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									        Your Guide to CTY
          Academic Year
           2008 – 2009

Since 1979, helping talent soar in young people throughout the U.S. and worldwide

Grade   Talent            Talent            Academic Programs and other services                           Diagnostic &
        Search            Search            Financial aid is available. See details, p. 13                 Counseling
        Programs:         Programs:                                                                        Center
                                            Family         Summer Day        Summer          CTYOnline     (see p. 12)
         Test scores       Awards           Academic       Programs          Residential
         and               Ceremonies       programs                         Programs
         interpretation    for qualifying
         Participation     students         Open to        Requires          Requires        Requires      Open to all
         certificate                        all Talent     qualifying test   qualifying      qualifying    Talent Search
                                            Search         score             test score      test score    students
                                            students       (see p. 14)       (see p. 14)     (see p. 15)

K-1                                                                                               •               •

2,3,4        •                                  •               •                                 •               •

5-6          •                 •                •               •                •                •               •

7,8          •                 •                •                                •                •               •

9-12                                            •                                •                •               •

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                                                 Welcome to CTY                                   2–3

                                                 The CTY Talent Search                            4–5

                                                 Summer Programs                                  6–7

                                                 CTYOnline                                        8–9

    CTY is accredited for grades 5 through 12        Descartes’ Cove                                  9

    by the Commission on Secondary Schools of
                                                 More CTY                                            10
    the Middle States Association of Colleges
                                                    Family Academic Programs                         11
    and Schools.
                                                    Imagine magazine                                 12
                                                    Diagnostic and Counseling Center                 12
                                                    Study of Exceptional Talent                      12

                                                 Financial Aid, Scholarships                         13

                                                 Eligibility scores for CTY courses            14 – 15

                                                 Contacts                                            16

CTY is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) division of   Calendar                              Inside back cover
The Johns Hopkins University.

To contact us, see p. 16

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    WElCOmE TO

            “CTY programs help students
                   transform academic strengths
             into lifelong passions.”
                                   Mason, Rockville, MD

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Since our founding in 1979, The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
(CTY) has identified and developed the talents of hundreds of thousands of the brightest
young people in the U.S. and worldwide.

Today, CTY is recognized as a world leader in providing programs and services designed
to identify and develop the academic abilities of the world’s brightest students.

Please review this guide to learn more about the services CTY can offer your child
and your family.

What CTY Offers—                                                                           Not yet part of the
                                                                                           CTY family?
   Talent identification through above-grade-level testing.
                                                                                           Turn the pages to learn about the CTY
   Recognition for a child’s academic abilities.
                                                                                           Talent Search.
   Resources and guidance that help develop intellects,
                                                                                           There you’ll learn how enrollment and testing
   shape life choices, and open doors.
                                                                                           provide immediate and lasting benefits for your
   Opportunity for greater academic challenges in the                                      academically talented child.
   company of intellectual peers.
                                                                                           In addition, participation in the Talent Search
   Highly regarded educational programs that are effective                                 is the gateway to the CTY programs and
   supplements to a child’s regular school program.                                        services described in this guide.

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    The CTY Talent Search
    Over its 30 year history, the CTY Talent Search has been regarded by many families as an indispensable
    part of their academically talented child’s academic development.
                                                                                                                     “I recommend the Talent
    Why participate? After you enroll your child and he or she tests, you’ll receive test results that can help
                                                                                                                     Search because I enjoyed
    with educational planning outside CTY, as well as potentially open doors to a range of CTY’s programs
                                                                                                                     finding out what my true
    and services for very bright young people.
                                                                                                                     capabilities are.”
    The benefits can last a lifetime. When children in the CTY Talent Search define themselves as academic
    achievers, they unlock their talents and develop them to the fullest capacity by being motivated,                 Honeoye Falls, NY
    inquisitive, and confident—to become successful lifelong learners.


