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 The JOY
 His Spectrum
 Lifestyle Program

 Medicine (CAM)
 Medicine                            March 2011   1
    Restore energy
    with                  natural
    For decades, Americans have increasingly turned to “alternative” forms of medicine and natural treatments.
    They have sought help for all kinds of diseases and conditions that were not helped by traditional Western medicine, which is
    often characterized by surgery and narcotics.

    Lemire Clinic focuses on “functional natural medicine,” which does not rely only on invasive procedures or drugs. It combines
    modern science with ancient healing wisdom from different parts of the world, including traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

    At Lemire Clinic, we combine various natural therapies with safe, proven medical treatment to help remove stress, reduce
    pain and anxiety, manage symptoms and promote well-being. Using these non-traditional pain management techniques and
    detoxification therapies, we can cleanse the body of chemical, heavy-metal and environmental toxins. We have successfully
    reduced pain and symptoms and improved the overall condition for many patients.

    •	 Physician	Assisted	Heavy	Metal	        •	 Electrical	Dermal	Screening             •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy
       Detoxification                         •	 Hydrogen	Peroxide	Therapy               •	 Colon	Hydrotherapy
    •	 Bio-Identical	Hormone	                 •	 Prolotherapy                            •	 Microdermabrasion	Patient	
       Replacement	Therapy                    •	 Far	Infrared	Sauna	Therapy                 Information
    •	 Ionic	Foot	Bath	Detoxification	        •	 Live	Blood	Analysis                     •	 Voice	Mapping/Emotional	
       Therapy                                •	 Occupational	Therapy                       Clearing	Technique

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Williams Chiropractic, P.A.
                     & Acupuncture
                       Dr. John A. Williams, DC, FIAMA
                   An integrated holistic approach to health

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                                                  ~ Features ~
Natural Awakenings is your guide to nutrition,
fitness, personal growth, sustainable building,
“green” living, organic food, Buy Local, the
Slow Food and Slow Money movements,
creative expression, wholistic health care,
and products and services that support a
                                                 13   St. Patrick’s Day Recipe: Colcannon
healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.             by Clark Dougherty

                 Publisher                       14   Chelation Therapy: Whole-Body Detox
       Carolyn Rose Blakeslee, Ocala                  by Lee Walker
              Managing Editor
              Clark Dougherty                    15   Lead Poisoning?
                    Editors                           by Dr. James Lemire, M.D.
              Sharon Bruckman
             S. Alison Chabonais                 16   Natural Horse: Alternative Therapies for Horses
                Kim Marques                           by Michelle Schoffro Cook
                Linda Sechrist
            Design + Production                  18   Diet Detox
           Stephen Gray-Blancett                      by Ann Louise Gittleman
           Carolyn Rose Blakeslee
                                                      A good spring cleaning flushes out fat and toxins
                Contact Us
                                                 19   Exercise Detox
            Call: 352-629-4000                        by Annie Bond
Mail to: P.O. Box 1140, Anthony, FL 32617             Six ways to burn calories and clean out your system
            Fax: 352-351-5474
  Visit:             20   Five Steps to Better Health
                 Subscriptions                        by Marco Visscher, Ursula Sautter, Carmel Wroth
Mailed subscriptions are available for $36/           How integrative medicine can make health care
   year. Digital is free. Pick up the printed
                                                      simpler, more effective and more affordable
   version at your local health food stores,
area Publix and Sweetbay stores, and other
 locations—that’s free, too. Locations listed
                                                 23   The Joy of Health
online at                by April Thompson
                                                      A conversation with Dr. Dean Ornish on lifestyle
Natural Awakenings Gainesville/Ocala/
The Villages/Mt. Dora/Leesburg/Clermont               changes that foster well-being
is published every month in full color.
20,000 copies are distributed to health food     24   Consciousness Cleanse: 3 weeks to a better future
stores, public libraries, Publix and Sweetbay         by Michelle Schoffro Cook
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and other locations throughout North Central
                                                 25   Gardening in March
                                                      by Jo Leyte-Vidal
Natural Awakenings cannot be responsible for
the products or services herein. To determine
whether a particular product or service is
                                                 26   Yin & Tonic: My Heaven
appropriate for you, consult your family              by Melody Murphy
physician or licensed wholistic practitioner.

Copyright ©2011 Natural Awakenings. All rights   30   Qigong and Tumo Breathing: Internal Heat
reserved.                                             by Jeff Primack
                                                      Accelerating metabolism and healing
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April Issue: Natural Foods

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                                                              ers to live a simpler life. Sometimes I need instruction on
                                                              my personal well being. I look to your magazine to both
        To be a sponsor in this                               learn and find comfort and I enjoy this kind of support.”
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NATIoNAl mArkeTs
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                                                              Carolyn                                                                      March 2011              7
                                                           Take a Stand Against Biotech Bullies

                                                 E   arly this year, the Obama
                                                     administration approved
                                                 three genetically modified or-
                                                                                                          quences, including genetic
                                                                                                          contamination. Instead, the
                                                                                                          Obama administration should
                                                 ganism (GMO) crops— Mon-                                 be forging progress in making
                                                 santo’s Roundup Ready alfalfa                            agriculture more sustainable
                                                 and sugar beets and Syngenta’s                           and encouraging farmers to
                                                 amylase corn to produce etha-                            convert to organic farming
                                                 nol. Food Democracy Now,                                 practices.
                                                 a grassroots community for                                 Join with 50 million organic
                                                 a sustainable food system, is                            consumers who daily take a
                                                 circulating an online petition objecting         stand for their right to know what is
                                                 to these decisions that support biotech.         in their food and how it’s produced.
                                                      Dozens of large food manufactur-            Tell President Obama to instruct the
                                                 ers and farm, food and agricultural              U.S. Department of Agriculture to ban
                                                 organizations, both conventional and             planting of these GMOs.
                                                 organic, are on board in opposing
                                                 these lab-engineered food products for           Sign the petition at Action.
                                                 a variety of reasons such as unknown   

    T    he Ocala/Marion County Chamber of
         Commerce is proud to announce the
    first annual Health and Wellness Exposi-
                                                 health and environmental conse-                  go/347?akid=298.238135.FB4IuF&t=7.

    tion on Saturday, March 12, 2011, from         Reeser’s Nutrition Center, Inc. /
    10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at the Paddock
    Mall, 3100 S.W. College Road, Ocala.           Do you suffer from any of                        Free Initial Consultation with
                                                   the following symptoms?                          CNHP. Offering:
    The purpose of the event is to increase        l A.D.D.            Cirrhosis of the Liver
                                                                       l                            l   Nutritional Analysis   l   Enzyme Therapy
    the awareness of all forms of healthcare       l Parasites         Immune Disorder
                                                                       l                            l Adrenal/Thyroid          l Blood Analysis

    and healthy living opportunities available     l Sinusitis       l Impotence/Prostrate          l   Metabolic DHEA         l AlkalineWater
                                                   l Candidiasis     l Chronic Fatigue Syndrome     l REAMS Analysis             Hair Analysis
    in Marion County. From health and well-
                                                   l Crohn’s Disease l Osteoporosis/Arthristis      l Oral Chelation           l Weight Loss
    ness providers to nutritionists, fitness        l Substance Abuse l Menopausal Syndrome          l Gluten Free Foods        l Homeopathic
    experts and insurance carriers, a variety      l Insomnia        l Multiple Sclerosis           l Hormone Testing          l Saliva Test
                                                   l Fibromyalgia    l High Blood Pressure          l Detoxification            l Drug Tests
    of areas of interest will be showcased at      l Shingles        l Irritable Bowel Syndrome     l Vitamins / Herbals       l BMI Analysis
    the event.
                                                              15% Every Day Discounts on Vitamin Supplements (Restrictions Apply)
    For more information, contact Miranda                           3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala / 732-0718 / 351-1298
    Anderson at 352-629-8051, ext. 106.

                                                                             Hypknow Inc.
                                                             Change happens at the speed of thought.
                                                            Does your mind have unlimited POWER?
                                                       If it did, how would your life be different NOW?
    P LA T I N U M S P O N S O R :
                                                              Dare to imagine! NOW it’s up to you.
                                                                           1515 E Silver Springs Blvd. #118-7
                                                                                   Ocala, FL 34470
                                                                  / 352-622-2357

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Nature’s Cure
Monarch Butterfly Behavior
Hints of Self-Medication

A     s with many species, Monarch
      butterflies’ bright coloring warns
predators of the insects’ potential
toxicity. Biologists have discovered
that female Monarchs infected with
a particularly noxious parasite will
choose to lay their eggs on a more
toxic version of milkweed, their
basic food foliage, which works to
reduce pass-along parasite infection
in their offspring and is harmless to
the larvae.
      “These experiments provide
the best evidence to date that ani-
mals use medication,” says Jaap de
Roode, the biologist who led the
Emory University study. Some scien-
tists theorize that animals’ practice
of self-doctoring by using nature’s
medicine cabinet may be more
widespread than we realize.

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 10 Point Inspection $29.95         water systems. An all American made product,      l Chlorine        l Odor
                                    since 1925. We build over 70% of all softeners,   l Sulfur          l Iron
 3 Check timer settings              conditioners and refiners worldwide. So cut      l Arsenic         l Nitrates
 3 Check bypass value
                           L TOD NO        out the middle man and call us!            l Hardness & More
 3 Check salt level     CAL REE “ ”
 3 Check brining system   RF     ON
                           FO    IGATI
                            OBL ATER ! WATER
 3 Check control valve
 3 Check float                    W      IS
                                     LYS    SYSTEMS
 3 Check for salt bridge         ANA
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 3 Check tubing                             Starting
 3 Check unit                               at $9.95                                      A Berkshire Hathaway Company
 We Service All Makes and Models            per month                                 352-401-1818 Marion County
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   Proudly serving Marion, Citrus, Lake,             352-373-5600 Alachua County
       Sumter and Alachua Counties              0% Interest Same as Cash 48 Months
                                                                                      866-248-9939 Statewide                                                                         March 2011              9
EcoTip                                                           n Line paint trays with plastic bags
                                                                 before pouring in paint for easy
                                                                 n Substitute twisted bags for rope or
Retail Solutions                                                 plastic zip ties.
Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle Plastic Bags                        n Keep bags in the trunk of the car
                                                                 for emergencies.

S  tudies tell us that plastic grocery bags consume less en-
   ergy to produce, transport and recycle than paper grocery
sacks. The problem is that the vast majority of them do not
                                                                 n Reuse plastic grocery bags as small
                                                                 trash-can liners.
                                                                 n Keep plastic grocery bags in the
get recycled. This modern “urban tumbleweed” clogs our           diaper bag.
gutters, kills wildlife and makes the world less beautiful.      n Donate bags to local libraries, thrift
Worldwatch Institute estimates that people in the U.S. throw     stores and daycare centers.
away 100 billion plastic shopping bags every year. Here are      n For travel, wrap a plastic bag around the toiletry bag to
some ways to prevent that.                                       contain spills.
                                                                 n Tie bags around both feet to keep shoes clean when tra-
n Bring reusable totes and plastic bags to stores.               versing a muddy area.
n Go through self-checkout to add more items to each bag.        n Protect work surfaces with plastic bags when doing messy
n Use a plastic grocery bag to clean up behind the dog and       crafts.
scoop out the litter box.                                        n Make recycled fabric tubes stuffed with plastic bags to
n Donate bags to a local dog park and animal shelter.            block drafts and save energy.
n Wrap homemade bread in a clean plastic grocery bag to          n Cut the bags into loops and knot them together into
keep it fresh.                                                   plastic “yarn,” to make braided rugs, woven baskets and
n Reuse plastic bags to pack lunches.                            crocheted bags.
n Line a cutting board for easy cleanup of messy jobs; collect   n Support companies that use recycled plastic, from makers
vegetable shavings.                                              of handmade African crafts to designer chairs and compos-
n Use plastic bags as packing material, instead of Styrofoam     ite decking.
packing peanuts.
                                                                 Source: Adapted from

           Ocala Integrated Medical Services
                          “A New Vision in Primary Care”
    Do you feel lost in the shuffle when you see your doctor?
    Does your doctor really listen to you and identify your needs?
                                                     If not, call Ocala Integrated Medical Services
                                                     and experience the difference where you are
                                                     not a number, but a person who comes first.
                                                     Ocala Integrated Medical Services brings you
                                                     the very best in:
                                                     u Traditional Primary Care Physicians Services u Pain Management
                                                     u Chelation Therapy u Chiropractic u Acupuncture u Biofeedback
                                                     u Clinical Massage Therapy u Nutritional Counseling u Hypnotherapy
                                                     u Iridology u Herbals and Homeopathics u Naturopathic Physician

    Call   352 854-0710 for an appointment today and begin your journey to better health.
     Let us be your first choice, not your last resort.
              3301 SW 34th Circle, Suite 203 • Ocala, FL
10                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                                                                                    Intuitive Touch Reiki and
              SANDRA WILSON                                                                                  Massage Therapy
          Meridian Tapping Technique
                                                                                                Specializing in Therapeutic/medical and
           A positive change is a tap away!                                                          relaxation massage, intuitive Reiki
          After you’ve tried everything else...                                                         sessions and lymphatic drainage
          Changing Habits & Limiting Beliefs                                                                        1294 SE 24th Road
                                                                     Susan Domfort LMT/COTA
            Removing Guilt, Anger & Fear                                                                                Ocala, Florida
                                                                     Licensed Massage Therapist,                        352-804-7617
           Evenings & Saturdays, by appt.                            Reiki Master Teacher and
              Phone sessions available                               Certified in Holistic Manual        Now accepting PIP and BC/BS
         352-454-8959/                           Lymphatic Drainage                       insurance for medically
                                                                     MA #53889 MM #22664                          necessary massage.

