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					                       SECOND TERM EXAMINATION OF ENGLISH
                                  February 2011
                                     1L & S

PART ONE: Reading
A/ Comprehension & interpretation: (07pts)
Read the text carefully then do the activities

Lounis is a reporter at Aghbalou local newspaper. For a month, he had conducted a survey in the
village of Takerboust to verify the type of energy that most villagers use to keep themselves warm
during winter. After several interviews, which provided him with a large amount of information,
Lounis wrote the following report.

My main objective in this investigation is to determine the type of energy mostly used in
Takerboust Village to get warm. To achieve this objective, I questioned 100 villagers, of whom
60 were men, 30 were women and 10 were teenagers between 17 and 19 years old.

At the question related to the type of energy source used for heating, 40 adult males, 25 adult
females and 2 teenagers told me they used more olive pomace than wood; while 14 people
among men, 4 old women and 6 teenagers told me they kept their houses warm with electric
heaters. As for the remaining members in each category of my informants, they informed me
that they used alternately butane gas and fuel oil.

Concerning the reasons for the choice of a particular energy source in each category, most of
the informants I asked replied that it was rather the unavailability of another cleaner source of
energy that had motivated their choice than the desire to protect their environment and their
health against the effects of pollution.

So, as expected, I found out through this survey that the vast majority of the villagers in
Takerboust uses a source of energy very polluting and very harmful to health: the olive
                                                                  Written by D.Messaoudi


   1. Answer the following questions according to the passage above:

   a) What is the objective of the survey done by Lounis ?
   b) What did Lounis do to collect information for his survey ?
   c) How many villagers use olive pomace for heating ?
   d) What made most of the villagers choose such or such type of energy source ?
   e) Did most of the villagers use the right source of energy ? Justify.

   2. Are the following statements true or false? Answer with T or F after each statement:
          a) The newspaper Lounis works in is edited nationally.
          b) The report is written before the interviews.

B/ Text exploration: (07pts)
   1. Find out in the text words corresponding to the definitions given below:
          c) Persons aged between 13 and 19.
          d) A person who serves as a source of information.

   2. Rewrite the sentences below as indicated:
          a) Two teenagers told me they used more olive pomace than wood.
           “………………………..”, two teens told me.
          b) Six teenagers told me they kept their houses warm with electric heaters.
           Six teenagers told me, “………………………………”.
   3. Circle the stressed syllable in the following words: electric, energy, teenager.
   4. Complete the following table with verbs from the text; use one word per column:

             [d]                            [ɪd]                             [t]

PART TWO: Written expression (06pts)

Topic 1: Write a dialogue between Lounis and his informant, relying on the text above.

Topic 2: Complete the data below according to the text, draw a bar graph to represent
them, then describe the graph and its content in your own words.
                   Data                                          Bar graph
   -   Total number of informants: ……
   -   Users of olive pomace & wood: ……
   -   Users of electric energy: ……
   -   Users of butane gas & fuel oil: ……..


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