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As with any MMO, there are a number of issues that Rift’s dedicated
players will run into. As a player of the hottest new MMO on the market,
 here are three things you will likely need to deal with and how you can
 best take care of them before they really dig into your play time.

1.      Making Platinum
Making platinum is tough at first. You’ll have a hard time coming up
with the 2 pieces you need by level 20 for your first mount and the rest
 you’ll need by level 30 and 40 to start upgrading your gear and other
items. However, with a little careful planning, you’ll be well prepared
for anything the game has to throw at you starting at level 1. Make sure
 you choose two or even three gathering professions from the get go.

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This will allow you to make gold and platinum as you level without
having to look for it. You can also start using the auction house to
sell your drops like scrolls and the ore and plants you gather. The
sooner you start loading up on the professions that will be used at
level 50 the better you’ll do.

2.       Building a Good Team
A good team will be the core of any good player. You cannot be the best
in Rift without joining up with fellow players who can keep pace with
you. This is a multiplayer game after all. If you do not yet have any
fellow players on your side, start running Rifts whenever you see one
forming. These are great ways to meet new players.

You can also meet new players on forums on the official rift website or
on sites like the Telarapedia on Wikia. There are thousands of players
who also need a good group to rely on for their weekly raiding and PvP
runs – use those resources to find them.

3.       Levelling Speed
Leveling in a game like Rift is not easy. Nor is it hard though if you
know where to go and when to go there. Questing should be your primary
form of levelling. However, whenever you see a Rift, you should take
advantage of it as soon as possible and gain the XP that it provides.
PvP Warfronts and dungeons also provide XP, so there is no reason you
should ever have to grind mindlessly on mobs to level up.

Rift is a fantastic game and a big time competitor to games like World
of Warcraft with their relatively simple gameplay style. However, if you
 want to be truly successful in the game, you must start establishing
strategy early and be willing to work hard to meet new people, make
platinum and level up fast. Do those three things and you’ll be set by
level 50.

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