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									Panel on current VoD experiences:

   Benchmark Business Models, obstacles
      and opportunities, licenses and

                  Estoril 2010
                                       Current VoD Experiences

Panel   •   Moderation: Pierre-Alexandre Labelle – Under The Milky Way
        •   Context of European VoD: Marijn Duijvestein – KEA European affairs
             –   Technological, social, economic, and political recent developments,

             –   Opportunities for distributors,

        •   VoD in the UK: Jonathon Perchal – Artificial Eye
             –   Acquiring VoD rights for UK distribution,

             –   Commercialisation of content in VoD and exploitation windows in the UK,

        •   VoD from a Sales Agent point of view: Michael Werner – Non-Stop Sales
        •   VoD platform: Efe Cakarel –
             –   Presentation of,

             –   Mubi’s business model, current numbers, and case study,

        •   VoD in Spain: Ricardo Torres – Vertice 360
             –   Acquiring VoD rights for distribution in Spain,

             –   Commercialisation of content in VoD and exploitation windows in Spain,

                                              Estoril 2010                                 2
                          Notes and comments by Michael Werner
                                 Non-Stop Sales - Sweden

               Non-Stop Sales is a world sales company representing 25 independent film
Observations   producers – Part of Millenium Media Group (est.1998) Stockholm.
               •Current experience in VoD is limited for two reasons,
                     –   Rights are normally sold as part of all rights sales,

                     –   Direct to VoD : The investment is deemed too important versus potential results,

               •Rights must be clearly defined or else they are not part of an agreement,
                     –   IFTA helped in clearing the standards (from “Internet rights” to clearly defined VoD rights),

               •As sales agents we are always careful with limiting the license to either:
                     –   A language limitation,

                     –   IP address (territorial limitation,

               •Main threats to domestic distributors:
                     –   Piracy and weak legal frameworks to protect rights-holders,

               •Main opportunities for domestic distributors:
                     –   By always keeping your library in good shape, ease the access and delivery processes and you’ll be in a good
                         position to benefit from new opportunities,

                     –   Niche marketing and distribution,

                                                        Estoril 2010                                                                    3
                       Notes and comments by Michael Werner
                            Non-Stop Sales – Sweden (2)

Conclusions   •   We feel that local distributors are in a better position to manage
                  VoD distribution as opposed to the sales agent (as part of all rights

              •   As an all-rights sales company, we normally license VoD rights on
                  an exclusive basis (on new content) to the local distributor. The
                  local distributor normally gives non-exclusive agreements to local

              •   We as sales agent ask for a better reporting from local distributors;
                  however VoD is not the only problem…

                                      Estoril 2010                                        4
                       VoD in the French Media Chronology

Legal context   The latest version of the Media Chronology was adopted on the 12th
                of July 2009 by the following signatories :
                •Cinema organisations (exhibitors, distributors, and producers),
                •Pay-TV and free television channels (France Télévision, Canal +, Arte, M6 and
                •Video on demand editors (Orange, SFR, VoD union),
                The objectives of the reform were to:
                •Adapt the rules and regulation to new distribution channels,
                •To maintain healthy and sustainable mechanisms for the financing of Cinema
                •Create a favourable context to the emergence of legal VoD offers,
                •Shorten the delay for television exploitation, thus consolidating their essential
                participation in Film funding.

                                           Estoril 2010                                              5
                VoD in the French Media Chronology (2)

               Delay for a first exploitation         Distribution Channel
             Upon reception of the              Theatrical exploitation
             exploitation Visa
             6 months                           Video distribution
             4 months
             33 weeks                           Video on Demand
             4 months
             9 months                           Pay per view

             12 months                          Pay TV
             10 months
             24 months                          Free TV (when acting as co-
             22 months                          producer of the film)
             36 months                          Free TV
                                     AFM 2010                                 6
             VoD in the French Media Chronology (3)


                         Estoril 2010                 7

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