                                         Mosswood Farm Store
                                         703 NE Cholokka Blvd
                                         Micanopy, FL 32667
                                         (352) 466-5002
                                  Located in                          Breakfast & Lunch
                                                                     Six Gun Plaza                           Mon.-Sat., 8-3
 Organic coffee and pastries,
                                                                     4901 E. Silver                         Family-Owned
 sustainable living books and
                                                                     Springs Blvd., Ocala              Nutrition Classes
 earth friendly supplies, crafts,
                                                                     352-236-0046                         Home Cooking
 soaps, homemade bread, much
                                                                     Local Healthy Food               Join the Lunch Club
 more. Open every day 10-6.

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         We don’t just talk about the environment—
                        We respect it.
     At Natural Awakenings, we know the cost of glossy coatings on a magazine’s pages:
     n 33-54% increase in energy consumption, wastewater, air pollution emissions, solid waste
     n Coated paper is very difficult to recycle (the quantity of waste clay coating removed nearly
        equals that of the usable paper fiber)
     n The sealant coating/varnish commonly contains volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
     n Inks that often contain heavy metals and VOCs
     n Higher costs to print, resulting in higher costs for advertisers
     —Sources: Buy Recycled Business Alliance; Turning the Page by the PAPER Project
     partnership; Magazine PAPER Project (

     For more information, visit

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12                                            Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                       by a Cook Named Clark from the Clan of County Cork
                                              a.k.a. Clark Dougherty
 Contrary to myth, corned beef and cabbage is not the quintessential St. Patrick’s Day meal. Nor does an
 Irish seven-course meal consist of a boiled potato and a six-pack of stout. Irish food is earthy, using root
 vegetables, sausages, pork, mutton, fish,soda breads, grains and potatoes. The recipe I’m sharing is for Colcannon,
 a potato dish that comes in as many forms as there are O’ names from my ancestral land.
      This particular recipe uses bacon and scallions, which are not in the original and ancient version. The original dish
 is intended to be a color contrast of white (clouds), green (grass), and gold (sun) represented by the potatoes, kale and
 butter. Make it your own. Go vegetarian and omit the bacon/ham. Or go more traditional and use sliced Irish sausages
 instead of bacon. Substitute green peas for the cabbage/kale. Replace the scallions with lightly sautéed sweet onions.
 Halve the cabbage/kale and add fennel for the other half. Add thinly-sliced carrots to the mixture, or thick-sliced,
 cooked carrots. Use your own imagination and creativity. But most of all, enjoy this tasty and versatile dish, compli-
 ments of a cook named Clark from the ancient O’Dougherty clan of County Cork.

 Ingredients                              Directions                                                Serving (6 servings)
 D 2 pounds peeled and quartered          D Cook thin-sliced bacon; drain; pat dry;                 D Spoon a mounded portion onto plate;
   russet potatoes OR 2 pounds red          dice. OR, chop ham into 1/4” cubes.                       make a well on top, adding a pat of
   potatoes, unpeeled and quartered       D Blanch cabbage/kale in boiling                            butter in the well. Serve at once.
 D 4 cups coarse shredded green             salted water 3-4 min.; drain; pat dry.                  D Option 2: Plate atop soda bread and
   cabbage or curly kale                  D Boil potatoes in salted water until
                                                                                                      add chopped parsley or fresh dill garni.
                                            folk-tender. Drain.
 D 2/3 cup light cream or half & half                                                               D Option 3: Go trendy upscale; mound
                                          D Mash potatoes by hand in large bowl;
 D 3 scallions (green onions), sliced       beat in cream until smooth (not soupy).                   into soup crocks, add a pat of butter
 D 3 pieces thick-sliced bacon            D Transfer to large cooking pan; low heat;                  to well/indention, crumble Irish
   OR 1/2 cup ham                           stir in cabbage/kale, melted butter,                      cheese on top, drizzle with truffle oil,
 D 1/4 cup melted butter                    scallions; add bacon/ham; blend until                     put the crocks on a baking sheet for 4
 D Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste     hot; salt/papper to taste.                                minutes in a 325 oven.

                                 Clark                   D o u g h e rt y
                   therapeutic Massage Clinic                                                                                      MM 9718

                                             Relieve tension headaches and eye strain.

        Did you know?                        Relax spasmodic muscles and prevent atrophy due to illness or injury.
                                             Increase joint flexibility and/or range of motion.
                                             Improve circulation, cleansing the body.
                        therapeutic          Improve posture by stretching chronically tight muscles.
                        massage can:         Promote deep relaxation and stress reduction.
                                             Provide healthier and better nourished skin.

                                 for pre-purchase five or more sessions
                                  PIP, WorkComp, Group and Private Insurance* accepted
                                       Physician and Chiropractor referrals accepted

                            850 NE 36th Terrace, Suite A, Ocala FL 34470
                                             352-694-7255 By Appointment Only
                                                       *Group/Private Insurance policies that cover massage therapy                                                                                           March 2011             13

                                            offers Whole-Body Detox
                                            by lee Walker

                                                     r. Jeffrey Morrison, founder of The Morrison Cen-
                                                     ter in New York, serves on the board of directors
                                                     of the American Academy for the Advancement
                                            of Medicine, or ACAM (formerly American Academy of
                                            Medical Preventics). This leading authority and educator of
                                            physicians and health care providers on the proper use of
                                            chelation therapy first advises, “The accumulation of toxic
                                            metals in the body’s tissues can lead to elevated blood
                                            pressure, the risk of heart disease and neuro-degenerative
                                            conditions.” Then Morrison points to accumulating case
                                            studies that prove the relationship.
                                                 A family history of heart disease led Gary Gallo, a
                                            medical doctor with the Chelation Center of Naples, to use
                                            chelation therapy to reduce his own high mercury levels.
                                            “Mercury attacks the nervous system, kidneys and heart,”
                                            notes Gallo. He explains that the presence of heavy metals
                                            in the body helps free radicals to form. This can lead to the
                                            buildup of plaque in the arteries, as well as irregularities in
                                            heart rhythm, arthritis-like joint pain, chronic fatigue, motor
     For the past 50 years, more than a     dysfunction and the decline of mental acuity.
                                                 A recommended series of 30 treatments, which can
     million patients have undergone        only be administered by a physician, is accompanied by
                                            comprehensive testing before, during and after chelation.
     chelation therapy for a wide range     “Many people show improvement with 20 treatments,”
                                            comments Diana Smith, a registered nurse with the Chela-
     of circulatory problems. Yet, at       tion Center of Naples. “When they feel the difference,
     present, the U.S. Food and Drug        patients go on for another 10 or more treatments.”
                                                 It’s uplifting for health care practitioners to see patients
     administration only approves           who formerly had to pop nitro pills to walk from the park-
                                            ing lot to the doctor’s office, undergo treatment and reduce
     the therapy for treatment of           their nitro intake to once a week. Smith has also witnessed
                                            the improvement of patients, who prior to chelation, could
     heavy metal poisoning. What do         barely walk because of poor circulation. After treatments,
                                            some took up walking one to two miles daily.
     these patients know that officials          Chelation therapy’s long and varied history began in
     have yet to understand?                1893, when French-Swiss chemist Alfred Werner developed
                                            the theory of coordination compounds, known today as
                                            chelates. Chelation (key-layshun) derives from the Greek
                                            chele, meaning to claw. Chelating agents are substances

14                                    Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
that can chemically bond with toxic minerals, metals and        Health, have launched the Chelation Therapy Study. It’s the
chemicals within the body. They encircle and carry away         first large-scale, multi-center study to determine the efficacy
the unwanted matter from the body via excretion. Werner         of EDTA chelation therapy and/or high-dose vitamin/mineral
received the Nobel Prize for his work in 1913 and went on       supplements in the treatment of individuals with coronary
to establish the science of chelation chemistry.                artery disease.
      Germany put Werner’s discovery to use in the manufac-            Michael Loquasto, a doctor of naturopathy, practices
ture of industrial paints, which required the elimination of    chelation therapy at the Borton Medical Center in Allen-
heavy metals. Rather than be dependent upon imported citric     town, Pennsylvania. “I prefer to call the therapy a vitamin
acid for their manufacturing process, the German chemists       cocktail,” says Loquasto, “because we add vitamins C and
invented a safe amino acid known as ethylenediamine tetra-      B6, along with magnesium and calcium.”
acedic acid (EDTA), now also used in chelation therapy.                Loquasto, who invented oral chelation, believes that
      Further experimentation and research into this science    physicians should not limit chelation to detoxification.
from the 1940s to the 1980s led to the application of EDTA      Rather, “It can help any health condition,” he says, “since it
and chelation therapy in the treatment of individuals who       increases circulation, which naturally offers more healthful
had an accumulation of toxic metals, such as mercury and        oxygen to all parts of the body.”
lead, in their body. It employs an intravenous infusion that
may, according to an individual’s needs, include vitamins,      RESOURCES:
magnesium and a saline solution. Remarkably, the only side      n Gainesville Holistic Center, Hanoch Talmor, M.D. 4140
effects that these early patients experienced were positive:    NW 27th Ln., Suite C, Gainesville, 352-377-0015, www.
relief from arteriosclerosis, chest pains, arthritis, memory See ad, p 22 and 32.
loss and the inability to concentrate.                          n Lemire Clinic, James Lemire, M.D. 11115 SW 93rd Court
      The news eventually made its way into medical jour-       Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.LemireClinic.
nals. By 1973, ACAM was formed to educate physicians            com. See ad, p 2.
in the uses of EDTA chelation therapy in the treatment of       n Life Family Practice Center, Nelson Kraucak, M.D., 1501
cardiovascular disease.                                         U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages, 352-750-4333, www.
      Today, the National Center for Complementary and Al- See ad, p 12 and 32.
ternative Medicine and the National Heart, Lung and Blood       n Ocala Integrated Medicine, Gene Serra, M.D. 3301 SW
Institute, both components of the National Institutes of        34th Cir., Suite 203, Ocala, 352-854-0710. See ad, p 10.

  Lead Poisoning May be Causing Your Health Problems
  by James Lemire, M.D.

  W      e are too heavy—and I don’t mean overweight. We’re heavy with metals, not fat. Nearly 40 percent of us have
         toxic levels of lead in our bodies, and don’t even know it. That doesn’t mean we don’t have symptoms.
       You may have headaches, insomnia, irritability, a low sex drive, or tremors. You may have mood problems, nausea,
  depression, memory difficulties, trouble concentrating, poor coordination, or even constipation. Yet most of us attribute
  these symptoms to other problems. We don’t recognize that they may be caused by lead poisoning.
       In a study published in 2006 in the conservative medical journal Circulation, nearly 40 percent of all Americans
  are estimated to have blood levels of lead high enough to cause serious health problems.
       The researchers found that the risk of death from all causes in people with high levels of lead increased by 25%,
  deaths from heart disease increased by 55%, risk of heart attacks increased by 151%, and risk of stroke increased by
       High lead may also be responsible for kidney failure as well. A study in The New England Journal of Medicine
  found that using chelation therapy with EDTA to reduce lead levels in patients with kidney failure could prevent further
  loss of kidney function, save billions in healthcare costs, and eliminate the need for dialysis in millions of people.

