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Every MMO is built around one single idea – group play. The idea is that you
join up with other players and take on the top level content in the game
 so that you can destroy your enemies at top speed. That goes doubly so
for Rift which has quite a few group moments for you to enjoy. There are
 Rifts, PvP matches and end-game instances that allow you to join up
with other players and for that you need a good group.

What You’ll Be Playing
In Rift, there are three primary areas where you will need a group.
Those areas include:

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•        PvP – PvP comes in two forms – either world PvP or Warfronts. In world
 PvP, you’re on your own, but in Warfronts, you can bring other players
in with you and take on opponents in goal based combat. The better
groups will be those that communicate effectively and build a strong
long terms strategy.

•         Rifts – Technically you can complete rifts with any players in your
vicinity and they will scale to match the level and skill of your
players. However, if you want to be truly effective in these types of
combat, you need a group with which you can freely communicate and
develop rapport. To do that, you need a guild with players that can join
 up and really push the game to its limits when a rift goes live.

•         Dungeons and Raids – There are 5 person dungeons and 10 and 20 person
raids in the game that require you to put together a strong contingent
of players. Because the Soul system creates such diversity in the player
 makeups, your goal should be to choose players that fit general roles
like tanking, healing and damage. Each dungeon team needs one healer and
 one tank and should include at least one hybrid who can do anything on
the field. In raids, the makeup will depend more on skill and the bosses
 you are facing.

Creating a Guild
Finding a few good players with which you can team up and play the game
is one thing, but the best way to really take on everything Rift has to
offer is to create a guild. A guild gives you a number of extra benefits
 including in game resources at the bank and auction house, easier chat
resources, and a chance to meet up easily through guild meeting tools.

Like any MMO, your success will ultimately depend on your team’s ability
 to communicate and work together. Start on that now and you’ll be well
ahead of your opponents every step of the way – even in the strictest
and toughest PvP brackets.

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