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									                                                                                                 Winter / Spring 2011

                            Psycho-Legal Associates, Inc.
                            Leaders In Continuing Education Since 1995

            New                                                                                        1-Day Course
                  Annual 8-Hour Child Custody Update Training
                     Clinical Supervision: Relational Processes
                    Clutter, Hoarding & Chronic Disorganization
                                        Emotional Intelligence
                                     Humor in Psychotherapy
                                    Law & Ethics: 2011 Update
        A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP • Pamela H. Harmell, Ph.D. • Lawrence E. Hedges, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP

                             Sexuality, Passion, Love & Desire
        19th Annual                                                                              Special Event
                      International Combat Stress Conference

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     Annual 8-Hour Child Custody Update                                      Clutter, Hoarding & Chronic Disorganization
    Training for California Court Rule 5.225                                                      9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 6 C.E. Hours
                     8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • 8 C.E. Hours
                                                                             D    o you have at least one too many stacks of “important” papers lying
                                                                                  around? Did you inherit a depression-era “save everything”
C    hild custody evaluations are one of the last fee for service areas of
     practice for psychotherapists. Our recent survey of court-approved
evaluators indicated that the average hourly rate charged is $240 with
                                                                             philosophy? Struggling to manage the clutter in your personal and work
                                                                             environment can lead to frustration, stress, and the feeling of being
                                                                             chronically disorganized. For some, the inability to limit, organize, and
more than 22% of those surveyed charging $300 or more per hour. This
                                                                             let go of the “stuff” in their lives can lead to low self-esteem, shame,
one-day eight-hour course–new for 2011–provides a review of the latest
                                                                             compromised relationships, and occupational difficulties. This course
cutting-edge research and literature on best practices in the field. The
                                                                             explores the psychological and environmental factors that lead to
course is designed to stimulate seasoned custody evaluators seeking
                                                                             clutter, hoarding, and having too much stuff.
annual child custody update training. For aspiring evaluators, the course
can be applied toward the 40-hour initial training requirement.              Roland Rotz, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist working with those
                                                                             battling chronic disorganization. Over the past 20 years, he has focused
See page 4 for our video CD options to complete the annual 8-hour
                                                                             his attention on establishing and maintaining effective treatment
 child custody update training, 4-hour domestic violence update
                                                                             strategies for children, adolescents, and adults with ADHD and co-
         training, or 40-hour initial training requirement.
                                                                             occurring conditions. He is currently affiliated with Santa Barbara City
                                                                             College. He is the co-author of Fidget to Focus: Outwit Your Boredom
  The course outline or agenda for this training has been approved           as well as Collaborative Therapy for Clutter Management.
  as corresponding to subject areas specified in California Rules of
  Court, Rule 5.225(d)(1)-(21). The views expressed in this training
  are those of the trainer and do not necessarily represent the official
  positions or policies of the Judicial Council of California or the                                      Eldercare
  Administrative Office of the Courts.
                                                                                                  9 a.m. - 3 p.m. • 5 C.E. Hours
Leslie M. Drozd, Ph.D. is a psychologist and the editor of one of the
fieldʼs two leading journals, the Journal of Child Custody. She is the
author, co-author, editor, or co-editor of numerous professional books       W     ould you like to help your clients (and potentially yourself) assist
                                                                                   aging parents and relatives? If youʼre like most psychotherapists,
                                                                             you donʼt specialize in gerontology, but some of your clients may indeed
and articles including Parenting Plan Evaluations, Psychological Testing
in Child Custody Cases, Child Sexual Abuse Allegations in Child              be older adults. Likewise, many clients seek psychotherapy directly or
Custody Cases, and Relocation Issues in Child Custody. She is a              indirectly related to the stress of caring for and about their elderly
member of the Working Group on Issues of Alleged Abuse, Neglect,             parents and relatives with their myriad of physical, psychological and
and Endangerment of the American Psychological                               social needs. This course will enhance your efficacy in these situations
Association/American Bar Association.                                        as well as explore you own myths and stereotypes about the aging
                                                                             process and the elderly.
                                                                                 See page 4 for Dr. Fuhrmanʼs home-study course on aging.

