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                                A Directory of Resources
                            for Older People and their Carers

                                                        CITY & COUNTY

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       REPRINTED BY LEACHPRINT, ABINGDON – AUGUST 2009                            Contents

       Published by Age Concern Oxfordshire City & County                         Foreword                                                                        3
                                                                                  Introduction                                                                    3
       Copyright Age Concern Oxfordshire City & County                            Contents by Subject                                                             6
                                                                                  Useful Telephone Numbers and Websites                                           8
       Charity Number 1091529
       Company limited by guarantee no 4328143                                           ·     Safety in the Home                                               10
                                                                                         ·     Energy and Warmth                                                11                                                        ·     Home Maintenance                                                 12
                                                                                         ·     Telecommunications                                               14
       While we have made every attempt to ensure that the information
       contained in this Directory has been obtained from reliable sources,       Health, Disability and Mobility                                               16
       Age Concern Oxfordshire is not responsible for any errors or               Carers                                                                        20
       omissions, or for the results obtained from the use of this information.   Benefits, Financial and Legal Matters                                         21
                                                                                  Pets                                                                          24
                                                                                  Travel                                                                        25

                            CITY & COUNTY
                   Registered Charity No. 1091529

     Page 2                                                                                                      50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

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                                                                                      Age Concern Oxfordshire is an independent local charity and a
       50+ Ways … A Directory of Resources for Older People and Their
                                                                                      member of the Age Concern federation.
       Carers has been produced by Age Concern Oxfordshire for all older
       people in Oxfordshire, their carers, volunteers and staff working with
       older people.                                                                  Age Concern Oxfordshire’s mission:

       This booklet is a set of signposts. For those like me who often find life      To help older people in Oxfordshire, and their carers, make later life
       bewildering we hope this will help navigate you or someone you care
       about towards practical help: from telephones to toenail-cutting, from         a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.
       small grants to smoke alarms. It’s often that little bit of help we need
       to get on with life. It’s there but we don’t find out about it. So I do hope   We achieve this by working with people to ensure that, as they get
       you find this publication useful.                                              older:
       We are passionately committed to helping people live life to the full as
       they grow older. Age should not be a barrier to anything. Throughout           l their voices are heard
       this Directory you will find services and products on offer which could        l they are treated with dignity
       help you have the life you choose. I am delighted that there is so
       much help available. Now we want to tell as many people as possible            l they have access to services they want and need
       about it.                                                                      l they have opportunities to which they aspire

       Over the last century we’ve added many years to life. Now we want to
       make sure we add life to those years.                                          Our principles:

                                                                                      l Ageism is unacceptable
                                                                                      l All people have the right to make decisions about their lives
       Paul Cann
       Chief Executive                                                                l People less able to help themselves should be offered support
                                                                                      l Diversity is valued in all that we do

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                               Page 3

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       Insurance and other products                                            Information and Advice

       Face-to-face service with no hard sell
                                                                               Our Information and Advice Helpline can provide answers to all
       The older we get, the more important it is to find the right services   sorts of questions, talk through your situation with you and help you
       at the right price. Both the service we offer and our products have     find the information that you need. If we don’t have the answers
       been designed with the needs of the over 50’s in mind. Here at Age      we’ll find them out or point you to someone else who can. For
       Concern Oxfordshire we realise the importance of being able to          example:
       speak to someone face to face in a local office.                        Do you want to know more about Attendance Allowance,
                                                                               Pension Credits or Carers Allowance and if you might be
       As a result of our committed and friendly staff, last year over 800     entitled to them?
       older people in Oxfordshire were able to live more fulfilled and        We can explain all about these and other allowances and benefits,
       active lives, with the knowledge that they had arranged adequate        and help you to claim them.
       travel insurance through Age Concern. In addition to our friendly
       face-to-face service, any profits we make go directly to support our    Are you a carer who needs to know where you can get help in
       charitable activity across Oxfordshire.                                 your caring role?
                                                                               We have information about what practical and emotional support is
       l      Travel Insurance    l   Home Insurance                           available.
       l      Motor Insurance     l   Motor Breakdown                          Do you know what help Social & Community Services (formerly
       l      Gas & Electricity   l   Aid Call (Emergency Alarm)               Social Services) could provide for you, what it costs and how
       l      Legal Services      l   IFA Service (through the Co-op)          to get it?
       l      Funeral Plans       l   Charity Flowers Direct                   Talk to us, we can take you through it all.
                                                                               Would you like to know about social activities for older people
       We welcome all enquiries, so please call us on 01235 849400 or          in your area?
       01295 278040 to find out more.                                          Ask us, we have information about all sorts of activities throughout
                                                                               the county.
       Age Concern Oxfordshire Trading Ltd, a trading company of Age
       Concern Oxfordshire, City and County the registered charity, is an
                                                                                You can contact the Information & Advice Helpline
       Appointed Representative of Age Concern Enterprises Limited which
       is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for      • 10am - 4pm Monday - Friday on 0844 8870005
       insurance mediation.                                                     • 10am - 2pm (Cherwell) Monday - Friday on 01295 278040
                                                                                please ask for the helpline.

     Page 4                                                                                                         50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

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       Fundraising                                                               Charity Shops

       As a local, independent charity Age Concern Oxfordshire is                Whether you are looking for something a little bit different or an
       responsible for all its own fundraising. We believe everybody and         everyday item, you’ll find our charity shops are “Aladdin’s Caves” of
       every penny counts and welcome support from individuals, groups           goodies. Our shops are located at:
       and companies. We have a calendar of events and invite you to
       come and enjoy yourself and support our fundraising efforts. If you       l St Clement’s, Oxford – 01865 722898
       are a member of a club or group you could organise an event such          l The Broadway, Didcot – 01235 519580
       as a quiz, coffee morning or sponsored walk?                              l John Allen Centre, Temple Cowley – 01865 771517

