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									               GENERAL LETTER OF INTEREST FOR
                (Please input the new construction property you are applying for below)


Contact Name(s):____________________________________________

Purchase Name (Person or company):________________________

Street Address: ______________________________________________
City: ________________________________________________________
Zip: _________________________________________________________

Home Phone Number: (            ) ________- _____________
Mobile Phone Number (           ) ________- _____________
Fax Number:              (      ) ________- _____________
 E-Mail: ________________________________________________

I would prefer:          1 bedroom__ 2 bedroom__ 3bedroom__

Approximate price range: From $______________to $_________

I or Us would like to accompany Jiany Massad to the sell center to purchase a unit(s), but
if I or we are unable to attend, Jiany Massad as my real estate agent is authorized to
deliver all the necessary documents and deposit(s) check(s) on my behalf to the
developer in order to reserve a residence based on the above criteria. Attached is a
deposit in the amount of $_________________ and ( if there are 2 checks)
$___,_____________ made payable to
the following title company: (please input the title company here on the next line)
____________________________________________________________, as escrow agent.

This letter enables me to select a certain property within the choices I have.All other term
and conditions , along with condo documents will be provided at a later date. I
understand that I have 15 calendar day rescission period ( Florida statute) afforded to
me. This undersigned also agree that Jiany Massad is a Florida realtor who has provide
me/us with information( Pictures, plans, etc) regarding this project.

Client Signature_________________________________________Date:________________
Client Signature_________________________________________Date:________________

             JIANY 672 Hallandale Beach Blvd, Hallandale FL 33009
Phone: (954) 274-1015 - Fax 954 454-8084 E-mail:

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