 Clinical Supervision: Relational Processes                                  Maximilian Fuentes Fuhrmann, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist with
                                                                             extensive practical experience in the assessment and treatment of older
                     9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 6 C.E. Hours                          adults. He received his Ph.D. from the renowned Clinical-Aging
                                                                             Psychology program at USC, and holds an adjunct faculty appointment

A    recent summary of thousands of empirical studies identified that the
     factor determining the overall outcome of all psychotherapies is the
relationship between you and your client. It follows from this that an
                                                                             in USCʼs School of Social Work. He has taught gerontology and
                                                                             psychology courses at CSU Northridge, CSU Channel Islands, and
                                                                             California Lutheran University. He is the co-author of Sagacity: What I
important factor in the supervisee-supervisor experience is not so much      Learned from My Elderly Psychotherapy Clients.
the imparting of knowledge about therapy, but the engendering of an
appreciation of the power of the therapeutic relatedness itself. This
course explores the psychodynamic and relational processes involved
in supervision and the ways those can lead toward greater relational                           Emotional Intelligence
effectiveness in the therapeutic encounter.
      See page 4 for our home-study courses on supervision.                                       9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 6 C.E. Hours

 Psychologists: This course is designed to satisfy the California Board
 of Psychology requirement that all psychologists who provide
                                                                             E    motional intelligence (EI) involves the capacity to sense oneʼs own
                                                                                  emotional state (as well as the emotional state of others) and is
                                                                             becoming increasingly recognized as a significant contributor to human
 supervision as a primary supervisor complete at least six hours of          ability and success. EI also involves self-awareness and persistence in
 supervision training every two years.                                       the face of frustrating situations. This course is designed to enhance
 LCSWs & MFTs: This course is designed to satisfy the BBS rule that          your knowledge of: (1) the core aspects of emotional intelligence and
 licensees who supervise MFT trainees and interns complete at least          how they can be applied to clinical settings, (2) the interrelationships
 six hours of supervision training every licensing cycle. This course also   between emotions, behavior, and cognition, and (3) the treatment of
 partially satisfies the California BBS requirement that licensees who       emotional temperature as related to interpersonal interactions.
 supervise ASWs complete at least 15 hours of supervision training.
                                                                             Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D. is licensed as both a psychologist and
Lawrence E. Hedges, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP is a psychologist and                MFT. He works as a therapist, supervisor, professor, consultant, and
psychoanalyst specializing in training psychotherapists and                  trainer. For 25 years he has served as a clinical supervisor in various
psychoanalysts. He is the author of numerous books including Listening       agencies and universities, including 11 years as the clinical director in a
Perspectives in Psychotherapy, Interpreting the Countertransference,         psychology-training center.
Strategic Emotional Involvement, Working the Organizing Experience,
and Remembering, Repeating & Working Through Childhood Trauma.               It's impossible to learn what you think you already know.
                                                                                                                                   —Author Unknown
                Humor In Psychotherapy                                                 Sexuality, Passion, Love & Desire
                     9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 6 C.E. Hours                                                9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 6 C.E. Hours