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Talent Search Benefits                                     Talent Search Details
                                                           ELIGIBILITY: Your 2nd – 8th grade child is eligible    5th – 8th grade students may elect to take the
    Insight                                                to apply to the CTY Talent Search if he or she has     optional Spatial Test Battery (STB). This test, taken
                                                           earned scores at the 95th percentile or better on      at a local Prometric Center, assesses spatial ability.
After your child tests through the CTY Talent Search,      a nationally normed test—or placed at the highest
you receive two reports—one on your child’s math and       levels on state tests—or otherwise demonstrates
                                                           superior academic performance.                         INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Each year
verbal abilities individually, and another that provides
                                                                                                                  students from dozens of countries participate
the results of all same-grade students. Together,          WHERE STUDENTS COME FROM: Students                     in the CTY International Talent Search.
these results are an excellent way to gauge a child’s      enroll in CTY’s Talent Search from all 50 states
academic standing and progress.                            and from over 110 countries. Awards Ceremonies
                                                           are held in states with the largest Talent Search      ENROLLMENT: Enroll at
                                                           enrollments—currently AK, AZ, CA, CT, DC, DE,          You’ll then receive a “Welcome Packet” from CTY
    Recognition                                            HI, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OR, PA, RI, VT, VA,        that tells how and when to sign up for testing.
                                                           WA, and WV.                                            Completing testing by March 1 ensures consider-
All students receive a commendation from CTY for
                                                                                                                  ation for Awards Ceremonies (2nd – 8th grades)
challenging themselves on the tests. Second-to-eighth      FEES: 7th – 8th grade students: A $35 fee is           and allows time to apply for CTY summer and
grade students testing before March 1 can be eligible      payable to CTY at the time of Talent Search enroll-    online courses.
for special state awards ceremonies held by CTY each       ment. Then, a separate fee—either $45 for the
spring.                                                    SAT or $31 for the ACT, is payable to the testing      IS THE CTY TALENT SEARCH RIGHT FOR MY
                                                           agency for the test you select.                        CHILD? Yes, if your child meets the academic
                                                                                                                  qualifications. Here’s why:
    Confidence                                             FEES: 2nd – 6th grade students: A $35 fee is
                                                           payable to CTY at the time of the Talent Search        • The Talent Search is a cost-effective way to gain
Testing through CTY can help your child feel more com-     enrollment. Then, $50 for the SCAT is payable to         more insight into your child’s abilities.
fortable in future standardized testing situations, and    Prometric when signing up for the test.
                                                                                                                  • It’s a low-risk setting for your child to get more
gain a stronger sense of self as an academic achiever.
                                                                                                                    practice with an important test type and test
                                                           TESTS: 7th – 8th grade students take either the
                                                           SAT or the ACT, both well known college admission
    and Opportunity                                        tests. Tests are given at local high schools on        • The tests can provide you and your child’s
                                                           specific dates. Sign up for the test after receiving     school with a valid external measure of ability–
The Talent Search is the gateway for eligible students
                                                           the CTY “Welcome Packet.”                                information useful in school placement discus-
to participate in CTY’s Summer Programs and                                                                         sions.
CTYOnline courses (year-round). All Talent Search          2nd – 6th grade students take an above-grade-
                                                                                                                  • Testing can qualify students for CTY’s courses
students are eligible to attend CTY’s Family Academic      level version of the School and College Ability
                                                                                                                    and services, in most cases, for several years.*
Programs and receive other CTY benefits (see p. 12).       Test, or SCAT. Students take the SCAT at a local
                                                                                                                    It opens options, and keeps them open, until
These future CTY opportunities can make a positive         Prometric Center. Sign up for the test after receiv-
                                                                                                                    they’re needed.
                                                           ing the CTY “Welcome Packet.”
and critical difference in the intellectual development
of bright young people.                                                                                           * See important exception, p. 15 top of page

                                                           Have all your questions answered at
                                                           Or, call CTY at 410-735-6278, or email
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    Great courses

    Expert instruction

    Fun activities

    Lifetime friends

    CTY Summer Programs
    CTY’s Summer Programs offer eligible students from all over the
    country and around the world the chance to engage in challenging
    academic work in the company of peers who share their
    exceptional abilities.

    While the focus is on rigorous academics and learning, the social
    experience and friendships made help form a valuable network for
    students for many years to come.

