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					Investing Today
    in the Leaders
  of Tomorrow
                                               An exciting, practical, relevant and cost effective
                                               way of improving your management skills

  Technological advances, dynamic markets, new forms of competition,
  globalisation, economic downturns and climate change bring with them
  challenging pressures and opportunities for managers who have the tools
  to capitalise on them. Manager's Toolkit gives you the means to utilise
  these new opportunities and overcome the associated challenges.

What is Manager’s Toolkit?                     Who is it for?                                    The Organization –
Organizations today are faced with an          • Experienced managers in the private,            How you benefit?
ambiguous and challenging environment            public and voluntary sectors.                   • Build skills and confidence for well
where their key competitive advantages are                                                         rounded managers.
managers confident in their management         • Specialist managers who would like a
skills.                                          broader management outlook.                     • Practical modules maximize the learning
                                                                                                   impact and help embed knowledge in the
Manager's Toolkit is a unique programme        • Busy managers who do not have the time
that combines functional, behavioural and        or inclination to commit to an accredited
people skills in a practical way ensuring        programme.                                      • Choose the modules that work best for
managers fulfil their leadership potential.                                                        the individual and the organization.
                                               • Individuals who want to learn and apply
We encourage managers to challenge their
                                                 practical management and people skills.         • Creating more effective managers with
thinking, update them on cutting edge
management knowledge and facilitate                                                                greater self belief and self confidence.
                                               The Manager – How you benefit?
networking and learning from peers in other
sectors/industries.                            • Managers have the time and space for            Why is Manager’s Toolkit
                                                 critical reflection.                            different?
Who are we?                                                                                      • Flexible Programme – with Manager's
                                               • Managers have the opportunity to use
Bradford University School of                    their experience and intuition in a risk free     Toolkit you can choose to attend any
Management – THE NATURAL CHOICE                  setting.                                          combination of the eleven modules. The
FOR EXECUTIVE EDUCATION.                                                                           choice is yours and determined by
                                               • Managers benefit by networking with               business need. If all eleven modules are
The UK’s longest established university          fellow managers from a wide range of              completed you will receive a certificate.
based business school, with over 40 years        sectors.
experience providing business education,                                                         • All courses encourage practical
we consistently rank as a top ten UK, top      • Managers leave with greater self belief           application of content and skills learned.
20 European and top 55 global school.            and self confidence.                              After each course managers can
                                                                                                   consolidate, relate and evaluate learning
Our academics are at the forefront of their    • Managers are taken out of their comfort           back in the workplace.
disciplines with hands-on experience of          zone for creative and innovative thinking
solving real business issues with national                                                       • Leadership – Functional learning on its
and international organizations. Our tutors    • Opens up your career horizons with a              own is not enough to be a good manager
have substantial experience of developing        wider management outlook                          – interpersonal skills can be the crucial
leaders and managers at all levels and                                                             difference between a successful
ensuring that the learning experience is       • New skills in different behavioural and
                                                                                                   organization and one that fails. We will
lively, relevant and jargon-free. The tutors     functional areas.
                                                                                                   use your experience and develop your
understand that people learn in different                                                          capabilities to bridge the gap between
ways and offer flexible learning processes                                                         your personal development and
encompassing lectures, group work,                                                                 effectiveness as a leader. Manager’s
videos, role plays, question and answer                                                            Toolkit helps you build people who will
sessions, case studies and business                                                                build your business.

Managing Innovation

// Never before in history has innovation offered
promise of so much to so many in so short a time. //
– Bill Gates

  For those who see the opportunities of tomorrow today.
  In today’s fast-moving business environment, successful organizations anticipate and create opportunities, are
  flexible and act quickly and effectively for better business decisions. Improve your business performance
  through innovation management tools. Gain clarity on strategically important ideas that add value to your
  competitive position. Overcome the barriers/limitation to the innovation process.

Who’s it for?                                  • Making it happen – barriers to innovation,    What makes this Toolkit course
                                                 managing change and overcoming the            special?
Managers and directors who want to better
manage their innovation strategy and their                                                     • To enhance knowledge and
ability to develop successful                                                                    understanding all delegates will role play
                                               How will I benefit?
products/services. This course is suitable                                                       challenging scenarios on:
for any manager looking to find                • Understand the key issues in managing
                                                 innovation in manufacturing, service and        • A live future thinking case study outside
innovative/creative solutions and
                                                 not-for-profit organizations                      the organization
transforming them into greater productivity
and profitability.                                                                               • A business issue (opportunity/threat)
                                               • Be introduced to a series of creativity and       for the organization
What does this course cover?                     innovation tools that will change the way
                                                 you think                                       • An issue affecting your own role
Successful managers need to embrace
change, encourage creative thinking and        • Have the opportunity to learn to use the      • Gain more confidence in dealing with the
manage the innovation process to bring           new tools in practice                           ambiguous and the uncertain
successful products/services to market
before the competition.                        • Be able to apply the tools to create a        • The inspirational surroundings of the
                                                 NEW innovative innovation programme             Heaton Mount Executive Education
This course will help you develop an             for your organization                           Centre will stimulate your creativity and
innovation strategy and ensure your                                                              give you new perspective.
organization embraces innovation for           • Set a clear direction through the
business success. You will learn how to          development of an innovation strategy
eliminate the barriers to innovation, how to     that focuses on creating breakthrough           - Fee= £635 – Includes all tuition,
set an innovation agenda and start the           products and services that bring                  course materials, lunch and
process of developing cutting edge               sustainable competitive advantage                 refreshments.
products/services for business growth.
                                               • Apply the techniques to real business           - Duration= 2 days
• The "innovation process"                       problems to develop an understanding of
                                                 their effectiveness.                            - Dates= 25 – 26 May 2010
• The four main types of innovation:
  product, service, process and business       How will my business benefit?
                                               • Changing the organizational culture so it
• Key aspects of managing innovation:            encourages creativity and innovation
  • Developing an innovation strategy          • Determine current performance levels
  • Developing winning ideas                     and learn how to create a more
                                                 innovative organization
  • Building an innovative organization
                                               • A focus on delivering innovative new
• Determining performance - the innovation       products and services.

 Why is Manager’s
 Toolkit different?
   Flexible Programme - You
   choose to attend 1, 5 or any
   combination of all 11 modules.
   If all eleven modules are
   completed you receive a
   Bradford University certificate.

   All courses encourage practical
   application of skills learned.
   After each course managers
   consolidate, relate and evaluate
   learning back into the workplace.

   Leadership - Functional learning
   on its own is not enough to be a
   good manager - interpersonal
   skills can be the crucial
   difference between a successful
   organization and one that fails.
   Manager's Toolkit helps you
   build people who will build your

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