                                                                                 We also have a new ‘Original Retro’ charity shop based at 183
       Become a Friend or Partner                                                Cowley Road, selling a wide range of retro and retro themed
       This is an invitation to individuals and organisations to work with us    items. The shop currently opens on Tuesdays and Saturdays from
       and be part of our success story. There are any number of ways you
                                                                                 10.30am - 7pm and can be contacted on 01865 251539. The
       can help.
                                                                                 website address is
       As a Friend you may like to:
                                                                                 We always welcome good quality items at the shops or come and
       l Make a one-off or annual contribution
                                                                                 join us as a volunteer.
       l Help organise a special event (e.g. golf tournament, concert,
          ball, art exhibition, whist drive, coffee morning)
       As a Partner you may like to:                                             Recycling
       l Sponsor one of our services or our newsletter
       l Host a special event
                                                                                 If you have unwanted mobile phones – we want them! Our
       l Adopt us as your ‘Charity of the Year’
                                                                                 recycling partner will collect them from you, or supply you with a
                                                                                 pre-paid envelope. The service costs you nothing and you’ll be help-
                 WANT TO MAKE A DONATION? THANK YOU!                             ing the environment and providing us with much needed funds.
          Simply telephone our Head Office on 01235 849400. All donations, in    For more details contact 01235 849400.
          any currency and however modest, are most welcome and you can now
          make a donation by credit or debit card. If you pay UK income tax we
          can claim back the tax you have paid under the Gift Aid Scheme.
                   Please contact the Finance Team on 01235 849400.

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                         Page 5

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       Subject                                        Page number   Subject                                                        Page number

       Aids/Adaptations                                        16   Disabled Facilities Grant                                                         17
       Assisted Transport                                      26   Elder Abuse                                                                       19
       Attendance Allowance                                    22   Electric blanket testing                                                          10
       Benefits Check                                          21   Energy Saving Trust                                                                11
       Blue Badge Scheme                                       25   Eye tests                                                                         17
       Bus passes/Taxi Tokens                                  25   Falls Clinic                                                                      19
       Caller ID                                               14   Financial Advice                                                                  24
       Car Insurance/Breakdown Services                        26   Flu Vaccination                                                                   19
       Car Tax                                                 26   Footcare/Podiatry                                                                 18
       Care Homes                                              20   Freecycle                                                                         13
       Care Quality Commission                                 17   Fridge/Freezer disposal                                                           12
       Carers Allowance                                        22   Funeral Plan                                                                      24
       Carers Assessment                                       20   Furniture Store                                                                   12
       Cinnamon Trust                                          24   Furniture/Bulky Item disposal                                                     12
       Coach Travel                                            25   Guideposts Trust Disability Equipment Centre                                      17
       Complaints (NHS/Social & Community Services)            19   Health Checks                                                                     18
       Consumer Direct                                         11   Home Heat Helpline                                                                 11
       Continence Advisory Service                             19   Home Shopping service                                                             19
       Council grants for housing adaptations                  13   Home Insurance                                                                    13
       Council Tax reduction                                   23   Housing Benefit                                                                   23
       Dial-a-Ride                                             25   Independent Complaints and Advocacy Service                                       19
       Directory of Community Transport                        26   Internet access                                                                   15
       Disability Equipment Register                           16   Legal Services                                                                    24
       Disability Living Allowance                             22   Local Government Ombudsman                                                        19

     Page 6                                                                                           50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

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       Subject                                                Page number   Subject                          Page number

       Low Cost Telephone Service                                      14   Safety/security in the home                10
       Mammograms                                                      18   Sheltered housing                          20
       Meals service                                                   20   Shopmobility                               16
       Memory Clinic                                                   19   Small grants and payments                  21
       Message in a Bottle                                             10   Smoke Alarm check/installation             10
       Mortgage Relief Payments                                        23   Social Fund                                23
       Octabus Dial-a-Ride                                             25   Social Tariff                              11
       Oxfordshire Association for the Blind                           18   Solemates                                  18
       Oxfordshire Carers website                                      21   Spectacles/contact lenses                  17
       Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)                       19   Staying Put/Small Repairs                  12
       Passport                                                        25   Tax Help                                   23
       Patient transport                                               25   Telephone amplification                    15
       Pendant Alarm                                                   10   Telephone Preference Service               14
       Pension Credit                                                  22   Text Phones                                15
       Postal Preference Service                                       14   Tradespeople                               13
       People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA)                     24
                                                                            Trading Standards                          10
       Priority Service Register                                       11
                                                                            Travel Insurance                           26
       Prompt Payment Discount                                         11
                                                                            TV Licence                                 15
       Railcard                                                        25
                                                                            Useful Telephone Numbers                     8
       Red Cross Home from Hospital Service                            20
                                                                            VAT Exemption                              17
       Red Cross Medical Loans                                         16
                                                                            Warmfront                                  10
       Respite care                                                    21
                                                                            Wheelchairs                                16
       Retirement Pension                                              22
                                                                            Wills                                      23
       Rogue Traders                                                   10
                                                                            Winter Fuel Payment                        12

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                           Page 7

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 7                                                                                            14/10/2009 09:22
     Useful Telephone Numbers and Websites
      Service                                         Telephone Number               Website

      Age Concern Oxfordshire - Head Office           01235 849400
                              - Banbury Office        01295 278040
                                                      0844 8870005
      Age Concern Oxfordshire Information and
                                                      Calls charged at the
      Advice Helpline                                                      
                                                      local rate of 5p per
      10am - 4pm Monday to Friday
      Alzheimer’s Society                             01865 876508         
      Carers Centres        • South and Vale          01235 510212
                            • Oxford City             01865 205192
                            • North and West          01295 264545
      Oxfordshire Carers Forum                        01235 547180         
                                                      Please see your
      Citizens Advice Bureaux                         telephone directory for
                                                      the nearest local office
      Care Quality Commission (cqc)                   03000 616 161        
      County Council (all departments)                01865 792422         
      Crime Reduction Officer –
                                                      0845 8505505         
       General Non-Emergency number
      CRUSE (bereavement counselling)                 01865 245398         
      DISC Dementia Information Service for Carers    0845 120 4048
      District Council:     •   Cherwell              01295 252535
                            •   One Stop Shop         01295 227022
                            •   Oxford City           01865 249811
                            •   Vale of White Horse   01235 520202
                                                      Benefits Info: 0845 300 6129
                            • South                   01491 823000
                                                      Benefits Info: 0845 612 2422
                            • West                    01993 702941

     Page 8                                                                                                               50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

