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					                               Learning Circles
                             January to May 2007
                            Places and Perspectives
                              Elementary School

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                               Grade 5
                      Franklin Township School
                     Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
Questions We Asked:
  1. Describe your local geography and tell us about features that are unique
     to your area.
  2. What is the most famous and/or interesting geological formation that is
     closest to the area where you live? Tell us about it and send us pictures.
  3. Are there any special recreation activities or sports associated with the
     geography of your area? Tell us about them. (As an example: Do you live
     near a skiing area or mountain bike area? Are the lakes or bodies of
     water that could be used for water activities?)
  4. Is there any local history associated with your area that is associated with
     the geography of your area? (Such as: Do you live in a city near the sea or
     in the mountains? Has a major event such as an earthquake ever affected
     your area?
  5. Has there been a major historical event associated with the geography in
     the area where you live? (As an example: We live near the location where
     General George Washington made his famous crossing of the Delaware
  6. Describe for us what it is like to live in your area of the world.
  7. If you could choose any geographic area in the world to live what would
     you choose and why?
  8. If you could design an ideal environment to live in what would it be like?
     Describe for us all the unique features of your ideal environment and tell
     us about the activities you would do there.
                 Geography: Corbett, Oregon, USA
         Local Geography
        There are four regions in our
state of Oregon, USA. They are the
Coast, Willamette Valley, the Cascades,
and Eastern Oregon. They are all very
different in many ways.
        The Oregon Coast is a beautiful
place bounded on the west by the Pacific
Ocean and on the east by the Coast
        East of the Coast Range is the
Willamette Valley. It is sometimes
called the storehouse for our state,                   Geological Formations
because of its rich resources and fertile
farmland. Portland is in the Willamette                  Corbett, Oregon, USA, is at the
Valley. Portland is the largest city in          west end of the Columbia River Gorge.
Oregon.                                          The gorge was carved by the Columbia
        The Cascades Mountains form              River, and is about 80 miles long. It is
the eastern boundary of the Willamette           up to 4000 feet deep. Many waterfalls
Valley. Our community of Corbett is in           flow into the river. The most famous is
the foothills of the Cascades.                   Multnomah Falls. It is 620 feet tall; the
Mt. Hood (11,235 feet) is also part of the       second highest waterfall in the nation.
Cascades.                                        Just up the road from Corbett is the Vista
        On the other side of the Cascades        House. This historical building has just
is Eastern Oregon. It is mostly high             been remodeled. It has a domed roof
desert country, with several mountainous         and marble floor. (A picture is
areas. They don't get nearly as much             attached.) Views of the gorge are
rain as we do on this side of the                incredible from this point!
Cascades. Temperatures range from
average lows of 10-20 degrees                    Gabrielle and Nathan
Fahrenheit in the winter to average highs        Third Grade
of 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit in the              Corbett Elementary School
summer.                                          Corbett, Oregon, USA
        Oregon has it all-ocean,
beaches, mountains, valleys,
deserts, rivers, lakes, and
forests. Maybe you can visit
one day!

Taylor and Ray
Fourth and Third Grades
Corbett Elementary School
Corbett, Oregon, USA

                 Geography: Corbett, Oregon, USA
       Recreation Activities                             Hiking in Oregon
        Oregon is a wonderful place for                 There are lots of places to camp
water sports. Many people in our area           and hike in Oregon. Some people go to
own a boat. There are motorboats,               the woods, others to lakes and rivers,
sailboats, kayaks, canoes, and rowboats.        some to the mountains, and others to the
Folks like to go boating, water skiing,         coast.
knee boarding, tubing, swimming, or                     My family likes to camp at
fishing. Many people go windsurfing at          Devil's Canyon. A lot of people bring
Hood River, about 45 miles up the river         their four wheelers to go on trails.
is often a strong breeze flowing through        People like to climb the mountain. You
the gorge.                                      can also look for tracks. Most people go
                                                during the summer.
Ashley                                                  At night, you can hear the
Fourth Grade                                    coyotes howl. Coyotes eat meat; others
Corbett Elementary School                       steal food from people. Coyotes usually
Corbett, Oregon, USA                            travel in packs.
                                                        There is a lake with trout and
              Mt. Hood                          rainbow salmon. The fish are two to
                                                three feet long. It is a great place to
        Mt. Hood is about an hour's drive       visit!
from Corbett. (A picture is attached.) It
is the place to go for snow sports.             Ryan
Timberline Lodge has runs for downhill          Third Grade
skiing and snowboarding. Ski Bowl and           Corbett Elementary School
Mt. Hood Meadows do also. Cross-                Corbett, Oregon, USA
country ski trails are everywhere around
the mountain. Lots of people go tubing
or sledding at Snowbunny.

