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									    Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online


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          Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

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           Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online


You’ve probably just started your online business or maybe you’re in
the early set up stages of your business. You might even have done
some preliminary researching to see what all you need to do to make
your business a success using the Internet.

Congratulations if you’ve made it that far! Running an Internet
business can be an extremely lucrative way to earn income. Creating a
successful one does take a lot of work, so there will need to be some
extensive research done to learn what works and doesn’t work.

As you learn about all the aspects Internet marketing contains; you’ll
find that the number one thing you will need to get your business out
of the starting gate will be an effective marketing campaign.

You can’t run a business without marketing it. If you try to, then no
one will find you, which means you won’t make any sales or sell your
services. So, an effective marketing campaign is essential if you want
your hard work to be noticed.

                        Think about your budget

Okay, so you’re just starting out or plan to soon. You should have a
marketing budget in place that will determine how much you can
spend getting your business name out there. More than likely, that
budget will be small.

Some of the marketing techniques you’ll see others use will cost you
some money. Some are expensive and others will be less costly.


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            Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

Because you’re just starting out, don’t go for the gusto and try to
spend your entire budget on one expensive advertising tactic.

While this may sound appealing to you as a way to get attention
quickly and your business running at a high level overnight; it’s simply
not. There would be no reason for you to spend your entire budgeted
amount on a tactic that probably won’t work for you right away.

In your case, the best option you have is to utilize some of the
numerous ways to market your business while taking it easy on your
pocket. This report will help explain the process to you.

    Benefits of Marketing Using the Internet

The Internet has brought us many ways to learn information, chat with
others, earn money and especially market a business to millions of
people all over the world. That’s a ton more people than you probably
have in your own home town.

Offline marketing can’t even hold a candle to what the Internet can
achieve for us. Before the Internet became so readily available to us,
businesses had to be satisfied with placing print ads in their local
papers, starting direct mail campaigns and cold calling people to try to
generate interest in their products or services.

Now, those days are virtually gone. While some companies still use
these techniques, they have now started to couple them with Internet
advertising strategies. It’s hard to remember having to do it all without
the World Wide Web on our side.

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            Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

Here are some of the benefits of Internet marketing:

More Opportunities – There are tons more opportunities at our
fingertips to utilize than we ever had when marketing offline. More
options are popping up all the time, so those opportunities continue to

Useful Programs – There are so many useful programs out there that
can help our marketing efforts go even smoother. They are simple to
use, inexpensive or free and they save us so much time.

Reaching More of Your Target Market – The Internet helps to
reach not only more people to sell to, but more people in our target
market. A target market is simply a group of people that we can focus
our marketing efforts to. These are the people that are more likely to
buy from you because they want or need what you have to offer.

Easier to Track – There are tons of useful tools available to help track
the success of our efforts. It’s simple and easy to change direction in
your marketing plan if you see that something isn’t working. What
makes it even better is that you can find out before you lose a ton of
money in the process.

Spread the Word – We know that the Internet can help you reach
people from all over the world. Each of those people knows more
people, who in turn are acquainted with even more people and this
cycle keeps going. Do you get the picture? Basically, we’re talking
about a word of mouth campaign involving people all over the planet
instead of just in your local area.


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              Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

The list of benefits can go on and on, but this should give you a nice
idea of just how marketing on the Internet can help you grow your

    Simple, Inexpensive Ways to Get Your
                         Marketing Started

If you’re just starting out, you may want to look at some simple, easy
to use techniques that can still pack a punch in the marketing game.
Let’s start with one of the most popular tactics online business owners

1. Blogging

If you’re not familiar with business blogging, then you should keep an
open mind. Yes, blogging is well-known as a tool for people to connect
and share their personal experiences, photos and whatever else they
want to let their readers know.

It’s no longer just a personal journal though. Businesses use them to:

    •   Connect with their target market

    •   Get to know their prospects and current customers on a more
        personal level

    •   Build rapport

    •   Build credibility

    •   Build trust

    •   Generate interest in their products


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               Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

Start a blog to go along with your business. Here are some tips to
keep in mind:

Stick with the topic of your business. If your business is in the pet care
field; then stay with a topic like pets or something similar. If it doesn’t
match, it won’t help your business. Your business site will be linked to
the blog, so it needs to be in the same topic arena.

2. Social Networking Sites

This is a powerful tool to use in your marketing arsenal and it won’t
cost you anything, but a little time getting set up. Social networking
websites are places where millions of people join to connect with other
people that are much like them. They chat, share experiences, share
hobbies and sometimes extend help to others.

