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									March 5, 2011

Dear Plenum Attendee,

Welcome to the Jewish Council for Public Affairs 2011 Plenum. We hope that your experience at this
important national gathering and your stay in Washington, DC is rejuvenating and educational.

Our theme this year is “Destination Justice: Framing the Future for America and for Israel.” We have the
distinct honor to host many wonderful sessions during the next three days.

Please take a few minutes to read through the information in this plenum program. It includes our agenda
as well as other important and helpful information about the Plenum.

We look forward to spending this time with you in our nation’s capital. We hope the Plenum will bring
you knowledge and resources that enrich you and the work you do.

Thank you for joining us at the JCPA Plenum.

As you leave this amazing gathering, may you always remember in the words of our prophets, “Let justice
well up as waters, righteousness as a mighty stream.” Amos 5:24


             Susan Turnbull                                      Jonathan Ellis
             Plenum Co-Chair                                     Plenum Co-Chair

             Dr. Conrad Giles                                    Rabbi Steve Gutow
             JCPA Chair                                          JCPA President and CEO

                      Welcome to the 2011 Plenum!
You have joined delegates representing the JCPA’s 14 national and 125 community member
agencies for a rich and rewarding experience repairing the world through Jewish activism.

Together we will seek out, explore, and debate the Jewish and political values behind a
variety of issues. Join us to discuss and shape policy on:

   Advocating for Israel & Middle East Peace Confronting Poverty Enhancing Interfaith
 Relations Fighting Anti-Semitism       Promoting Civility in Society Protecting International
          Human Rights Working Toward a Greener, More Energy Efficient America

We are motivated by Jewish texts and tradition to be committed stewards of our environment. We
recognize that the earth belongs to G-d, not to us. In addition to study, debate, and advocacy
around environmental issues, we have made special efforts to create a Green Plenum by reducing
our energy demand and environmental impact.

For the 2011 JCPA Plenum, we have:
• Purchased carbon offsets to compensate for the impact of Plenum travel and participation
• Printed this program on 20% recycled content paper using non-toxic soy-based inks
• Integrated technologies to reduce paper usage
• Used laptop computers, which use 10% less energy than desktops
• Purchased office products locally to avoid long distance shipping
• Served pitchers of water to reduce bottle waste
• Placed recycling bins for paper, plastics, and cans
• Purchased eco-friendly, recyclable, non-woven conference bags

A few notes regarding the Plenum:
• For security purposes, JCPA Plenum participants are required to keep their
   identification badges visible at all times. Badges are required for admission to all
• Do not leave any items unattended. Please report any unusual or suspicious activity to hotel
   security immediately.
• All sessions are at the Mayflower Renaissance Hotel except where noted.
• Please silence your cell phone during all sessions.
• Kashrut is observed at all JCPA meals.

Conference coordination by Natalie P. Shear and Associates

Dear Friends:

Welcome to the Plenum!

It’s been quite a year since we gathered, in Dallas, for the 2010 JCPA Plenum.
The United States, Israel, and the entire world have witnessed great turmoil.

Since we last met, an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico caused a devastating oil spill; Wikileaks became a factor in
world diplomacy; floods devastated Pakistan; 33 miners were rescued from a mine in Chile after 69 days
underground; Iran’s nuclear program was attacked by the Stuxnet computer virus; and Southern Sudan voted
peacefully to separate from the rest of the country.

Israel suffered 150 rocket attacks and 215 mortar attacks and was castigated for its confrontation with a Turkish
flotilla. Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians appeared to lurch forward but once again stalled. Most
recently, the remarkable revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, and elsewhere leave many questions about what the
future will look like not only in the Middle East but worldwide.

Public discourse in America has devolved to frightening levels, and state budget crises threaten programs
serving the most vulnerable among us.

The JCPA has worked hard over the course of the last year to help our communities navigate these turbulent
waters, and in doing so has gained a strong cadre of new supporters.

In fact, over the last several years, we have significantly increased our outreach. Fifteen months ago, we
were sending our Insider e-newsletter to 2400 people. Thanks to increased interest in our work and
targeted campaigns, Insider’s successor, JCPActs, is currently being sent to more than 6300 people!

And even in this difficult economic time, we have seen tremendous growth in our fundraising. In 2005,
the JCPA solicited 159 gifts for $143,674. Five short years later, we have increased our donor base
nearly three-fold. In 2010, the JCPA secured 457 gifts for a total of $484,275.

In addition to special funding we have received from the Federation system for the Israel Advocacy Initiative
and now for the Israel Action Network, we have also raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last few
years in new grant monies from the Legacy Heritage Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Save Darfur
Coalition, the Lippman Kanfer Foundation, the Rapoport Family, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, and the
Righteous Persons Foundation.