Zander and Mitchell
Fourth and Third Grades
Corbett Elementary School
Corbett, Oregon, USA

                 Geography: Corbett, Oregon, USA
            Local History                                Vanport was a town located along
                                                 the Columbia River between Portland
        Mt. St. Helens is in the state of        and Vancouver. It was completed in
Washington, but it is only about 50 miles        1943 as wartime housing. The people
away from Corbett. On March 20, 1980,            who lived there mostly worked in the
small earthquakes began occurring                shipyards.
beneath the mountain. Ash and steam                      Warm temperatures and heavy
eruptions became fairly common.                  rains in May 1948, caused mountain
Finally, on May 18, 1980, an explosion           snowmelt to occur very fast. Streams
blew out the north side and destroyed the        and rivers overflowed their banks, and
top 1312 feet of the mountain. The ash           the biggest flood since 1841 filled the
cloud rose twelve miles into the air and         Columbia River to overflowing.
caused darkness in the middle of the day                 Vanport was separated from the
in eastern Washington. Fifty-seven               river by a railroad track elevated on a
people died and hundreds of animals              dike. On Sunday, May 30th, at 4:17
were killed. Bridges, roads, timber, and         p.m., the railroad fill gave way.
crops were destroyed. Minor eruptions                    The town was completely
have happened since then. (Pictures are          destroyed, with damages to government
attached.) It was devastating at the time,       property totaling over $21 million
but animals and plants have now                  dollars. (Picture attached.) About 25
returned.                                        lives were lost.
                                                         Vanport is completely gone.
Leila and Morgan                                 There are now parks, baseball fields, and
Third Grade                                      the Portland International Raceway in its
Corbett Elementary School                        place.
Corbett, Oregon, USA
                                                 Seth Parker
                                                 Fourth Grade
                                                 Corbett Elementary School
                                                 Corbett, Oregon, USA

                Geography: Corbett, Oregon, USA
         Historical Events                     river, passing right by where Corbett is
                                               today. Others continued by land around
In 1804, President Thomas Jefferson            Mt. Hood on the Barlow Trail.
sent Meriwether Lewis and William
Clark on an expedition to explore the          Vanessa, Alyssa, and Laura
newly purchased Louisiana Territory.           Fourth and Third Grades
Their mission was to search for a              Corbett Elementary School
Northwest Passage to the Pacific Ocean,        Corbett, Oregon, USA
map the territory, identify plants and
animals, and befriend the Indians. The
Corps of Discovery left St. Louis,                        Life in Corbett
Missouri in May of 1804. They spent
their first winter in what is now North                 In our rural community of
Dakota. In 1805, they crossed the              Corbett, Oregon, USA, we have one
Bitterroot Mountains, with the help of         market, the water district, the phone
their Indian guide, Sacagawea. They            company, post office, volunteer fire
canoed down the Columbia River,                department, a church, elementary,
passing right by where Corbett is today.       middle, and high schools, and several
They built Fort Clatsop, near what is          houses. Some people have small farms,
now Astoria, Oregon, and spent the             and grow hay, Christmas trees,
winter of 1805-06 there. They finally          pumpkins, strawberries, or other fruits
returned to Missouri in 1806. Their            and vegetables. Since we surrounded by
expedition encouraged many people to           woods, some people are loggers. Most
settle in the Oregon Territory.                people work in neighboring
                                               communities. Temperatures in the
Jessie and Josh                                summer range from 50-80 degrees
Fourth and Third Grades                        Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures vary
Corbett Elementary School                      from 30-60 degrees Fahrenheit. We are
Corbett, Oregon, USA                           famous for the East Wind, which usually
                                               blows from 20-60 mph during the
         The Oregon Trail                      winter. The highest gust recorded at
                                               school was 100 miles per hour. Corbett
        The Oregon Trail started in            averages 55 inches of rain per year, and
Independence, Missouri, and stretched          from five to ten inches of snow. We
2000 miles to Fort Vancouver,                  often have freezing rain or ice. About
Washington. It took about six months to        2500 people live within our school
travel the trail by wagon. People had to       district boundaries, which enclose 134
leave in the spring as soon as the grass       square miles.
would feed their livestock in order to
reach their destination without getting        Iain and Austin
trapped by snow in the mountains. In           Fourth and Third Grades
1852, more than 10,000 people traveled         Corbett Elementary School
the Oregon Trail. Once folks reached           Corbett, Oregon, USA
The Dalles on the Columbia River, they
had to make a choice. Some rafted
through the rapids and floated down the

