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					                             PETER JAMES SUMMERS, PH.D.
                                     CURRICULUM VITA 2009


Business Address:         Fundamental Health, Inc.
                          3701 N.W. Cary Parkway, Suite 209
                          Cary, North Carolina 27513
                          Phone: (919) 463-7898
                          Fax: (919) 466-1139

Home Address:             233 Candia Lane
                          Cary, North Carolina 27519
                          Phone: (919) 462-0332
                          Mobile: (919) 389-5146


Doctor of Philosophy      Clinical Psychology              Mentor: Rex Forehand, Ph.D.
                          University of Georgia
                          May 1999

Masters of Science        Clinical Psychology              Mentor: Rex Forehand, Ph.D.
                          University of Georgia
                          December 1996

Bachelor of Science       Secondary Science Education
                          The Ohio State University
                          June 1988

Bachelor of Science       Psychology
                          John Carroll University
                          May 1985

Academic Honors           American Values Scholarship (1981-1985)
                          President’s Honor Award (1981-1985)
                          Dean’s List (1982-1985; 1986-1988)


American Psychological Association (1994 – Present)
North Carolina Psychological Association – Division of Independent Practice (1999 – Present)
Associate Editor, The North Carolina Psychologist (2002-2004)


February 2005 – Present           Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice
                                  Fundamental Health, Inc.; Cary, North Carolina
                                  formerly Salem Street Psychology, Inc; Apex, North Carolina
                            PETER JAMES SUMMERS, PH.D.
                                    CURRICULUM VITA 2009

Own and operate a solo, fee-for-service psychology practice specializing in the assessment and
treatment of adolescents and adults, with particular expertise and emphasis on cognitive-
behavioral and other empirically-based treatments for anxiety, mood and behavior disorders.
Psychological and psycho-educational evaluations, consultation and psychotherapy are provided
for school-aged children, adolescents, parents, couples, families and groups. Physician,
psychiatric and school consultation-liaison services are also available.

May 1999 – January 2003          Licensed Psychologist, Private Practice
                                 Family Psychiatry & Psychology Associates, P.A.
                                 Cary, North Carolina

Provided a broad range of psychological services for children, adolescents and adults, including
individual, group and family therapies; psychological and psycho-educational evaluations,
school liaison and consultation, and consultation/staff development in the private and public
sectors. Areas of specialization were as noted above. The practice was a multidisciplinary group
practice comprised of licensed psychologists and psychiatrists that operated exclusively on a fee-
for-service basis.

September 1998 – May 1999        Post-Intern Practicum Supervisor
                                 University of Georgia Psychology Clinic; Athens, Georgia

Responsibilities included clinical supervision of pre-intern clinical psychology graduate students
on an individual and group basis; didactic instruction regarding local clinic and general practice
guidelines, ethics, assessment and empirically-based treatment approaches; and psychological
assessment and treatment of children, adolescents and families.

July 1997 – June 1998   Intern
                        Duke University Medical Center; Durham, North Carolina
                        Director, Karen Wells, Ph.D.

Responsibilities included outpatient and inpatient psychological assessment, treatment and case
management of children, adolescent and families. The four clinical rotations included an
outpatient community psychology clinic (Durham Community Guidance Clinic), an outpatient
clinic specializing in providing multidisciplinary psychological, forensic, psychiatric and medical
assessment, treatment and legal aid to abused or otherwise traumatized children and families
(Center for Child and Family Health-NC), an outpatient family therapy clinic (Family Studies
Clinic) and an inpatient adolescent psychiatric unit (Williams Unit, Duke South Hospital). An
emphasis in all cases was placed on the provision of empirically-based assessment and treatment
that were largely cognitive-behavioral and systemic in focus. Specialized training was obtained
in group and individualized treatment of anger/aggression, trauma, depression, anxiety, family
and couples therapies, case management and projective assessment (Rorschach and Thematic
Apperception Test).

September 1994 – June 1997       Psychology Practicum
                                 University of Georgia Psychology Clinic; Athens, Georgia

                            PETER JAMES SUMMERS, PH.D.
                                    CURRICULUM VITA 2009

Responsibilities included outpatient psychological and psycho-educational assessment and
treatment of children, adolescents and adults, as well as psychosexual evaluations and
consultation-liaison services involving physicians, psychiatrists, schools and legal representatives
and agencies.