    CTY Summer Courses                              Bioethics • Great Cases • Pirates • Issues in Chinese Modernization • Chinese Philosophy • U.S. China Relations • Cognitive Psychology • Dissent • Dynasties of China •
    Models of Economic Development • Eastern Philosophy • Ethics • Etymologies • Astronomy • Existentialism • Archaeology • Architecture in Spain • Global Politics • Ancient Greek • Ancient Greek 2 • Great Writers and Artists
    of Mexico • History of Western Art • Critical Essay: Popular Culture • Human Nature and Technology • Introduction to Archaeology • Introduction to Logic • Islam • Journeys and Explorations • Latin 1 • Law and Politics in
    U.S. History • Latin American Political Theory • Logic: Principles of Reasoning • Mexican Architecture • Introduction to Media Studies • U.S. China Relations • Travel Narratives • Writing and Reading Workshop • Writing and
    Imagination • Crafting the Essay • Writing the Expository Essay • Math Sequence • The Ancient World • History of Moorish Spain • The Middle Ages • Philosophy of Mind • Music Theory • Philosophy • Politics of Trade •
    International Relations • The Asian Pacific Rim • Foundations of Psychology • Renaissance • Race and Politics • Russian History • Youth and Society: Service Learning • Spanish Civil War • Spanish Religious History •
    Twentieth-Century Art • Model UN and Advanced Geography • Advanced Game Theory • Chaos and Fractals • Computer Science: Introduction to Programming • Cryptology • Advanced Cryptology • Fundamentals of Programming •
    Data and Chance • Data Structures • Discrete Math • Fundamentals of Computer Science. • Probability and Game Theory • Fiction • Critical Essay: Film • Applied Math: Game Theory • Geometry and Its Applications •
    Geometry and Spatial Sense • Great Discoveries in Mathematics • Inductive and Deductive Reasoning • Robotics • Math Sequence • Math Modeling • Mathematics of Money • Mathematical Problem Solving • Zoology •
    Numbers: Scope and Scale • Mathematical Logic • Theory of Computation • Number Theory • (courses subject to change)

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                                                                                                                                     CTY Summer
Summer Programs Details                                                                                                              Programs Locations
                                                                                                                                     (subject to change)

SUMMER PROGRAMS BASICS: Students take only one                     DAY PROGRAMS, 2ND – 6TH GRADES: Students attend class             CTY 7th Grade +
course per three-week session and study that subject inten-        Monday – Friday. When not in class, students participate in       Baltimore, MD
sively in five- or seven-hour classes, five days a week. Class     activities led by Program Assistants, talented young people       Carlisle, PA
size is 12 – 18 students, and each class has an instructor         selected for their academic record, experience, references, and   Kaneohe, HI
and a teaching assistant.                                          performance in an interview.                                      Lancaster, PA
                                                                   7:30     Before-care option      1:00    Class                    Los Angeles, CA
ELIGIBILITY AND PROGRAM FEES: See complete information,                                                                              Loudonville, NY
                                                                   9:00     Class                   2:00    Activity 2
pp. 14 – 15.                                                                                                                         Saratoga Springs, NY
                                                                   10:15    Activity period         2:30    Class
                                                                   10:45    Class                   4:00    Home for the day         CAA 7th Grade +
ABOUT OUR (GREAT) STUDENTS: CTY Summer Programs                                                                                      Baltimore, MD
                                                                   11:45    Lunch (times vary)      5:00    Optional after-care
students come from all backgrounds, from all over the U.S.,                                                                          Bethlehem, PA
                                                                                                            ends for the day
and from more than 100 countries worldwide.                                                                                          Bristol, RI
                                                                   RESIDENTIAL PROGRAMS, 5TH AND 6TH GRADES: Weekdays                Easton, PA
AND OUR (GREAT) INSTRUCTORS: CTY instructors come                  are similar to the schedule at left, except that breaks occur     Kaneohe, HI
from all walks of teaching life. We seek educators who know        during the day so no single class period is more than 90 min-     Santa Cruz, CA
their subject extremely well and can communicate it well to high   utes. Class size and RA group size are slightly smaller.          Thousand Oaks, CA
ability students. Each class also has a teaching assistant.
                                                                                                                                     CTY 5th and 6th Grades
                                                                   MORE SUMMER PROGRAMS! Middle- and high school                     Residential
RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM, 7TH GRADE AND OLDER:                          Talent Search students can enroll in an intensive four-week       Bethlehem, PA
Students reside on a college campus for three weeks and            residential language immersion program.                           Chestertown MD
attend class Monday – Friday. Students live in single-sex                                  Loudonville, NY
college dorms with their Resident Assistants. RAs are college                                                                        Palo Alto, CA
students who are selected for their academic record, experi-       The Civic Leadership Institute enables 10th – 12th graders to
                                                                                                                                     South Hadley, MA
ence, references, and performance in an interview. About 15        engage social policy and community service in this three-week
                                                                                                                                     Thousand Oaks, CA
students are in each RA group. Most students are assigned          residential program offered in Baltimore and San Francisco.
to a double room and share a bathroom with other students.                            2nd – 6th Grades
                                                                                                                                     Day Programs
7:30     breakfast         4:30      activity 2                    ANY TIME FOR FUN? LOTS! Outside of class, students                Alexandria, VA
9:00     class             5:30      dinner                        participate in a full and fun social program at all locations.    Brooklandville, MD
12:00    lunch             7:00      study time                    Activities range from sports and games, to practicing a musical   La Jolla, CA
1:00     class             9:00      social time                   instrument or reading under a shady tree.                         Los Angeles, CA
3:00     class ends        10:00     dorm time                                                                                       Pasadena, CA
                                                                   Weekends at residential sites feature all-camp activities, such
3:30     activity 1        10:30     lights out                                                                                      Special
                                                                   as talent shows, quiz bowls, and socials. Students can also
                                                                                                                                     Language Immersion – (TBA)
                                                                   attend a religious service, and they have “downtime” to relax,
                                                                                                                                     Civic Leadership – MD
                                                                   catch up on laundry and call home.                                Civic Leadership – CA
                                                                                                                                     Global Issues – NJ
                                                                                                                                     Nanjing, China
                                                                   For complete details on CTY’s                                     Monterrey, Mexico
                                                                                                                                     Madrid, Spain
                                                                   Summer Programs, visit
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    Each year, thousands of students in Pre-K to 12, from more than 60 countries, enroll in CTYOnline, CTY’s unique
    distance learning program that offers challenging courses throughout the year. CTY faculty lead every course,
    providing guidance, encouragement and evaluations through email, phone, interactive whiteboard, and virtual online
    classrooms. Online courses are varied, demanding, and very appropriate for gifted students. Course materials may
    include online courseware, CD-ROMs, texts, workbooks, and even chemistry kits for doing hands-on experiments.