                 Geography: Corbett, Oregon, USA
            Place to Live                       Well, if I could live anywhere, it would
                                                have to be Hawaii, because my aunt,
         I'd like to live in Wisconsin,         uncle, and cousins live there. Plus,
because my grandparents live there. We          every day you can wake up and eat all
go visit them once each year, and have          sorts of fruit, like pineapples and
lots of fun with them. Every time we            mangoes. One of the fun things you can
visit, we go to the Big Bucket. That is a       also do is go swimming with the sea
swimming place with a big bucket filled         turtles and tropical fish. Also, every day
with water. It spills on you, but the           you could go hiking in the forest and
bucket doesn't fall. It's lots of fun!          find beautiful waterfalls. That's why I
                                                would choose Hawaii!
Third Grade                                     Sascha
Corbett Elementary School                       Third Grade
Corbett, Oregon, USA                            Corbett Elementary School
                                                Corbett, Oregon, USA
         I want to live in Costa Rica,
because it has lots of cool animals and                 If I could live anywhere in the
birds, like the blue-crowned motmot.            world, I would live in Eaglecrest.
The blue-crowned motmot is a bird that          Eaglecrest is about two to three hours
is very colorful. There are tarantulas,         away from Corbett, in central Oregon. It
frogs, and snakes. The blue morpho              has a lot of golf courses, pools, and
butterfly is big and blue. Sloths live          recreation centers. Every summer, we
there too. They usually just move when          go there with our grandparents and
it's dark. I know this because I went           cousins. We have a lot of fun!
there. I would love to live in Costa
Rica!                                           Morgan
                                                Third Grade
Dana                                            Corbett Elementary School
Third Grade                                     Corbett, Oregon, USA
Corbett Elementary School
Corbett, Oregon, USA                                     If I could choose a different place
                                                to live, I would choose New Zealand.
        If I could live anywhere in the         The reason I would choose New Zealand
world, I would live in Eaglecrest.              is because it's usually sunny and hot. I
Eaglecrest is about two to three hours          would also like to search for kiwis, a
away from Corbett, in central Oregon. It        type of bird. Some people go bungee-
has a lot of golf courses, pools, and           jumping. I wouldn't do it, because I am
recreation centers. Every summer, we            too scared. I don't know about you, but I
go there with our grandparents and              would go for a swim in the Tasman
cousins. We have a lot of fun!                  Sea!

Morgan                                          Samantha
Third Grade                                     Fourth Grade
Corbett Elementary School                       Corbett Elementary School
Corbett, Oregon, USA                            Corbett, Oregon, USA