W     ould you like to promote a positive therapeutic outcome for your
      clients? If so, attend this workshop to learn a model (based on
research and clinical theory) of how humor relieves psychological
                                                                             S   ex, sexuality, gender, gender identity, and sexual diversity are daily
                                                                                 topics in clinical practice. And, sexuality in both erotic and non-erotic
                                                                             forms is an essential aspect of the intersubjective field in which personal
distress, and promotes both physical health and wellness. In addition,       growth occurs. This course uses a series of case vignettes to provide
while many therapists understand how humor may assist in the                 various models of possibilities for clinical understanding and response
development of the clinical relationship, this program will greatly expand   when sex presents itself in therapy.
your knowledge of how humor can be used as a diagnostic tool as well
                                                                             Lawrence E. Hedges, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP is a psychologist and the
as a clinical treatment strategy.
                                                                             author of Sex In Psychotherapy. He is a diplomate in psychoanalysis
         See page 4 for a video CD version of this course.                   from the American Board of Professional Psychology. He is the author
                                                                             of numerous books including Listening Perspectives in Psychotherapy,
Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, the past
                                                                             Interpreting the Countertransference, Strategic Emotional Involvement,
President of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, and is
                                                                             Working the Organizing Experience, and Remembering, Repeating &
one of the nationʼs leading experts on humor and psychotherapy. He is
                                                                             Working Through Childhood Trauma.
the author of many innovative articles advancing the field of therapeutic
humor, and his chapter Integrating Humor into Psychotherapy appears
in a recent psychology textbook entitled Play Therapy with Adults.
                                                                                                  & SPECIAL EVENTS
              Law & Ethics: 2011 Update
                     9 a.m. - 4 p.m. • 6 C.E. Hours
                                                                                             19th Annual International
                                                                                            Combat Stress Conference
T   his course examines an array of clinical issues from a risk
    management perspective, and provides anecdotes, practical
suggestions, and illustrative case analysis to prepare you to navigate
                                                                                                   Los Angeles (Pasadena)
                                                                                        Thursday-Sunday, May 12-15 • 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
the various problematic legal and ethical situations in your practice.
                                                                                            Attend 1-4 Days • Earn 6-24 C.E. Hours
See page 4 for other options to complete this course requirement.

  This course is designed to satisfy the California BOP requirement
                                                                             T    he leading and longest-running conference on combat stress is now
                                                                                  in its 19th year. This annual multi-disciplinary event brings the top
                                                                             civilian and military medical and mental health professionals from
  that all psychologists complete laws and ethics training each
                                                                             around the world together to share their clinical expertise dealing with
  licensing cycle, and the BBS's rule that all LCSWs, LEPs & MFTs
                                                                             the issues facing our troops such as:
  complete six hours of law and ethics training with each renewal.
                                                                             •   Blast Injuries    •   Compassion Fatigue    •   Crisis Intervention
                                                                             •   Grief & Loss      •   Deployment            •   PTSD
 • Attending this risk management course annually may entitle you to a       •   Redeployment      •   Returning Troops      •   Suicide
 malpractice premium credit. Please consult your carrier for details.        •   Terrorism         •   Trauma                •   Traumatic Brain Injury
 • This risk management course has been pre-approved by the
                                                                             Email us or visit us online for more details and a conference brochure.
 American Professional Agency, Inc. and qualifies for a 5% discount
 on psychology policies.
 • This risk management course qualifies for a 5% discount on
 psychology policies with the APA Insurance Trust (APAIT).                                               THE SMALL PRINT

A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP is a psychologist, an attorney,         • Unless otherwise indicated in the course description, all courses are
and a diplomate in both clinical and forensic psychology from the              at the intermediate level.
American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). He is a clinical           • Visit our website for more comprehensive course descriptions,
professor of psychology at the University of Southern California (USC)         expanded instructor profiles, and office policies.
and the recipient of USCʼs Award for Teaching Excellence. He will be
teaching this course in all Northern California locations.                   • C.E. Passport and other special offers subject to some restrictions.