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      Service                                                    Telephone Number     Website
      Electric Blanket Testing Hotline                           01865 815607
      Fire Service                                               08000325999
      Floodline Environment Agency                               0845 988 1188
      Help The Aged                                              0207 278 1114
      Independent Complaints Advocacy Service                    0845 600 8616
      NHFA (Care Fees Advice)                                    0800 99 88 33
      NHS Direct                                                 0845 4647  
      Postal Preference Service                                  0845 703 4599
      Priority Service Register                                  0800 336699 or contact your energy supplier
      Red Cross Medical Loan Service                             01235 552660
      Royal British Legion                                       01844 216961
      Samaritans                                                 0845 790 9090
      Small Repairs                                              Contact your local
        • North and West and City                                council
                                                                             (South and Vale only)
        • South and Vale                                         01491 823895
      Social and Community Services                              0845 050 7666
      Staying Put:                  • Oxford City, North, West   Contact your local
                                    • South and Vale             01491 823888 (South and Vale only)
      Stroke Association                                         0845 3033 100
      Energy Saving Trust                                        0800 512 012
      Thames Valley Police (non emergency number)                0845 850 5505
      Trading Standards                                          0845 051 0845
      Warm Front                                                 0800 316 2805
      Winter Fuel Payments Helpline                              0845 9151515

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                          Page 9

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      Safety in the home

      Name                   What is it?                                                     Who is eligible?            Contact
                             The scheme allows people to put information on their
                                                                                                                         Available from GPs and chemists or
                             medication, medical conditions and next-of-kin into a
                                                                                             Anyone, but especially      contact:
      Message in a           sealed plastic container. This is then stored in the fridge,
                                                                                             anyone living alone or      01993 772241
      Bottle                 and stickers are attached to the fridge and inside front
                                                                                             taking medication.
                             door to alert emergency staff.

                             A check to ensure that smoke alarms which are installed                                     08000 325999
      Smoke alarm
                             in the house are working. Free installation of alarms with                                  Community Fire Service helpline
      check/                                                                                 Anyone.
                             10-year batteries. A fire plan can be written for you at the
                             same time.                                                                        
                                                                                                                         Contact one of the Age Concern
      Aid Call               Long range Pendant alarm which is worn and can be
                                                                                                                         Insurance arrangers in either the
      Pendant                pressed if the wearer has an accident. Call centre is           Anyone.
                                                                                                                         Abingdon office on 01235 849400 or the
      Alarm                  manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
                                                                                                                         Banbury office on 01295 278040.
                             During Sept and Oct a free check for older people to                                        01865 815607 (electric blanket hotline
                             ensure that electric blankets are working efficiently           Anyone - first come first   from July onwards.).
                             and are not a fire hazard. Vouchers towards cost of             served.
      Rogue                  Consumer advice and investigation of complaints against                                     Oxfordshire Trading Standards
      Traders                traders and services.                                                                       0845 051 0845
                             Assistance with cost of improving security (City) and
      Safety in
                             advice on improving security (all districts).                                               Contact your local Crime Reduction
      the home,
                                                                                             All vulnerable groups       Officer.
      e.g. doors
                             Your local Crime Reduction Officer will check and advise        especially older people.    See Useful Numbers.
      and window
                             on home security and can arrange for a free door chain to
      locks etc.
                             be fitted.
                             The Warmfront Grant provides a package of insulation
                             and heating measures up to a maximum value of £3,500            Anyone aged over            0800 316 2805 (to apply)
      Warmfront              (or £6,000 if oil centre heating is involved), less the value   60 and claiming any
                             of all works previously completed in the property under         benefits.         
                             Warm Front since June 2000.
     Page 10                                                                                                                       50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 10                                                                                                                                                       14/10/2009 09:22
      Energy and Warmth

      Name                        What is it?                                                    Who is eligible?          Contact
                                  Independent help and advice on how to make a
                                                                                                                           08454 040506
      Consumer                    complaint about energy services. Also advises on how to
      Direct                      get complaints looked into by the Energy Ombudsman
                                                                                                                           0800 33 66 99
      Home Heat                   Advice regarding help with paying heating bills, grants for
      Helpline                    insulation, reduced tariffs and payment options.
                                  Free services –
                                     • password protection scheme for energy supply
                                        staff who make home visits
                                     • free meter reading
                                                                                                 Vulnerable groups,
                                     • meter relocated to suitable position
      Priority                                                                                   people over 60 who
                                     • free gas safety check                                                               Contact the Home Heat Helpline or your
      Service                                                                                    have a disability, long
                                     • help if energy supply is to be interrupted                                          energy provider.
      register                                                                                   term ill health or are
                                     • free special controls and adaptors to make energy
                                                                                                 visually impaired.
                                        appliances easier to use
                                     • bill nominee scheme
                                     • services for visually or hearing impaired
                                  A quarter of companies offer a prompt payment discount.        Anyone who pays their
      Payment                                                                                                              Contact your energy provider.
                                                                                                 bills promptly.
                                                                                                 People in fuel poverty
                                                                                                 i.e. who spend more
      Social Tariff               A lower tariff for energy customers in financial difficulty.                             Contact Home Heat Helpline for details.
                                                                                                 than 10% of their
                                                                                                 income on fuel.
                                                                                                                           0800 512 012
      Energy                      An energy advice service which assists consumers in
      Saving Trust                conserving energy and offers free energy price checks.                         

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                      Page 11

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 11                                                                                                                                       14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                                  Who is eligible?           Contact
                             An annual payment of up to £250 to help people aged          Anyone aged 60 or over
                             60 and over with the costs of keeping warm in winter.        during the qualifying      0845 9 15 15 15
      Winter Fuel
                                                                                          week in September 2009
                             Eligible people aged 80 and over may be entitled to £150     and normally resident in
                             extra.                                                       England/Wales.

      Home Maintenance
      Name                      What is it?                                               Who is eligible?           Contact
                                A scheme which assists people to stay in their own or     Reduced rates for
                                privately rented homes by carrying out small repairs      pensioners.
      Staying Put/                                                                                                   See Useful Numbers.
                                at reasonable rates.
      Small Repairs                                                                                                  Contact your local district council.
                                                                                          Homeowners and private
                                Staying Put helps with larger projects.                   rented.
                                Service run by local council Environmental Services
                                                                                                                  Contact your local district council for
                                If you have bulky furniture or appliances that you
                                                                                          Anyone, but concessions more information or see your local district
      Bulky Item                no longer want, the Council will collect them from
                                                                                          apply to pensioners in  council website for more information
      Disposal                  you and dispose of them either free or for a small
                                                                                          some councils.          online.
                                                                                                                  See Useful Numbers.