    Students can work from home or school at times convenient for them, and many earn credit or placement for their
    CTYOnline courses.

    CTYOnline connects gifted students to challenging courses, engaging faculty, and other gifted students around the
    world. Through CTYOnline, students join a lively online learning community that supports and encourages them
    throughout the year.

    CTYOnline courses (as of Sept. 2008)
    Language Arts:                   Computer Science                      Interm. Chinese, Part I             Geometry, Honors                  Advanced Placement
    Younger Readers: Dog Stories     Intro to C Programming                Intermediate Chinese, Part II       Precalc. with Trig., Honors       courses:
    Young Readers: On Our Own        C Programming                         Intro to Arabic                     Trigonometry, Honors              AP Physics B
    Young Readers: Magical Life      Intro to Java Programming             Beginning Arabic                    Linear Algebra                    AP Calculus AB
       Lessons                       Sciences                                                                  Multivariable Calculus            AP Calculus BC
    Younger Readers: Horse Stories                                         Math
                                     Life Science                                                              Differential Equations            AP Language & Composition
    Art Meets Science: Literature                                          Pre-Primary Mathematics                                               AP Chemistry
                                     Physical Science                                                          Cryptography: Math and Codes
    Art Meets Science: Nonfiction                                          Accelerated Math Grades 1 – 6                                         AP Biology
                                     Earth and Space Science                                                   Elementary Math Olympiad
                                     Honors Biology                        Elementary Problem Solving 1                                          AP Psychology
    Writing                                                                                                    Math Olympiad for Middle
    The Process of Writing           Honors Chemistry                      Elementary Problem Solving 2            School                        AP Microeconomics
    Writing for an Audience                                                Problem Solving - Arithmetic        Mathcounts                        AP Macroeconomics
                                     Foreign languages
    Crafting the Essay                                                     Pre-Algebra, Honors
                                     Chinese for Elem.                                                                                           AP U.S. Government & Politics
    Crafting the Essay (Web-based)                                         Problem Solving - Pre-Algebra
                                         Students, I, II, III                                                                                    Language Rules:
    Writing Analysis & Persuasion                                          Problem Solving: Algebra Part I
                                     Interm. Chinese (Elem.), I, II, III                                                                         Building Blocks
    Crafting the Essay / Bilingual                                         Problem Solving: Algebra Part II
                                     Beginning Chinese, Part I
    Crafting Fiction                                                       Algebra I, Honors                                                     From Structure to Style
                                     Beginning Chinese, Part II
    Crafting Poetry                  Beginning Chinese, Part III           Algebra II, Honors