                    Geography: Corbett, Oregon, USA
          Ideal Environment                                        One day, I was walking home and I
                                                         took the wrong path. It led me to a place; a place
                                                         nobody knows about. I call it Fantasyland.
          My ideal environment is named                            It has wonderful trees. If you push on a
Huckleberry Lane. It has lots of nice people.            tree that has a computer, it comes out and you
Huckleberry Lane has lots of fruits and                  type in what you want. Then you count to five
vegetables. The houses are mansions. One of              and it comes out. You either eat it or drink it.
the most famous places in Huckleberry Lane is a          Garbage cans also come out.
candy factory, with some of the newest candies.                    There are about five thousand, eight
It even invented                                         hundred ninety-two things happening. There are
Butterfingers!                                           parties, celebrations, and birthbots. Birthbots are
                                                         just robots that help with birthdays.
Fourth Grade                                             Well, that's Fantasyland!
Corbett Elementary School
Corbett, Oregon, USA                                     Kassidy
                                                         Third Grade
                                                         Corbett Elementary School
          My environment is a world that is half         Oregon,
sun and half snow. It is called Weather. You             USA
can rent an RV (recreation vehicle) or live in a
house. There is a lake and a pond that you can
go fishing in. There are really cool things for
children too. School is only twelve minutes
long. On the sunny side it is always summer,
and on the cold side it is always winter. But that
is not the best part-you can spend time with your
sweet loving family!
                                                                   My environment called Majestic
Kelly                                                    Clearing would be a quiet little wood with pink
Third Grade                                              and white houses scattered here and there. A
Corbett Elementary School                                little white school and a church with a golden
Corbett, Oregon, USA                                     bell on top would also be there. The open areas
                                                         would have bunnies, deer, horses, foxes,
                                                         butterflies, and blue jays. I would go to the
                                                         library everyday and get books. If you went to
                                                         the river, you would always be able to see
          Got a population problem? Get an               mermaids swimming around.
Aquaterra, the original floating city! With                        People there are nice and smart. They
twelve layers and a fishing platform, it is a            don't fight with each other, or hurt each other.
marvel of engineering. It has five and a half            They are wonderful people. If you were mean or
layers of houses and half a layer of hotels. It          rude, you would go to Majestic Clearing's jail.
also has two layers of schools. Additionally, it         Really, all you have to do is go to the river. (The
has a hydroelectric generator and a submarine            sheriff takes you.) Then you jump in the basket.
dock, as well as a laboratory of research on new         The sheriff would push you gently into the river
Aquaterra construction techniques. Each                  and you would float to an island covered with
Aquaterra has an above water area. The                   black soot. The prisoner is kept there until
submarine dock contains twelve two-seater                his/her time is up.
submarines.                                                        Majestic Clearing is a beautiful place,
                                                         and I love it!
Fourth Grade                                             Alyssa
Corbett Elementary School                                Third Grade
Corbett, Oregon, USA                                     Corbett Elementary School
                                                         Corbett, Oregon, USA

           Geography: Lynnwood, Washington, USA
        Cascade Mountains                        National Park at this site
         Mount Rainier is very big and it        park.com/info.htm
is 14,410 feet tall and 4,392 meters. The
Cascade Mountains have vacation
houses, Starbucks, diners, restaurants,
and bars. There are parks and Camps.
You can go camping at camps, play at
the parks, and you can also go skiing on
the mountains. In the cascades there is a
Longmire Museum, visitor Centers, a
fast food restaurants, and Hotels and
Inns. Paradise Inn is closed for
renovations and will reopen on May
2008. Mount Rainer is the tallest
volcano in Continental United States of                  In the South of Washington State
America. Also in the cascades, there are         is Mt St Helens: the volcano blew up its
some gas stations in case you run out of         top on May 18th 1980. A lot of ash fell
gas for your car. There are lots of cities       over the city of Seattle and a lot of
such as Leavenworth, and Darrington.             people still keep some of it at home in a
There are landforms such as Mountains            container. This volcano can still show
and Volcanoes.                                   some activity and it is still changing.
         The biggest bodies of water we          You can see pictures of Mt St Helens
have in the Cascades are Lake Chelan             eruptive history at
and Lake Wenatchee, but there are many           http://volcano.und.edu/vwdocs/msh/
smaller lakes.                                           Further north are Mount Baker
         In the Cascades, in the winter it       and the North Cascades. The North
will be icy, snowy, wet, and very cold.          Cascades is a National Park. You can go
You can go skiing, snowboarding or just          camping, hiking, climbing, boating,
play in the snow. When it is summer, the         fishing, horseback riding or just look at
Cascades can be cool and wet and                 the beautiful scenery as you drive by.
sometimes very slippery. Douglas-fir             http://www.nps.gov/noca/
trees grow in the Cascades. There are
also nice days when you can go hiking            Amy and Dar
and fishing.                                     Lynnewood Elementary School
         Mount Rainer has waterfalls and         Lynnewood, Washington, USA
major glaciers that are very exciting to
watch. National park INN is one year
round nestled in the forest of Longmire
Historic District. You can see picture of
the Historical Inn at this site:
         During the summer you can go
hiking around in the Cascades or even
go camping overnight. You can find
more information about Mt Rainier

