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The Marketing Department is a constituent department of the Management                       MKTG 210
School, which is one of the top five business schools in the UK for both its                 MARKETING RESEARCH
teaching and the quality of its research.                                                   Terms taught: FY
The Department covers a wide range of subdisciplines within Marketing. There are two        Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits
main areas of research in the Department. The first is consumer behaviour, where            Prerequisites: Previous studies in marketing
research focuses on the meaning and experience of consumption in individuals'               This course introduces you to key concepts
everyday lives. The second is concerned with business marketing and purchasing. In          and techniques in marketing research and
particular, the Department has made significant contributions to the study of business      the analysis of marketing problems. The main
markets as networks of interorganisational relationships.                                   aim of the course is to prepare you to be able
                                                                                            to commission, manage, interpret and use
Further information can be found at                                                         marketing information and the research that                                          provides it. The course covers both quantitative
                                                                                            and qualitative research methods, as well as
                                                                                            how to run and manage research projects.
POSTGRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES                                                                  The coursework is based on a group project
MSc in Advanced Marketing Management, MSc in Marketing and Management;                      running over both terms, and you are expected
MPhil/PhD by research in specialist areas such as Organisational Marketing and              to participate fully in this important practical
                                                                                            aspect of the course. Assessment is by
Marketing Strategy, Services Marketing and Consumer Behaviour and Advertising.              coursework (40%), exam (60%).

FACULTY                                                                                      MKTG 222
                                                                                             MARKETING FUNDAMENTS
Prof L Araujo, Dr E Banister, Prof G Easton, Dr J Freund, M Hargreaves, Dr G Hopkinson,
Prof M Hogg (Head), Dr P Lenney, Dr K Mason, Dr M McEachern, H Meek, R Meek,                Terms taught: M
Dr S Mouzas, Dr M Piacentini, Dr A Ryan, Dr A Pressey, Dr L Salciuviene, Dr M Vanharanta.   Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
                                                                                            The module forms a self-contained
TEACHING                                                                                    introduction to Marketing and covers:
                                                                                            components of the marketing system,
The courses will involve you in a range of stimulating learning experiences which           concepts of buying behaviour, analysis of
include lectures, tutorials, workshops, market research techniques, a business game,        market opportunities, market segmentation,
case study analysis, and "live" market research projects for industry and other             the marketing mix and marketing strategy.
organisations. Much of the teaching is based on live case study work or upon group          Consideration is also given to a number of
exercises which are designed to simulate experience in the real world. Your participation   special topics: marketing research, services
is essential if you are to obtain the most benefit from the courses.                        marketing, retailing, industrial marketing,
                                                                                            and international marketing. Assessment is
                                                                                            by coursework and examination.
Dr Gillian Hopkinson, email:                                     MKTG 225
                                                                                             CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR

ASSESSMENT                                                                                  Terms taught: LS
Mainly by essay, tutorial paper or group project work and examination (1.45 or 3 hours).    Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
                                                                                            Prerequisites: Previous studies in marketing
                                                                                            By critically examining current consumer
                                                                                            behaviour research, this course will encourage
                                                                                            an awareness of the ways in which social
                                                                                            sciences can assist in forming an
                                                                                            understanding of consumer purchasing and
                                                                                            behaviour. The course includes both the study
                                                                                            of the individual psychological factors, and the
                                                                                            broader social and cultural context, influencing
                                                                                            consumers in today's society. Assessment is by
                                                                                            essay, presentation and examination.