                                                                                = mostly elementary school students (SCAT as qualifier). Special testing needed for students
                                                                                  younger than 2nd grade.
                                                                                = mostly middle & high school students (SAT or ACT as qualifiers), but some courses                                                           are open to elementary school students (SCAT as qualifier).
                                                                                = high school students (SAT or ACT as qualifiers), or in
8                                                                                 special cases, with PSAT scores.                              BACK              NEXT
                                                                                      CTYOnline’s benefits to gifted students—
“An absolutely outstanding                                                             Convenient and timely—courses offered all year

     program with fantastic                                                            Provides access everywhere to outstanding curricula and talented teachers

teachers and mentors.”                                                                 Allows students to advance at their own pace

                                                                                       Offers alternative to grade skipping
                            Parent of CTYOnline student

complete information, p. 15.                instructors hold advanced degrees,
                                            including a master’s degree or Ph.D.,
COURSES: CTYOnline courses are              in the field. They guide, encourage,
very challenging and designed for           provide subject expertise, and evaluate
self-motivated students who are             students, both throughout the course
comfortable using a computer.               and in a final, detailed, student
students taking CTYOnline courses           TIME COMMITMENT: During the
work closely with their schools to obtain   school year, students can expect to
credit or placement. Schools have           put in two to five hours per week on a
the final say. CTY is happy to provide      CTYOnline course. In summer, some
any needed documentation such as            courses are intensive and require
accreditation proof and course content.     several hours per day.

COURSE MATERIALS: Materials vary            COMMUNICATION: Students and
by course and may include multimedia,       instructors are in regular contact
CDs, DVDs, online classrooms and            throughout the course, via email,
resources, interactive whiteboard activi-   whiteboards, web-based classrooms,
ties, textbooks, and other materials,       or the phone.
such as calligraphy sets for Chinese.

See complete details about CTYOnline courses at
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              Family Academic Programs

              Imagine magazine

              Diagnostic and Counseling Center


              Study of Exceptional Talent (SET)

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About CTY’s
Family Academic Programs
    Many accomplished adults can point to an experience as a young person that                      Enriches and expands a standard school program
    sparked a special passion that developed into a lifetime pursuit.
                                                                                                    Short-format programs help students sample many different fields
    CTY’s Family Academic Programs provide just that experience today. Students,
    together with their parents, sample a wide array of topics during these special                 Encourages shared learning between children and parents
    events that run for one day, part of a weekend, or longer.
                                                                                                    Educational travel programs feature U.S. and overseas destinations
    CTY Family Academic Programs enrich and extend standard school curricula.
    These short-format courses help students expand their knowledge of different
    academic disciplines.

Family Academic Programs Details
    For Grades 2 – 4: Creative Connections                                 More For Grades 7 – 10: Science & Technology Series                     “We had a
    One day or overnight programs held at museums, science centers,        One-day events held on college campuses. Seminars are led by
    zoos and aquariums. Taking place at fun and fascinating locales,       pioneering scientists, mathematicians, and researchers. Some              fantastic time.
    these events feature hands-on learning that incorporates literature,   past themes: Nanoscale Science and Engineering, Biotechnology,
                                                                                                                                                     The event
    history, math, the sciences, the arts, and the environment.            Space and Astronomy, and Marine Biology. Day: $80
    Day: $80. Overnight: fees vary.                                                                                                                  was so well
                                                                           For Grades 9 – 12: Pathways to College
    For Grades 5 – 7: Discovery Series                                     One-day programs held on college campuses. Students and parents           organized and
    One day or overnight events held at museums, science centers,          connect with university professionals and college students about
    zoos and aquariums. These special events explore science and           selecting, applying to, attending, and paying for college. On             kept everyone
    or humanities topics, presented by experts. At some locations,         hand: admissions professionals, college and career counselors,
    students and parents remain together; at others, they have             financial aid experts, professors, and college students. Day: $80         interested.
    separate sessions. Day: $80. Overnight: fees vary.                                                                                               The presenters
                                                                           For Grades 5 – 12: Educational Travel Programs
    For Grades 7 – 10: Odyssey Series                                      7 – 10 days. Travel and learn in the company of other gifted kids
                                                                                                                                                     were both
    One-day events held on college campuses. This series                   and their families. In 2009, trips include a Colorado Dinosaur
    introduces students early in their academic careers to the             Discovery; The Mystique of China; Wyoming Scientific Adventure;           knowledgeable
    wonderful range of subject areas in the liberal arts. Themes           Peru: Land of the Ancient Inca; Portugal for Families, and The
    for 2008 – 2009: International Relations, and The Visual and           Enchanted Galapagos Islands and Andean Highlands. Fees vary.              and entertaining.”
    Performing Arts. Day: $80

 For more information about all CTY Family Academic Programs,
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                                            More CTY for—                                                CTY is recognized as a leading
                                                                                                         voice in gifted education because
                                              Resources                                                  we consistently offer students new
                                              Talent Development                                         avenues of exploration. We’re
                                              Networking                                                 pleased to present more special
                                                                                                         services and options that comple-
                                                                                                         ment our academic programs.

