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					Sample employee evaluation forms

Employees should regularly be told how they are working, and how they can improve
in future. One great way of evaluating their performance is by offering them feedback
with the help of employee evaluation forms. These forms should not be filled only
once or twice in the entire career of an employee. In fact, they can be only helpful if
they are referred to over and again. This process should start right at the time of
employee's appointment in the company and should continue till the end of his job in
that particular company. This will not only benefit the employee but even the

Although, you can find many samples of these forms easily from many websites but
in case you want to make one of your unique type. Here is a little guide to show you
what these forms include:

The name of the employee, his designation, department to which he belongs, job title
and all this information makes the heading of the form.

When was the employee hired (the complete date) and the mentioning of the time
period which the evaluation has been done for.

The salary given to the employee and the last increase and its date shall also be
mentioned beneath.

The reason for receiving the evaluation (for promotion, increase in salary or it was

Date of the last evaluation and date of the current evaluation.

Then add three sections:

Technical Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Personal Skills
Written Evaluation
Recommendation Section

It is up to you what points you add to these sections but this is how to proceed. Each
section shall have a combination of subjective and objective assessment. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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