Pamela H. Harmell, Ph.D. is a psychologist and former President of the       • If you require special assistance or accommodations to participate in
California Board of Psychology. She serves as Co-Chair of the LACPA            any of our courses, please write us at least 30 days in advance.
Ethics Committee and is a past Chair of the CPA Ethics Committee.            • If you discover you are unable to attend a course, forget to show-up
She is a professor at Pepperdine Universityʼs Graduate School of               for a course, or arrive too late to receive course credit, weʼll transfer
Education and Psychology, and will be teaching this course in Los              your enrollment (at no cost) to another live course of equal length.
Angeles on March 4 and Pasadena on May 12.
                                                                             • For withdrawals, your refund request must be in writing and faxed or
Lawrence E. Hedges, Ph.D., Psy.D., ABPP is a psychologist and the              postmarked at least 15 days prior to the original course date for a
author of numerous books, including Therapists At Risk and Facing The          refund less a fee of $35 per person for each one-day course.
Challenge Of Liability In Psychotherapy. He is a diplomate of the              Refunds are issued within 7 days.
American Board of Professional Psychology and The American Board of
Forensic Examiners. He will be teaching this course in Carlsbad, Costa
Mesa, Ontario, and Sherman Oaks.                                             Your education begins when what is called your education ends.
                                                                                                                    –Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes
      Independent Learning Courses                                                 Child Custody Evaluations
                                                                      Child Custody: 40-Hour Initial Training
I ndependent learning courses are a cost-effective and
  convenient alternative for busy clinicians to earn C.E. hours
via an audio or video program, or simply a book. And, soon weʼll
                                                                        Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D., et. al. • 40 C.E. / Call for options and pricing.
                                                                      Child Custody: 8-Hour Annual Update
be offering ebooks for your Android, BlackBerry, Kindle, iPad,          Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. • 8 C.E. / $179 (Video CD)
and iPhone. The certificate of completion will be dated the day       Domestic Violence: 4-Hour Annual Update
your post-test is faxed or postmarked. A passing score is 75%.          Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D. • 4 C.E. / $149 (Video CD)
Same-day scoring is available. A flat fee of $10 per order is
                                                                      Fatherhood & Parenting
added for processing and UPS Ground Shipping. Expedited                 Warren T. Farrell, Ph.D. • 8 C.E. / $179 (book + test)
shipping is available for an additional cost.
                                                                     The course outline or agenda for these trainings have been approved
Most of our post-tests can be downloaded for free from our           as corresponding to subject areas specified in California Rules of Court,
website–with the convenience of not paying until you submit the      Rule 5.225(d)(1)-(21) and/or 5.230(d)(1)(A)(i)-(v) or (d)(2). The views
post-test to us. And, if you donʼt already own the corresponding     expressed in these trainings are those of the trainer and do not
book, you can purchase a new or used copy from the bookstore         necessarily represent the official positions or policies of the Judicial
                                                                     Council of California or the Administrative Office of the Courts.
or online seller of your choice.

    C.E. On-Demand® Downloadable Books & Tests                                           Clinical Supervision
                   Downloadable Booklets*                             Clinical Supervision I: California Edition
                                                                      Clinical Supervision I: U.S. Edition
 38 Ongoing Treatment Issues • 2 C.E. / $29
                                                                      Clinical Supervision II: Topical Issues
 60 Core Interventions • 3 C.E. / $39                                  Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D. • 6 C.E. / $149 each (Video CD)
 Aging & Long Term Care • 3 C.E. / $69
    Satisfies the one-time aging course requirement.                  Clinical Supervision: A Competency Approach
                                                                        6 C.E. / $99 (post-test only) or $149 (book + test)
   Individual, Couple & Child Therapy • 3 C.E. / $39
   Interpersonal Skills • 1 C.E. / $19
   Complete Treatment Planning Guide • 1 C.E. / $19                                           Law & Ethics
   Effective Treatment of Depression • 3 C.E. / $39
   Treatment of Substance Abuse • 5 C.E. / $49                       Essentials of California Mental Health Law
                                                                        Stephen H. Behnke, J.D., et. al.
* Add $10 for a paper/hard-copy version of the course materials.
                                                                        4-6 C.E. / $99 (post-test only) or $149 (book + test)
                                                                      Law & Ethics I: Risk Management
                  Downloadable Post-Tests*                              A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP • 6 C.E. / $149 (Video CD)
                  As low as $6 per C.E. hour!                         Law & Ethics II: Issues & Answers
 Anger Control Parenting • 6 C.E. / $36                                A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP • 6 C.E. / $149 (Video CD)

 Animal Assisted Therapy • 6 C.E. / $36                              Law & Ethics III: Greatest Hits
                                                                        A. Steven Frankel, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP • 6 C.E. / $149 (Video CD)
 E-Health, Telehealth & Telemedicine • 6 C.E. / $36
                                                                      Law & Ethics: Therapists at Risk
 Evidence-Based Psychotherapy With Diverse                             Lawrence E. Hedges, Ph.D. • 6-12 C.E. / $99-$198 (post-test only)
    Populations • 6 CE. / $36                                         Sexual Boundary Violations
   The Myth of Male Power • 2.5 C.E. / $19                             Andrea Celenza, Ph.D. • 4-6 C.E. / $99 (post-test only)
   Postpartum Mood Disorders • 6 C.E. / $36                         All courses satisfy the BBS & BOP ethics course requirement.