Thanks to you, our JCPA family, the future is looking bright. But our work never stops, and we need you now
more than ever. We thank you for your support, for your engagement, and for your generosity.

Looking forward to a successful 2011,

        Conrad Giles                                    Rabbi Steve Gutow
        Chair                                           President

        Larry Gold                                      Andi Milens
        Fundraising Chair                               Vice President

Pre-Plenum Civility Institute
Pre-registration required.

                                  Civility Institute sponsored by
 Sheri and Steve Lear, Minneapolis • Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation • Jane Schiff and Lon
                                            Gratz, Atlanta

Thursday, March 3
7:00 p.m.       Civility Institute
Rhode Island

Friday, March 4
8:30 a.m.       Civility Institute
Religious Action Center

6:00 p.m.       Civility Institute Dinner
Rhode Island

Saturday, March 5
9:00 a.m.       Civility Institute
Rhode Island

Saturday, March 5
7:30 p.m.       Havdalah
                Engaging the Next Generation: What’s up on Campuses?
                A diverse group of students will explore their sense of Jewish life on campus,
                relations with non-Jewish students, security, and whether there has been a
                breakdown in civility particularly in conversations and activism related to the
                Middle East.
                Chair:           Bruce Lev, Youngstown; Vice Chair, JCPA
                Moderator:       Dr. Stephen Trachtenberg, George Washington University,
                                    President Emeritus
                Speakers:        Logan Bayroff, University of Pennsylvania
                                 Alex Grodner, University of Alabama
                                 Rachel Goldrich, George Washington University
                                 Jennifer Leiberman, University of Florida

Sunday, March 6

7:15 a.m.      Executive Committee Breakfast
South Carolina Executive Committee members only

Sunday, March 6

8:00 a.m.      New Delegates Orientation
Virginia       Breakfast will be served
               Presenter:       Jonathan Ellis, Tampa; 2011 Plenum Co-Chair

8:45 a.m.      JCPA Task Force Meetings
New            Equal Opportunity and Social Justice
Hampshire      Co-Chairs:   Steve Skrainka, St. Louis
                            Susan W. Turnbull, Washington, D.C.; Vice Chair, JCPA
               Vice Chairs: Sandy Rosenberg, Baltimore
                            Marc Winkelman, Austin

                  Getting Our Communities Back to Work: Perspectives and
                   Opportunities for the Faith Community

                  Update on the Confronting Poverty Campaign

                  Review of Resolutions

                  Legislative Update

Massachusetts Israel, World Jewry and International Human Rights
              Co-Chairs:     Geoffrey Lewis, Boston; Treasurer, JCPA
                             Dr. Stephen Stone, Springfield, IL; Vice Chair, JCPA
               Vice Chair:    Susan Penn, Northern New Jersey; Vice Chair, JCPA
                  Iran, Middle East and the Peace Process: US Policy and Impact of the
                    Midterm Elections

                  Security of Jewish Communities Around the World: Status Report

                  Update on Israel Action Network, a Project of the JFNA in Conjunction
                   with JCPA

New York       Jewish Security and The Bill of Rights
               Co-Chairs:    Donna Beyer, Tucson; Vice Chair, JCPA
                             Gerry Greiman, St. Louis
               Vice Chair:   Wendy Wagenheim, Detroit
                  Emerging Issues in Interfaith Relations

                  Birthright Citizenship


                  Youth Bullying

                                                                                                  Sunday, March 6

Chinese        Welcome:          Jonathan Ellis and Susan W. Turnbull, Plenum 2011 Co-Chairs
               Remarks:          Rabbi Steve Gutow, President & CEO, JCPA
               Changing Landscape in the Middle East: New Challenges and
               Opportunities “The people who established this state lived and worked under
               much worse conditions than I have to face, yet nonetheless they did not make do
               with mere survival. They also attempted to establish a better, wiser, more humane,
               and more moral state here. They were willing to die for this cause, and I try to live
               for its sake.” Yair Lapid. Israel's Ambassador to the United States will discuss
               Israel-diaspora relations and explore how dramatic changes occurring in the Arab
               world will impact vital Israeli concerns including Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Israeli-
               Palestinian peace, and the global delegitimization campaign being waged against
               Chair:            Dr. Conrad Giles, Detroit; Chair, JCPA
               Speaker:          H.E. Dr. Michael B. Oren, Ambassador of Israel to the United States

12:45 p.m.     Lunch
               Mincha will take place during lunch session.