  The Lemire Clinic can test for lead toxicity. They can be reached at 352-291-9459.

  * Mark Hyman, M.D., Menke, A., Muntner, .P, Batumen, V., et al. (2006). Blood lead below 0.48 micromol/L (10 mi-
  crog/dL) and mortality among US adults. Circulation. 114(13):1388-94.
  * Lin, J.L., Lin-Tan, D.T.,Hsu, K.H., and C.C. Yu (2003) Environmental lead exposure and progression of chronic renal
  diseases in patients without diabetes. New England Journal of Medicine. 348(4):277-86.                                                                         March 2011             15
                 Alternative Therapies
                      for Horses
                                     by Alycin Hayes

          orses are extremely sensitive         your horse is telling you something is
          creatures. Whether we listen          wrong. It may be you are simply applying
          or not, they are always talking       too much pressure or using the wrong
to us, occasionally with their voice,           brush, or he may be telling you he has an
but primarily through body language             injury or tight muscle.
and touch. The next time you groom                   On the other hand, if your horse
your horse, watch and listen.                   quietly lowers his head, dozes off,
     If your horse flattens his ears to his     licks, chews, yawns, sighs, rests a leg,
head, bares his teeth, angrily stamps his       passes gas, or you hear rumbling in         As Alycin massages her patient, notice
feet, swishes his tail or tries to walk away,   his stomach, these are signs that your      the many signs of relaxation: lowered
                                                horse is enjoying your grooming.            head, calm and nearly drowsy eyes,
                                                     We all want our horses to be           mildly interested ears, and chewing.
                                                pain-free and relaxed. A relaxed horse      Photo by Wendy Webb.
                                                performs better and is less spooky. There
                                                are several integrative and preventive
                                                methods of alternative therapy that can
                                                be used on horses to achieve these          correct remedies for horses. Even the
                                                goals. Many of the alternative therapy      Royal Veterinary College of Veterinary
                                                methods we use on humans also work          Medicine acknowledges the validity
                                                well for our equine friends.                of the use of dowsing. Naturally
                                                                                            occurring healing crystals, like all
                                                n ACUPRESSURE/SHIATSU is an                 matter, have energy and are constantly
                                                ancient Asian method that works on          vibrating. Each molecular mass creates
                                                the same principle as acupuncture, but      its own constant vibrating frequency.
                                                without the use of needles. Instead, the    For example, if you play an E on a
                                                pressure points are stimulated with your    piano, the E string on a guitar in the
                                                fingertips by gently touching specific      same room will vibrate in response.
                                                points on the Equine Meridian System.            Not every crystal has the same
                                                Acupressure on horses promotes              effect, because each crystal has its
                                                health and can be used as a preventive      own unique vibration. An experienced
                                                method to relieve muscle spasms and         Equine Crystal Healer will know
                                                strengthen muscles, tendons, joints and     what crystals to use, and for how
                                                bones. Acupressure can also help the        long, based on what the horse tells
                                                horse to naturally release endorphins       her through its body language. For
                                                and innate cortisone which can              example, rose quartz is good for
                                                increase energy, relieve pain, reduce       healing injuries and reducing stress,
                                                inflammation, and increase blood flow       but if the horse reacts with any of the
                                                to an injury to promote healing.            negative responses I mentioned earlier,
                                                                                            it may have had enough—and one
                                                n CRYSTALS are a noninvasive                should slow down or stop the process.
Arguably a horse’s weakest link, the            method of therapy that produce              If the horse reacts with a positive
foot can reveal tremendously valuable           excellent results with horses and have      response, you will know the healing is
clues about the entire horse. Here,             been used since time immemorial             working and you may continue.
Alycin is assessing certain aspects             for healing. For centuries, crystal
of her patient’s condition. Photo by            pendulum dowsing has been used to           n HOMEOPATHY is based on the
Wendy Webb.                                     locate health problems and to find          use of specially prepared, refined

16                                                          Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
high dilutions of natural substances       therapies depending on what you         Alycin Hayes is a certified practitioner
that stimulate a healing response          tell me about your horse and what       of equine body work. She travels
and enhance the horse’s own natural        your horse tells me that it needs and   extensively doing body work on
defenses. It is especially useful in       enjoys through its own distinct body    horses in Canada, Kentucky, Texas and
treating bruises, skin reactions, colic,   language. Always listen to what your    Florida. She has worked on horses
trauma and fright, as well as long-term    horse tells you, and consult with       on the Canadian and U.S. Endurance
equine health care problems.               your veterinarian before using any      equestrian teams. Visit www.
     Homeopathic remedies are              alternative therapy.          
quite specific. For this reason, crystal
dowsing is often combined with
homeopathy to choose the correct
remedy. Homeopathic treatment is
sometimes more subtle or slower than
                                              Homegrown Organics
other conventional medicines, but a
horse’s response can also be rapid in         Organic buying club.
many conditions.                              Start eating right today!
                                              n Fresh organic fruit and veggies
is used all over the world to help            n Organic and free-roaming poultry
horses release tension. The horse is          n Grass-feed beef
gently manipulated into a number of
                                              Doreen, 352-598-4184
different positions and an experienced
practitioner can get an immediate   
release response and subsequently
improved mobility and relaxation.

n MASSAGE can improve a horse’s
performance and efficiency by
increasing mobility and range of
motion. Rhythmic massage causes the
muscles to re-oxygenate and increases
circulation to the area being massaged,
which will speed up the elimination
of toxic wastes from tired muscles
and alleviate muscle tension. Gentle
massage can be very effective on the
poll and other parts of the horse that
are inclined to hold tension. Again,
your horse will tell you via body
language if you are working on the
right spot with the correct pressure.

n REIKI is a noninvasive technique
for stress reduction and relaxation
that also promotes healing. Certified
Reiki healers have been trained and
attuned to use the Reiki method of
energy healing. Reiki can help horses
who have behavioral issues such as
nervousness by helping horses to relax
and reduce their stress and anxiety.
Reiki can also help a sick or injured
horse heal more quickly and is often
a great complement to traditional
veterinary care.

     In my Equine Bodywork practice,
I use an integrated mix of alternative                                                                      March 2011             17
         Diet Detox
                                                                                        cran-water between meals throughout
                                                                                        the day. Mix one ounce of unsweetened
                                                                                        cranberry juice per seven ounces of
                                                                                        pure water. Cranberry helps to bal-
                                                                                        ance pH, suppress hunger and combat
A Good Spring Cleaning Flushes Out Fats and Toxins                                      cellulite and water retention, while
                                                                                        drawing out fatty wastes by targeting
                             by Ann Louise Gittleman                                    lymph (a secondary circulatory system
                                                                                        beneath the skin that works to rid the
                                                                                        body of toxic wastes, bacteria, heavy

       pring—when the                                           toxins are fat-sol-     metals, dead cells, trapped proteins and
       natural world                                            uble and stored in      fat). Sipped daily, this antioxidant- and
       reawakens and                                            body fat, as the fat    phenol-rich elixir works to help reduce
bursts with renewed                                             melts away, the tox-    bloating and melt fat from hips, waist
energy—is an ideal                                              ins are released into   and thighs.
season to clean up our                                          the bloodstream;              Nutrient-rich spring greens like
act. A cleansing diet to                                        this inhibits the       arugula, collard or dandelion greens,
eliminate toxins from                                           production of thyroid   lettuce, parsley, spinach, Swiss chard
our body is as much                                             hormone, with a         and watercress are classic foods used
a rite of spring as                                             resulting metabolic     in a spring detox. Other good choices
sweeping debris from                                            meltdown.               are antioxidant foods that supply
our home. In my nutri-                                                According to      the body with glutathione, the liver’s
tion practice, I have                                           Traditional Chinese     premier antioxidant, also known as,
often seen how after                                            Medicine, spring        “the toxic waste neutralizer,” which is
a sedentary winter of                                           is the season to        vital to organ detoxification. Broccoli
consuming heavier                                               support the prime       sprouts are one of the best sources of
foods, our bodies may be carrying           organs of detoxification—the liver and       glutathione; so is asparagus. Eating
around as much as five to 10 pounds          gallbladder. The liver alone impacts        lightly steamed kale, Brussels sprouts,
of toxic wastes.                            some 400 bodily functions, so it de-        and cabbage can also support the
      While a properly functioning          serves support. The following symp-         liver’s ability to detoxify the body.
human body has its own built-in             toms recommend giving these organs                Finally, eating adequate protein
detoxification system, it can be easily      some special care:                          is essential to ensure that the liver
overwhelmed by today’s proliferation        ■ Chronic tension in neck                   can produce the enzymes it needs to
of environmental toxins. The newest            and shoulders                            break down toxins into water-soluble
environmental assault on the body’s         ■ Sensitivity beneath the rib cage          substances for excretion. Protein plays
detox system is electro-pollution, ac-         (particularly the right side)            a crucial role in tissue growth and
cording to research highlighted in the      ■ Feeling tired and sleepy after eating     healing, strengthening the immune
2007 BioIniative Report, a metastudy        ■ Nausea, especially after eating           system and burning fat. Eat at least 4
of 2,000 peer-reviewed studies com-            fatty foods                              to 6 ounces of wild salmon, free-range
piled by an international group of          ■ Hormonal imbalances with hot              organic poultry or hemp protein each
researchers, scientists and health policy      flashes due to perimenopause              day during detox.
officials.                                      or menopause                                   Choosing a daily dose of high-
      Compounding the problem, Paula        ■ Premenstrual irritability and bloating    quality glutathione-boosting whey
Baillie-Hamilton, a British medical         ■ Light-colored stools                      protein powder or a brown rice/yellow
doctor specializing in human metabo-        ■ Waking between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m.          pea protein powder is another way to
lism, reported in The Journal of Alter-                                                 pump up the detox process.
native and Complementary Medicine           Detox Diet Basics                                 Such spring cleaning can help
that environmental toxins also play                                                     purge our body of toxins and give our
                                                  Start off each morning for two
havoc with our body’s built-in weight                                                   whole system the cleansing boost it
                                            weeks (or up to a maximum of two
regulation system. In short, the more                                                   needs, simultaneously preparing it for
                                            months), with hot lemon water, perhaps
toxic our body becomes, the harder it                                                   even more healthy weight loss in com-
                                            spiced with cinnamon and ginger, for
is to lose weight.                                                                      ing months.
                                            an added metabolic boost. The anti-
                                            oxidant D-limonine in lemon thins           Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D. and certi-
Detox Equals Weight Loss                    bile and is helpful in breaking down        fied nutrition specialist, is an award-
      Clinical research from the Uni-       fat-trapping toxins. Use the juice of one   winning New York Times bestselling
versity of Quebec as far back as 2002       small lemon to eight ounces of warm         author and media expert. Fat Flush for
suggests that toxins slow metabolism.       water.                                      Life is the latest in her book series on
It is widely held that because many               Then, sip a total of 64 ounces of     body detoxification and weight loss.