                                If fridge working - Emmaus charity will collect from                                 01865 763698
                                house on an arranged date.
                                If fridge not working – see bulky item disposal, above.                              See Useful Numbers.
                                                                                                                     CVS Furniture Store
      Furniture Store           Unwanted furniture or household goods are collected
      (CVS)                     and made available to people on benefits to help                                     01295 267741
                                improve their quality of life. (Not Oxford city).         On benefits.
                                                                                          There is a charge.         Emmaus,
                                Emmaus covers the Oxford city area.
                                                                                                                     01865 763698

     Page 12                                                                                                                   50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 12                                                                                                                                                   14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                             What is it?                                                Who is eligible?             Contact
                                                                                                  Must be over 60 and
      Council Grants
                                       An essential repairs grant may be up to £4000 (in any      in receipt of a means-       Contact your local council.
      for Housing
                                       3-year period).                                            tested benefit or have a     See Useful Numbers.
                                                                                                  work-related disability.

                                       VAT exemption is available for certain building work,      If you have a physical       HM Revenue and Customs
                                       adaptations and equipment, e.g. installing a lift or       or mental impairment         National Advice Service
      VAT exemption
                                       a ramp, repairs or maintenance, wheelchairs, car           which is substantial, long   0845 010 9000
      for alterations
                                       leasing etc.                                               term and has an adverse      Textphone
      and equipment
                                       You will need to make an eligibility declaration to your   effect on normal day-to-     0845 000 0200
                                       supplier.                                                  day activities.    
                                       Web based service enables members to give away
                                                                                                  Anyone with computer
      Freecycle                        unwanted items that would otherwise go to landfill.                           
                                       There are nine local groups in Oxon.
                                                                                                                               Consumer Direct 0845 404 0506

                                                                                                                               Trustmark – Government endorsed

                                                                                                                               Gas Safe Register 0800 408 5500
                                       For advice on how to choose a tradesperson please
                                       contact Consumer Direct. It is advisable to use                                         Chartered Institute of Plumbing and
      Tradespeople                                                                                Anyone.                      Heating Engineering 01708 472791
                                       tradespeople registered with a trade association and
                                       to get a number of quotes.                                                    

                                                                                                                               Federation of Master Builders
                                                                                                                               0800 015 2522

                                                                                                                               Electrical Contractors’ Association
                                                                                                                               020 7313 4800

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                          Page 13

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 13                                                                                                                                           14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                                  Who is eligible?          Contact
                                                                                                                  Contact one of the Age Concern Insurance
      Home                   Age Concern offers Buildings and/or Contents cover and                               arrangers in either the Abingdon office on
                                                                                          Anyone aged 50 or over.
      Insurance              has benefits like paying by instalments at no extra cost.                            01235 849400 or the Banbury office on
                                                                                                                  01295 278040.
      Age Concern            The Age concern Business Directory (www.
      Business      offers free access                                  Contact our Abingdon office on 01235
      Directory              to reputable companies and organisations offering                                      849400 for details of companies listed
      (Launching in          specific products and services. The Directory provides       Anyone.                   and for information on how your business
      Oxfordshire            peace of mind as all listed businesses have been                                       could participate.
      during                 checked by Age Concern Oxfordshire through Trading                           
      October 2009)          Standards and references.


      Name                      What is it?                                               Who is eligible?          Contact
                                The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is a free
                                service which helps you to make sure your telephone                                 TPS Registration line:
                                number is no longer available to organisations,           Anyone who registers.     0845 070 0707
                                including charities and voluntary organisations, who
                                may telephone you with offers and information you do                      
                                not wish to receive.
                                If you do not wish to receive unsolicited junk mail you                             MPS Registration line:
                                can register this with the Postal Preference Service                                0845 703 4599
      Preference                                                                          Anyone who registers.
                                which will inform direct mail companies.
                                If you wish to know who is calling before answering
                                the phone, you can request ‘Caller ID’ which displays
                                                                                          Anyone, although a cost   Contact your telephone service provider.
      Caller ID                 the caller’s number on your telephone. You can do
                                                                                          will be incurred.
                                this through British Telecom, or through your service
      Low Cost
                                A cheap telephone service which allows calls in but
      Telephone                                                                           Anyone.                   Contact your telephone service provider.
                                only emergency calls out.

     Page 14                                                                                                                  50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 14                                                                                                                                                  14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                             What is it?                                               Who is eligible?           Contact
                                                                                                                            Contact your telephone service provider
                                                                                                                            for more information.

                                                                                                                            Contact RNID (Royal National Institute for
                                       If you find it difficult to hear the caller on the end of
      Telephone                                                                                   Anyone, although a cost   the Deaf):
                                       the line, then it is possible to purchase an amplifier for
      amplification                                                                               will be incurred.
                                       your telephone.
                                                                                                                            Telephone 0808 808 0123
                                                                                                                            Textphone 0808 808 900

                                       If you are hard of hearing or have speech difficulties,
                                       you can use a textphone. This has a screen and a                                     Contact RNID (Royal National Institute for
                                       keyboard instead of numbers and a mouthpiece. You                                    the Deaf):
                                                                                                 Anyone can have a
                                       may communicate directly to someone else with a
      Text phones                                                                                textphone, although a
                                       text phone, or if you wish to contact a person on a                                  Telephone 0808 808 0123
                                                                                                 cost will be incurred.
                                       normal telephone, you can go through an operator                                     Textphone 0808 808 9000
                                       who will convert your text to speech, and convert the                      
                                       other person’s speech back to text for you.
                                       If you’re aged over 75, you are entitled to a free over                              TV Licensing:
      TV Licence                                                                                 Anyone over the age of
                                       75 TV licence, even if you live with younger relatives                               0844 800 6790
                                       or friends.                                                                 241 6468.
                                       You may be able to access the Internet at your local
                                       library.                                                  Anyone.                    Check your telephone directory for your
                                                                                                                            nearest library.
      Internet Access
                                       Age Concern Oxon at Banbury has internet access at
                                       5 White Lion Walk.                                        Anyone over 50.            01295 278040
                                       Tuition available on request.