1:30 p.m.      WORKSHOPS
Rhode Island   Iran at a Crossroads: The Jewish Community Responds “When I see an act of evil I
               don't accommodate, I don't accommodate myself to the violence that goes on
               everywhere.” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel. Preventing the regime in Tehran from
               acquiring nuclear weapons is a defining issue of our time. It is imperative that the voices
               of all those who seek a more peaceful world are heard. This session will focus on how
               the North American Jewish community is mobilizing a broad range of American voices
               across religious, ethnic and political lines to fill the public square. Sponsored by Carl and
               Jamie Weisbrod.
               Chair:           Mark Frank, Pittsburgh
               Speakers:        David Ibsen, United Against Nuclear Iran
                                Hindy Poupko, New York
                                Yehuda Yaakov, Foreign Ministry of Israel
               Resource:        Jared Feldman, JCPA
 South CarolinaThou Shalt Not Bear False Witness: Confronting Israel’s Delegitmizers “Today, the
               Jewish people has in it still those elements of strength and of endurance which enabled it
               to surmount all the crises of its past, surviving thus the most powerful empires of
               antiquity.” Cecil Roth. In recent years, we have witnessed an intensifying, highly
               organized and well-financed assault on Israel’s legitimacy. Those engaged in this
               campaign have sought to demonize and isolate Israel through the use of Boycotts,
               Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS). This workshop will focus on arenas heavily targeted
               by anti-Israel activists. What strategies and messages have proven to be effective in
               dealing with these challenges? Sponsored by Paul and Hilda Minkoff.
               Chair:           Renny Wolfson, Cleveland
               Speakers:        Julie Bernstein, San Francisco
                                Howard English, Toronto
                                Shlomi Kofman, Consulate of Israel to New Yor
Sunday, March 6 (cont.)
Pennsylvania   Looking at Them Looking at Us: A Jewish Understanding of Christian Responses
               to Israel “Let all the peoples walk each one in the name of its G-d.” Micha 4:5. Christian
               attitudes toward Israel are varied and complex. How do we understand our Christian
               neighbors? How should we place their stances on Israel and Zionism in the context of
               our interfaith relationships? By understanding Christian perspectives, we are better able
               to engage, build bridges, and make the case for a strong and secure Israel ready for
               Chair:           Toby Shylit Mack, Monmouth County
               Speakers:          Peggy Obrecht, Presbyterians Concerned for Jewish/Christian/Muslim
                                Rabbi Yehiel Poupko , Chicago

New            How to be an Effective Israel Advocate: Tools for Your Tool Belt “Hillel said, do
Hampshire       not separate yourself from the community.” Pirkei Avot. What strategies are friends of
               Israel using to make sure that the portrayal of Israel is fair, accurate, and responsible?
               Come hear how innovative programs such as speakers bureaus and text book
               monitoring are promoting more balanced education about Israel.
               Chair:           Howard Hammer, Cumberland County
               Speakers:        Aliza Craimer Elias, San Francisco
                                June Penkar, Dallas
                                Steve Lear, Minnesota and the Dakotas

Massachusetts International Human Rights and Jewish Communal Responsibility “One who saves
               a life, saves the world entire.” Sanhedrin 37a. Where there are workers, there are
               opportunities to support their humanity and to exploit it. This session will address
               various domestic and international human rights violations and how the Jewish
               community can engage in activism to combat human and sex trafficking, labor and
               rights abuses. Sponsored by Marc R. Stanley.
               Speakers:         Nancy Goldberg, Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking
                                 Marc Schlesinger, JCPA
                                 Melanie Gorelick, MetroWest

3:00 p.m.     FORUMS
New Hampshire Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself: Civic Equality in Israel “He shall live with you
              in any place he may choose among the settlements in your midst, wherever he
              pleases; you must not ill-treat him.” Deut. 23:17. As the only Jewish and
              democratic state in the world, Israel faces unique challenges and questions of
              identity. How can Israel balance its Jewish character and the equality of non-
              Jewish citizens? What role does Diaspora Jewry play in this debate? Sponsored by
              Moment Magazine.
              Chair:          Dr. Leonard Cole, Northern New Jersey; Past Chair, JCPA
              Speakers:       Ruth Carmi, New Israel Fund
                              Rabbi Doug Kahn, San Francisco
                              Rabbi Sid Schwarz, Greater Washington Forum on Israeli Arab Issues

                                                                                  Sunday, March 6 (cont.)
New Jersey   Never Again: The Jewish Community’s Role in Preventing Genocide and
             Mass Atrocities “We have absolutely no right to disregard another when the other
             is suffering. If you stand by when someone else is being tortured, you are an
             accomplice. We suffered and died because of indifference. This is the lesson. Never
             again.” Elie Wiesel. The campaign to save Darfur has engaged millions. However,
             long after the Holocaust, the world continues to witness mass atrocities. This
             session will explore what can be done to create global mechanisms to prevent
             future genocides. Sponsored by Touro College
             Chair:             Midge Perlman Shafton, Chicago; Vice Chair, JCPA
             Speakers:          Mike Abramowitz, Committee on Conscience, U.S. Holocaust Museum
                                Felice Gaer, American Jewish Committee
                                David Sullivan, Enough