18                                                      Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                                                                        Life is a song—sing it. Life is a game—
                                                                                        play it. Life is a challenge—meet it.
                                                                                        Life is a dream—realize it. Life is a

                                                                                        sacrifice—offer it. Life is love—enjoy it.
                                                                                        ~ Sai Baba

                                                                                        My mother always used to say, “The
                                                                                        older you get, the better you get, un-
                                                                                        less you’re a banana.” ~ Betty White

                                 Six Ways to Burn Calories                                  Alternative Wholistic
                                                                                                Health Care
                                and Clean Out Your System                                 Michael Badanek, BS, DC, CNS,
                                                                                         DACBN, DCBCN, Board Certified
                                             by Annie B. Bond
                                                                                          in Clinical Nutrition, Certified in
                                                                                        Applied Kinesiology, and Promoter of
                                                                                        Alternative Complementary Medicine.
                                                                                              30 Years of Clinical Practice
                                                                                          Autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease,

      here are as many different types      among participants that exercising at        Autism, ADD/ADHD, Musculoskeletal
      of exercise as there are ways to      a lower intensity for a longer dura-            conditions, Heavy metal toxicity,
      move. Although all types of ex-       tion maximizes the burning of fat and        Cardiovascular and endocrine conditions,
                                                                                             Nutritional deficiencies/testing.
ercise will help to detoxify your body,     releases toxins. Not entirely true. To
some are more beneficial than others.        really rev up metabolism, burn more            Courtesy consultations available
Try one of these; feel better right away.   calories, and keep the fat-burning                     (352) 622-1151
                                            switch turned on longer after an exer-       3391 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite B
Walk This Way                               cise session, try picking up the pace                 Ocala, FL 34470
     Generally speaking, aerobic            for one or more short bursts.      
exercises such as walking, jogging,
cycling and swimming are the most           Make Some Muscle
detoxifying. Walking is hands-down                Strength training is known to boost
the most popular. It is something           natural muscle-making chemicals such
almost everyone can do to get a daily       as human growth hormone and pre-
dose of healthy detoxification.              serve the muscle we have, while also
                                            replacing the muscle tissue we’ve lost.
Jump for Joy                                Lifting weights also helps us shed fat by
     Bouncing on a trampoline, such         simply burning calories. As a bonus, a                “Like” our page
as a mini-tramp or rebounder, is one        calorie-burning metabolism can stay                on Facebook and get
of the best exercises for cleansing and     elevated for up to 48 hours after we’ve
strengthening every cell of the body.
                                                                                             interesting health news
                                            finished lifting.
Experts point out that it is also one of                                                        and event updates.
the best workouts for activating the        Take It Outside                                     Keywords: Natural
lymphatic system.                                When possible, infuse an exer-                     Awakenings
                                            cise routine with fresh air by doing it              Gainesville/Ocala
Let Your Body Flow                          outdoors. When exercising outside, it’s
     For centuries, yoga has been pre-      important that we not add to our toxic
scribed as moving medicine for the          burden by walking or jogging along
immune system. Yoga has been re-            busy roads or highways, because
ported to lower stress hormones that        breathing in chemical-laced exhaust
compromise immunity, while stimu-           nullifies the benefits.
lating the lymphatic system to purge
toxins and bring fresh, nutrient-oxy-       Annie B. Bond is an internationally re-
genated blood to each organ to help         nowned expert on personal detoxifica-
ensure optimum functioning.                 tion and past executive editor of Care2.
                                            com/greenliving, which sourced all
Pick Up the Pace                            health claims in The Purification Plan,            Facebook is a registered trademark
     There’s a longstanding myth            by the editors of Rodale Health Books.                    of Facebook, Inc.                                                                            March 2011                  19
       Five Steps to
Better Health
       How integrative medicine can
       make health care simpler, more
       effective and more affordable.

       by Marco Visscher, Ursula Sautter
       and Carmel Wroth

Suffering from headaches and depression? Don’t
let a doctor put you on drugs; instead, look for
the underlying causes. High cholesterol? Try
the Mediterranean diet, with a glass of organic
red wine a day. The best way to win the war
on cancer? Eat healthy, exercise and develop
an active social life. An increasing number                           Health care costs are continually rising, but people are
                                                                not getting any healthier. Here is a five-point prescription
of physicians are realizing that this type
                                                                for the future of health care that applies the tenets of inte-
of approach, geared to prevention and a                         grative medicine to make today’s health care simpler, more
conservative use of medications and technol-                    effective and more affordable.

ogy, not only increases patients’ vitality, but
                                                                1. Emphasize Illness Prevention
saves lots of money.                                                 About half of all American adults have a chronic ill-
                                                                ness, according to the Partnership for Solutions, a John
                                                                Hopkins University-led initiative to improve care for Ameri-

    n the words of Dr. Dean Ornish, founder and chairman        cans with chronic health conditions. Ornish claims that
    of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute, in Sau-      three-quarters of the more than $2 trillion recently spent
    salito, California, “It is time to change not only who is   on health care in a single year went to treat these kinds of
covered, but also what is covered.” There is an overempha-      conditions, including obesity. “All of these can be not only
sis, he says, on treating symptoms and on the idea that car-    prevented, but even reversed through diet and lifestyle in-
ing for our health is primarily the responsibility of medical   tervention,” he says. “It just seems so obvious to me that this
experts, rather than of individuals themselves.                 is where we should be putting our focus.”
      Zhaoming Chen, a neurologist and chairman of the               There is a long way to go before prevention is on the
American Association of Integrative Medicine, describes the     national agenda. While prevention is indeed better than
way things currently work. “We only treat the disease after     cure, we tend to reward those who find solutions for exist-
it occurs.” With figures showing that 95 cents out of every     ing problems rather than those who ensure that those prob-
dollar spent on health care goes toward treating illness, he    lems don’t occur. “Prevention is boring,” Ornish complains.
notes that “The best way to reduce the costs is prevention.”    Rather, “We need to focus on living better.”
Integrative medicine puts the patient, not the doctor or the
insurance company, at the center of attention, and it puts      2. Promote Healthy Foods
the focus on the sources of illness and not the symptoms.           Roberta Lee, a pioneer of integrative health care and

20                                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
primary care physician at the Beth                                                       even replace conventional methods.
Israel Medical Center Department of                                                      Such complementary treatments work
Integrative Medicine, in New York City,                                                  to nourish, nurture and augment the
believes the first prescription any doctor                                               body’s own defenses. One alternative
should write should be about diet and                                                    healing method that’s now begin-
lifestyle. “You can never lose by maxi-                                                  ning to find its way into hospitals is
mizing lifestyle management,” says Lee,                                                  acupuncture, which has been shown,
pointing out that many conditions not                                                    among other benefits, to help relieve
easily diagnosed or cured in a conven-                                                   pain, stress and nausea during pre- and
tional framework can be improved by                                                      post-operative care.
dietary and lifestyle changes. “There are                                                     Beth Israel’s Department of Integra-
specific diets that promote wellness,”                                                   tive Medicine is bringing acupuncture
she says. “They reduce inflammation,                                                     into the hospital free of charge as part
[and] increase fiber, vitamins and miner-                                                of a fellowship program for Chinese
als that come in the form of a lot of                                                    medicine practitioners. “The future
fruits, vegetables and whole grains.”                                                    of acupuncture is to be a part of best
                                                                                         practices in the conventional setting,”
3. Focus on Lifestyle Changes                                                            says Arya Nielsen, a nationally board-
      The majority of health problems                                                    certified acupuncture specialist who
and risk factors for illnesses stem from            Another way to reduce                leads the program. “The research is
the choices we make: how much time                   costs is to use alterna-            just too good.”
we invest working, exercising and relax-                                                      The goal is to train both acupunc-
                                                   tive and complementary                turists and conventional doctors in
ing; time spent with friends and out-
doors; and whether we consistently take            therapies such as home-               the benefits of this technique so that it
the stairs or the elevator.                      opathy, naturopathy, yoga               can be incorporated into Beth Israel’s
      The Sanoviv Medical Institute, in                                                  best practices. “Even if physicians have
                                                  and herbal medicine that               time to read the acupuncture stud-
Rosarito, Mexico, is located on a beauti-
ful stretch of the Pacific coast, an hour         can supplement and even                ies, what really makes it gel is when
south of San Diego. The recommended             replace conventional meth- they see the results on the patient they
stay for most patients is two weeks.                                                     treat,” says Nielsen. “The proof is in
                                                 ods. Such complementary                 practitioners working side-by-side and
While there, they learn about and ex-
perience a lifestyle based around stress          treatments work to nour-               people being able to experience what
reduction, emotional well-being, healthy          ish, nurture and augment               this therapy can do.”
eating and exercise. Many patients come                                                       Chen points out that chemothera-
                                                  the body’s own defenses.               py, surgery and radiation dramatically
in with cancer or multiple sclerosis;
others come just to detoxify and clear                                                   change a patient’s life, and people
out the accumulated effects of stress. The program includes       need strong support from family and friends to adapt to
dietary changes, supplements, daily exercise and a stress         these changes. Chen believes that treating cancer should in-
management plan supported by psychological counseling             volve both conventional and alternative medicine. “Patients
and daily meditation.                                             also need some lifestyle changes: smoking cessation, mini-
      A 2004 study in The Lancet showed that lifestyle            mizing alcohol intake, adopting a low-fat, high-fiber diet.
changes—quitting smoking, healthier eating habits, moder-         Besides that, because [conventional] treatment may cause
ate alcohol consumption and regular exercise—can prevent          nausea and pain, patients may benefit from acupuncture,
90 percent of today’s cases of heart disease, which currently     meditation, yoga and Tai chi. This will help them cope with
accounts for more premature deaths and higher health care         pain better.”
costs than any other illness, according to Ornish.
      “When lifestyle is offered as a treatment, it’s as effec-   5. Treat People, Not Diseases
tive and often more effective than what we’re now doing,               As Nurse Béatrice Fleury pours a steaming infusion of
at a fraction of the cost,” says Ornish. “We pay for all these    yarrow over a piece of cotton and then wrings it out, the
interventions that are dangerous, invasive, expensive and         aroma of the medicinal herb wafts over to the hospital bed
largely ineffective, and yet interventions that have been         where Eliane Perrot is waiting for her body wrap. When the
scientifically proven to reverse disease, are a simple change     compress and a hot water bottle have been gingerly applied
of lifestyle.”                                                    to her lower back and secured by a soft cloth sash, she
                                                                  leans back with a contented sigh. The compress will help
4. Use Alternative Therapies                                      her liver better metabolize the toxins that have accumu-
      Another way to reduce costs is to use alternative and       lated in it after months of breast cancer therapy. The wrap’s
complementary therapies such as homeopathy, naturopa-             warmth will also create a sense of temporary well-being, a
thy, yoga and herbal medicine that can supplement and             precious feeling for the frail, exhausted, 65-year-old.                                                                            March 2011             21
                                         Alternative treatments like the       dized gym memberships and smoking
                                   yarrow wrap are the order of the day        cessation classes, to biometric screen-
                                   at the Paracelsus Spital, in Richterswil,   ings. Pelletier found that companies
                                   outside of Zurich. Founded in 1994,         with such programs in place realized
                                   the clinic is one of a handful of hospi-    healthier, more productive workforces,
                                   tals in Europe devoted to complemen-        fewer sick days and less staff turnover.
                                   tary healing. In addition to orthodox             He estimates that it takes, on
                                   treatments and drugs, the convention-       average, three years before firms see a
                                   ally schooled doctors here also use         financial return on this kind of invest-
                                   therapies and medications based on          ment. “These reviews clearly indicate
                                   the holistic approach to medicine.          that comprehensive interventions do
                                         “If you want to understand a          evidence both clinical- and cost-effec-
                                   person’s disease and support his self-      tiveness,” says Pelletier. “There’s a very
                                   healing powers, it’s of central impor-      good payback. It makes us think about
                                   tance to look at the human being as         health as an investment.”
                                   a whole—body, spirit and soul,” says              More money, more pills and more
                                   Paracelsus Medical Director Erich           technology don’t necessarily lead to
                                   Skala. “This may require more time          better health. Advocates of integra-
                                   and effort, but it’s how you treat the      tive medicine generally take a “less is
                                   causes, and not just the symptoms.”         more” approach—less needless medi-
                                         Dr. Daniel Dunphy, of the San         cations and medical procedures and
                                   Francisco Preventive Medical Group,         more prevention and healthy personal
                                   believes the Paracelsus approach is         lifestyle changes can add up to big fi-
                                   what the United States needs. “You          nancial savings and big improvements

                                   have to take time to get to know the        in an individual’s quality of life.
                                   patients and listen to their stories,” he
                                   counsels. “I want to know their per-        Marco Visscher is the managing editor
      Gentle Yoga Studio           sonal history, their traumas, how they      of Ode, Ursula Sautter and Carmel
                                                                               Wroth are contributors. Adapted from
                                   do at work, what they eat and at what
            Gentle Yoga            times of the day—and then I know            an article that first appeared in Ode,
                                                                               the magazine about positive change.
            Chair Yoga             what to do about their problem.”

