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Rift Advance Tactics


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									                                          Rift Advance Tactics
One of the most enticing aspects of Rift: Planes of Telara is the new Soul
system used to help players determine their abilities in their class.
The system essentially works like this. You start the game by choosing a
 Calling – immediately after you start playing, you will receive your
first Soul, a specialization within the Calling that provides you with
certain types of abilities.

For example, if you choose the Mage Calling, you will be able to choose
from options like Warlock, Pyromancer and Necromancer. Each type of Soul
 provides different bonuses to your character, allowing you to deal
different types of damage, and in some cases provide healing or support

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The Callings
There are four callings in Rift – Warrior, Mage, Cleric, and Rogue. Each
 fits a specific generalized role including tanking, DPS, healing and
support. The majority of the roles are related to damage dealing in some
 style or another, but there are a lot of different combinations that
will allow characters to heal themselves or others and to perform crowd

Choosing Your Souls
Throughout the game you’ll be able to unlock various souls in the game –
 each of them linking directly with two other souls. At any given time,
you can have three souls active on your character. Each soul will link
up with specific abilities that then unlock abilities in your Soul’s
tree and root system. Those abilities will compliment each other across
all souls, allowing you to perform a variety of actions depending on
what you want to do in the game.

Furthermore, Rift allows you to purchase extra Soul tree slots. By doing
 this, you can create up to four different layouts for soul trees. This
means, if you unlock all the souls for your Calling (of which there are
more than a dozen), you can create four different combinations of souls,
 allowing you to adapt your gameplay depending on the end-game content
you are playing – PvP, raiding, or solo questing.

Making Your Decisions Count
The thing about the soul system is that you will almost never be able to
 choose just right. With thousands of potential combinations, hundreds
of hybrids you can create, and many more styles of play that will vary
depending on the decisions you make, it’s impossible to get it just
right. But, with practice and a keen eye, you can start tweaking your
character to play as you need them to in the style you enjoy.

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