Senate       L’dor V’dor: Engaging the Next Generation about Israel “I write to tell my
             grandchildren where they come from, and what their grandparents were up to, and I
             hope they will in their own way continue. I invite anyone else to listen in.” Rabbi
             Arthur Hertzberg. How do our youth understand Israel? What initiatives are
             connecting the next generation to Israel? What are we doing right, and what
             needs to change? Sponsored by Conrad and Lynda Giles.
             Chair:           Toni Young, Delaware; Executive Committee, JCPA
             Moderator:       William Daroff, Jewish Federations of North America
             Speakers:        Wayne Firestone, Hillel
                              Jennifer Lazlo Mizrahi, The Israel Project
                              Peter Beinart, The Daily Beast

4:45 p.m.    PLENARY
Chinese      A Labor of Love: The Jewish Community and the Labor Movement in
             America “Giving someone a job is the highest form of tzedakah.” Maimonides.
             AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka will offer remarks marking the centennial of
             the tragic Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire - a watershed moment for the labor
             movement and for the New York Jewish community. He will also share
             reflections on the historical bonds between the Jewish community and organized
             labor, the importance of the US-Israel relationship, and the exciting potential for
             reenergizing the Jewish-labor partnership. Richard Trumka will be presented with
             the JCPA Chaver Tzedek Award for his commitment to the Jewish people, to
             the state of Israel, and to the struggle for a more just and fair American society.
             Chair:           Stuart Appelbaum, Jewish Labor Committee
             Speakers:        Richard L. Trumka, President, AFL-CIO

6:15 p.m.    Reception in Celebration of 67 Years of Community Leadership
Senate       Minimum gift to JCPA’s Leadership Appeal -- $500
             Chair:         Larry Gold, Atlanta; Vice Chair, JCPA
             Speaker:       Howard Kohr, AIPAC

             Maariv Immediately following Leadership Appeal.

Sunday, March 6 (cont.)

7:15 p.m.      Chair’s Tikkun Olam Award Dinner Honoring Paul S. Berger and
East / State   Debra Joyce Herman Berger, z"l

10:00 p.m.     Neshama Carlebach Performance
East / State   Neshama Carlebach, a renowned Jewish entertainer, is continuing the legacy
               established by her father, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Together with her incredible
               band and in collaboration with Reverend Roger Hambrick and The Green
               Pastures Baptist Church Choir, she continues to both deeply move and entertain
               as she sings her father’s incomparable melodies and inspiring original
               compositions. Their recording, Higher & Higher, an entrant in the 2011 Grammy
               Awards, showcases the rare intersection of faith and talent.

               This event is created and sponsored by Neshama's new project, Soul Journey,
               which aims to bring hope and healing through music. For further information,
               please visit

Monday, March 7
6:00 a.m.      Shacharit
New York       Traditional
New Jersey     Egalitarian

7:00 a.m.     CRC Chairs and Directors Workshop
Massachusetts Moving Forward: Strategic Planning for JCRCs
              Sponsored by Susan and Bruce Turnbull. Breakfast will be served
              Chair:         Sherry Fishman, Portland, OR
              Speakers:      Bill Gabovitch, Boston
                             Vicki Zell, Southern New Jersey
7:15 a.m.      Breakfast

8:30 a.m.      PLENARY
Chinese        Media Meshugas- Can Civility Win When Lashon Hara Sells? “One is
               obligated to conduct his affairs with others in a gentle and pleasing manner.”
               Maimonides. “Yellow journalism” has been around as long as journalism itself.
               However, as incivility permeates our national conversation, the media are
               increasingly viewed as part of the problem. Bad news sells. What role do media
               play in the degradation of discourse – and conversely what can the media do to
               lift up our debates?

               Chair:         Robert Siskin, Chattanooga; Vice Chair, JCPA
               Moderator:     Ellen Weiss, News Media Executive
               Speakers:      Ruth Marcus, The Washington Post
                              David Neff, Christian Century
                                                                                              Monday, March 7
10:00 a.m.     NETWORKING TIME
               Use this time to connect with friends and colleagues from across the country to
               share ideas and experiences.