                                   The Bottom Line
                                        Of course, the bottom line in
                                   the debate about health care is cost.
                                   Proponents of integrative health argue
                                   that the promotion of preventive steps
                                   such as eating healthy food and mak-
                                   ing positive lifestyle changes, as well
      Claudia Saldarriaga          as using complementary methods to
     Certified Yoga Instructor     treat the whole person and not just the   disease, will result in “… the biggest

       352-362-2791                return on investment this nation could
                                   ever have,” in the words of William
                                   Novelli, a professor at Georgetown
                                   University’s McDonough School of
                                   Business and the former CEO of AARP.
                                        Kenneth R. Pelletier, clinical
                                   professor of medicine at the University
                                   of Arizona School of Medicine and
                                   the University of California School of          “What we now have is not
                                   Medicine, has been putting numbers              a health care system; it’s a
                                   behind the arguments for integrative            medical delivery system.”
                                   health. Pelletier has studied the cost-
                                   effectiveness of corporate programs to            Dr. Daniel Dunphy,
                                   promote health and manage disease               San Francisco Preventive
                                   among employees. The programs
                                   encompassed everything from subsi-
                                                                                       Medical Group

22                                              Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                                                                        are enough to accomplish your goals,

                                                                                        great; and if not, you can do more.

                                                                                        Who seems to benefit most
 OF HEALTH                                                                              from this approach, and to
                                                                                        what degree?
 A conversation with                                                                    One of our most interesting research
 Dr. Dean Ornish on                                                                     findings was that the primary determi-
                                                                                        nant of improvement wasn’t how old
 lifestyle changes                                                                      or sick people were, it was how much
 that foster well-being                                                                 they’d changed their diet and lifestyle.
                                                                                        The body has a remarkable capacity
                                                                                        to heal itself if we simply stop doing
 by April Thompson                                                                      what’s causing the problem. We’ve seen
                                                                                        hundreds of thousands of patients slow
                                                                                        or reverse the progress of life-threat-
                                                                                        ening diseases when they make good

       or more than 30 years, renowned      cut them open again and bypass the          changes.
       medical doctor Dean Ornish has       bypass, sometimes multiple times. That            Such lifestyle changes can work
       led pioneering clinical research     became a metaphor for an incomplete         not only as well as drugs and surgery,
proving that making simple changes in       approach for me. Sometimes you need         but oftentimes better, and at a fraction
the way we eat and live can radically       to use drugs and surgery in a crisis, but   of the cost. Plus, the side effects are all
transform our health. He directed the       ultimately, you must address the under-     good ones.
first randomized, controlled trials dem-    lying cause.
onstrating that lifestyle changes may
halt or reverse the progression of even
                                                                                        You stress the importance of
                                            What is the concept behind                  individual lifestyle changes,
severe coronary heart disease, as well
as early-stage prostate cancer. In col-
                                            The Spectrum and how does                   but what about changing our
laboration with Nobel Laureate Eliza-       it differ from other lifestyle              sick health care system?
beth Blackburn, Ph.D., Ornish showed        programs?
that healthy lifestyle changes can                                                      We do need to look at the politics
increase telomerase, and thus lengthen      The problem with most lifestyle-ori-        of health care and hold our leaders
telomeres, the ends of chromosomes          ented health programs is that they are      responsible for some of decisions that
that control how long we live.              restrictive, all-or-nothing, fear-based     have created the mess we’re in.
       Ornish is the founder and presi-     approaches. If you go on a diet or ex-           For example, after 16 years of
dent of the nonprofit Preventive Medi-      ercise program, sooner or later you’re      lobbying, working with Medicare and
cine Research Institute in Sausalito,       going to go off of it. Then people feel     members of Congress, we learned a
California, and a clinical professor of     like they’ve failed; it makes it hard to    few months ago that Medicare is finally
medicine at the University of California,   maintain.                                   covering our program for reversing
San Francisco. He is the author of six            Sustainable changes, on the other     heart disease. It’s game changing. If
bestselling books, including Eat More,      hand, are based on joy, pleasure and        Medicare covers it, all the other insur-
Weigh Less and The Spectrum.                freedom. In our research, we found          ance companies will follow their lead,
                                            that the more you change your life-         and we can make these sorts of pro-
                                            style, the more you improve and the         grams available to people who most
What sparked your interest in               better you feel. The better you feel, the   need them, rather than just those who
preventive medicine?                        more likely you are to continue.            can afford it.
                                                  The Spectrum is not a diet; it’s an        If we change reimbursement, we
I got interested in this work when I was
                                            overall way of living. If you overindulge   change medical practice, and also
learning how to do bypass surgery as
                                            one day, then you eat healthier the         medical education. Otherwise, I could
a medical student. We’d cut people
                                            next.                                       do a thousand studies with a million
open, bypass their blocked arteries and
                                                  Let’s say, for example, that you      patients and it would always remain
tell them they were cured; then they‘d
                                            want to lower your cholesterol or           on the fringes of medical practice.
go home and continue to do the same
                                            get your diabetes under control. You
things that caused the problem in the
                                            begin by making moderate changes            For more information visit or
first place—smoke, overeat, drink too
                                            that you choose. There’s no pushback April Thompson
much, work too hard and so on.
                                            because you set the pace. We’ll help        is a freelance writer based in Washington,
      More often than not, their bypasses
                                            track your progress, and if the changes     D.C. See
would get clogged up again, and we’d                                                                           March 2011               23
                                                                                        n Begin an ongoing present-moment
                                                                                        awareness practice today. Set an hour-

               Consciousness                                                            ly alarm; then, each time it reminds
                                                                                        you, become present for five minutes

                                                                                        to nature, to your body and breath or
                                                                                        to the present moment itself.

     Three Weeks to a Better Future
                                                                                        n Surprise yourself by challenging
                                                                                        preconceptions of yourself; take mea-
                                                                                        sured risks and do something differently
                                 by Debbie Ford
                                                                                             In this enhanced sense of the
                                                                                        present, you can listen more deeply to
                                                                                        the calling of your soul.

                                                                                        Week Three: The Future.
                                                                                            In this final phase, you have the
                                                                                        opportunity to look into the future and
                                                                                        see who you want to be from this day

                                                                                        n Choose a sacred value that can
                                                                                        serve as the foundation for your future,
                                                                                        such as abundance, compassion, grace

       his month is a power-                          n Write a list of the grudg-      or integrity, and surround yourself with
       ful time to assess where                      es and resentments you             images, prayers, songs and scents that
       we’ve been, acknowl-                          have been carrying around          invoke it for you. Identify and act on
edge where we are right now                          that you are ready to let go.      choices that allow you to express that
and dream our most beautiful                          Release them by tearing           value.
life into being. Start-                                           up the paper
ing now, we can                                                      into tiny little   n Spend time each morning, after-
move from the                                                        pieces.            noon and evening checking in with
outdated modes                                                                          your natural divine GPS. See if you
of our limited                                                        n Under-          made wrong turns and find out where
thinking mind to                                                    standing that       that still, small voice wants you to go
tune into our eternal                                            your outer world       next.
divine mind. Acting on these three         is a reflection of your inner world,
recommended cleansing phases—one           release 100 pieces of clutter from your            Reconnecting with your highest
a week for the next three weeks—will       past that now occupy your home, of-          self, you will experience more love,
work to lift us out of resignation and     fice and surroundings.                       contentment and compassion as you
mediocrity into hope and excitement,                                                    step into the brilliance of your soul’s
and connect us with a future filled              Liberated from the confusion,          purpose. Why not seize this extraordi-
with surprises, possibility and deep       fear, guilt and self-doubt of the past,      nary opportunity to till the soil of your
purpose.                                   you will naturally open up to new            consciousness and plant the seeds of a
                                           realms of awareness, emotional free-         whole new future?
Week One: The Past.                        dom and spiritual liberation.
                                                                                        Debbie Ford is a New York Times best-
     The first seven days of what I call   Week Two: The Present.                       selling author of eight books, including
The 21-Day Consciousness Cleanse                                                        The Shadow Effect, co-authored with
are dedicated to creating a powerful            Having released everything that         Deepak Chopra and Marianne William-
magnet of desire and cleaning out the      has depleted your vitality and held          son, and The 21-Day Consciousness
turbulent emotions, outdated beliefs,      you back, stand firmly in the present        Cleanse. Visit
unresolved incidents and restricting       moment. Take an honest look at where
thoughts that have taken root in our       and who you are today, observing
minds and hearts.                          what is and is not working in your life.

24                                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
           in February
                 by Jo Leyte-Vidal, UF/IFAS
                                                                 Ecological Preserve Feminist Retreat Organic Farm
               Marion County Master Gardener

O      ur gardens are waking up from a cold winter sleep.
       The hydrangeas are pushing out leaves, Loropetalums
have bloomed, and Daffodils are finishing bloom. And, now
                                                                 Farm Stead Saturday
that it is warmer, we gardeners are ready to go out to do the               Every Saturday 9am-3pm
work of spring.                                                               Free Workshops
     Now that daffodils are just about finished, we need to
fertilize them. The bulbs need food for their dormant period
and next year’s flowers. Fertilize with a 5-10-15 mix with        April 2011
trace elements. In addition, it is beneficial to cover the bulb
                                                                    is                Marion County

area with ½ inch of ashes from your fireplace. Don’t forget
to leave the foliage to dry and hibernate naturally.
     Then, continue with your spring gardening chores:
n Fertilize lawns with 15-0-15 using a well-calibrated
spreader. The first fertilization of the season works best as
an application of half slow-release, which will feed the turf
for three to six months, and half water-soluble, which will      Preservation month
give the turf a jump start in growth. The addition of a pre-
emergent will prevent most weed seeds in the ground from
                                                                      Land, Water, and Farmers are Eternal Partners
germinating. Read the bag’s label for proper application and
the correct pre-emergent that is compatible with your type

                                                                  Spring Gala
of grass.
n Treat gladiolus and knock out roses for thrips and other
n All lily bulbs do well if planted now.
n Consider planting a ground cover in the shady areas of
your yard that will not support a lawn. Good choices for our
area are Algerian ivy, liriope, mondo grass, dwarf Confeder-
ate jasmine, and ajuga. Peacock ginger is lovely but will die
down in winter.
n Plant new citrus trees now. They do best when planted
                                                                   Saturday, April 2, 2011 • 9am - 3pm
                                                                          Natural Organic Food • Live Music
as they are coming out of dormancy. This is visible when
                                                                        Mini-Workshops • Tours & Exploration

branches show new growth. Fertilize your other citrus with
                                                                      Pioneer Demonstrations • Vendors & Crafts
6-6-6. Wait until next season to fertilize your new tree. It
                                                                              Sustainability & Recycling
needs this time to establish a good root system before put-
ting on lush top growth.                                                   Admission only $1
     For gardener’s recreation, go out and cruise the flats of
colorful annuals and perennials at the Marion County Mas-
ter Gardener’s Spring Festival, Saturday and Sunday March
12-13. Attend some classes and see what is new in garden-
ing. Stop by the Mobile Plant Clinic and say “Hi.”               Cash or checks only. We do not accept credit cards.
     Studies have shown that some house plants act as air         Please do not bring pets. No smoking on farm.
cleaners for your home. The peace lily, gerbera daisy, and             Store Hours 9am-3pm • Open 7 days/week
English ivy have been known to absorb benzene, formalde-
hyde and carbon monoxide. All plants use carbon dioxide
for growth and release oxygen. They not only look good,
                                                                         6411 NE 217th Place Citra, FL
they are good for you. Find some at the Festival.                          Email

Call UF/IFAS Marion County Master Gardeners at 352-671-
                                                                  Call 352-595-3377 for more information
8400.                                                                                                                                March 2011        25

My Blue (and Green,                       spring green and newly blue skies, the
                                          azaleas burst into bloom, in riotous
                                                                                     the middle of about 24 acres of orange
                                                                                     groves, with a view of water on all
White, Gold and                           banks of fuchsia, magenta, coral, white,   sides. The soil has some red clay in it,
                                          and pink. It is unmistakably Spring.       a creek winds across one corner of the
Orange) Heaven                                 Then the fragrance begins. So far     land, and I have a tame raccoon which
                                          spring has been colorful but not overly    I can pet without fear of contracting ra-
                                          fragrant, except for the whiffs of apri-   bies, because we are both dead already.

