
      United State @
      Vogue Idea @

Park Lane Information Technology March 19, 2007 – May 22, 2007

I had been interviewed for a Java/ Oracle Developer role but instead I
was asked to start as a Developer for three months probation time.
During this time I did the some of the following:
     J2EE
     Java
     XML
     SQL database queries.

I left Park Lane in good terms by their request because they decided not
to pursue the new position any more. Park Lane will give me reference if
I need it for the time I worked in their Company.

Freelancing & Custom Software Development           2005 – March 2007

SPOTLIGHT Stores Pty Ltd          August 2004 - October 2004
Web Based Application Development

I worked as a temporary Software developer in the Software Application
Development section. The first requirement was to analyze a non documented
existing database that was stored in SQL Server 2000 Database Management
System and draw an Entity Relationship diagram and converting it to a Database
structure with detailed description about tables, fields and keys.
The second requirement was to analyze and design a User friendly Web based
application for people who are not very computer literate which can access data
from 15 tables of this database. The major requirements were to be able access
records, display all records, edit records, and add records and search through
tables. I used Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML to design the web
based application. Then, I implemented the above design in full for 2 tables in
Model-View-Controller Pattern (MVC) using J2EE technologies such as JSP,
Servlets, and regular Java classes in Apache Tomcat web server.

Other Systems Developed and Implemented
Shaz Invoice Software                                     May/07 _ Aug/07

A Desktop application developed with Java language to create Invoice. It is for
sale on my website. It is very user friendly application which targeting people
with not too much computer knowledge. Visit the product page at

Shaz Password Manager                                     July/06 – Sep/06

Another Desktop Application developed in Java. It stores web sites logins and
passwords in a random access file. It is for sale on

Doctors’ Surgery information system                       Feb/04 – May/04

The system was developed for a medical practice with five doctors, a receptionist
and an office manager. They needed an information system to help them to run the
center. The information system recorded appointments and tracked diagnosis and
treatment given for each patient.

The application utilized client/server architecture, and used object oriented design
and development using Java programming language.

The University Student Electronic Organizer               August/03 – Dec/03

The University Student electronic organizer was a comprehensive organizer for
appointments, university assignments, timetable, calendar, and record keeping.
This application was developed as an object oriented client-server in three-tier
architecture using C++ and Paradox database.

Sales and Order System                                    June/03 – August/03

I planned, designed, and implemented a system for a distribution organization. Its
salespeople visit prospective customers, either with sample wares or brochures.
Customer orders are forwarded by the salespersons to either branch offices or the
main office. The system catered for sales commissions, including situations where
orders are cancelled. Orders can be filled from the organization store, or from a
wholesaler. This was a database system using Borland Builder C++ to implement
user interface, C++ and SQL to implement Problem domain and data management
domain. The application developed in three-tier architecture as an object oriented
client server system.

Travel Agencies Accommodation Bookings System                   March/03 – May/03

Object oriented database system for accommodation bookings by travel agencies.

2002 La Trobe University Project “ Imprint Classification & Matching
For Victorian Forensic Science Center                Semesters 1 & 2 /2002

This was a team project that I participate at university for duration of two
semesters at 2002. My role involved working with members of team to
complete a high quality crime evidence system for Victorian Forensic Science
Center. I was mainly responsible for about 75% of works which included
database design, producing the use cases and their descriptions, design and
implementation of add and search evidences in three layers of user interface,
problem domain and data management domain. System was developed as an
object oriented client-server in three-tier architecture in Borland Builder C++,
and we used Oracle database for its data storage.


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