           Geography: Lynnwood, Washington, USA
    Puget Sound I-5 Corridor
         Puget Sound transportation is by
ferryboat, car, or bus. Puget Sound is
mostly covered by water. Puget Sound is
busy with boats all over filled with cargo
going place to place. Did you know that
Puget Sound is 100 miles long and has a
depth of 180-925 feet? The downtown
area of Seattle surrounds Puget Sound.
Seattle has a picture perfect view of
Puget Sound.                                               Columbia Plateau
         Puget Sound is a beautiful place!
There are lots of fun activities around                   Grand Coulee Dam is the eight
the Puget Sound area, from rock                   wonder of the world. It also griddles the
climbing to scuba diving or even sailing.         Columbia River with 12 million cubic
There are lots of theaters and nice places        yards of concrete stacked one mile wide
to eat. If you go to Puget Sound you              and 46 stories tall. Grand Coulee is part
would like it very much!                          of the massive Columbia basin! It has a
         Seattle has a marine climate that        600-mile shoreline and a surface area of
means that in the winter it’s pretty              82,000 acres.
warm! Some people make a living by                        One great
working at Boeing, Microsoft etc. Lots            place to stay while
of flowers grow around I-5 corridor, like         you are in the
tulips, daisies, roses and lots more! The         plateau is Best
Seattle aquarium has animals that can be          Western; that hotel
found in Puget Sound such as cucumber,            has 161 rooms and it is has one seasonal
jelly fish, crabs, fish, and starfish, also       heated swimming pool. If you get
some other things like squid and                  hungry just stop by Dominos pizza, it is
octopuses.                                        a great place to eat pizza. If you’re
         Some places to visit include: the        looking for somewhere to take your
Space Needle, the Aquarium, the State             family Moses lake Water Park is the
Capitol in Olympia,                               place to go. People make a living by
         The Washington History                   growing and selling corn, carrots,
Museum in Tacoma and the Boeing                   potatoes and mining.
Museum.                                                   The Plateau is also the home of
         Lynnwood is located North of             the Colville and Spokane Indians
Seattle. Our school is in the Edmonds             For more information on Native
School district.                                  Americans you can go to the link
         You can also take a ferry from           http://www.kstrom.net/isk/maps/wa/wa
Edmonds to Bainbridge Island.                     map.html

Jackie and Josh                                   Joe and Hannah
Lynnwood Elementary School                        Lynnwood Elementary School
Lynnwood, Washington, USA                         Lynnwood, Washington, USA

           Geography: Lynnwood, Washington, USA
      Southeast Washington
Major Cities
Walla Walla, Kennewick, Clarkston
Pasco, Richland, Pullman, Pameroy.
Pullman is the home of Washington
State University

 Bodies of Water
Snake River, Columbia River, and
Grande Ronde River. The Columbia
River is a natural border between
Oregon and Washington. The Snake
River is the main tributary of the
Columbia River. You can see a picture at          One common animal is the crow.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_            Size: 18in. (45cm)
River                                             Nest: platform.
                                                  Eggs: 4-6in the color is bluish to olive
                                                  green, brown marki ngs.
                                                  Food: fruit, insects, mammals, fish,
                                                  carrions, seeds, and suet feeders

Businesses in Walla Walla
The Walla Walla Valley chamber of
commerce has been active since 1875.
They have over 730 members and they
are growing. Walla Walla Valley is
home to many small businesses that
totally make a huge impact on the local
economy. The upstarts in Walla Walla
are promising due to the recent interest
in the valley driven by the wine industry.
                                                       Lake Chelan in the summer
Lake Kahlotus, Lake Wallula, Lake
Rock, Lake Herberet.