10:45 a.m.    FORUMS
New Hampshire Gesharim: Bridging Troubled Waters Between Christians and Jews: “The
              world is too small for anything but mutual care and deep respect; the world is too
              great for anything but responsibility for one another.” Rabbi Abraham Joshua
              Heschel. Interreligious partnerships have provided an invaluable voice for civil
              rights, religious liberties, social justice, environmental concerns, and the
              protection of religious minorities in other lands. On occasion, though, the Jewish
              community has found itself at great distance from other faith communities.
              However, where close relationships have existed or been formed, they have
              helped mitigate the disharmony that might otherwise have resulted. How can we
              foster meaningful ties in complicated times?
              Chair:            Michael Bohnen, Boston; Past Chair, JCPA
              Moderator:        Rabbi Yehiel Poupko, Chicago
              Speakers:         Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson, Auburn Theological Seminary
                                Rev. John Wimberly Jr., Presbyterians for Middle East Peace

New Jersey     The People of the Book: Exploring the Nexus Between Literacy, Service,
               and Education Reform “Communities everywhere have an obligation to appoint
               teachers for their children.” Bava Batra. “No Child Left Behind” will be vigorously
               challenged when its reauthorization is debated this year. This session focuses on
               public education and the tools children need to be “education ready.” The
               National Jewish Coalition for Literacy (NJCL) has played a leading role for our
               community in this endeavor. The JCPA and Repair the World are joining NJCL
               in advancing that work. How can we help improve student performance and
               public education through direct service and advocacy?
               Chair:           Lynn Lyss, St. Louis/NCJW; Past Chair, JCPA
               Speakers:        Leonard Fein, National Jewish Coalition for Literacy
                                Geri Palast, Campaign for Fiscal Equity / Israel Action Network
                                Jon Rosenberg, Repair the World

New York       November Narishkeit: Restoring Civility to Elections and Political Life
               “Guard your tongue from evil and your lips from deceitful speech.” Psalm 34:14.
               Legislative and political campaigns are not only hard fought, they are
               increasingly uncivil. Opposing viewpoints are too often drowned out in a chorus
               of demagoguery and demonization. What can we do to restore civility to our
               political climate and integrity to our electoral process?
               Chair:           Jane Schiff, Atlanta
               Speakers:        Noam Neusner, 30 Point Strategies
                                Miles Rapoport, Demos
                                Nancy Tate, League of Women Voters

Noon           Lunch on Own

Monday, March 7

Noon         HIAS Sponsored Luncheon: Preregistration Required
Rhode Island Refugees or Infiltrators: African Asylum Seekers in Israel Israel is the only first world
             country that shares a walking land border with Africa. Less than five years ago, Israel
             began experiencing the phenomenon of Eritreans, Sudanese, and other Africans being
             smuggled across the Sinai into Israel to seek political asylum. Today there are more
             than 30,000 asylum seekers in Israel. How is the Jewish state coping with this new
             challenge? A discussion led by Joel Moss, the HIAS Representative to Israel and an
             expert asylum law embedded in the Israeli Ministry of the Interior's new Refugee Status
             Determination Unit.

1:30 p.m.      PLENARY
State          Adam v’Adamah - Human Beings and the Earth: The Intersection of the
               Environment, Energy, and Security “And the Lord God formed man of dust
               from the earth, and he breathed into his nostrils the soul of life, and man became a
               living soul.” Genesis 2:7. How can we support policies that promote conservation
               and environmental stewardship while increasing energy security and reducing
               dependence on foreign oil? What is the federal government’s ability to regulate
               greenhouse gases? How does this affect human health, global climate, and
               security? This session will explore these issues as well as our Jewish values of
               protecting creation, supporting innovation and economic development, and
               security for the U.S. and Israel.
               Chair:           Susan Penn, Northern New Jersey; Vice Chair, JCPA
               Moderator:       Rabbi Julie Schonfeld, The Rabbinical Assembly
               Speakers:        Rabbi David Saperstein, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism
                                Hon. R. James Woolsey, Jr., VantagePoint Venture Partners

               Mincha immediately following session.

3:15 p.m.      WORKSHOPS
Virginia       From Empathy to Advocacy: Using Poverty Simulations to Deepen Anti-Poverty
               Action in Your Community “Who closes his ears to the cry of the poor will himself cry
               out and not be heard.” Proverbs 21:13. Poverty simulation is a unique community action
               tool to educate people, from policy makers to local community members, about the
               day-to-day realities of those for whom money is short and stress is in abundance. In this
               poverty simulation, participants will role-play the lives of low-income individuals trying
               to provide their families with food, shelter, and other basic necessities. Leaders will
               discuss the significant educational opportunities poverty simulations provide, how they
               have helped strengthen anti-poverty advocacy and coalition building, and how
               communities can sponsor these programs. Sponsored by the Jewish Community
               Relations Council of Greater Dallas.
               Chair:           Maxine Richman, Rhode Island
               Speakers:        Elana Fox, JCPA
                                Marc Jacobson, Dallas
                                Judy Saks, Nashville
                                David Sklar, Indianapolis
                                                                                                Monday, March 7