                                                                                             MKTG 227
                                                                                             MARKETING MANAGEMENT ESSENTIALS
                                                                                            Terms taught: LS
                                                                                            Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
                                                                                            The module aims to provide you with the
   KEY TO SYMBOLS                                                                           opportunity to develop further your knowledge
                                                                                            of marketing management conceptual
   Note: Courses often last for more than one term.                                         frameworks and techniques, applying and
   FY    A course taught throughout the academic year.
                                                                                            adapting your knowledge of these frameworks
                                                                                            to diverse marketing management contexts.
   M     A course taught in the Michaelmas term (October - December).                       Topics covered include Going to market in B2B
   L     A course taught in the Lent term (January - March)                                 - B2B Buyer Behaviour; Going to market in
   LS    A course taught in the Lent and Summer terms (January - June).
                                                                                            B2C - Consumer Buyer Behaviour; Going to
                                                                                            market with brands - Brands & brand
   S     A course taught in the Summer term (April - June).                                 management; Going to market through
   MorL A course taught in either the Michaelmas or Lent term.                              Channels - Channel selection and
   N/A   A course will not be taught in the year shown. It may be taught in future years.
                                                                                            management; going to market Internationally.
                                                                                            Assessment is by case reports, presentations
   TBC   A course which has not yet been finally approved by the university.                and examination.

Prospective students must have prior                MKTG 301                                             MKTG 317
knowledge of the Marketing Fundaments               STRATEGIC MARKETING                                  BRAND STRATEGY
and their knowledge will be tested on arrival
before they are permitted to register for the      Terms taught: FY                                     Terms taught: LS
course. Please note that prior permission in       Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits       Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
writing must be obtained from the                  Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies in       Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies
Department through the International               marketing. If you have not previously taken a        in marketing
Office by those wishing to start in Lent term.     Marketing Management course, you will need           This module will provide you with an
                                                   evidence of substantial study in Marketing           understanding of how brand strategy
 MKTG 229                                          before being admitted to this course.
 MARKETING IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN                                                                          integrates a variety of perspectives - the social,
                                                   This course looks beyond the marketing mix           psychological, financial, legal and creative
Terms taught: LS                                   to the role of marketing and strategic planning      aspects of branding. You will master the
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits      in an organisation. It will include International    language of brand strategy, discover how the
                                                   Marketing and a number of case studies.              brand function fits with the other functions of
Prerequisites: Previous studies in marketing
                                                   Assessment is by group presentation,                 an organisation, and learn how this knowledge
The module aims to provide you with an             essay and by a 3 hour examination.                   can be applied in the managerial context.
introduction to supply chains and channels: an                                                          You will learn to use your powers of logic and
understanding of the ‘realities’ of competition;    MKTG 315                                            deduction to infer brand and business strategies
collaboration; competition in the business to       MARKETING INNOVATION                                from an examination of the observable elements
business contexts; buyer and supplier behaviour;                                                        of brand expression, and in the process you will
the fundamentals of business marketing and         Terms taught: M                   N/A 2010/11
                                                                                                        explore the vital importance of creativity and
purchasing and purchasing strategies; customer     Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits        emotion in marketing and business. Assessment
value propositions and the problematics of their   Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies          is by report and examination.
delivery and deployment; comprehension of the      in marketing
value-in-use/total cost of ownership pricing                                                             MKTG 322
approach and the analysis of opportunities/value   The aim of the course is to introduce you to          MARKETING OF SERVICES
propositions; understanding of retailers as a      theoretical frameworks and empirical evidence
particular form of supply chains, particularly     of contemporary innovations in marketing.            Terms taught: M
in the context of brand management in fast-        The course begins by exploring the issues of         Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
moving consumer goods contexts; a basic            why firms are thought typically either to
                                                   succeed or fail in business. From here you will      Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies
understanding of business selling and key                                                               in marketing
account management. Assessment is by               be encouraged to explore the changing
case reports, presentation and examination.        business environments within which firms must        This course introduces you to the theoretical
                                                   survive. The course will be organised around         and research issues surrounding the fast
 MKTG 232                                          seven themes; 1) Managing for Innovation, 2)         expanding field of services marketing. It will
 ADVERTISING                                       Creating Innovation 3) The Macro Environment         focus on the difference-and similarities-