             arch is my favorite month    cot-scented tea olives here and there.     On this hilltop, it is always a perfectly
             in Florida. Warmer                                                                   temperate 72 degrees, rain or
             weather returns, but                                                                 shine, with a perpetual gentle
it is still cool enough to be                                                                     breeze, like a central Florida
pleasant. In a good year, the                                                                     afternoon in early spring.
sun and rain are in pleas-                                                                              There needs to be a
ing proportion. Everything is                                                                     good number of ancient live
green and colorful and lovely.                                                                    oaks, too, enough to form
Everyone is cheerful once it                                                                      a canopy of giant branches
is clear that winter is gone,                                                                     dripping Spanish moss
but summer is still far enough                                                                    through which I can look up
away not to dread the heat                                                                        and see patches of blue sky,
too much. But mostly, it is                                                                       worthy of a panoramic silhou-
the flowers I love. You can                                                                       ette with a sunset backdrop
be poor in all else, but take                                                                     like the shot in Gone With the
a walk in March when the                                                                          Wind where Gerald O’Hara’s
world is in bloom, and you’ll                                                                     voiceover tells Katie Scarlett
feel richer than a lord.                  Dogwood blossoms have a soft, clean        there’s no getting away from it, this love
      Springtime arrives in Valentine     scent, as do most of the other bloom-      of the land, if you’re Irish. Irishmen may
colors. First come the camellias: red,    ing trees. Later in the spring will come   tell tall tales, but that one at least never
pink, white, a welcome contrast to cold   richly perfumed honeysuckle, jasmine,      said a truer word, fictional character
grey days. Then the redbuds begin, and    gardenias, wisteria, and lemony-scent-     or not. (I would be very excited if my
the Japanese magnolias: rosy shades of    ed magnolias ... but nothing compares      favorite fictional characters were also
lilac, lavender, orchid, blush, in hues   to an orange tree in bloom.                in heaven, but that may be asking too
of a winter sunset. Next, the wild plum         If heaven doesn’t have orange        much.)
and cherry trees, in lacy white.          groves, I’m not sure I want to go. My            For celestial springtime glory,
      Then March comes to call, and the   heavenly “mansion” only needs to be        there must be Southern magnolias,
world is suddenly green in the warm       a little white house with green shutters   wild plums and Japanese magnolias,
sunlight. New leaves cast a fresh green   and a red brick chimney, a fireplace       dogwoods both pink and white. Red
haze on the oak trees overnight. Grass    and hardwood floors, a porch and           maples and sweetgums and hickories,
is green again. Even the ivory blossoms   French doors and lots of windows,          too, for autumn color. Sycamores for
of the dogwoods are tinged with pale      much like what I have now, only            climbing, and pecan trees, for a ready
green. Against this backdrop of vibrant   located atop a gently sloping hill in      supply of nuts. And at least two peach

26                                                    Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
trees, one with white peaches, one           to stroll aimlessly and whistle. It is an   orange blossoms. The first whiff of or-
with yellow. A crab-apple would not          excellent place to run and play, bare-      ange blossoms in springtime can make
be at all amiss, nor a pear tree; a man-     foot in the sun-warmed sandy soil. And      me cry. Few things are more nostalgic,
go tree, and a loquat. A persimmon, a        what better place to kiss someone?          more gloriously bittersweet. Especially
tabebuia, a golden raintree. There must           Everything good about my child-        now that the reality of my groves is
be trees for fruit and flowers, scent,       hood is distilled into the scent of or-     fading, and what used to be a whole
shade and color in every season.             ange blossoms and the taste of orange       beautiful world is now a memory.
      But above all, there must be or-       blossom honey. There is no fragrance            I was born a Polk County girl,
ange trees. And tangerine. And grape-        or flavor more personally evocative.
fruit. Some lemon, and kumquat, too,         Proust had his madeleine; I have my                 ... Continued on the next page
and enough Key limes to keep us all
in pie. Just so there are citrus trees as
far as my heavenly eye can see. I want
sunlight glinting off shiny dark green
leaves like polished jade year-round, a
gold-and-green vista before me when
my trees are bearing fruit, and a lacy
white landscape when they are in
blossom. In the springtime, I want the
air to be so thickly perfumed with the
fragrance of blooming citrus trees that
it makes the angels swoon. Bees will
pray that they get to go to my corner of
heaven when they die, for there is no
greater reward for a bee than to make
honey from orange blossoms.
      It seems obvious, to me, that in
Biblical references to “the land of milk
and honey,” it is orange blossom honey
specifically to which Scripture refers.
This may not be fact, but in my mental
Promised Land, it is so. I have tried
many varieties of honey, being a fond
connoisseur of it. Although I have en-
joyed them all, from the tupelo of north
Florida to the dark tropical blends of
south Florida, the blackberry of Tennes-
see to the acacia of Italy, to the clover
and wildflower of just about anywhere,
my heart belongs to the orange blossom
honey of central Florida. To what else
could “nectar of the gods” refer?
      I believe a mockingbird sings more
sweetly when he is performing from
the boughs of a blooming orange tree.
Even songbirds appreciate the proper
ambiance, and reward the world for
it. I cannot imagine a better setting for
almost anything than an orange grove
in bloom. It would seem a good omen
to be be born near one. I could die
happy there with my windows open.
It is a lovely spot for rest and refresh-
ment: a picnic, a prayer, a nap in the
shade. It is a fine place to sit and read,
to wander with one’s thoughts, to sing,                                                                           March 2011             27
           with generations of family from there. I grew up running
           through the groves, picking oranges off the backyard trees to
           squeeze for juice, throwing fallen grapefruits like baseballs,
           tricking unsuspecting friends into trying kumquats. As a little
           girl, I had a swing in my grandparents’ grapefruit tree and a
           slide under the orange tree, and I climbed up into the perfect-
           ly crooked bough of the tangerine tree when I wanted to read.
           Even as a small child, I ate lemons like some children eat
           apples. I am a snob about fresh-squeezed juice and will not
           touch concentrate. I have a history of attending citrus festivals.
           There is nothing unusual to me about streets named for citrus
           fruits. I sat down the other afternoon and read, in one sit-
           ting, an entire book on the history of citrus: Oranges, by John
           McPhee. It was the best book I’ve read in a long time.
                 Nothing breaks my heart more than to go home and drive
           through what used to be miles of orange groves and see cook-
           ie-cutter rows of horrid little stucco houses crammed right up
           against each other. It is a terrible, sickening feeling to come to
           the crest of a hill and look down and see soulless housing de-
           velopments where there once were groves and Cracker farm-
           houses, ponds and cow pastures. I hate how the old Florida is
           disappearing, how interlopers are coming in and destroying it,
           with no regard for our intrinsic culture. I would give much to
           be able, in the blink of an eye and with a snap of my fingers,
           to send it all back like it was. Sometimes I wish I could have
           lived a lifetime ago, when the heartland of Florida was groves
           and citrus was king. As I grow older, I understand more why
           people wage wars over their land. There are some things too
           precious to let go without a fight.
                 But change comes, as surely as the seasons. Which is
           why I savor a little more each spring the first whiff of orange
           blossoms, a little more each morning the orange blossom
           honey I stir into my tea and spread on my toast. Though I
           have learned that time and the world around us are fleet-
           ing, like orange blossoms themselves, I am thankful for a
           childhood rich in beauty and memories, and for the gift of
           recapturing them in words. Nothing is ever really gone if
           you can still write about it.
                 And I hope that, at the sunset of my life, the celestial
           train is called “The Orange Blossom Special” and takes me
           to my particular corner of the grovelands in the sweet-scent-
           ed by-and-by, which, like the most precious of memories,
           will never fade away. Come see me there. Just follow the
           fragrance of orange blossoms and the sound of a gospel pi-
           ano until you see the little white house on the hilltop. You’ll
           find me and Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings rocking on the front
           porch, peeling tangerines. I’ll have enough fresh-squeezed
           juice and Key lime pie for everybody. Pull up a chair and sit
           a spell. The raccoon doesn’t bite. But he might snatch your
           pie when you’re not looking, so watch yourself.

           Melody Murphy is proud to be one of the last half-dozen
           Florida natives left in the state. She has lived here all the
           seasons of her life and will throw a grapefruit at you if you
           tell her how y’all did it elsewhere. She bleeds citric acid and
           is confident that she will never get scurvy. The raccoon, by
           the way, is named Ambrose.

28   Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
                                      * excluding manicures/pedicures

                              Buy into the
                              … Support our advertisers                             March 2011      29
             Tumo Breathing
           Mastering Circulation of Blood & Qi
                                                  by Jeff Primack

        An essay on generating internal heat & accelerating metabolic rate for healing

Jeff Primack has studied with
many Qigong masters from
all over the world and has
taught more than 20,000
people in live seminars. He
also maintains the Qigong.
com website.

       he first time I saw Wim Hof was
       on the Today Show with Matt
       Lauer. He was immersed in a
tub of ice up to his neck in New York’s
Times Square.
      Matt asked Wim, “Are you cold?”
Wim made no response—he was vis-
ibly deep in meditation. Matt turned
instead to the doctor on site monitor-
ing Wim’s progress, asking, “How does
Wim stay in the ice for 90 minutes and
not get frostbite?” The doctor replied,        Immediately after seeing the
                                          show, I sent Wim Hof an email. At that
                                                                                     Taking the physical
“See Wim’s cheeks? They are red. Wim
has control of his blood circulation.”    time, I had been teaching Tumo prac-      body on the journey to
      Lauer was in utter disbelief. He    tices for 10 years and never had I seen
demanded, “Wim, how are you doing         a Westerner demonstrate its mastery       enlightenment is what
                                          to that degree. In the email, I asked
this?” Wim turned, not toward Matt, but
looked directly into the camera and       him to come to Miami and teach me          Qigong is all about.
said, “I am using Tumo breathing to       and a small group of advanced Qigong
stay warm.”                               instructors his technique. When we        day five, our training was put to the test
                                          spoke, Wim Hof was thrilled at the        inside a -20 degree walk-in freezer, and
                                          idea of people wanting to attain this     concluded as we, one by one, immersed
                                          discipline and agreed to come to Mi-      ourselves in a tub of wet ice for 15
                                          ami and share his knowledge with us.      minutes. Every instructor, including
                                               On the first day of our training     myself, was able to stay warm using the
                                          with Wim, we were blown away by           breathing method.
                                          how similar his breathing technique            How did we do it? Well, when a
                                          was to our 9-Breath Method—a use of       person absorbs enough Qi, in this case
                                          breath I had created years before that    through breath, the body pulsates with
                                          has in turn become the institution for    stronger blood flow—and this, in its
                                          Supreme Science Qigong. The next          simplicity, is what causes people to stay
                                          few days were extremely intense. On       warm, even when immersed in a tub of