   The Psychophysiology of Compassion Fatigue
    & Vicarious Trauma • 6 C.E. / $36                                                        Psychotherapy
   The Psychophysiology of Trauma & Trauma
                                                                                                  Various Authors
    Treatment • 6 C.E. / $36
                                                                      Couples Therapy • 6 C.E. / $69 (book + test)
   Psychotherapy In Cinema • 2-3 C.E. / $29
    • Select from 30+ Movies!                                         Cybersex & Virtual Infidelity • 6 C.E. / (book + test)
 Sex In Psychotherapy • 6 C.E. / $36                                 Emotional Self-Care for Women • 2 CE / $29 (book+test)
 Unifying Methods In The Treatment of Trauma                         How To Fail As A Therapist • 6 C.E. / $69 (book + test)
  & PTSD • 6 C.E. / $36                                               Humor in Psychotherapy • 6 C.E. / $149 (Video CD)
 Why Men Are The Way They Are • 2 C.E. / $19                         Trauma & Dissociation • 5 C.E. / $149 (Video CD)
 Women Can't Hear What Men Donʼt Say • 2.5 CE / $19
* Add $10 to be mailed a paper/hard-copy version of the post-test.

Name: _________________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________

Please Circle Degree(s): D.S.W. Ed.D. J.D. M.A. M.D. M.S. M.S.W. Ph.D. Psy.D. R.N. Other: ____________________

License #(s): LCS____________ LEP____________ MFC____________ PSY____________ Other: ______________________

Mobile #: ____________________________ Work #: ____________________________ Fax #: ____________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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SPECIAL OFFERS            Choose one discount only. Discounts may not be combined. No retroactive discounts or adjustments. Some restrictions apply.
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 Instructions: Select classes      Child                                                                           Law       Sexuality,      Combat
                                                 Clinical    Clutter &                Emotional
 by checking the box next to      Custody                                Eldercare                    Humor         &        Passion,         Stress
 each date.                                    Supervision   Hoarding                Intelligence
                                  Update                                                                          Ethics      Love…         Conference
       Contra Costa                                                                    Friday        Thursday     Friday
        Pleasant Hill                                                                  June 17       June 16    April 1
           Marin                                                                                                  Friday
         San Rafael                                                                                               June 10
        Sacramento                                                                     Friday        Saturday    Saturday
        Sacramento                                                                    March 18       Mar. 19    May 21
       San Francisco              Saturday                                                                        Friday
       San Francisco               Mar. 26                                                                       Mar. 25

        Los Angeles                             Saturday     Saturday    Saturday     Saturday         Friday     Friday       Friday
       LAX/South Bay                             June 25     Mar. 5     June 25     May 7          May 6     March 4     June 24
                                                                                                                                            Fri. May 13
        Los Angeles                                                                                              Thursday
                                                                                                                                            Sat. May 14
         Pasadena                                                                                                 May 12
                                                                                                                                            Sun. May 15
        Los Angeles                Saturday      Friday      Saturday    Thursday      Friday        Saturday     Friday      Saturday
       Sherman Oaks                 April 9     June 10     June 11    April 7     Feb. 11       Feb. 12    April 8     April 9
      Orange County               Saturday      Saturday     Saturday    Saturday      Friday        Thursday     Friday       Friday
         Costa Mesa                Feb. 26     March 19     Feb. 26    June 18     Feb. 25       Feb. 24    Mar. 18     June 17
      San Bernardino                                                                                             Saturday
           Ontario                                                                                                June 18
         San Diego                                Friday                 Saturday     Thursday        Friday     Saturday     Saturday
          Carlsbad                                May 6                  May 7       June 23       June 24    Mar. 12     May 7

