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					               Collection of Davidoff Cool Water Perfume by Beautante

1st March, 2011 Beautante brings an exclusive assortment of genuine perfume brands
with not imitations at all. These include designer, branded and discounted perfumes that
are available at resaonable rates. The online store offers popular fragrances that are the
favorite choice of millions worldwide.

The company offers a collection of most popular perfume varieties such as Christian
Dior, Prada, Burberry, Armani, Gucci, Cuba, Calvin Klein, etc. These are available in
attractive bottles and perfect gift options for ear ones. Such designer perfumes can also be
bought for oneself and can be worn for various occasions and events. One can also avail
popular fragrances such as Davidoff cool water perfume that was launched in 1965 by
Zino Davidoff. The range includes perfumes for both men and women. Cool water for
women bears feminine fragrance with a sharp and flowery essence. Recommended for
daytime wear, it carries a perfect blend of citrus, pineapple and woody notes. It also bears
the scent of pure ocean air and is liked by fashion conscious women. This perfume is one
of the best selling perfume brands by Davidoff and carries a long lasting fragrance.

Beautante also offers Nude Perfume by Bill Blass that is perfect for casual, office,
romantic, daytime or evening wear, etc. The soothing fragrance reflects one’s taste and
rewards compliments. The collection is incredibly popular and is available in both online
and retail stores. It adds to their persona and style statement of the wearer. It is essential
to categorize the first, middle and base fragrance notes in perfumes, which basically form
a long lasting fragrance. Using free samples, testers or spraying perfumes on tester
papers, one can easily distinguish the fragrance notes. offers a detailed insight into the collection of designer, budgeted and
branded perfumes in store. The company offers its entire perfume range in mini bottles,
testers and unboxed varieties.

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Description: Beautante offers Davidoff cool water perfume that is ideal to be worn for different seasons and occasions. Its sophisticated and mild notes undeniably cast its spell on any recipient.