South Carolina Strangers in Our Midst: Immigration Legislation and Enforcement Measures
               Coming to a City and State Near You “When a stranger resides with you in your
               land, you shall not wrong him.” Leviticus 19:33. State and local immigration initiatives
               are being advanced in the absence of federal comprehensive immigration reform.
               They include draconian enforcement measures and efforts to redefine the
               American citizenship clause of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
               Workshop presenters will examine state and local immigration measures and relate
               on-the-ground experiences. Participants will learn how JCRCs can effectively
               engage as advocates, share resources and strategies, and build coalitions to
               confront the growing challenges to sensible immigration policy.
               Chair:           Avi Poster, Nashville
               Speakers:        Alfonso Aguilar, Law Offices of James G. Roche
                                Matt Goldberg, Louisville
                                Judy Lackritz, San Antonio
                                Melanie Nezer, HIAS

Rhode Island   Saving a Single Soul: Bringing an End to Bullying “Do not stand idly by while your
               neighbor’s blood is shed.” Leviticus 19:16. As many as one-in-three young people are
               affected by bullying – and the internet provides a growing environment in which
               children are being harassed and their safety threatened. This session examines the
               nature of the problem and educational and advocacy strategies to protect our youth
               from bullying.
               Chair:          Michael Futterman, San Francisco
               Speakers:       Idit Klein, Keshet
                               Michael Lieberman, Anti-Defamation League

Pennsylvania   Talking Tachlies About Civility “Do not judge your fellow human being until you stand
               in his place.” Pirke Avot 2:5. The decline in civility in our community and broader society
               is a matter of urgent priority. This workshop will explore concrete steps that agencies
               can take, including programming and training, that can help engender mutual respect,
               shared listening and learning, and greater civility. Sponsored by Steve and Sheri Lear.
               Chair:            Mona Friedman Kolko, Rochester
               Speakers:         Ethan Felson, JCPA
                                 Abby Michaelson Porth, San Francisco

New York       L'Dor v'Dor: Community Organizing for the Online Generation “Act while you
               can; while you have the chance, the means, and the strength” BT Shabbat 151b. How
               people connect is rapidly changing. New tools and strategies are continually being
               developed to reach and organize through the internet. This session will examine how
               JCRCs are successfully using the internet, electronic communication, social media and
               beyond to target, educate, and engage supporters. Sponsored by Jewish Federation of
               Greater Washington
               Chair:          Vicki Grodner, Birmingham
               Speakers:       Jared Feldman, JCPA
                               Ron Halber, Washington D.C.
                               Robert Cohen, Detroit

Monday, March 7

4:45 p.m.    PLENARY
State        A View from the White House Rabbi Chanina taught: "Pray for the welfare of
             the government…” Pirkei Avot 3:2. Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the
             President, will discuss the Obama Administration’s priorities and
             accomplishments and the importance of working together with the Jewish
             community to address issues of mutual concern.
             Chair:           Dr. Conrad Giles, Detroit; Chair, JCPA
             Speaker:         Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President

5:30 p.m.    PLENARY
Chinese      Panim el Panim - Face to Face: Faith to Faith Thus G-d will judge among the
             many peoples, and arbitrate for the multitude of nations…And they shall beat their
             swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.” Micah 4.3. Faith can
             unite – and it can divide. Respect for religious diversity is a hallmark of the
             American experience. It has made our nation strong. Americans are
             increasingly aware that there has been a breakdown in civility in politics and
             across society. What role does faith play in this conversation about civility?
             Sponsored by the Everett Foundation.
             Chair:           Edith Everett, New York
             Speakers:        Honorable Keith Ellison, U.S. House of Representatives
                              Rev. Dr. Katharine Henderson, Auburn Theological Seminary

             Maariv Immediately following Leadership Appeal.

6:15 p.m.    Dinner on own

7:45 p.m.    Understanding the JCPA Resolution Process
New York     Learn everything you need to know to understand and participate in the JCPA
             Resolutions process.

7:45 p.m.    Voting Card Pickup
Outside East

8:15 p.m.    PLENARY
East         Presentation of the Albert D. Chernin Award to Senator Ron Wyden
             “And the Lord said about our Father Abraham: For I have singled him out, that he
             may instruct his children and his prosperity to keep the way of the Lord by doing
             what is just and right.” Genesis 18:19. The Albert D. Chernin award is presented
             each year to an American Jew whose life work best exemplifies the social justice
             imperatives of Judaism, Jewish history, and the protection of the Bill of Rights,
             particularly the First Amendment.
             Presenter:        Arden Shenker, Portland; Past Chair, JCPA
             Recipient:        Honorable Ron Wyden, U.S. Senate
                                                                                               Monday, March 7

8:45 p.m.     Resolutions Session
East          Chairs: Donna Beyer, Tucson
                      David Bohm, St. Louis; Treasurer, JCPA
              Parliamentarian:      Arden Shenker, Portland, OR; Past Chair, JCPA

                                                                                              Tuesday, March 8
6:45 a.m.     Shacharit
New York      Traditional
New Jersey    Egalitarian

7:30 a.m      Community Breakfast / Lobby Workshop
East          "You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither are you free to desist from it.”
              Pirkei Avot 2:21.

