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SPEECH PATHOLOGY A Selective Guide to Materials and Resources by


									                          SPEECH PATHOLOGY
                A Selective Guide to Materials and Resources

This guide contains a bibliography of titles and electronic resources that will assist
students in locating materials for Speech Pathology. This guide is general in its approach
to finding materials and resources housed in the F.D Bluford Library and identifying and
finding resources that may be on the Internet. It is not meant to be comprehensive. This
guide is meant to help students organize their research as well as to give them tips on
research strategy. Please come to the Reference Desk and talk with a Reference
Librarian for assistance.

Using the Library Catalog

Establishing what resources F.D. Library owns on your subject should be your first
priority. To do this, you must search the Library Catalog. The catalog can be searched
via the original, text based interface or via the web browser interface. Both versions can
be accessed from the library, any campus computer lab or from off campus via remote
access. The Library Catalog can be searched by KEYWORD, AUTHOR, TITLE,
JOURNAL TITLE, and by SUBJECT. Do a keyword search if you do not know a
specific title or a standardized subject heading.
Use the subject SPEECH DISORDERS. These are some subject headings related to
speech disorders: Aphasia, Articulation disorders, Audiology, Audiology-instruments,
Audiometry, Speech, Auditory masking, Cluttering (Speech pathology), Communication
disorders, Communication disorders in adolescence, Communication disorders in
children, Communication disorders in infants, Communication disorders in old age,
Communicative disorders, Deafness, Forensic audiology, Dichotic listening tests, Group
speech therapy, Hearing, Hearing aids, Hearing clinics, Hearing disorders, Hearing
disorders in children, Hearing disorders in infants, Hearing impaired children, Hearing
impaired infants, Hearing levels, Hyperacusis, Language awareness in children,
Language disorders in children, Mutism, Presbycusis, Speech, Speech disorders in
adolescence, Speech disorders in Children, Speech perception in newborn infants,
Speech therapists, Speech therapy, Speech therapy for children, Speech therapy –
Vocational guidance, Stuttering, Tongue thrust, Velopharyngeal insufficiency, Vision
disorders in children, Voice disorders, Word deafness in children.
Beginning Your Research
Use encyclopedias, handbooks, or dictionaries. Overviews or definitions of your topics
are presented in concise entries or articles. More in depth analysis of your topic can be
obtained from the bibliographies at the end of the articles or entries. The table of contents
or index should be consulted for your topic.

Bibliographies, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Handbooks
Dictionaries provide brief entries that are quick and helpful sources for the definition or
identification of a term, movement, or person. Handbooks and dictionaries can help you
throughout your research by providing quick, factual information that you may need to
support your ideas.

Encyclopedias are also a good place to start, especially if you are unfamiliar with the
topic. Articles in encyclopedias are often written by recognized authorities and tend to
provide established facts and ideas about the topic, its history, basic theories, and
important persons who have written related articles. Also, most encyclopedia articles
close with a bibliography that may help you to establish your literature search.
Dictionaries provide brief entries that are quick and helpful sources for the definition or
identification of a term, movement, or person in history. While dictionaries are not as
broad as encyclopedias, they are particularly useful for choosing proper terminology.

Note: When using encyclopedias, first consult the index volume, usually the last volume
of the set. This will tell you if your topic has an article devoted entirely to it or if it is
discussed within an article on a related subject.

Circulating books are located in different sections of the library. Please consult the
“location” on the online catalog, then use the directory located at the Reference Desk and
by the elevators or ask for assistance.

Children's Speech and Literacy Difficulties: A Psycholinguistic Framework.

Clinical Linguistics: Theory and Applications in Speech Pathology and Therapy.
A&T STACKS RC423 C556 2002

Concise Encyclopedia of Language Pathology.

A Coursebook on Scientific and Professional Writing in Speech-Language Pathology.
2nd edition.
A&T REF RC423 H3829 1998

Diagnosis in Speech-Language Pathology. 2nd edition.
A&T STACKS RC423 D473 2000

Developmental Language Disorders: From Phenotypes to Etiologies.

The Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders.
A&T REF RF290 T93 2004

Games and Motor Exercises for Speech.
A&T LRC TEXTBKS RJ496 G36 2000

Hearing Loss.
A&T GSM FED DOVDOCS HE 20.3861:H 35/3

Hegde's Pocketguide to Treatment in Speech-Language Pathology. 2nd edition.
A&T STACKS RC423 H38286 2001

How to Prepare for the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology.
A&T STACKS RC423 P355 2001

llustrated Dictionary of Speech-Language Pathology.
A&T REF RC423 S533 2000

Language Acquisition: The Age Factor.

Language Development: Activities for Home.

Learning Disabilities Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Learning
Disabilities, Including Dyslexia, Developmental Speech and Language Disabilities, Non-
Verbal Learning Disorders, Developmental Arithmetic Disorder, Developmental Writing
Disorder, and Other Conditions That Impede Learning Such As Attention
Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Brain Injury, Hearing Impairment, Klinefelter Syndrome,
Dyspraxia, and Tourette Syndrome, Along With Facts About Educational Issues and
Assistive Technology, Coping Strategies, a Glossary of Related Terms, and Resources for
Further Help and Information.
2nd edition.
A&T REF LC4705 L434 2003

Library of Congress Subject Headings. 28th edition. 5 volumes
A&T REF Z695 Z8 L524a 2005 Shelved on dictionary stand adjacent to Vertical
NOTE: Use this source to identify established subject headings and for broader,
narrower and related terms.

Magazines for Libraries. 14th edition.
A&T READY REF Z6941 M23 2005

Opportunities in Speech-Language Pathology Careers.

Oxford Handbook of Deaf Studies, Language, and Education.
A&T REF HV2380 O88 2003

Resources for People With Disabilities and Chronic Conditions. 5th edition.
A&T REF HV1553 R482 2002

The Sciences of Aphasia: From Therapy to Theory.

The Source for Processing Disorders.
A&T STACKS RF291 R40 2001

Speech-Language Pathology Desk Reference.
A&T REF RC423 R586 1998

The Stammering Handbook: A Definitive Guide to Coping With a Stammer.
A&T REF RC424 L49 1997

Training Speech-Language Pathologists to Serve Culturally Diverse Populations: A
Model for the 21st Century: Final Progress Report, July 1, 1996-June 30, 2000.
A&T GSM GOV MICROFORM ED 1.310/2:460559

Trends in Vision and Hearing Among Older Americans.
A&T WEB HE 20.6233:2

The 2002 Official Patient's Sourcebook on Stuttering.

Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. 44th edition. 4 volumes

Electronic Research Databases
Electronic databases/vendors are accessible through the library’s web page. Here is a
listing of databases/vendors to begin with:

Academic Search Premier via EBSCOhost
  - provides general and specific serial literature on speech pathology; use the limiting
    features for full-text, references and scholarly journals.

AccuNet/AP Multimedia Archive
  - provides documented photographs covering individuals and events

Biography Resource Center via GaleNet Databases
   - provides biographic information and includes “Further Readings”

Books in Print via OCLC
  - includes bibliographic information on titles currently in print as well as items out-of-
    print and forthcoming.

CAB Direct
  - concentrates on international applied life sciences bibliographic citations since 1973;
    covers books, bulletins, conference proceedings, journals and technical reports.

CINAHL with Full Text via EBSCOhost
  - primary database in nursing and the allied health

CollegeSource Online
  - provides college and university bulletins.

  - The Communication Sciences and Disorders Dome provides a source for citations
    and abstracts in all fields of the study of communication and communications
    disorders; Dome indexes books as well as articles.

Communication & Mass Media Complete via EBSCOhost
  - provides journal literature in communications and mass media.

Communication Studies: Full-Text Collection
  - provides journal coverage in the areas of intercultural, interpersonal, mass and
    political communication

Education Full-Text via WilsonWeb
  - concentrates on serial literature in education

Education: [A SAGE] Full-Text Collection via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
  - covers journal literature all levels of education and measurement and testing

Emerald Full-Text
  - database providing journal literature in areas such as language acquisition and
    speech pathology.

  - primary database for journal literature in education.

Health Source – Consumer Edition via EBSCOhost
  - database covering childcare, general health and medical sciences.

Health Source - Nursing/Academic Edition via EBSCOhost
  - database covering journal literature in nursing and allied health.