30                                                    Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
ice. The medical and healing implica-                                                            to this high level of Qi-energy, we can
tions of controlling blood flow to this                                                          move beyond healing our bodies and
degree are quite profound.                                                                       actually begin the process of biologi-
      Most people are not interested in                                                          cal enlightenment. Let me explain.
this particular type of “Ice Training,” but                                                           Most Qigong masters believe that
the concept is extremely important                                                               enlightenment is a biological process.
because mastering blood circulation is                                                           It begins within the physical body
really the heart of Qigong and all true                                                          where it manifests as a warm pleasant
healing modalities. Chinese medicine                                                             humming in the abdomen throughout
teaches that “Qi moves the Blood.”                                                               the day. Older Qigong masters are
      It maintains that nearly all dis-         “Qi Revolution” comes to                         often sexually active into their 90s.
eases are a result of impaired blood           Orlando Convention Center                              Taking the physical body on the
circulation. When the human body                                                                 journey to enlightenment is what
pulsates with blood and Qi at high
                                                  on World Qigong Day                            Qigong is all about. Only after health
enough levels, inflammation is re-                 April 30th - May 3rd                          problems have been removed or great-
duced, hormones are increased, bliss           Jeff Primack, Ice Man Wim Hof, and                ly lessened is it possible to enter states
is experienced, and physical pain is            100 Qigong instructors will teach                of consciousness that otherwise were
reduced and/or eliminated altogether.            advanced breathing techniques                   unattainable. In Qigong, these states of
One does not have to enter the ice to             and 4 days of Qigong for $99.                  consciousness are referred to as “gates.”
benefit from Tumo breathing. It can                                                                   Passing through these gates allow
                                              To reserve tickets or for more info,
be performed in meditation right from                                                            our mind and body to merge with
                                                    call 1-800-298-8970
your living room.                                                                                what I call the “True Source” or what
                                                      or visit
      More than 4,000 years ago                                                                  many call God, Tao, etc. It is the white
Chinese medicine said, “Blood is the                                                             light that some have seen in medita-
mother of Qi.” The Old Testament Le-                                                             tion. The light is healing, euphoric and
viticus 17:11 says, “For the life of the
flesh is in the Blood.”
                                                 “For the life of the                            many experience it while practicing
                                                                                                 advanced breathing techniques.
      In Chinese medicine, a Qi block-         flesh is in the Blood.”                                Your body is the vehicle to en-
age is simply a small area in which the                 — Leviticus 17:11                        lightenment and entering higher states
blood cannot flow; an area where dis-                                                            of consciousness. Qigong at its highest
ease may occur. For example, people                                                              levels will help people enter these
who may experience “knots” in the                                                                gates and heal the physical, emotional
stomach or bad digestion usually find         arm and out the palm, enabling people              and mental levels of their being.
improved results of these symptoms            who normally don’t feel energy to feel
with Qigong.                                  it strongly. By training our nervous               Part 2 of this article will appear next
      Blood can work itself through           system through continued exposure                  month.
closed-off capillaries when a person is
relaxed and increasing Qi in that area.
Wherever Qi goes, blood follows.
Normal healthy people use about 60
percent of their circulatory system.             Yoga Teacher Training at the Amrit Yoga Institute
When our Qi increases, this percent-             June 17-26—Yoga Immersion Open to Everyone
age also increases. Microcirculation to
the brain and organs, when improved,             Sept 2-11— Level I Yoga Teacher Certification
greatly benefits our health. The electric        200 Hr Certificate with completion of both sessions
effect of Qigong on the nervous system           Discover the true essence of yoga beyond the mat.
also plays a role.                               The Amrit Method™ combines a strong foundation of
                                                 asana with inward focus and meditative awareness.
      Using breathing techniques like            It creates powerful therapeutic impact,
the 9-breath Method, we can create               dissolves stress, the hidden cause of 85%
a full-body vibration within minutes.            of all physical, mental and emotional
These electrical impulses travel along the       health problems. Changes
                                                 your love life, family &                                               Yogi Amrit Desai
nervous system and rejuvenate us.
                                                 professional life.
      Tumo breathing can be used in
large groups of 500 or more people to            Save $870
                                                                                                                    i   n   s   t   i   t   u   t   e
permanently activate the central ner-            Register for full
                                                 certification by                                                   THE POSTURE OF CONSCIOUSNESS
vous system. When people hold hands                                                                                     Salt Springs, FL
                                                 April 15
during these breathing techniques, an
electrical impulse travels through the                                        Visit, or call 352-685-3001 for details.                                                                                    March 2011                               31
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Cornelius A. Link, DDS                              Michael J. Badanek, BS,DC,CNS,DACBN,DCBCN             Hip Moves Fitness Studio
352-629-0700 / Ocala /            3391 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Suite #B                Rona Bennett, BS, CPT
There must be a biologic balance in the             Ocala, FL 34470 / 352-622-1151                        Holistic Health, Personal Fitness Coaching
             mouth as part of total body                      708 N.W. 23rd Ave., Gainesville
             health. This means being con-                          30+ years in clinical practice with / 352-692-0132
             cerned about infections in the                         alternative wholistic complemen-                    An intimate fitness studio focus-
             teeth and gums, the relationship                       tary health services. Treating the                  ing on creativity and holistic
             of the teeth to the jaws, the teeth                    body to support all health chal-                    health. Classes and private les-
             to each other, saliva ph and metal                     lenges with Wholistic Integrative                   sons in Belly Dance, Yoga,
toxicity. As a member of the International                          Medicine. Treatments include Au-                    Pilates, and Personal Training.
Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology,            toimmune disorders, Lyme disease, Autism, ADD/                      Rental space available.
we follow a recommended safety protocol             ADHD, Musculoskeletal conditions, Heavy metal
for removal of amalgam fillings, if necessary.      toxicity, Cardiovascular and endocrine conditions,
Dental materials compatibility testing available.   Nutritional deficiencies/testing.                     Holistic Psychotherapy
                                                                                                          Diane Alther, LCSW, RN, CHt
                                                    James F. Coy, M.D.
                                                                                                          Traditional and Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher
Colonics                                            Life Family Practice Center
                                                                                                          Ocala and Dunnellon locations / 352-425-1992
                                                    1501 U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages
Gentle Waters Healing Center                                                                    
                                                    352-750-4333 /
352-374-0600, Gainesville                                                                                               Combining conventional
                                                                 More than 20 years in the General                                                                                            counseling with body, mind,
                                                                 Practice of medicine, with a focus
              The therapists at Gentle Waters                                                                           energy therapies including
                                                                 on allergies, and treatments using
              Healing Center will assist                                                                                EMDR, EFT, hypnosis, full
                                                                 environmental bio-nutrition and
              each individual with detoxing                                                                             wave breathwork, meditation
                                                                 other natural methods includ-
              using colon hydrotherapy, Far                                                                             and Reiki to facilitate change
                                                                 ing N.A.E.T. and acupuncture.
              Infrared Sauna, and/or Aqua                                                                 and mental and emotional balance.
                                                    Providing detox therapies including chela-
              Chi Lymphatic Drainage. We            tion, anti-aging treatments, natural hormone
also carry probiotics, digestive enzymes, and       replacement, and alternative testing.                 Hypnotherapy
other products for overall health. Proud spon-
sors of Barley Life Nutritional Products. Call      Nelson Kraucak, M.D., ABCMT, ACAM                     Christine Green CHt Hypnotherapy
Dawn Brower for more information or visit           Life Family Practice Center                           Gainesville Hypnotherapy MA41024,               1501 U.S. Hwy. 441 North, The Villages                1212 NW 12th Ave., Suite C-3
MM15426.                                            352-750-4333 /             Gainesville FL 32601 / 352-339-6078
                                                                    For 15 years in The Villages, Dr.
                                                                    Kraucak has been committed to                       Invite amazing changes into
                                                                    bridging the gap between clinical                   your life through Hypnosis.
                                                                    medicine and complementary                          The powerful process of Hyp-
                                                                    therapies to promote the body’s                     notherapy guides you naturally
                                                                    natural healing mechanisms.                         and easily to the life you truly
                                                    Embracing a medical approach to alternative                         deserve. Free consultation:
                                                    treatment and by using cutting-edge technolo- and 352-339-6078.
Gainesville Branch, 352-215-1078                    gies, he is able to treat chronic auto-immune /           and degenerative disorders. Providing treat-
The Gluten Intolerance Group of North               ments such as Immune Biomodulation, Chela-
                                                                                                          Life Coaches
America proudly announces a new branch in           tion, Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, PRP,
                                                                                                          Cynthia Christianson, M.A., CCC
Gainesville. First meeting: Saturday, April16,      Prolozone and much more.
                                                                                                          ThetaHealing™ Advanced Practitioner
1:00-3:00, Gainesville Health & Fitness,
                                                                                                          352-374-7982 or 352-284-1107
Newberry Rd. Share your stories, or give/get        Hanoch Talmor, M.D.                         
support!                                            Gainesville Holistic Center                                           ThetaHealing™ coaching is us-
                                                    352-377-0015                                                          ing the Belief and Feeling Work
                                                                                                 to empower people with the
                                                                We support all health challenges                          ability to remove and replace
                                                                and the unlimited healing poten-                          negative emotions, feelings
                                                                tial of God’s miracle: your body.                         and thoughts with positive,
                                                                Chelation, Nutrition, Cleansing,          beneficial ones. Change your negative beliefs
                                                                Homeopathy, Natural Energy                and you will heal on the physical, emotional,
                                                                Healing, Detoxification, Wellness         mental and spiritual levels thus really seeing
                                                    Education and more.                                   this relief show up in your life.

32                                                                  Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Massage                                             Piano Services
Tiara L. Catey, LMT
Center for Balance
                                                    Hendrix Piano Service
                                                    352-895-5412                                        Classifieds
1705 N.W. 6th St., Gainesville                      Serving north central Florida
352-642-4545 /                                         Tuning, repairs, clean-
               Relieve pain, manage stress and                            ing, fine custom mainte-      Business Opportunities
               cultivate joyful relaxation and                            nance of your acoustic
                                                                          piano. Playing services       Are you looking for the BUSINESS OP-
               balance by including massage
                                                                          including accompa-            PORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME WITH A
               as an essential part of your
                                                                          niment, weddings,             LEADER IN THE WELLNESS INDUSTRY??
               self-care practices. Therapeutic
                                                    other church services, concerts. Experience:        The TRUMP NETWORK WANTS YOU.
               massage, relaxation massage
                                                    churches, cabarets, Marion Chorale, Duelling        Join the fastest growing business in the
and lomilomi. Includes aromatherapy. Holistic
                                                    Divas, much more. Fine used pianos avail-           Marketing Industry today with great
approach. Some insurance accepted. Visa/MC.
                                                    able. Call today!                                   flexibility, residual rewards, long term
See for details. MA41831.
                                                                                                        growth, a famous and successful business
                                                                                                        icon owner, amazing training and sup-
Clark Dougherty Therapeutic Massage Clinic          Reiki                                               port, popular and proven products, and
850 N.E. 36th Terr., Ocala                                                                              all of this still in the blossoming stages of
352-694-7255 /               Kim Marques, CHt, Reiki Master Teacher              growth! See www.edina.todayisyourtime.
              Offering a variety of therapeutic                               com/trump for more information or call
              massage techniques for pain           352-804-9006 in Ocala                               Edina, 352-208-2612, today.
              relief, improved flexibility, and     Change your vibe, change your life!
              other wonderful benefits. PIP and                      Free Info and Spiritual Energy     CURRENTLY PUBLISHING NATURAL
              WorkComp always accepted,                              by appointment. Embrace the        AWAKENINGS MAGAZINES - For
              also group/private insurance in                        mind, body and spirit with         sale in Birmingham, AL; Lexington,
some instances. All credit cards accepted.                           hypnosis, energy sessions and      KY; Manhattan, NY; North Central FL;
Gift certificates are available now for Valen-                       training, spiritual guidance,      Pensacola, FL; Tulsa, OK and Southwest,
tine’s Day and birthdays with 25% discount                           Life Wise workshops and            VA. Call for details 239-530-1377.
on a second session. MA27082, MM9718.               support groups, meditation, Goddess Weight
                                                    Loss, attraction power kits and more.
                                                                                                        Intimacy Product
Traditional Thai massage
                                                                                                        Topical ointment guaranteed to increase
Ariela Grodner LMT
900 N.W. 8th Ave., Gainesville
                                                    Rolfing                                             a woman’s sexual responsiveness and / 352-336-7835               Carol L. Short / Certified Advanced Rolfer™,        sensation. Woman-invented and woman-
                Ariela offers an ancient massage    Craniosacral Therapist, Gainesville and North       made. All natural, safe, and beautifully
                modality known in the west          Central FL / 352-318-0509                           scented. $29.95 + $5 shipping. Call 352-
                as Thai Massage, sometimes                     Rolfing® is a system of body restruc-    286-1779.
                referred to as “lazy man’s yoga.”              turing through systematic manipula-
                It is a fusion of yoga and the                 tion of muscle and fascial tissues. It
                martial arts in a massage modal-               promotes the release and realignment
                                                                                                        Professional Advanced
ity. Call to reserve an appointment or to find                 of long standing patterns of tension     Continuing Education
out about classes held locally.                                and dysfunction, bringing the body
                                                    to greater balance, mobility, vitality, and ease.   Abdonimal Massage: The Therapeutic
                                                    A holistic approach to mobility, vitality and       Value. April 10, 9am-2pm. 5 credit
                                                    balance. MA16337/MM18921.                           hours. Hands-on instruction. Massage
MTT                                                                                                     set-up. Linda, 352-625-1665, wildseed@
                                                                                              ; FL and National
Sandra Wilson, EFT-ADV
Meridian Tapping Techniques Practitioner
                                                    Veterinary Care                                     provider. Ocala Inner Center.

