Special Provision for Schools Colleges - DOC by niusheng11


									                     SPECIAL PROVISION FOR SCHOOLS / COLLEGES
i) Govt. School                                  Rs. 200/-
ii) Other Schhols / Colleges                     Rs. 500/-
iii) For conduct of Annual Day / Function       Rs. 2,000/- per day
                                                & security of Rs.
                                                          5,000/- (refundable)
a)     Allotment will be dependent on availability.
b)     Shamiana / Tent of maximum size of 30’ x 15’ may be permitted in
       specified area on additional payment of Rs. 500/- per day.
c)     Cost of damage be charged from security deposit.
d)     Area to be left clean.

i) Table Tennis                                 Rs. 300/- per table
ii) Badminton
     a)    Open Courts                           Rs. 300/ -per court
     b)    Covered Courts                        Rs. 800/- per court
iii) Tennis
     a)    Hard                                  Rs. 300/- per court
     b)    Synthetic                             Rs. 1,000/- per court
iv) Squash
     a)    Normal                               Rs. 400/- per court
     b)    Glass                                Rs. 600/ -per court

Note : 50 % discount in rates is given to Government Schools / colleges for daily and monthly basis.

On Daily Basis

S.N       Name of Sports            Schools / Colleges / Sports          Other Institutions
                                    Associations / Federations
i)        Table Tennis              Rs. 150/- per table                  Rs. 300/- per table

ii)       Badminton
          a) Open Courts            Rs. 150/- per court                  Rs. 300/ -per court

iii)      Tennis Courts
          a) Hard Court             Rs. 150/- per court                  Rs. 300/- per court

iv)       Squash

          a) Glass Back      Wall   Rs. 300/- per court                  Rs. 600/ -per court
v)        Swimming Pool              Rs. 250/- for 3 days/monthly/per
                                     Rs. 500/- for 6 days/monthly/per

vi)       Billiard                        Rs. 25/- per half hour
vii)    Cricket Net            Rs. 300/- per net/per week for 3
                                Rs. 600/- per net for 3 hours
                               (Saturday, Sunday & Holiday)

viii)   Cricket Ground No. 1    Rs. 2000/- (Monday to Friday)
        &2                     Rs. 3,500/- (Saturday, Sunday &
        Football Ground &                  Holiday)
        Hockey Ground

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