 The following services are offered to all Talent Search students:                                                               The Study of
                                                                                                                                 Exceptional Talent (SET)
 Imagine magazine                           Diagnostic and                                                   The Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional
 Five-time winner of a Parents’ Choice      Counseling Center                 is a free science and math     Talent (SET) helps extremely talented
 Gold Award, Imagine magazine brings                                                   web resource for young people (8 – 18     students achieve their full potential.
                                            For families desiring more intensive
 big ideas into homes of thousands                                                     year olds) worldwide with a passion       Invitations to join SET are sent to students
                                            educational and psychological testing,
 of bright teens five times each aca-                                                  for math and science. Cogito lets stu-    who score at least 700 on either the
                                            the DCC can help when:
 demic year. Partially student-written,                                                dents learn about amazing scientists      Mathematical or Verbal (Critical Reading)
                                            • A bright child is underachieving
 Imagine features career profiles, first-                                              their own age and what they’re up to.     part of the SAT Reasoning Test before the
                                            • A child is not challenged in school
 person student accounts of competi-                                                   The site also stays updated on popular    age of 13. SET provides free academic
                                            • A child may have a learning disability
 tions and summer programs, advice                                                     science topics ranging from global        advice through counseling, as well as
                                            • Parents are considering early school
 for the middle school years, brain teas-                                              warming to bioethics to nanotechnology.   special publications and web resources.
                                              entrance for their child.
 ers, college reviews, student creative                                                Cogito is a one-stop site for great       In addition, the staff of SET studies
                                            Families find the extensive post-testing
 work, and more! To see a back                                                         resources—recommended web sites,          talent development and evaluates the
                                            report they receive to be valuable in
 issue and to subscribe, go to                                                         discussion forms, webcasts, search-       effectiveness of various educational
                                            understanding their child and in plan-                                                               able listings of academic competitions,   strategies and interventions in meeting
                                            ning next steps.
                                                                                       and more. Learn what else is out          the individual needs of exceptional youth.
                                                                                       there—and who else!

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                                                                                          About Financial Aid
                                                                                          CTY is committed to serving all talented students. Financial aid to assist
                                                                                          in paying CTY program fees is available for students with demonstrated
                                                                                          financial need.

                                                                                          Where does aid come from? Funds that enable CTY students to attend our
                                                                                          programs come from the generosity of foundations, corporations, and other CTY
                                                                                          families and alums. We welcome all donations and inquiries: 410-735-4100.

Financial Aid                                                                             CTY Outreach efforts

Scholarships                                                                              CTY hopes to improve the life prospects of bright young people from all of
                                                                                          America’s neighborhoods. Doing so ensures that our next generation will benefit
                                                                                          from ample brainpower to solve our global challenges.
Outreach                                                                                  CTY works closely with school officials and community organizations to find
                                                                                          students who might otherwise be overlooked in the identification processes for
                                                                                          talented students.

Financial Aid – General Information                                                      CTY Special Scholarships
Talent Search. Financial aid reduces       Summer Programs and CTYOnline.                Some awards made through CTY               Jack Kent Cooke Foundation’s
the Talent Search enrollment fee to $10    Full and partial scholarships are available   can pay for several years of tuition       Young Scholars Program annually
and pays the testing fee (except for the   for CTY students meeting need criteria.       costs in CTY’s Summer Programs,            selects 50 – 75 exceptional 7th grade
Spatial Test Battery). Aid is available    Submit the aid application, including         CTYOnline courses, and other               applicants from across the country.
to all students whose family income        the required financial documents, when        academic opportunities.                    Each receives ongoing individualized
qualifies them for the federal free- or    applying.                                                                                benefits that cover the costs of CTY
reduced-price school lunch program.                     The Next Generation Venture Fund           and other educational programs.
A Talent Search financial aid form must                                                  offers financial help and academic
be signed by a school official and sent    Other CTY services. See more                  resources to high-potential eighth grade
along with the paper application (no       financial aid information online.             students from diverse backgrounds.         More: CTY scholarships also include
online enrollment) to CTY. To obtain a                     Students cannot apply to this program      the Davidson-Stanley Scholarship, the
form, call 410-735-6278.                                                                 but are selected from CTY’s annual         Materials Research Science & Engi-
                                                                                         Talent Search students based upon          neering Center (MRSEC) internships for
                                                                                         academic potential and family need.        both students and teachers, and others.
                                                                                                     or email

