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					Cody Inc.
JARRED'S Homegoods
51 Colonial Avenue
Warwick, RI 02886-7121
(401) 921-1899
Linda Cody, President | Jarred Cody, Vice-President

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This is a contract between the "The Consignor" (the Person(s) responsible for the account referenced above) and "The
Store" Cody Inc. d.b.a. JARRED'S Homegoods & Consignment

This agreement gives the store permission to price items left for consignment at The Store's discretion, unless otherwise
noted in writing and agreed upon by both parties. This agreement also allows for the displaying and selling of items left
for consignment effective immediately on the sales floor and/or online.

All Items presented/placed on consignment must be legally owned by the consignor, and be free of all liens and
encumbrances. All items must be clean, complete, in good working order, and not in need of refinishing or re-
upholstering. Exceptions are made for some antiques. The store has the right to reject items they feel are not salable in
their market. It is The Consignor's responsibility to return to check for any rejected item(s). Any items rejected and not
picked up within three (3) days may be Donated or Discarded by the store without any further notice. After one-week the
consignor may request an itemized list via our website. Upon a failure to sign the item list the store will NOT be held
responsible for any subsequent dissatisfaction on part of the consignor.

 The Store pays the consignor 55% of the item's sale price. The Store's Commission for handling the sale is the
   remaining 45%.
 Generally at 30 days the price of the item will drop by 15% of the original sale price.
 Generally at 60 days the price will drop by 30% of the original sale price.
 Generally at 90 days the price will drop by 40% of the original sale price and the commission split will automatically
   change to 50%.
 At 120 days the initial consignment period will expire. For items to remain in the store after this point, a special written
   agreement must be made between The Store and the consignor. Items without a formal extended agreement, must
   be picked-up or will become the property of The Store without any additional notice.
 It is the consignor's responsibility to keep tract of the item(s) dates.
 Consignors agree to participate in any of the Store's promotional sale events. These events allow customers to buy
   items at the price of the next markdown date and sometimes even deeper discounts.
 Additional Service fees may apply to items that require excessive cleaning or repair work. These fees will be
   discussed with the consignor prior to accepting the item(s) on consignment.
 Unsold items may be reclaimed from 110-120 days. Phone ahead 24 hours in advance, be prepared to search for,
   pack, and transport your own items.
 Items may be removed by the consignor prior to 110 days for a fee of 25% of the original selling price or $25
   whichever is greater.

 Consignor's may use their money owed as a Store credit or redeem for a gift card anytime.
 Checks are automatically written and available for in-store pickup on the 20th of the month for the prior month's sales.
   After one week checks will be held until the next month. Checks are VOID AFTER 90 DAYS.
 If the 20th falls on a weekend of a holiday, checks will be made available on the next business day

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   There is a $1.00 check writing fee that is deducted from each commission check. Accounts under $20 are Store
    Credit Only. Checks WILL NOT be mailed without a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Additional Terms
 The Store is not responsible for damage, loss or theft to any item(s). The consignor should keep items on
   consignment insured by other means, such as home-owners.
 The Store holds the right to terminate this contract or return individual items at anytime for any reason.
 A buyer’s fee of $0.99 is added to each item up to $99.01. For Items priced at $100 and up, the fee is $10.00. This fee
   does NOT affect the agreed upon sale price and does NOT affect the consignor. The fee helps to cover the cost of:
   tags, merchandising, advertising, and credit card fees.
 It is understood that there are no verbal agreements made contrary to this contract, and that any such claim will be
   avoided by signing below and thereby releasing "The Store" of any claim to a verbal contractual agreement. Any
   agreement with "The Store" is reflected in this contract and only this contract. It is also agreed that All Transactions
   and resolutions to any disputes will take place in Kent County, Warwick, RI. By cashing or depositing your check all
   disputes become null and void.
 Cody Inc. may update the terms and conditions of this contract and will dully notify the consignor by posting an
   updated copy of this contract on the website. This contract will be valid for any future consignment, until a new
   contract is offered by "The Store" and then that new contract will be valid from that point forward.
 By uploading account information to the internet consignor info will technically be public, though it will be password-
   protected. Even though Cody Inc. has one of the most secure setups possible, I understand that Cody Inc. cannot
   guarantee that my consignment account information will not be accessible to someone other than a Cody Inc.
   employee or me. You agree that Cody Inc. may upload your consignment account information to the internet so that
   you may access your account information via the internet.



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