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Leading Edge Guide to leading by


									Leading Edge Guide to leading
This report describes how a person's         Stimulating the Environment - People       since an unrealistic goal is
manager needs to respond in order to         who do well are able to provide a          de-motivating. They must be relevant
motivate, inspire and manage. The            positive and challenging environment       so they convey a realistic sense of
report uses as a base the model of           for others. They make people think         purpose and they need a time limit to
Leadership originally outlined by            and re-examine their ideas and look        crystallise them and provide an agreed
Bernard Bass which suggests that             for alternatives. They quickly see new     end point.
there are 7 core elements of                 applications and ways forward, are
                                                                                        Monitoring Performance - There is little
leadership which people need to              innovative and imaginative, are seen
                                                                                        point in setting clear goals if no effort is
develop in order to be seen as               as experts and authorities in their
                                                                                        made to determine whether they have
successful. They break down into             fields, and are aware of trends and
                                                                                        been met. Performance review can be
Transformational and Transactional           developments in their fields.
                                                                                        very structured with centralised
Leadership. Transactional leadership
                                             Treating People as Individuals -           administration or more fluid relying
is about delivering the agreed results.
                                             Creating an environment where people       more on the individual than the
Transformational leadership is
                                             feel valued and encouraged to              system. This helps a person to
required to inspire people to go above
                                             contribute, where they can explore         understand whether the goals have
and beyond expectations.
                                             their own talents and utilise individual   been achieved. The process for
                                             strengths. People who enable others        monitoring, the frequency of review
                                             to do this are seen as positive and fair   and the individual responsibility for this
Transformational Leaders                     minded. They ensure justice and are        review needs to be made clear.
Transformational Leaders have a clear        not judgmental. They are attuned to
                                                                                        Providing Feedback - Performance
idea of where they want to go, are           the feelings and natures of their
                                                                                        appraisal is a normal part of corporate
passionate and motivating to others.         colleagues and show respect for them.
                                                                                        life now. Feedback is designed to
They are innovative and challenging.         Such people can establish a positive
                                                                                        answer two questions:
They create and communicate a                environment for each person in the
                                             team, get people to contribute in the      • What are we expecting?
vision, are intellectually stimulating and
treat people as individuals. The             way they work best, allow for individual   • How are we doing?
elements are:                                differences, do not pre-judge people or
                                             impose their own prejudices. They are      And for feedback to be effective it must
Creating a Vision - Visionary leaders        accessible and responsive to others        be:
are described as motivating, inspiring       needs. They accept people for what
and convincing. A vision cannot be                                                      • Understood
                                             they are.
established by edict. To ensure that                                                    • Believed
                                             Transactional Leaders
colleagues "buy in" to a vision you                                                     • Accepted
must persuade, excite and influence.         Transactional Leaders have an ability
People who do this well, communicate         to organise and manage people and          Developing Careers - The key to
a sense of purpose and focus, make           resources to achieve the agreed            developing others is to demonstrate
people feel they understand where the        corporate goals. They concentrate on       genuine interest and concern for them.
organisation is going, enthuse and           setting goals, monitoring performance,     It involves selflessness and a
motivate people about what can be            giving feedback and developing             willingness to put others first. In order
achieved, appear passionate and              people. There are four elements of         to achieve this you need first to
committed to the work, and look to the       Transactional Leadership                   understand yourself and, following
future with en                                                                          that, understand the needs, interests
                                             Goal Setting - Goals are the
                                             operationalisation of a corporate          and desires of other people. To be
                                             vision. They are the engine of activity,   effective you need to also understand
                                             which provides a specific, practical       the political and organisational
                                             focus for efforts. Goals need to be        sensitivities that exist.
                                             specific to ensure clear direction. They
                                             must be measurable so people know
                                             whether they are being met. They
                                             must be achievable

Facet Personal Profile Jennifer Strider                                                                                           14
Leading Edge Guide to leading

                                                                                      Monitoring Performance
                                                                                      • Resist any temptation to manage
                                                                                        closely. People like Jennifer see
                                                                                        themselves as very capable and
Energy                                                        Control                   expect to be trusted
 2.4                                                           9.2                    • Recognise Jennifer's need for a
                                                                                        manager who is tactful and
                                                                                        respectful of ideas and contributions
                                                                                      • Arrange meetings to discuss
                                                                                        progress but keep them brief and to
                                                                                        the point
                                                                                      • Assert your authority if necessary
                                                                                        using logical and rationale
                               Affection                                              • Consult with Jennifer early if a
                                  4.3                                                   change of plan is likely - people like
                                                                                        Jennifer can be inflexible

Creating a Vision                          Treating People as Individuals             Providing Feedback
• Appeal to Jennifer's willingness to      • Keep relationships on a very             • Keep it brief, and have a clear idea
  take on a challenge                        business like basis                        of what you want to say
• Sell the potential for improving         • Respect privacy and the fact that        • Praise Jennifer directly for a
  efficiency                                 people like Jennifer take themselves       personal contribution, a sense of
• Involve Jennifer in the development        and their work very seriously              urgency and ability to progress
  and give plenty of scope for Jennifer    • Bear in mind Jennifer can be blunt         independently with minimal back-up
  to input own ideas                         and direct and respects others with      • Use tact and be sure of your facts
• Present logical business sense             the same qualities                         when giving negative feedback
  arguments and refer to 'expert'          • Allow Jennifer to contribute a           • Be prepared for Jennifer to defend if
  opinion and future trends                  viewpoint - there will always be one -     criticised and to resist admitting
• Emphasise the personal benefits            and tactfully ensure that yours is         mistakes
  and career advantages involved in          listened to as well                      • Stick to your guns and give as good
  the successful realisation of the        • Ensure discussion centres on               as you get, but allow Jennifer to
  vision                                     matters that concern Jennifer              save face
• Be clear about where you feel              directly as people like Jennifer are
  Jennifer fits into the bigger picture      always busy and resent                   Developing Careers
  and that success depends upon              unnecessary interruptions
                                                                                      • Jennifer's own career prospects will
  Jennifer's contribution
                                                                                        always be high on the personal
                                           Goal Setting
Stimulating the Environment                • Provide specific goals in terms of the   • Encourage Jennifer's determination
• Respond to Jennifer's need for             end results required but allow             and assist in finding suitable outlets
  status, authority and responsibility       Jennifer freedom to make decisions         for ambition
• Provide Jennifer with plenty of scope      about how they are achieved              • Jennifer's main development areas
  for shaping and managing an area         • Be aware of Jennifer's tendency to         are likely to centre on the adverse
  of the business                            be autocratic and demanding of             impact that they can have on others
• Motivate Jennifer by talk of               others - build in some specific and      • Help Jennifer to recognise any
  challenging targets and measurable         measurable targets to counteract           limitations and suggest ways in
  results                                    this if necessary                          which improvement might be made.
• Involve Jennifer in discussions          • Link goals directly to overall             Raise Jennifer's prospects through
  where opinions and ideas are               business needs and emphasise the           self-awareness, training and
  exchanged and challenged                   connection with efficient use of           development
                                             resources and self-improvement or
• Keep very involved and reinforce the
                                             career prospects
  importance of Jennifer's own results
  to the overall success of the

Facet Personal Profile Jennifer Strider                                                                                          15

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