Desert conditions moist alpine

James, Daniel, Jocelyn, and Jemayka
Lynnwood Elementary School
Lynnwood, Washington, USA

                 Geography: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
    Geographical Description                                   Baisoara Hills
        Cluj County is situated in North           One of the relax places for the people in
– Western part of Romania, in the heart            Cluj-Napoca is Baisoara Hills. They
of the historical Transylvania province.           come here in the winter at ski and in the
The name of `Transylvania` comes from              summer for a picnic. There is a nice
the Latin expression -Trans Silva –                view of the mountains. Is not far away
which means `the land beyond the                   from Cluj-Napoca.
forests`, due to the forests that covered
the mountains in the area. It is one of the        Mihnea, Ionut and Sergiu
provinces of medieval Romania that                 4th Grade
experienced difficult moments along the            International School of Cluj
centuries. Transylvania is the place               Cluj, Romania
where the Romanian nation was born,
and an important economic and cultural
centre of this country.
        And last, but not least, it is a
region rich in natural and historical
tourist attractions, being situated inside
the arch of the Carpathians.
        The clime is temperate

Marc Mihai Vlad,
4th Grade
International School of Cluj                                    Bears’ Cave
Cluj, Romania
                                                   The cave was named so as
                                                   numerous cave bears (Ursus spelaeus)
                                                   were found in this cave. These large
                                                   animals visited the cave more than
                                                   15.000 years ago. But one day, they say
                                                   that a rockslide closed the entrance while
                                                   more than 140 bears were still in the
                                                   cave. Becoming hungry, the bears killed
                                                   one another until all were dead. This
                                                   story is told by their remains, tons of
                                                   bear bones covering the floor of large
           Scarisoara Cave                         parts of the cave with the marks of bear
It’s the biggest ice-cave of Romania. It is
at 1165-meter height and it is more that           Houliat Pavel
3000 years old. It has a length of 720             4th Grade
meter and a depth of 105 meter. The                International School of Cluj
volume of the ice we find in the cave is           Cluj, Romania
of 75 000 m3 and its width of 15 meter.

                Geography: Cluj-Napoca, Romania
     The Apuseni Mountains                        Pottery, chest-making, weaving, wood-
                                                  carving, lime-
`        Seen from a distance, The                making are but a
Apuseni Mountains don’t seem so much              few of the habitual
different from the other ranges that build        occupations and
up the great Carpathian wreath at the             crafts that
core of Romania. At a first glance one            contribute to the
would even say they are are quite low             charm of these
and don’t seem to have anything                   areas, keeping their
spectacular to show to the visitor.               spirit alive.
         They do not impress by heights                    The traditional architecture, the
and steep rocks, but by something totally         work people do in the forest or in the
different. The Apuseni are part of the            field preserve a way of life that is typical
Western Carpathians and comprise a                for the mountain area, where human
variety of geographical forms, beautiful          destiny interweaves closely with the
landscapes and traditional livelihoods.           deep meanings of water, earth, air, fire.
What make them special are the unique
limestone phenomena, the local people             Raluca Bratfalean
who inhabit them and their lifestyle.             International School of Cluj
Located in the Western part of Romania            Cluj, Romania
(as their name suggests – “apus” in
Romanian means “sunset”), within a                          Rural Life in the
small distance from Oradea, the Apuseni                    Apuseni Mountains
Mountains can be reached by car on
European roads (E60 and E70), and then                   The rural habitants of Apuseni
by following several county roads that            Mountains are named ``moti``.
will take you even closer. They are also                 They are very simple people and
accessible by train, on the railroad              they have a very good hart. The ``moti``
linking Oradea to Cluj-Napoca, Cluj               only eat natural food. The example:
Napoca-Alba Iulia, Alba Iulia-Deva-               cheese from the ships, milk from the
Arad.                                             cows and meat from the chickens.
         If you love folk traditions and          The ``moti`` are very brave people. They
you want to understand how an authentic           are never lazy. If you beg them some
lifestyle has been preserved here for             food they will give even if they haven’t
                                                  very much.

                                                  4th grade
                                                  School Cluj
                                                  Cluj , Romania

thousands of years, you have the chance
to do it in almost every rural community
sheltered by the Apuseni Mountains.