Some of the more popular social networking sites include:

    •   Facebook

    •   MySpace

    •   LinkedIn

    •   Ryze

    •   Twitter

This is a very short list of the tons of social networking website on the
Internet. Explore some of them and see which ones work for your
needs. Once you’ve joined, you can set up your own little space with
one of the communities and start getting to know the other community


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             Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

Build some rapport and get inside your prospects heads to see how
your target market thinks. Your business will benefit in the long run
from it. In other words, don’t try to push your business on them in the

Each site will be different, but they’re all the same in the sense that
they contain a ton of people to connect with. Those people have other
connections and can take a message, video clip, audio clip or photo
image and zip them out to their friends in mere seconds. This is pretty
much like a word of mouth campaign that spreads like wildfire.
Imagine what that can do for your business site.

3. Forums

Forums or message boards work much like social networking websites.
These are sites where people can join and gather around a cyber water
cooler discussing topics of interest. These forums attract people that
share some kind of interest.

For example, there are forums for:

    •   Entrepreneurs

    •   Internet Marketing

    •   Computer Games

    •   Web Designers

    •   Sports Enthusiasts

    •   Pet Lovers


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             Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

That are tons more, but this shows you what kinds of interests you
may find when searching for a forum to join. As for what kind of forum
you should be looking for; it should be where your target market is

Target market refers to the specific group of people that you focus
your marketing efforts on. These will be the people that have an
interest in what you’re selling; thus making them the most likely to
buy from you.

Find out where they’re hanging out and join that community. Get to
know them as people. Don’t push your products or services on them,
but learn about how they think, feel and act. This will help you grow
your business and cater to their needs. That’s what will make your
business a success.

4. Article Directories

Article directories are websites where you can submit articles you have
written to. Those articles will contain a brief bio section where your
business information would be included. Your business website would
be available to the reader, so they can follow the link to your site for
more information. Article directories don’t stop at just that website
however. When you submit an article you are also giving others the
ability to reprint your articles on their own sites. This as known as free
reprint rights and the user of your article must include the bio, or
resource, box whenever they publish your article.

When writing articles to submit to these directories, there are some
things to keep in mind:

    •   The article must be about the topic of your website

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             Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

The whole purpose of article marketing is to promote your business
site. If you’re in the pet care business the article needs to reflect that.
Submitting an article that has nothing to do with pets doesn’t cut it.
Let’s fact it who would take you seriously as a professional if you were
talking about something completely unrelated and then sent the
reader to your pet care site?

    •   Proofread the article before submitting

Writing an article isn’t always easy. Of course, there will be some
mistakes in spelling and grammar. That’s what proofreading is for. You
can catch the mistakes that your word processing program doesn’t.

Having one or two misspelled words isn’t as bad as trying to read an
article that’s laden with mistakes. It’s too hard to read, which means
those who attempt to read your article probably won’t be checking
your website out. Make sure your article is proofread and edited before
submitting it, even if you have to have someone else do it for you.

    •   Check the directory site rules before submitting

Each site is different, so the rules will be different as well. These sites
choose whose articles will be submitted, so don’t just assume that
because you wrote an article, it will get published on their site.

If you don’t follow their rules your article won’t get published. If it’s
not published, then how can people see your article? Better yet, how
can they see your website link? Search engines like these directory
sites, so you should consider getting some of your articles submitted
and make sure to follow the rules.


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              Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

See what types of articles each of the article directories do accept.
Look for information like what things to avoid and then make sure
your article meets their requirements. Most of them will tell you what
things they look for and what things they don’t want to see, so be sure
to check them out. If yours is published, it will have a higher chance of
the search engine finding it when someone searches for that topic.

                           In Conclusion

Rest assured there are many ways to get your business name out
there. Some of those are inexpensive, if not free and they can be easy
to use. Marketing your business is the first step in getting it to the
success level you desire.

Forget about what you may have heard about only getting results from
advertising by spending money to get it. That’s not true. People have
power blasted their marketing efforts using some of the most
inexpensive and easy to use tools available online.

Why? They were just like you once. They didn’t have the huge
marketing budgets to access the higher priced marketing tools. They
made do with what they had and some have managed success without
ever having to utilize any of the expensive tactics. So, start your
business endeavor using tools such as the ones listed in this report.

Thomas Jefferson once said…

    “The execution of the laws is more important than the making them.”

So, in essence, the marketing game fits here as well. The execution of
your marketing efforts is much more important than how much money
you spend on the advertising campaign. Put your sweat and tears into

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            Penny Pincher’s Quick Start Guide: To Marketing Online

getting your business name out there and put your money to other
things your business needs.


You’re well on your way to successfully marketing your business on the
Internet without spending a lot of your hard earned money.

This guide touches on a few inexpensive ideas to help you get started,
but if you really want to dig in your heels and build a solid foundation
online, you’ll want to get your hands on my “no-fluff” jam-packed e-
book for budget conscious business owners:

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