                                                   and Innovation, 4) The Micro Environment and         between the marketing of services and physical
Terms taught: M                                    Innovation, 5) Implementing Innovation, 6)           products. Areas covered include: the special
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits      Creating the Innovation Organisation and 7)          characteristics of services and the extended
                                                   Effective Innovation Management. Assessment          marketing mix; service production; service
Prerequisites: Previous studies in marketing
                                                   is by report and examination.                        quality; internal marketing and relationship
The module aims to introduce you to the                                                                 marketing; customer satisfaction and customer
critical study of advertising from both             MKTG 316                                            retention; services branding;
theoretical and managerial aspects. You should      ADVANCED TOPICS IN CONSUMER                         internationalisation of services; strategic issues.
develop an understanding of the strategic role      BEHAVIOUR                                           Assessment is by group work, essay and
of advertising within a competitive business                                                            examination.
environment, and be familiar with the strategic    Terms taught: M
issues of communicating and planning               Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits         MKTG 327
associated with advertising including ethics,      Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies in        MANAGEMENT OF MARKETING
globalisation, media choice, testing and           marketing including previous study of
research. You will meet fortnightly in                                                                  Terms taught: M
                                                   consumer behaviour.
workshops. Assessment is by an essay                                                                    Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
                                                   This module aims to provide you with the
and examination.                                                                                        Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies
                                                   opportunity critically to review existing research
                                                   and theory as it relates to a number of current      in marketing
 MKTG 233
 DIGITAL MARKETING                                 consumer research specialist topics. It provides     This module provides an introduction to the
                                                   you with the experience of applying and              ways in which the social sciences can aid our
Terms taught: M                                    adapting existing theoretical frameworks to          understanding of the actual marketing
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits      real consumer contexts and will enable a fuller      management behaviour of individuals in
                                                   engagement with the research interests of the        organisations through critically reviewing
Prerequisites: Previous studies in marketing       marketing department staff. The module               existing research and theory as it relates to
The module gives you the opportunity to study      adopts a topic-based model; a typical syllabus       the management of marketing.
the evolving strategies and techniques of          would include consumer choice processes,
                                                                                                        The content of the module will be organised
contemporary digital marketing. You will           self and identity in consumer behaviour,
                                                                                                        around ten metaphors that illuminate the
investigate the main forms of digital media        advertising, managing transitions, children,
                                                                                                        “roles” that marketing managers find
and channels, including search, viral and          consumer research applications and ethics.
                                                                                                        themselves in. They are manager as performer,
mobile marketing, virtual worlds, user             Assessment is by essay and examination
                                                                                                        bureaucrat, emoter, actor, thinker, social being,
generated content, gaming, IPTV and digital
                                                                                                        politician, administrator, ambassador and
business environments, and explore the
                                                                                                        boundary spanner. There will be two
underlying themes and principles of the
                                                                                                        workshops per week. In the first, large group
dynamic world of digital media. You will also
                                                                                                        tasks will be carried out and in the second,
work on the main concepts and applications
                                                                                                        two small groups will give presentations.
of digital marketing in the workshops.
                                                                                                        Assessment is by essay, presentation, quiz
                                                                                                        and examination.

Additional syllabus information can be found at
 MKTG 329
Terms taught: M
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies
in marketing
This course aims to develop an understanding
of organisational markets – both of the
processes and buying behaviours of actors
purchasing on the behalf of organisations and
of the strategies and tactics that the marketer
may develop in such contexts. The course
focuses to a large extent upon contemporary
trends in organisational marketing theory and
practice with an emphasis upon the use of
relationships in organisational markets and
the possible future of organisational markets
in the electronic and global arena. Assessment
is by a paired report and examination.

 MKTG 334
Terms taught: M
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
Prerequisites: Substantial previous studies
in marketing
The module makes a critical study of the
communications strategies and techniques
that organisations and brands employ today.
You will study the main tools of marketing
communications, with a particular emphasis
on PR, direct marketing, and internal
communications, and explore how all
communications tools are integrated by
contemporary public and private sector
organisations. You will develop your
understanding of how integrated
communications strategies and creative
solutions are generated and implemented,
from both theoretical and practical
perspectives, and will tackle integrated
communications themes and activities in
workshops. Assessment is by group work
and examination.


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