                                                               TUITION SCHEDULE

          Early Registration                                   Regular Registration                                  Late Registration
One calendar month or more in advance.                  Less than 1 calendar month in advance.                   1-7 days prior or at-the-door.
 Child Custody Course:          $249                   Child Custody Course:       $299                    Child Custody Course:       $349
 Other Live Courses:            $149                   Other Live Courses:         $169                    Other Live Courses:         $189

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       CONTINUING EDUCATION DETAILS                                                                            LOCATIONS
      100% attendance is required to receive course credit.
                                                                              NORTHERN CALIFORNIA
• PLA is approved by the American Psychological Association to                                       Contra Costa (Pleasant Hill)
  sponsor continuing education for psychologists, and maintains                                Pacific Business Center • (925) 746-7100
  responsibility for this program and its content. In California we will                     3478 Buskirk Avenue • Pleasant Hill, CA 94523
  grant CE credit under our APA Sponsor Approval and psychologists                                        Marin (San Rafael)
  will report their own attendance to the MCEP Accrediting Agency.                               Embassy Suites Hotel • (415) 499-9222
MFTs, LCSWs, LEPs, LPCs, LPCCs Counselors                                                     101 McInnis Parkway • San Rafael, CA 94903
• Each course meets the qualifications for 5-8 hours of continuing                                          Sacramento
  education credit per day for MFTs, LEPs, and LCSWs as required by                              National University • (916) 855-4100
  the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (#PCE 22).                                   9320 Tech Center Drive • Sacramento, CA 95826
• PLA is approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors                                            San Francisco
  (NBCC) to provide continuing education to National Certified                                 Golden Gate University • (415) 442-7800
  Counselors (Provider#: 5815).                                                              536 Mission Street • San Francisco, CA 94105
• PLA is approved by the California Association of Alcoholism and
                                                                              SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA
  Drug Abuse Counselors, Provider # 1N-96-338-0512, to provide 5-8
  CEHs per day in Advanced Education for CADACs.                                           Los Angeles (LAX / South Bay / West L.A.)
• Each one-day course is eligible for approval on a post-attendance                            National University • (310) 662-2000
  basis of 5-8 C.E. hours for Certified Rehabilitation Counselors certified            5245 Pacific Concourse Drive • Los Angeles, CA 90045
  by the The Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification.                                     Los Angeles (Pasadena)
Employee Assistance Professionals (EAPs)                                                        Courtyard by Marriott • (626) 403-7600
                                                                                            180 N. Fair Oaks Avenue • Pasadena, CA 91103
• Each course is eligible for post-approval of PDHs for EAPs already           A limited number of discounted hotel rooms from $129/night are being held until April 22 for
  certified by the Employee Assistance Certification Commission.               conference attendees. Please call Jamie Gray at (626) 755-2526 to make your reservation.

Nurses (RNs, LVNs, PTs)                                                                          Los Angeles (Sherman Oaks)
• PLA is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing                                National University • (818) 817-2460
  (Provider # CEP 11769).                                                               14724 Ventura Boulevard • Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Attorneys                                                                                          Orange County (Costa Mesa)
                                                                                                 National University • (714) 429-5100
• PLA has been approved by The State Bar of California as a provider
                                                                                            3390 Harbor Boulevard • Costa Mesa, CA 92626
  (#4521) of Minimum Continuing Legal Education (MCLE).
                                                                                                       San Bernardino (Ontario)
   Visit us online at www.ceutopia.com for additional accreditations.                              National University • (909) 919-7600
                                                                                                  3800 E. Concours • Ontario, CA 91764
                                                                                                       San Diego (Carlsbad)
                                                                                                 National University • (760) 268-1500
                                                                                            705 Palomar Airport Road • Carlsbad, CA 92009

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