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                       Page 15

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 15                                                                                                                                        14/10/2009 09:22
      Health, Disability and Mobility

      Name                   What is it?                                            Who is eligible?           Contact
                             Wheelchairs are provided free of charge on referral
                             from a GP or Occupational Therapist.
                                                                                                               Contact your GP surgery.
                             A voucher scheme is run for use towards payment        Anyone (referred by
      Wheelchairs            for a more expensive wheelchair depending on           GP or Occupational
                             assessment from an Occupational Therapist.             Therapist).

                             Wheelchairs are available on loan from the Red                                    See contact details below.
                             Cross Medical Loans Scheme.
      Red Cross
                             Loan of equipment – wheelchairs, walking frames,       All residents of           01235 552660
      Medical Loans
                             commodes, bath rails, raised toilet seats etc.         Oxfordshire.     
                                                                                                               Banbury: 01295 252722 (Mon-Sat)
                                                                                    Users must be              Bicester: 01869 320132 (Mon-Sat)
                             Wheelchair and scooters to hire for shopping free of
      Shopmobility                                                                  registered for insurance   Cowley: 01865 748864 (Mon-Sat)
                                                                                    purposes.                  Oxford: 01865 248737 (Mon-Sat)
                                                                                                               Witney: 01993 864787 (Mon & Thurs)

      Disability             Second-hand disability equipment available for                                    01454 318818
      Equipment              purchase via the Internet.                             Anyone.
      Register               Monthly magazine for buying and selling equipment.                      

                                                                                    Requires an
                                                                                                               Contact your GP surgery.
                             Certain aids and adaptations (ramps, rails in the      Occupational Therapy
                             house, or wheelchairs, frames etc.).                   assessment, which can
                                                                                    be arranged through
      Aids and                                                                      your local GP, or
      adaptations                                                                   contact the Community
                                                                                                               Community Occupational Therapy Team
                                                                                    Occupational Therapy
                             See also Red Cross Medical loans and Guideposts        team.
                                                                                                               Social and Community Services.
                             Trust Disability Equipment Centre.
                                                                                                               See useful numbers.

     Page 16                                                                                                             50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 16                                                                                                                                             14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                             What is it?                                              Who is eligible?              Contact
                                                                                                                              Guideposts Trust
      Trust Disability                 Free, impartial advice on equipment for independent      All residents of
                                                                                                                              01993 899985
      Equipment                        living. Showroom in Madley Park, Witney.                 Oxfordshire.
      Disabled                         Helps pay for necessary adaptations to the home in       Disabled people.              Contact your local council.
      Facilities Grant                 order to remain independent.                             Means-tested.                 See Useful Numbers.
                                                                                                If you have a physical        HM Revenue and Customs
                                                                                                or mental impairment          National Advice Service
      VAT exemption                    You can claim VAT exemption on certain items
                                                                                                which is substantial, long    0845 010 9000
      on equipment                     e.g. pick-up sticks, hoists, long handled taps and
                                                                                                term and has an adverse       Textphone
      purchase                         commodes.
                                                                                                effect on normal day-to-      0845 000 0200
                                                                                                day activities.     
      Free eye tests                                                                            •   People over the age
                                                                                                    of 60.
                                       It’s important to keep up to date with eye checks, as    •   Those claiming
                                       opticians can also pick up other underlying medical          certain benefits or tax
                                                                                                                              Ask your optician or contact.
                                       problems, as well as vision problems. Certain people         credits.
                                       are eligible for free eye tests (one every 2 years).     •   People with diabetes,
                                                                                                                              0845 850 1166
                                                                                                    glaucoma, registered
                                                                                                                              (Help with health costs)
                                                                                                    blind or partially
                                       Home visits can be arranged at no cost.                      sighted.
                                                                                                •   Those on a low
                                       Independent regulator of health and social care in
      Care Quality
                                       England. Reports and ratings are available for care      Anyone.                       See useful numbers.
                                       homes and domestic care services.
                                       Optical vouchers are given to those patients who
                                       require spectacles and who meet one or more of the
                                       criteria for free eye tests listed on page 15. However                                 Ask your optician or contact
      Spectacles/                                                                               See Free eye tests
                                       they are not available based solely on age.
      contact lenses                                                                            section above.
                                                                                                                              0845 850 1166

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                        Page 17

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 17                                                                                                                                         14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                           Who is eligible?              Contact
                                                                                   Each case is assessed
                                                                                   individually, and free
                             Podiatry is available free of charge from the NHS     treatment depends
                             in most areas of the UK, although it varies between   on how serious your
      Free Footcare/         different Primary Care Trusts (PCTs).                 condition is.
                                                                                                                 Contact your local PCT or GP surgery.
      Podiatry                                                                     People with diabetes are
                                                                                   treated as priority cases.
                                                                                   You will need a referral
                                                                                   from your GP, Practice
                                                                                   Nurse or Health Visitor.
                             A toenail-cutting and footcare service provided by    Excludes people with          01865 717615
      Solemates              trained volunteers from Age Concern Oxfordshire.      diabetes and certain
                             A charge is made for the service.                     medical conditions. 
                                                                                   For women aged
                                                                                   between 50 and 64 by
                             An x-ray to check for early symptoms of breast        invitation, at three-yearly
      Mammograms                                                                                                 Contact your GP surgery.
                             cancer.                                               intervals. Free screening
                                                                                   is available on request
                                                                                   for women aged over 64.
                             Support and information for those with a visual
      Oxfordshire                                                                                                01865 72 55 95
                             impairment. They also have a resource centre          Anyone with a visual
      Association for
                             in Oxford with displays of daily living aids and      impairment.
      the Blind                                                                                        
                                                                                    You are eligible for
                                                                                    free annual health and
                             A general health check at your local surgery which     medication checks at
                             may include: height and weight check, blood pressure your GP surgery. If a
      Health Checks                                                                                           Contact your GP surgery.
                             test, cholesterol test and a urine sample test to look health check is required
                             for kidney disease or diabetes.                        for insurance or other
                                                                                    purposes you will usually
                                                                                    have to pay.