          Geography: Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
   How Geography Influences                                  The geographical I would choose
          Your Life                                 is Key West. I love the sand through my
                                                    feet and being in the hot sun is just great.
         The geography features in our              I also like the palm trees and the way
area are many places that a lot of people           they look. The ocean is right by the
go to like the Watchung Mountains. The              shore and it’s a fun geographical place to
Watchung Mountains are a group of                   swim in. If I could live there it would be
three long low ridges of volcanic origin,           a dream come true.
between 400 ft. they’re important                             The geographical place I would
because nature in our area we always                design would have mountains that you
protect and that’s how the Watchung                 could mountain bike on, have rock-
Mountains are to us.                                climbing you could climb, and do all the
         There are also the Appalachian             skiing and snowboarding you would like
Mountains. They run through New                     to do. Off the coast of the mountain
Jersey also like the Watching Mountains.            would be the sand so moist you’ll sink
There just like the Watchung Mountains              right into it and the ocean so blue you
because they’re both nature and we all              see right through it. I know it sounds
take care of them.                                  weird having mountains and a shore both
         There is also the Delaware                 together, but that’s how I would design it
River. George Washington actually                   and that would be my home.
crossed the Delaware River through                           That’s the geography for where I
Trenton, which is now the capital of                live and what it tells about.
New Jersey ever since. That’s why the
Delaware River is so important to New               Alicea and Matthew
Jersey.                                             Grade 5
         There are many geography places            Franklin Township School
here in New Jersey. If you would like to            Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
visit one our websites to find out more
go to: http://www.infoplease.com/
ipa/A0108246.html                                      If I Could Pick Any Place…
         There are many sports and
activities because of the geography.                        If I could pick any place to live
There’s skiing and snowboarding down                in the world I would live in the beach
the mountains. There’s also hiking and              area, because I love to swim and play at
rock-climbing on the mountains too. On              the beach. It is very relaxing. It is fun to
the mountain you can also do mountain               go swimming in the water. I like to build
biking, which a lot of people do now.               sand castles. It would be a great place to
         What it’s like by my area is               live for me. I go to the beach in New
there are a lot of grass, trees, valleys,           Jersey. It takes 2 hours to get to the
and hills. There’s also forests that there’s        beach, but I enjoy it every time.
trails so you can go on them. We love
where we live because we love walking               Cheyenne
on the grass and feeling in on our feet             Grade 5
and also going in the forests for a little          Franklin Township School
adventure. It’s a fun place to be here and          Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
we love it.

            Geography: Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
     The Watchung Mountains                                          The Raritan River
        The Watchung Mountains are                                   The
two long low ridges of volcanic origin.                     Raritan River is
They are from 400 to 500 feet high                          part of New
around 122 to 152 meters high. They are                     Jersey. Its
located parallel from each other in the                     watershed drains
northern state of New Jersey. The ridges                    much of the
are known as Orange or the first                            mountainous area is of the central part of
Watchung Mountain and Peakness or the                       the state, emptying into the Raritan Bay
second Watchung Mountain. They                              into the Atlantic Ocean. The Raritan
stretch for                                                 River runs through the middle of New
exactly 40                                                  Jersey. The Raritan River has a lot of
miles from                                                  geography. It is very big and it flows fast
                          QuickTim e™ and a
Somerville TIFF (Uncompres sed) decom press or              and furious when it rains. It sometimes
                  are needed to see this picture.
to Paterson                                                 usually over flows when it rains. It is fun
in the                                                      to raft in the summer because it is
northeast.                                                  relaxing to sit and ride down the Raritan
The discontinuous ridge formed by Long                      River. The Raritan River is well known
hill, Riker hill, Hook mountain, and                        part of geography in New Jersey.
Packanack Mountain, is sometimes
referred to as the third Watchung, and                      David
lies on the northwest side of second                        Grade 5
Watchung.                                                   Franklin Township School
        During the Revolutionary War,                       Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
General George Washington used the
Watchung Mountains to erect the first                           Geography in New Jersey
and second Middlebrook encampment.
This position also allowed him to                                    A geographical feature in New
monitor                                                     Jersey is the Delaware Water Gap; it is
between                                                     believed to be over 8,000 years old. It is
Perth Amboy                QuickTime™ and a                 a beautiful land feature in our area.
                  TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
and New              are needed to see this picture.        Found in the Appalachian region this
Brunswick                                                   gaping hole is filled by the Delaware
and to find                                                 River. The best part of the gap is the
out and                                                     many different things to have fun doing
disrupt British movements between New                       there such as hiking, boating, and
York City and Philadelphia.                                 fishing. I haven’t yet been to the Gap but
                                                            I really want to see it in person.
Blaise and Michael
Grade 5                                                     Hugh and Joey
Franklin Township School                                    Grade 5
Quakertown NJ USA                                           Franklin Twp School
                                                            Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