8:15 a.m.     Transportation to Capitol Hill
              Buses depart from DeSales Street Exit

9:00 a.m.     PLENARY
Dirksen       Leadership Perspectives on the 112 th Congress Hear from Congressional
Senate        leaders about their perspectives on the priorities, challenges, and opportunities
Office Bldg   the 112th Congress. Insights about both international and domestic issues will be
Room 106      shared.
              Speakers:       TBA

11:00 a.m.    Hill Visits

2:00 p.m.     Capitol Hill Reception
              Congressional Meeting Room North at the Congressional Visitors Center
              Chairs: Jonathan Ellis and Susan W. Turnbull, Plenum 2011 Co-Chairs

3:30 p.m.     Transportation to Hotel

Post Plenum Meetings
4:00 p.m.     JCRC Directors Meeting
                                                                                          Wednesday, March 9
8:30 a.m.     JCRC Directors Meeting
                                          JCPA Meetings
Sunday, June 12, 2011                   Task Force Meetings          UJA-Federation, New York, NY
Monday, June 13, 2011                   Board of Directors Meeting   UJA-Federation, New York, NY
Sunday, October 23, 2011                Task Force Meetings          UJA-Federation, New York, NY
Monday, October 24, 2011                Board of Directors Meeting   UJA-Federation, New York, NY
Saturday, May 5 – 8, 2012               Plenum                       Detroit, MI
Sunday, October 28, 2012 (tentative)    Task Force Meetings          UJA-Federation, New York, NY
Monday, October 29, 2012 (tentative)    Board of Directors Meeting   UJA-Federation, New York, NY
Saturday, March 9 – 12, 2013            Plenum                       Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C.

                                       Help us make the 2011 JCPA Hunger Seder
                                       mobilization a success by planning a Hunger Seder in
                                       your community! For more information about available
                                       resources and to schedule a consultation with JCPA
                                       staff, please contact Elana Fox at (202) 212-6037 or

                          New Delegates Guide to Everything (Almost)
      Who are all these people?
      Your fellow plenum delegates are lay and professional leaders from JCPA’s 125 local member
      agencies (read Jewish Community Relations Councils) and 14 national member agencies. In other
      words, the “grassroots” of Jewish community relations work.

      Who can answer my questions at the Plenum?
      Almost anyone who has been to one before. Don't be shy. Ask. We're all "mishpacha." Feel free to
      approach JCPA staff!

      There’s so much happening. What does it all mean? How do I choose?
      Left your decoder ring at home? Here are some helpful hints:

          •   Task Forces: The JCPA’s three task forces meet simultaneously. Everyone is welcome to
              attend any Task Force meeting. Task force meetings will include in-depth briefings an
              opportunity to review resolutions. You may want to “task force hop” to get the flavor of
              upcoming discussions. Or perhaps your CRC or agency has several people in its delegation
              and you'd rather divide up to cover the 3 meetings.

          •   Plenaries: Plenary sessions feature a major speaker(s) followed by a Q & A period.

          •   Forums: Concurrent forums feature experts in areas of key concern to JCPA agencies.
              Because these sessions are smaller than plenary sessions, they provide greater opportunity for
              delegates to question and interact with presenters.

          •   Workshops: Workshops offer “best practices” and “how-to’s,” giving delegates an opportunity
              to exchange program and resource information. You’re sure to return to your community with
              at least one great idea.

          •   Resolutions: The Resolutions session is scheduled for Monday evening. In your kits are copies
              of the resolutions that will be debated at that session. There will be a “how to” session at 7:45
              p.m. beforehand where you can get your questions answered about the JCPA Resolutions
              Process and Roberts Rules of Order. Please remember to bring your Resolutions packet to the

      Just how oriented will I get at the New Delegates Orientation?
      At the New Delegates Orientation, on Sunday at 8:00 a.m., we'll walk you through the Plenum’s
      highlights and answer questions about format and process.