March 1995 – May 1999            Clinical Interviewer & Research Assistant
                                 Family Health Project; University of Georgia; Athens, Georgia
                                 Supervisors, Rex Forehand, Ph.D. and Lisa Armistead, Ph.D.

Responsibilities included clinical assessment of African-American children from low income
housing developments in New Orleans, Louisiana participating in a longitudinal study
examining the impact of various stressors (including maternal HIV-infection) on individual and
family psychosocial functioning.

November 1994 – July 1995        Clinical Interviewer & Research Assistant
                                 Developmental Trends Study, Western Psychiatric Institute
                                 Athens, Georgia
                                 Supervisors, Rolf Loeber, Ph.D. and Judith Navratil, M.S.

Responsibilities included clinical assessment of adolescents and their mothers participating in a
longitudinal study examining the correlates and development of disruptive behavior disorders,
specifically ADHD and Conduct Disorder.

October 1994 – June 1997         Psychosexual Evaluation and Forensic Consultation
                                 Private Practice, Henry E. Adams, Ph.D.; Athens, Georgia

Responsibilities included psychosexual evaluation and consultation-liaison services for alleged
sex offenders referred by legal counsel, mental health providers and/or government agencies
such as the Department of Family and Child Services.


August 2005 – May 2007           Consultant and Contract Psychologist
                                 Auldern Academy; Pittsboro, North Carolina

Provided clinical consultation and support to the school counseling team at this therapeutic
boarding school, as well as direct psychological services to students including psychological and
psycho-educational evaluations and individual and family psychotherapies.

September 2001 – May 2006        Consultant
                                 Cary Academy; Cary, North Carolina
Provided consultation and support services for school counselors and administration regarding a
wide range of issues pertaining to faculty, students and their families, and the general school
milieu. Additionally, provided staff development trainings annually on a variety of topics.

                             PETER JAMES SUMMERS, PH.D.
                                    CURRICULUM VITA 2009

August 2002 – 2004               Consultant and Contract Psychologist
                                 Community Threat Assessment Consultation Team
                                 Wake County; Raleigh, North Carolina

Provided consultation in the development and implementation of a community-based, multi-
agency program to evaluate and respond to threats of violence by students enrolled in the Wake
County Public School System, and conducted threat assessments and/or psychological
evaluations of alleged offenders referred by the school-based assessment and intervention teams.
Regrettably the program was discontinued due to insufficient funding.

September 1995 – July 1997       Psycho-educational Consultant
                                 Clarke County Schools; Athens, Georgia

Provided consultation and staff development training for faculty and administration regarding
classroom behavior management, crisis prevention and intervention, and teacher evaluations.

August 1993 – July 1994          Emotional/Behavior Disorders (EBD) Teacher
                                 North Metro Psycho-educational Program; Atlanta, Georgia

Provided psycho-educational assessment, development of individualized education plans (IEP),
individual and group academic instruction, group milieu therapy, and behavior management for
high school students enrolled in this self-contained EBD program for severely at-risk students.

October 1988 – July 1991         Emotional/Behavior Disorders (EBD) Teacher / Experiential Therapist
                                 Charter Hospital of Jacksonville; Jacksonville, Florida

Provided individualized and group academic instruction, behavior management, group milieu
and experiential therapies for adolescent psychiatric inpatients, as well as consultation-liaison
services to the multidisciplinary treatment team and base schools. Additionally provided staff
development trainings for hospital personnel, community groups and corporate management


September 1994 – July 1997       After-School Program Teacher
                                 Whitehead Road Elementary School; Athens, Georgia

Provided individualized tutoring, homework support and supervision of structured and
unstructured group activities for kindergarten through fifth grade students in this public
elementary school.

August 1991 – July 1993          Physical Science Teacher
                                 Woodward Academy; Atlanta, Georgia

                            PETER JAMES SUMMERS, PH.D.
                                    CURRICULUM VITA 2009

Provided academic instruction in the Physical Sciences for seventh grade students at this private,
college-preparatory school, and coached varsity and junior varsity swimming, diving and tennis
for the affiliated upper (high) school.


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children of single mothers: Within-setting, cross-contextual and compensatory effects of the
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