Forehead Acne - How to reduce your acne breakouts by thebalances


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									Here's some good info concerning forehead acne and the way you are able to get rid of it without
implementing pills for acne.

#1: Wash your face a few times on a daily basis

It is actually really important to keep your face clean. Primarily after doing any type of outdoor

#2: Clean your hands before you clear your front

Washing your face with unclean hands doesn't make any sense, does it? Clean hands are vital if you
really want to eliminate your forehead pimple.

#3: Dry your face in the correct way

Scrubbing your face with a bath towel is a no go if you prefer to effectively free your pores and skin
of acne breakouts. Pimples will never become any smaller if you scrub a hand towel across your face.

#4: Prevent contact between your fingers and your forehead

Fingers do usually bring plenty of dust to your forehead, so you should try to keep them at a distance
from your whole forehead.

#5: Never smoke

Smoking cigarettes can lead to pimples, so avoid cigarettes. Your facial skin and your lung will say
thank you to you!

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