     Page 18                                                                                                               50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 18                                                                                                                                               14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                             What is it?                                             Who is eligible?         Contact
                                                                                               The flu jab is free to
                                       An injection which provides immunisation against the                              Contact your GP Surgery.
                                                                                               some people such as
                                       current year’s most prevalent influenza bugs. The
      Flu vaccination                                                                          those with long-term
                                       best time to be vaccinated is between late September                              The National Vaccination website www.
                                                                                               conditions like asthma,
                                       - early November.                                                       
                                                                                               as well as those over 60.
      Continence       NHS Service offering free information and support for
                                                                                               Anyone.                  01993 209434
      Advisory Service people with bladder and bowel problems.
                       You should always contact your local NHS Trust or                       Anyone.                  Independent Complaints Advocacy
                       Social and Community Services Department in the                                                  Services (South East)
                       first instance. If you do not receive a satisfactory                                             0845 600 8616
                       response you can contact the Independent                                               
                       Complaints Advocacy Service (NHS) or the Local                                                   OrganisationPolicy
                       Government Ombudsman (Social and Community
      about Health and                                                                                                  Local Government Ombudsman
      Social Care                                                                                                       0845 602 1983
                                                                                                                        Contact your local PCT (0800 052 6088)
                                       The Oxfordshire Patient Liaison and Advice Service      Anyone.                  or the relevant NHS Trust
                                       (PALS) also offers confidential support and guidance.                  
                                       A six week programme offering individual assessment                              Contact your GP or the Falls Prevention
      Falls Clinic                                                                           At risk of falling.
                                       and intervention for older people at risk of falling.                            Service on 01993 209556
                                       Free helpline to provide support and advice for
      Action on Elder                                                                                                   0808 808 8141
                                       people who are experiencing abuse or who knows of       Anyone.
                                       someone at risk of or suffering abuse.
      Memory Clinic                    Age Concern Oxfordshire Service provides early          Older people with mental
      and Carers                       psychiatric assessment of symptoms with advice,         health needs referred    01865 455816
      Support                          information and support.                                through their GP.
                                       Telephone based shopping service that will deliver                               Montclair
      Home Shopping
                                       groceries to your home and help you to put them         Anyone.                  01235 511881

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                  Page 19

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 19                                                                                                                                   14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                            Who is eligible?            Contact
      Frozen Meal            Frozen meals delivered to your home. Menu options
                                                                                    Anyone.                     0845 6063924
      Service                for a variety of dietary requirements.
                                                                                                                01865 760555
                             Free service to do small jobs such as collect essential
      Red Cross –                                                                    All adult patients being
                             shopping, collect pensions, prepare light meals
      Home from                                                                      discharged from hospital   email:
                             or snacks for up to 2 weeks. (Service subject to
      Hospital Service                                                               in the Oxfordshire area.
                             assessment and volunteer availability).


      Name                   What is it?                                            Who is eligible?            Contact
                                                                                                                Social and Community Services.
                             Directory of Care Homes and Home Care Providers
                                                                                                                See Useful Numbers.
                             in Oxfordshire.
                                                                                                                See Useful Numbers.
                             NHFA has a free helpline for advice on paying for
      Care Homes                                                                    Anyone.
                             care home places.
                                                                                                                Elderly Accommodation Counsel
                             The Elderly Accommodation Counsel has a database
                             of care homes throughout the country.
                                                                                                                020 7820 1343.
                             The Elderly Accommodation Counsel has a database                                   Elderly Accommodation Counsel
                             of sheltered housing providers.                                          
                                                                                    Anyone.                     See useful Numbers.
                             For local information contact your local council.                                  020 7820 1343.
                                                                                                                If the person you are caring for already
                             As a carer, you have a right to request a Carers
                                                                                                                has a Care Manager, ask them for a
      Carers                 Assessment from Social and Community Services to       Anyone who is a carer.
                                                                                                                Carers Assessment. Otherwise contact
      Assessment             assess the support you may need to carry on caring.
                                                                                                                Social and Community Services.
                                                                                                                See Useful Numbers.

     Page 20                                                                                                              50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 20                                                                                                                                              14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                             What is it?                                              Who is eligible?            Contact
                                       Residential and sitting services provided through                                    Social and Community Services
                                       Oxfordshire Social and Community Services                                            Carers Centres.
                                       Carers can place those they are caring for into respite                              See Useful Numbers.
                                       care for longer periods, i.e., when the carer goes on
                                       holiday. It is also possible to employ local Relief to  Anyone who is a carer.
                                       Care Services to take care of the person under their
      Respite Care                     care for short periods of time.                         Means-tested, based on
                                                                                               the financial situation of
                                       The Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) and The the cared-for person.                EAC: 020 78201343
                                       Better Caring website have details of care homes                                     EAC:
                                       which may provide respite care.
                                                                                                                            The Better Caring website:

                       It may be possible to claim back domestic expenses                                                   Please contact your local Carers Centre
      Small grants and
                       incurred whilst caring for someone else, e.g. for                        All carers.                 for more information.
                       laundry etc.                                                                                         See Useful Numbers.

                                       See Benefits, Legal and Financial Matters for details.
                                       Information and advice for carers.                       All carers.       
      Carers website

      Benefits, Financial and Legal Matters

      Name                             What is it?                                              Who is eligible?            Contact
                                                                                                                            0844 8870005
                                       The Age Concern Oxfordshire Information and Advice
      Benefits check                   helpline can advise you on your entitlement to a         Anyone over 60.   
                                       range of benefits.                                                         

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                      Page 21

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 21                                                                                                                                       14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                              Who is eligible?           Contact
                                                                                                                 0800 882200 (AA helpline)
                             Attendance Allowance (AA) is a cash benefit paid
                                                                                      You must be over 65        Carers Centres (for help to complete
                             to people who need a lot of help with personal
                                                                                      and require help with      forms) See Useful Numbers.
                             care because of a disability or health problem. For
                                                                                      personal care. It is not
      Attendance             example, you may qualify for AA if you have difficulty
                                                                                      means-tested.              Age Concern Oxfordshire
      Allowance              getting dressed, reading or walking. If you require
                                                                                                                 (to arrange help to complete forms)
                             help with completing the form, please contact Age
                                                                                      You cannot claim AA if     0844 8870005
                             Concern, your local CAB branch or Carers Centre
                                                                                      you are getting DLA.       For more information see the DWP’s
                             who can help you fill in the forms.
                                                                                                                 Call the Benefits enquiry line
                                                                                      Claimant must be under
                                                                                                                 0800 882200
                                                                                      65 and you must require
                             Disability Living Allowance (DLA) is a non-means-
      Disability Living                                                               help with cooking and/
                             tested benefit paid to those under 65 who need a lot                                For more information see the DWP’s
      Allowance                                                                       or personal care and/or
                             of care for a health problem, or help with mobility.                                website:

                                                                                      The Carer must be          Carers Allowance Helpline
                             Carers Allowance (CA) is a benefit for people
                                                                                      caring for more than       01253 856123
                             who look after someone who receives Attendance
                                                                                      35 hours a week and
      Carers                 Allowance, Constant Attendance Allowance or
                                                                                      earning less than £95      For more information see the DWP’s
      Allowance              Disability Living Allowance.
                                                                                      per week.                  website:
                             This is an overlapping benefit; take advice about your
                                                                                      It is a means-tested
                                                                                      Anyone approaching
                             Telephone service for enquiries regarding claiming       or over retirement age     Teleclaims Service
                             your state pension.                                      (currently 60 for women,   0845 300 1084
                                                                                      65 for men).
                             Pension Credit is an entitlement for people aged 60
                                                                                      Claimant must be over
                             and over who are living in Great Britain. It could top                              DWP: 0800 99 1234
      Pension Credit                                                                  60 and the benefit is
                             up your weekly income to a guaranteed minimum                             

     Page 22                                                                                                               50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 22                                                                                                                                               14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                             What is it?                                               Who is eligible?         Contact
                                       Certain groups of people may be eligible for a
                                       reduction in council tax.
                                       • People living alone (25% reduction).
                                                                                                                          Contact your local council.
                                       • If property adapted for disability (reduction to band
      Council Tax                         below current valuation).
                                                                                                                          See Useful Numbers.
      Benefit/                         • People with severe mental impairment in receipt of
      reduction                           Attendance Allowance/Disability Living Allowance
                                                                                                                          Contact the Age Concern Oxfordshire
                                          do not have to pay Council Tax.
                                                                                                                          Helpline on 0844 8870 005
                                       • On guaranteed Pension Credit (do not have to pay
                                          Council Tax).
                                       • Limited means (reduced).
                                       If you are on a low income or have difficulty meeting     This is a means-tested
                                       rental payments, you may be eligible to claim housing     benefit.                 Contact your local council.
      Housing Benefit
                                       benefit. This applies to private tenants and those in                              See Useful Numbers.
                                       social housing.
                                                                                                 Dependent on             0845 6088 580
                                       A range of grants and loans available to those on a
      Social Fund                                                                                circumstances, please
                                       low income, for a variety of situations.
                                                                                                 seek specific advice.

      Mortgage                         If you are on a low income you can claim a                Homeowner in receipt     Contact the Pension Credit Helpline on
      interest relief/                 contribution towards your mortgage interest               of guaranteed pension    0800 99 1234
      payments                         payments.                                                 credit.        

      Tax Help for                                                                               Over 60 and with income 0845 601 3321
                                       Free help and advice on tax for older people.
      Older People                                                                               under £15,000 
                                       Some charities offer free service for simple wills, and
                                       you are expected (but not obliged) to leave a legacy
                                       for the charity in your will.                                                      020 7009 8833
                                                                                            Please speak to the
      Free will writing                                                                     charity directly to ensure
                                       Cancer Research Client must be over 55 years. A list
                                                                                            you are eligible.
                                       of participating solicitors is provided.                                           020 7239 1965.

                                       Help the Aged can provide a free will advice service.

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                     Page 23

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 23                                                                                                                                      14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                               Who is eligible?           Contact
      Financial advice
      through the            Whole of market Independent Financial Advisers who                                   Contact one of the Age Concern
      Co-operative           specialise in providing advice for the older client.                                 Insurance arrangers in either the
      Independent            Face to face appointments available in office or in the                              Abingdon office on 01235 849400 or the
      Financial              comfort of the client’s home.                                                        Banbury office on 01295 278040.
                                                                                                                  Contact one of the Age Concern
                             Arrange and contribute to the costs of your funeral
                                                                                                                  Insurance arrangers in either the
      Funeral Plan           plan in advance so that family and friends won’t have     Anyone aged 50 or over.
                                                                                                                  Abingdon office on 01235 849400 or the
                             to worry.
                                                                                                                  Banbury office on 01295 278040.
                                                                                                                  Contact one of the Age Concern
                             Irwin Mitchell can offer legal advice over the
                                                                                                                  Insurance arrangers in either the
      Legal Services         telephone on subjects such as will writing, probate,      Anyone.
                                                                                                                  Abingdon office on 01235 849400 or the
                             equity release and many more.
                                                                                                                  Banbury office on 01295 278040.


      Name                   What is it?                                               Who is eligible?           Contact

                                                                                       Pet owners need to live
                                                                                       within the defined catch-
      PDSA                   Free veterinary care is provided by PDSA for pet          ment area of a PDSA       PDSA:
      (Peoples’              owners who cannot afford private vets’ fees.              PetAid hospital or PetAid 0800 917 2509
      Dispensary for
                                                                                       practice and in receipt
      Sick Animals)
                                                                                       of Housing Benefit or
                                                                                       Council Tax Benefit.

                             The Cinnamon Trust cares for the pets of older                                       01736 757900
                                                                                       Any older person and
      Cinnamon Trust         people in a crisis, either through fostering them or                       
                                                                                       also the terminally ill.
                             caring for them at the person’s home.

     Page 24                                                                                                                50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 24                                                                                                                                                14/10/2009 09:22

      Name                             What is it?                                                Who is eligible?             Contact
                                       From 1 April 2008, people aged 60 or over are entitled
                                       to free off-peak bus travel on all ‘local’ bus services.                                Please contact your local council for
      Bus passes/ taxi
                                       Schemes vary depending on local authority. Tokens          All over 60s.                details about your area.
                                       can be issued instead of a bus pass, except in City                                     See Useful Numbers.
                                       and Vale.
                                                                                                  Those in receipt of
      Blue Badge
                                       Parking concessions for disabled and blind people.         certain disability-related   0845 0507666
                                       Door-to-door service for people who cannot access                                       01295 263777 (Banbury)
                                                                                                  Cannot be used for
      Dial-a-Ride                      ordinary public transport due to infirmity and living in                                01869 320132 (Bicester)
                                                                                                  hospital or day centres.
                                       the Banbury/Bicester/Kidlington area.                                                   01865 374442 (Kidlington)
      Octabus Dial-a-                  As above - service for Oxford City, Vale of the White                                   Walters Limousines
                                                                                                  As above.
      Ride                             Horse, West Oxfordshire.                                                                01865 876176
                       If you’re over 60, you automatically qualify for Route                                                  National Express:
      Half-Price Coach
                       Sixty fares. This means you can travel up to half price All over 60.                                    08705 808 080
                       on most National Express services.                                                            
                                       If you travel by train and you are 60 or over you can
                                                                                                                               You can get an application form and
                                       apply for either a Senior Railcard, or a Disabled Person’s
      Railcard                                                                                    All over 60.                 further details from main railway stations.
                                       Railcard. This entitles you to rail tickets at a reduced
                                       rate. It costs £20 and saves up to 1/3 on rail journeys.
                                                                                                                               Call the UK Passport Service Advice line:
                                       If you’re a British national and were born on or
                                                                                                                               0870 521 0410.
                                       before 2 September 1929, you can apply for a
      Free passport                                                                               Born before 02.09.29.        You can also get an application form from
                                       free standard 32-page ten-year passport from the
                                                                                                                               the Post Office.
                                       Identity and Passport Service.