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 CTY Summer Programs: Eligibility Information and Costs
     Grade    Qualifying   Qualifying score                                       Eligible SUMMER Academic Program available
              test         AT LEAST
                           435 or better SCAT Quantitative                        CTY Day ($1,690) Math/Science courses
        2     SCAT
                           430 or better SCAT Verbal                              CTY Day ($1,690) Humanities & Writing courses
                           440 or better SCAT Quantitative                        CTY Day ($1,690) Math/Science courses
        3     SCAT
                           435 or better SCAT Verbal                              CTY Day ($1,690) Humanities & Writing courses
                           450 or better SCAT Quantitative                        CTY Day ($1,690) Math/Science courses
        4     SCAT
                           440 or better SCAT Verbal                              CTY Day ($1,690) Humanities & Writing courses
                           470 or better SCAT Quantitative                        CTY Residential ($3,200) & Day ($1,515) Math/Science courses
        5     SCAT
                           455 or better SCAT Verbal                              CTY Residential ($3,200) & Day ($1,515) Humanities/Writing courses
                           480 or better SCAT Quantitative                        CTY Residential ($3,200) & Day ($1,515) Math/Science courses
        6     SCAT
                           460 or better SCAT Verbal                              CTY Residential ($3,200) & Day ($1,515) Humanities/Writing courses
                           430 or better SAT Math                                 CAA Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           410 or better SAT Critical Reading                     CAA Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
        7     SAT
                           580 Math, or 1040 Math + Critical Reading              CTY Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           510 or better SAT Critical Reading                     CTY Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
                           16 or better ACT Math                                  CAA Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           15 or better ACT Reading                               CAA Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
        7     ACT
                           23 Math, or 41 Math + Reading                          CTY Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           21 or better ACT Reading                               CTY Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
                           480 or better SAT Math                                 CAA Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           460 or better SAT Critical Reading                     CAA Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
        8     SAT
                           630 Math, or 1140 Math + Critical Reading              CTY Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           560 or better SAT Critical Reading                     CTY Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
                           18 or better ACT Math                                  CAA Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           18 or better ACT Reading                               CAA Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
        8     ACT
                           26 Math or 47 Math + Reading                           CTY Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
                           24 or better ACT Reading                               CTY Residential ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
                           See for more information        CTY Residential ($3,200) Math/Science courses
     9 – 12   ACT, SAT
                                                                                  CTY Residential H ($3,200) Humanities/Writing courses
                                                                       Costs are for 2008 and subject to change. Program costs vary. See for up-to-date details.

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Important Notice — Continuing eligibility for students in 7th grade and above:

To be permitted to enroll in a CTY Summer course or a CTYOnline course anytime
after the end of 7th grade, students who qualified for CTY’s courses prior to 7th grade
must reapply to the Talent Search, take the SAT or ACT, and earn qualifying scores.

CTYOnline Eligibility Information and Costs
Grade            Qualifying    Qualifying score                                              COURSES available and costs (subject to change)
                 test          AT LEAST
    K–1                        See for K-1 eligibility   Math: $640 for 3 months
                               435 or better SCAT Quantitative                               Math: $640 for 3 months
        2        SCAT
                               430 or better SCAT Verbal                                     Chinese : $795 per course
                               440 or better SCAT Quantitative                               Math: $640 for 3 months
        3        SCAT
                               435 or better SCAT Verbal                                     Language Arts, Chinese : $440 – $795 per course
                               450 or better SCAT Quantitative                               Math: $640 for 3 months
        4        SCAT
                               440 or better SCAT Verbal                                     Language Arts, Chinese : $440 – $795 per course
                               465 or better SCAT Quantitative                               Math: $640 for 3 months
        5        SCAT
                               450 or better SCAT Verbal                                     Writing, Language Arts, Chinese : $440 – $795 per course
                               475 or better SCAT Quantitative                               Math, Computer Science, Science, $640 for 3 months
        6        SCAT
                               455 or better SCAT Verbal                                     Writing, Language Arts, Chinese, $440 – $925 per course
                               430 or better SAT Math                                        Math, Computer Science, Science, $640 for 3 months
        7        SAT
                               410 or better SAT Critical Reading                            Writing, Language Arts, Chinese, $440 – $925 per course
                               16 or better ACT Math                                         Math, Computer Science, Science, $640 for 3 months
        7        ACT
                               15 or better ACT Reading                                      Writing, Language Arts, Chinese, $440 – $925 per course
                               480 or better SAT Math                                        Math, Computer Science, Science, $640 for 3 months
        8        SAT
                               460 or better SAT Critical Reading                            Writing, Language Arts, Chinese, $440 – $925 per course
                               18 or better ACT Math                                         Math, Computer Science, Science, $640 for 3 months
        8        ACT
                               18 or better ACT Reading                                      Writing, Language Arts, Chinese, $440 – $925 per course
                               See                       Math, Computer Science, Science, $640 for 3 months
   9 – 12        ACT, SAT                                                                    Writing, Language Arts, Chinese, $440 – $925 per course
                                                                                             Advanced Placement (AP) courses, $1,195 per course.