InfoTrac OneFile via GaleNet Databases
   - general database providing serial literature.

   - enormous database providing journal literature and table of contents information.

   - archival database of scholarly journals, many dating from the 1800s.

Kraus Curriculum Development Library
  - database concentrating in the area of education [curricula, instructional
    strategies and evaluative techniques].

LexisNexis Academic – Medical
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts via Cambridge Scientific Abstracts
   - provides abstracts and indexing covering language acquisition and behavior and
     linguistics topics from 1973 to present

Mental Measurements Yearbook via EBSCOhost
  - database format of the print MMY; covers information and reviews on
    standardized tests.

PsycINFO via EBSCOhost
  - database format for the print Psychological Abstracts; primary database in the
    field of psychology.

   - database covering serial literature; select main areas such as “Health Sciences”
     and/or “Social Sciences and Humanities”.

Testing & Education Reference Center via GaleNet EDatabases
  - database providing information on careers, going to college and graduate school
     and test preparation.

Web of Science
  - citation database.
   o Arts and Humanities Citation Index via ISI Web of Science
   o Science Citation Index Expanded via ISI Web of Science
   o Social Sciences Citation Index via ISI Web of Science.

WorldCat via OCLC
  - enormous bibliographic database useful for both locating print and non-print

Print Abstracts and Indexes
Child Development Abstracts and Bibliography

Dsh abstracts.
A&T REF RF1 D81 [Abstracts]

Online Journals – Selected List
via Academic Search Premier
American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology
Child Language Teaching & Therapy
Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
Communication Disorders Quarterly
Focus on Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities
International Journal of Language & Communication Disorders
Journal of Speech, Language & Hearing Research
Language & Cognitive Processes
Language, Speech, & Hearing Services in Schools
Language Testing
Topics in Language Disorders

International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation

via Education Index Full Text
American Annals of the Deaf

via InfoTrac OneFile
American Family Physician
Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology
Journal of Medical Speech - Language Pathology

via Jstor
Child Development
The Elementary School Journal
Review of Educational Research

via Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts
Disability and Rehabilitation
Journal of Phonetics

via PsycINFO
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry
Psychological Bulletin

via ScienceDirect
British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Journal of Fluency Disorders
Journal of Pediatric Health Care
Journal of Voice
Research in Developmental Disabilities

Print Serials
Asha: A Journal of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

Journal of Speech and Hearing Research: A Publication of the American Speech and
Hearing Association.

The Journal of Speech Disorders.

Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research: JSLHR.

Seminars in Speech and Language.

Government Documents

Government Documents cover a broad range of topics including criminal justice; laws
and regulations; congressional hearings; Supreme Court opinions; and economic,
demographic and agricultural statistics. You can access the Government Documents
Collection several ways: “Library Catalog” using the limiting feature “Where located”;
the “Library Information” link to “Departments”, then “Government Documents” link;
and the Internet. These items are classified by the Superintendent of Documents
Classification Scheme and must be retrieved using that call number. The library's
Government Documents Department is located on the lower level of the library.

Organizations and Websites
Below is a web list of organizations associated with Speech Disorders:

Academy Of Aphasia [AA]

Academy Of Rehabilitative Audiology [ARA]

American Auditory Society [AAS]

American Institute For Stuttering Treatment And Professional Training

American Speech Language Hearing Association

Association Of Late-Deafened Adults [ALDA]

Children Of Deaf Adults [CODA]

National Aphasia Association [NAA]

National Black Association For Speech, Language And Hearing [NBASLH]

National Black Deaf Advocates [NBDA]

National Student Speech Language Hearing Association [NSSLHA]

Society For Research In Child Development


A comprehensive “Speech and Communications” guide can be obtained from the
library’s homepage using the “Subject Guides and Handouts” link.

Individualized Instruction can also be requested at the Reference Desk. This is a 30
minute session, with the student and a librarian, concentrating on a specific topic and
library resources.

“Alerting Services”, describing procedures used by certain databases/publishers to notify
students of topical interest, is accessible from the library homepage “Services” link.

Other services:
       Email reference service at Bluford Library.

       24/7 Virtual Reference Services
       North Carolina virtual reference service.

       Sign-up for workshops at the reference desk: Alerting Services
       and EndNote® [citation program].



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