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                                            Page 25

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 25                                                                                                                                             14/10/2009 09:22
      Name                   What is it?                                              Who is eligible?             Contact
                                                                                      You must be claiming
                             Exemption from Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax).
                                                                                      the higher rate              Disability Benefits Unit:
                                                                                      mobility component
                             If you already have the vehicle’s registration           of the Disability Living     Telephone: 0845 712 3456
      Free car tax           certificate (V5C), you can apply for a free disc at      Allowance. (Need
                             the Post Office. You’ll need to complete form V10        Certificate DLA404 from      Textphone: 0845 722 44 33
                             (Vehicle Licence Application) and take your MOT and      Disability Benefits Unit).
                             insurance paperwork as well.
                                                                                      The War Pensioner’s
                                                                                      Mobility Supplement.
                                                                                      Means-tested for people
                             This is a scheme offered for those who are on
      Assisted                                                                        on pension credit to get
                             guaranteed pension credit who are eligible for free                                   Apply to the hospital.
      Transport                                                                       free transport to hospital
                             transport to hospital.
                                                                                      under HC1 forms.
      Directory of                                                                    For those who do not         Oxfordshire Rural Community Council
      Community                                                                       have access to a car or      (ORCC)
                             A guide to options for transport in Oxfordshire.
      Transport in                                                                    who are unable to use        01865 883 488
      Oxfordshire                                                                     public transport.  
                                                                                                                   Contact one of the Age Concern Insurance
                             Travel Insurance with no upper age limit, with the
                                                                                                                   arrangers in either the Abingdon office on
      Travel Insurance       choice of single trip and annual multi trip. Insurance   Anyone.
                                                                                                                   01235 849400 or the Banbury office on
                             is available for trips in the UK and abroad.
                                                                                                                   01295 278040.
                                                                                                                   Contact one of the Age Concern Insurance
      Car Insurance/         Age Concern offers quality car insurance and motor
                                                                                                                   arrangers in either the Abingdon office on
      Breakdown              breakdown services with cover wherever you are in        Anyone aged 50 or over.
                                                                                                                   01235 849400 or the Banbury office on
      Services               the UK, even at your home.
                                                                                                                   01295 278040.

     Page 26                                                                                                                 50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 26                                                                                                                                                 14/10/2009 09:22
       Good places to be!                                                       Why not become a volunteer

       Age Concern at 5 White Lion Walk, Banbury                                Our services are carried out by a dedicated team of staff and over
       Located on an attractive square just off Banbury High Street, we         400 volunteers working across the county. If you are looking for
       provide information and advice plus a full range of services.            something that is interesting, worthwhile and rewarding, here are
       The Information & Advice Centre (downstairs): We offer a warm,           EIGHT good reasons for becoming an Age Concern Oxfordshire
       friendly welcome and are open for tea, coffee and tasty cakes:           volunteer:
       l Monday to Friday - 10.00am to 4.00pm
       l Saturdays - 10.00am to 12 noon                                         1 Meet new friends
       Call in to see the range of information on our own and other             2 Enjoy different challenges
       local services. We have computers with Internet access so you are
                                                                                3 Develop skills to enhance your career
       welcome to come in and ‘have a go’ at your own pace or ask one
       of our friendly team for assistance. Practical help with the use of      4 Share your skills and experience
       mobile telephones is also available.                                     5 It’s rewarding
       The Service Centre (upstairs): Open for Phone Link, Befriending,
                                                                                6 Make good use of your free time
       Footcare, Products & Insurance services.
       l Monday to Friday - 10.00am to 2.00pm.                                  7 It keeps you vibrant
       After 2.00pm appointments can be arranged.                               8 You will make a real difference to the life of an older person.
       For more information on all these services call 01295 278040.

                                                                                There are varied opportunities for volunteers all over Oxfordshire
       The Corner, Cowley Road, East Oxford
       If you are looking for an interesting day, pop into the Corner at East   from working in our Abingdon and Banbury offices to visiting older
       Oxford Community Centre (on the corner of Princes Street and             people or helping in a Day Centre. Full training and support is
       Cowley Road) between 10am and 2pm on Wednesdays.                         given and we reimburse all out-of-pocket expenses. For an informal
       Come and enjoy a delicious freshly cooked meal at very reasonable        discussion please contact the Volunteer Co-ordinator on 01235
       prices. The varied menu includes a monthly roast and Asian meal.         849400.
       On Wednesdays the Corner is a hive of activity with people enjoying
       tai chi, gentle exercise, information and advice, footcare, computer
                                                                                Further information
       training, dance and art classes.
                                                                                For further information please visit our website where information on
       You’ll find a warm welcome and a real buzz at The Corner.
                                                                                all current vacancies paid and voluntary are listed.
       For more information call 01235 849400.                        

     50 Ways … A Resource for Older People and Their Carers                                                                                         Page 27

209323 AGE CONCERN.indd 27                                                                                                                          14/10/2009 09:22
             For further information on any of these matters, please contact us at:

             Age Concern Oxfordshire, City & County
             St. Edmund House
             39 West St. Helen Street
             OX14 5BW
             Tel: 01235 849400
             Fax: 01235 849449
             Company Limited by Guarantee Registered in England & Wales No. 4328143

                    OXFORDSHIRE                                                                     FSE Certified Paper
                                                                                      Printed with vegetable based inks
                   CITY & COUNTY
             Registered Charity No. 1091529                                                      ACOEE874V2APR09

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