          Geography: Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
           Places To Live
        If we could live any place in the
world it would be Hawaii. We like
Hawaii because it is a beautiful and                                  QuickTime™ and a
                                                             TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor
                                                                are needed to see this picture.
amazing place to see. Also we are
interested in the wildlife and geography.
We love the warm, tropical air and
humid rainforests. One unique thing
about these very southern islands is that                     The Pinelands
the volcano on the big island is snow-
capped! The amazing thing about the                        The New Jersey Pine Barrens, or
snow-capped volcano is that these                 Pinelands, is a unique natural area
islands are in the tropics. Also we like          covering over 1 million acres of the
the warm valleys ands the high volcano,           Outer Coastal Plain in southern and
mentioned earlier.                                central New Jersey. The soils are sandy
        Those are a good bit of the               and acidic, and fires were historically
reasons that we’d like to live in Hawaii.         common. As a result, many species are
The other reasons have absolutely                 fire-
nothing to do with geography or                   adapted.
anything like that.                               The
Zach and Hailey                                   pine
Grade 5                                           species in
Franklin Township School                          fire-prone
Quakertown, New Jersey, USA                       areas is
                                                  Pitch Pine. For geologic and climatic
                                                  reasons, partially relating to special
                                                  events, many species are at their range
    Geography in New Jersey
                                                  limit, northern or southern, in the
         A geographical feature in New
                                                           A large part of the pinelands is
Jersey is the Delaware Water Gap; it is
                                                  protected by state and federal legislation.
believed to be over 8,000 years old. It is
                                                  The New Jersey Pinelands Commission
a beautiful land feature in our area.
                                                  is an organization that oversees the
Found in the Appalachian region this
                                                  management of the outer, Protection
gaping hole is filled by the Delaware
                                                  Area of the pinelands, and the inner,
River. The best part of the gap is the
                                                  Preservation Area. The global
many different things to have fun doing
                                                  significance of the pinelands is shown by
there such as hiking, boating, and
                                                  its designation as the in 1978, and as a
fishing. I haven’t yet been to the Gap but
                                                  United Nations International Biosphere
I really want to see it in person.
                                                  Reserve in 1983.
Hugh & Joey
                                                  Addison and Charles
Grade 5
                                                  Grade 5
Franklin Twp School
                                                  Franklin Township School
Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
                                                  Quakertown, New Jersey, USA

          Geography: Quakertown, New Jersey, USA
         The geography near me has very
few hills and is very flat. In the middle
part of New Jersey is very hilly. In the
southern part of New Jersey is very flat.
In the northern part of New Jersey it is
very mountainous.
         The most interesting geological
formation to me is my creek. My creek
is the most interesting to me because if it
a very hot day I just walk back there in
my woods and jump in. It the best on a
hot day!!!
         There are not any recreation
activities that are close to me except for
those I can do near my creek. You can
not exactly go swimming or do any sport
related activities although you could
hike through it and see little baby
         If I could choose where to live in
the world it would be where there were
the most geographic events that have
happened or will happen. (Just not
where there will be any earthquakes.
Hurricanes, or volcanoes.)
         The area I live in has very few
mountains. It is mostly flat. I would
rather live in a lat place than a hilly or
mountainous place because it seems
easier to travel and walk. Also if you
were to walk a long distance, you would
not get as tired as you would walking up
or down hills or mountains.
         If I could design my own
environment it would have tons of
animals because I am an animal lover,
all of the food and candy in the world
because I love to eat, the worlds largest
mall because I love to shop, and nothing
but playing all day.

Grade 5
Franklin Township School
Quakertown, New Jersey, USA