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           We hope this guide answers your
     questions about CTY. More questions?
     Visit us at, email us at, or call 410-735-6278.

                                                General Information
                                                Center for Talented Youth
                                                McAuley Hall
                                                5801 Smith Ave., Suite 400
                                                Baltimore, Maryland 21209
                                                Phone: 410-735-6278
                                                Fax: 410-735-6220

                                                Western Regional Office
                                                CTY – Western Regional Office
                                                Johns Hopkins University
                                                4640 Admiralty Way, Suite 301
                                                Marina Del Rey, CA 90292
                                                Phone: 310-754-4100
                                                Fax: 310-823-6370

                                                En Español:
                                                Phone: 410-735-6016

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                                                At a glance: CTY   Calendar
                                                Talent Search      SEPTEMBER
                                                                      Enrollment in the 2008-9 CTY Talent Search opens for 2nd – 8th graders.
                                                                      Schools receive Talent Search materials to distribute to eligible 2nd – 8th graders.
Remember CTY’s Talent                                                 Past years’ students receive reminders for Talent Search re-enrollment.

Search’s three steps:                                              OCTOBER
                                                                      Oct. 1: Deadline for 7th – 8th graders to enroll in the Talent Search in time for
                                                                      Dec. SAT or ACT.

1    Enroll in the CTY Talent Search:                                               NOVEMBER
                                                                      Nov. 5: Deadline for students enrolled in the Talent Search by Oct 1 to register for the Dec. SAT
                                                                      Nov. 7: Deadline for students enrolled in the Talent Search by Oct 1 to sign up for the Dec. ACT.

2    Receive a welcome packet back from
     CTY, then use the materials to sign up
     for the SCAT (2nd-6th grades), or either
                                                                      Through November: Grades 2 – 8 Talent Search enrollment is ongoing.

     the SAT or ACT (7th-8th grades). All                             Dec 1: Last day to register online for Talent Search (Grades 7 – 8) to receive full benefits.
     tests are given at locales near you.                             Dec 26: Deadline to register for January SAT.

     Take your test!                                                  Jan. 6: Registration Deadline for February ACT (7th and 8th graders).
                                                                      Jan 24: SAT test date for registered students.

                                                                      Feb 7: ACT test date for registered students.

                                                                      March 1: last date for 2nd – 6th graders to take the SCAT to receive scores in time for
                                                                      Awards Ceremonies eligibility.

                                                                      Talent Search Resource Guide mailed to 7th and 8th graders who tested.
                                                                      Talent Search Awards Ceremonies invitations mailed to qualifying 2nd – 8th graders.

                                                                      Talent Search state awards ceremonies are held.
                                                                      June 30: Computerized testing (the SCAT, and the STB) closes at end of month.

                                                Summer Programs    DECEMBER-AUGUST Online catalogs and registration for 2009 Summer Programs are available
                                                                   in late December for returning students. New students, if eligible, receive catalogs in January
                                                                   (for Dec. testers) or March (for Feb. testers). On-time course registration runs from January
                                                                   through early April. Students attend three week courses in either session 1 (begins late June)
                                                                   or 2 (begins mid-July).

                                                CTYOnline          ALL YEAR Many CTYOnline courses have flexible start dates all year. Some courses have
                                                                   specific start dates with seasonal application deadlines. www/

                                                Family Academic    ALL YEAR One-day and overnight events are offered fall through spring. Educational travel
                                                Programs           adventures are offered over winter break and summer.

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