352-454-8959,                  Medicine Wheel Veterinary Services
             A positive change is a tap away!       Shauna Cantwell DVM, Ocala, FL                      Natural Skin Care
             What’s keeping you from the life / 352-538-3021
             you want? Meridian Tapping is                           Holistic veterinary medicine       Saundra’s Soaps and Natural Treasures.
             the painless, drug-free method to                       for small animals and horses.      Natural and organic skin care: Lotions,
             bring positive change! Remove                           Preventative health, arthritis,    oils, soaps in many popular scents.
             negative emotions and blocks to                         neurologic and hormonal            Arthritis rubs, burn-relief salves also
success. Sessions in Ocala and The Villages.                         dysfunction, skin, aller-          available. Visit www.HumbleSkinCare.
Phone sessions also available.                                       gies, cancer, pain, immune         com or call 352-236-2003. Store opening
                                                    and chronic disease, more. Certified Veteri-        March 21st—call for information.
                                                    nary Acupuncture, certified cAVCA animal
                                                    chiropractic, herbal therapy, tui na medical
                                                    massage, functional neurology, postural re-         Ads: Per-issue cost is $25/up to 30 words,
                                                    habilitation, ozone therapy, homotoxicology,        $1/each additional. Fax ad with credit/
                                                    nutrition. Available for workshops.                 debit card info to 352-351-5474, or email
                                                                                                        to                                                                                           March 2011                   33
Wednesday, March 2                                              Monday, March 7
    HGC weight loss. Safe homeopathic solution targets              Meet the Doctor evening, hosted by Dr. James Lemire.
hard-to-lose stored fat. Detox coaching and support. Free       Free, 6 pm, call to reserve a seat. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW
consultation; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition Center,   93rd Court Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.
3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718.    

Saturday, March 5                                               Wednesday, March 9
     Autism Spectrum Informational. Presented by S. Eche-           Metabolic balance. All natural weight loss; “Your food
les, T. Ecker, and other parent and support speakers. 2-3:30    shall be your medicine.” Free consultation; call for appoint-
pm. Free. Marion County Public Library, 2720 E. Silver          ment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd.,
Springs Blvd, Ocala, 321-759-4224,             Ocala, 352-732-0718, 351-1298.
     Crystal Healing with Fran Oppenheimer, RN, LMT. 1-5
pm, $30. High Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd,           March 11-13
High Springs, 386-454-8657,            Ayurveda, Yoga and Recovery, weekend retreat. Amrit
                                                                Yoga Institute, Salt Springs, FL, 352-685-3001, www.amri-
Sunday, March 6                                       
    Sacred Meditation Seminar and Demonstration, with               Thai Foot Reflexology and Henna Retreat, Melrose, FL,
Rev. Scott Sherman, 11:45-1:15, love offering. Spiritually-     featuring artist Genevieve Levin and Ariela Grodner. $300.
based healing process uses touch or near-touch, uncondi-        18 CEUs for LMTs, 9 CEUs for Yoga Allliance. 813-417-
tional love, guided meditation and prayer to connect the        6745,
energy centers of participants’ minds and bodies. 40-minute
individual sessions available afterward as well as Monday       Saturday, March 12
(Suggested love offering of $60, but no one turned away).           Experience the Beauty of Crystal Singing Bowls, work-
Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd, (off Maricamp), Ocala,            shop with Sharron Britton. 1-4 pm, $20. High Springs
352-687-2113,                               Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs, 386-454-
                                                                    Rock and Mineral Sale, 11-4. Rock ‘n Glass at Wild Iris
                                                                Books, 802 W University Avenue, Gainesville, 352-375-7477.

                                                                Tuesday, March 15
                                                                     Meet the Doctors. Talk with our doctors in an informal
                                                                setting. 5:30 pm, free. Life Family Practice Center, Genesis
                                                                Heart MedSpa, 3365 Wedgewood Lane, The Villages. RSVP
                                                                to 352-750-4333,

                                                                Wednesday, March 16
                                                                    Cleanse your body of toxic buildup, repair G.I. tract,
                                                                support immune system, weight loss, anti-aging nutrition.
                                                                Free consultation; call for appointment. Reesers Nutrition
                                                                Center, 3243 E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718,

                                                                Friday, March 18
                                                                    Developing and Using Psychic Awareness, workshop
                                                                with Melissa Harris. 6:30-8:30 pm, $15. High Springs
                                                                Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs, 386 454-

                                                                March 18-25
                                                                     Spirit Essence Portraits by Melissa Harris. Reading
                                                                followed by an original watercolor painting of what is
                                                                revealed. By appointment, $195. High Springs Emporium,
                                                                660 NW Santa Fe Blvd, High Springs, 386-454-8657, www.

34                                                     Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Saturday, March 19                        help you heal physically and emotion-     Wednesday, March 30
     Full Moon Drumming Circle. 7         ally while deepening connection to            Wellness Consultation on hair
pm. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd,         vital life force. Amrit Yoga Institute,   analysis, BMI analysis, 24-hour uri-
(off Maricamp), Ocala, 352-687-2113,      Salt Springs, FL, 352-685-3001, www.      nalysis, saliva test for hormone imbal-                                         ance. Free. Call for appointment. Re-
     Spiritual Wisdom on Relation-                                                  esers Nutrition Center, 3243 E. Silver
ships, open discussion with free          Sunday, March 27                          Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-732-0718.
book, 1 pm. HU Chant at 2:15                   Eckankar Worship Service (Liv-
pm. Refreshments follow. Courtyard        ing With Divine Love: Soul’s Unselfish    March 28-29
By Marriott, 3700 SW 42nd St (near        Giving). 11 am, Courtyard By Mar-              Auditions, “The King & I” musi-
Butler Plaza). Eckankar in Gaines-        riott, 3700 SW 42nd St. (near Butler      cal. Performance dates May 19-June
ville, 352-378-3504.                      Plaza). Eckankar in Gainesville, 352-     12. Ocala Civic Theatre, 4337 E. Silver
                                          378-3504.                                 Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-236-2274,
Sunday, March 20                                                          
     Passion Test Workshop with Elaine
Silver, 1-4 pm, suggested $30 love
offering. Discover what your passions
are. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd,
(off Maricamp), Ocala, 352-687-2113,

Monday, March 21
     The Dis-Ease Behind the Diagno-
sis, hosted by Paula Koger. Free, 6 pm,
call to reserve a seat. Lemire Clinic,
11115 SW 93rd Court Rd, Suite 600,
Ocala, 352-291-9459, www.Lemire-

Wednesday, March 23
     Wellness Consultation on Irritable
Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromy-
algia Syndrome. Free. Call for appoint-
ment. Reesers Nutrition Center, 3243
E. Silver Springs Blvd., Ocala, 352-

Thursday, March 24
     The Direct Effect of What you Eat,
free lecture in recognition of National
Nutrition Month. 6 pm, Life Family
Practice Center, 1501 US Hwy 441
North, The Villages. RSVP to 352-750-

Saturday, March 26
    Healing Sessions with ZaKa and
AzKa, facilitated by Jeff Wheeler,
Shamanic Healer. Free talk 12-1 pm,
healing sessions 1-5:30 pm, $15. High
Springs Emporium, 660 NW Santa Fe
Blvd, High Springs, 386-454-8657,

March 26–April 2
    Ayurvedic Detoxification (Pancha-
karma) and Yoga. This program can                                                                      March 2011              35
Saturday, April 2                         8801 NW 39th Ave. International                    ONGOING EVENTS
    Annual Organic Foods Gala,            Foundation for Spiritual Knowledge,
9-3. $1 admission. $1 per sample. , 407-673-9776.              Sundays
Free recipes, demonstrations, music.                                                     Farmers Market, 12-4. Mosswood
Crones Cradle, 6411 NE 217 Pl, Citra.     Monday, April 18                          Farm Store, 703 NE Cholokka Blvd,
352-595-3377, www.cronescradlecon-             Stress Management, hosted by         Micanopy, 352-466-5002, www.moss-                                Nuris Lemire. Free, 6 pm, call to re-
                                          serve a seat. Lemire Clinic, 11115 SW          Master Mind Prayer Circle, 9:30;
Monday, April 4                           93rd Court Rd, Suite 600, Ocala, 352-     Healing Hands Circle, 10; Sunday Ser-
     Meet the Doctor evening, hosted      291-9459,           vice and Youth Education, 11; NGU,
by Dr. James Lemire. Free, 6 pm, call     Now through April 22                      12:30. Unity of Gainesville, 8801
to reserve a seat. Lemire Clinic, 11115        Art show, “From the Center: Inside   NW 39th Ave., 352-373-1030, www.
SW 93rd Court Rd, Suite 600, Ocala,       Out,” artist Harimandir Khalsa. Center
352-291-9459, www.LemireClinic.           for Balance, 1705 NW 6th St, Gaines-           Meditation and Spiritual Lesson,
com.                                      ville, 352-378-4848.                      10 am. Unity of Ocala, Unity of Ocala,
                                                                                    101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113,
Saturday, April 9                         May 21-22                       
     Mediumship Spiritual Develop-            Raymon Grace workshop. Dr.                 Science of Mind and Spirit
ment Class. $25, 2-4:30pm. Class          Hanoch Talmor, Gainesville Holistic       Meditation 9:45am, Celebration /
includes meditation, lesson, hands-       Center, Gainesville, 352-377-0015,        Message 10:30am, Youth and
on practice to develop your personal,,          Children’s Celebration 10:30am. Love
skills. Held at Unity of Gainesville,                        offering. OakBrook Center for Spiritual
                                                                                    Living, 1009 N.E. 28 Ave, Ocala, FL

36                                                    Printed on recycled paper to protect the environment
Monday-Friday                            Amrit Yoga, Salt Springs, 352-685-         Rd, (off Maricamp), Ocala,
    Organic Food Pickups. Monday,        3001,                 352-687-2113,
Ocala; Tuesday, Eustis and Mt. Dora;          Meditation and Visioning, 6pm,
Wednesday, Ocala and Gainesville;        followed at 7:15 with Speaker, Spiri-      Seven days/week
Friday, Oxford/The Villages. Home-       tual Craft, Drumming, or Spiritual Film,        Abraham, yoga, breathwork,
grown Organics by Doreen, 352-598-       depending on the week. Love offering.      reiki, much more—something every
4184, http://www.homegrownorganics.      OakBrook Center for Spiritual Living,      day. Unity of Gainesville, 8801 NW Recipes: http://home-         1009 N.E. 28 Ave, Ocala, FL 352-629-       39th Ave., 352-373-1030, www.          3897,       
    Yoga with Joe Ferrara. Monday,                                                       Bellydancing, fitness, yoga classes,
7-8:30 pm, Amrit Yoga Institute. Tues-   Thursdays                                  personal training as early as 5:30 am,
day, 12-12:45 pm, Serenity of Central        Healing Yoga with Marque. Move-        as late as 7:30 pm. Hip Moves, 708
Florida, 301 Skyline Dr., Ste 1, Lady    ment class combining yoga, Pilates,        NW 23rd Ave, Gainesville, 352-692-
Lake. Wednesday, 8:30-10 am, Ocala       body alignment, breathing. Bring a         0132,
Inner Center, 205 S. Magnolia; and       mat. $25/4 weeks, Feb. 3-24 every               Yoga classes as early as 5:30
5-6 pm, Serenity of Central Florida,     Thursday, 12:30-1:30 pm. To register:      am, as late as 8:30 pm, beginners
Lady Lake. Thursday, 6-7:30 pm, Ocala    Sheila, 352-867-9660. Class held at        (including “Stiff Guys”) to experienced
Inner Center. Friday, 7-8 am, Premier    Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar Rd., Ocala,      Hot Yoga. Big Ron’s Yoga College,
Medical Center of Ocala, 7960 SW         352-687-2113.                              Gainesville, 352-367-8434, www.
60th Ave.                                          
Tuesdays                                      Farmstead Saturdays. Free, 9-3
    A Course in Miracles, 12 noon and    pm. Crones Cradle, 6411 NE 217
7 pm. Unity of Ocala, Unity of Ocala,    Pl, Citra. 352-595-3377, www.
101 Cedar Rd., Ocala, 352-687-2113,                           The 2012 Preparation Program w/
                                         Marque G. Kolack. Every Saturday in
Wednesdays                               March, 10 am-12 noon. $20/class love
   A Course in Miracles, 7-8:30pm.       offering. Unity of Ocala, 101 Cedar

                                                                                        British Medium Jan Marshall
                                                                                      at Unity of Gainesville in March
                                                                                      n Demonstration of Mediumship:
                                                                                        March 11, 7:30-9pm
                                                                                      n Workshop in Mediumship:
                                                                                        March 12, 10am-4pm
                                                                                      n Private readings available
                                                                                       Check Web for complete 2011 program                                                                       March 2011                 37
turn your passion
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 we live and care for ourselves. Now available                                •	   Florida’s	Treasure		     •	   Knoxville,	TN
 in Spanish as well.                                                                                        •	   Memphis,	TN
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