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					Adding a PayPal button to your WSO
One of the most frequently asked questions in the Warrior Forum is how to get a PayPal
button into your post, so because I’ve been on the WaFo for exactly one year, I thought
I’d write this guide to the process.

The first step, obviously, is to start your post. When you’d like to put your button into it,
click the “Insert Image” icon in the editor. It looks like a yellow square with mountains
and the sun – essentially, like a child’s drawing.

Once you’ve clicked this button, a dialog will appear asking for the URL to your image.
You will need to have the image stored somewhere on an internet server, usually on your
own hosting account, so you can load it in your post. If you are using WSO Pro, the URL
to your “Buy Now” button should be used here.
The forum will automatically try to load your image in the editor. If it shows up as a
broken image, this means the image could not be found – you may have misspelled the
URL to the image. Backspace over the image and try again. Once you’ve gotten the
image to load, click the “Align Center” button – which looks like centered text – under
the font drop-down in the editor.

Now it’s time to go get the URL to your payment link. Begin by switching to a different
browser tab or window, and logging into PayPal.
Once you’ve logged into PayPal, go to the “Merchant Services” tab.

On this tab, you want to click the “Buy Now Button” so you can create a button to buy
the product immediately instead of using a shopping cart.

Fill out the form, choosing a name and item ID for your product, and setting the price.

At the bottom of this screen, make sure you have “Use my secure merchant account ID”
selected, and click the “Save Changes” button.
You will want the same link format you would use in an email message, so click on the
“Email” tab in the screen with your link in it.

On the email tab, click the button that says “Select Code” to highlight your link.

Now right-click on the highlighted link and select “Copy” from the context menu.
Switch back to the browser window or tab containing your forum post, and click the
“Insert Link” icon – the globe with the chain next to it.

A dialog will come up asking for your hyperlink.

Simply paste the link you just copied from PayPal into this dialog, and click OK.
The image you placed in your post will be surrounded by a border. Ignore this; it will not
be present when you actually post your message.

Always check your PayPal links before you make them live on a public forum. Click the
“Preview Post” button at the bottom.

This will bring up your post in the top of the browser window, with the image linked as it
will be in your final post. Click this image, and it will open your PayPal link in another
window or tab.
Verify that your PayPal button is going to the right PayPal account and has the correct
product description listed.

Also verify that the price is correct.

Once you’re satisfied with your message, click the “Submit” button on your post and
you’re ready to go!

And congratulations on your WSO. ☺

Caliban Darklock
June 1, 2010

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