        What's up with the name tags?
Pink Ribbon = JCPA Chair                                      Grey Ribbon = CRC Chair
Red Ribbon = JCPA Executive Committee                         Orange Ribbon = CRC Director
Blue Ribbon = JCPA Board of Directors                         Aqua Ribbon = JCPA Staff
Yellow Ribbon = JCPA Plenum Co-Chairs                         Purple Ribbon = Plenum Conference Coordinator
Berry Ribbon = New Delegate
JCPA Board of Directors
    Chair                                              Community Representatives (Cont.)                     National Agency Representatives (Cont.)
      Dr. Conrad Giles, Detroit                          Ruth Cole, No. New Jersey                             Marla Feldman, URJ
    Vice Chairs                                          Theodore Eisenberg, MetroWest                         Steve Freeman, ADL
      Elihu Davison, Jewish Labor Committee              Mark Frank, Pittsburgh                                Gail Goldfarb, WLCJ
      Lawrence Gold, Atlanta                             Howard Friedman, Atlanta                              Sandra Goldstein, Hadassah
      Harold Goldberg, Silicon Valley                    Michael Futterman, San Francisco                      Richard Gordon, AJCongress
      Bruce Lev, Youngstown                              Judy Gilbert-Gould, Miami                             Leonard Gordon, USCJ
      David Luchins, Orthodox Union                      Philip Gordon, Boston                                 Joel Kaplan, B'nai B'rith International
      Susan Penn, Northern New Jersey                    Vikki Grodner, Birmingham                             Shelly Kupfer, JFNA
      Midge Perlman, Shafton Chicago                     David Gutin, Philadelphia                             Arieh Lebowitz, JLC
      Robert Siskin, Chattanooga                         Mona Friedman Kolko, Rochester                        Lynn Leeb, ORT America
      Stephen Stone, Springfield IL                      Toby Shylit Mack, Monmouth County                     Norman Liss, AJCongress
      Susan W. Turnbull, Washington, DC                  Bruce Mandel, Cleveland                               Daniel Mariaschin, B'nai B'rith
    Treasurer                                            Anita Miller, New Mexico                              Judy Menikoff, ORT America
      David Bohm, St.Louis                               Maxine Richman, Rhode Island                          Nancy Ratzan, NCJW
    Secretary                                            Daniel Robins, Columbus, OH                           Shepard Remis, JFNA
      Robert Yass, Hartford                              Samuel Rosenberg, Baltimore                           Judy Rosenberg, NCJW
    Chair's Appointees                                   Jane Schiff, Atlanta                                  Herb Rosenbleeth, Jewish War Veterans
      Alan Jaffe, New York                               Irving Shapiro, Washington, D.C.                      Carl Sheingold, Jewish Recon. Fed.
      Toni Young, Delaware                               Steven Silverman, Detroit                             Judy Shereck, Hadassah
                                                         Stephen Skrainka, St. Louis                           William Siegel, AJCommittee
    Past Chairs
                                                         David Steinhardt, So. Palm Beach Cty                  Robert Sugerman, ADL
      Marie Abrams, Louisville
                                                         Michael Stern, San Antonio                            Albert Vorspan, URJ
      Jordan C. Band, Cleveland
                                                         Alice Viroslav, San Antonio                           Jerry Wagner, USCJ
      Michael Bohnen, Boston
                                                         Wendy Wagenheim, Detroit                              Marilyn Wind, WLCJ
      Leonard Cole, No. New Jersey
                                                         Warren Wolfson, Cleveland                             Shawn Zevit, Jewish Recon. Fed.
      Lois Frank, Atlanta
                                                         Ira Youdovin, Santa Barbara                           Robert Zweiman, Jewish War Veterans
      Jacqueline Levine, MetroWest
      Lynn Lyss, St. Louis/NCJW                        At-Large Member                                       Ex Officio
      Andrea Weinstein, Dallas                           Donna Beyer, Tucson                                   Jonathan J. Ellis, Tampa
      Maynard Wishner, Chicago                           Mary Ellen Gurewitz, Detroit                          Jerilyn Gelt, San Francisco
      Bennett Yanowitz, Cleveland                        Howard Hammer, Cumberland County                      Marlene Gorin, Dallas
                                                         Marc Stanley, Dallas                                  Robert Horenstein, Portland, OR
    President and Chief Executive Officer
                                                         Marc Winkelman, Austin                                Michelle Kohn, Palm Beach County
      Rabbi Steve Gutow
                                                       National Agency Representatives                         Geoffrey Lewis, Boston
    Executive Vice Chair Emeritus                                                                              Jack Moline, Washington, D.C.
                                                         Merom Brachman, JFNA
      Albert D. Chernin                                                                                        Avi Poster, Nashville
                                                         Martin Bresler, AJCommittee
    Community Representatives                            Charney Bromberg, JLC                                 James Rosenstein, Philadelphia
      Louis Beckerman, Central New Jersey                Debbie Cosgrove, JFNA                                 David Steirman, San Francisco
      Martin Belsky, Akron                               Behnam Dayanim, Orthodox Union                      Chair's Appointee
      Leslie Billet, No. New Jersey                      Nathan Diament, Orthodox Union                        Rosalind Osterman, Lee & Charlotte Counties

    JCPA Plenum Committee
    Chairs                                               Gail Goldfarb, WLCJ                                   Susan Penn, No. New Jersey
      Jonathan J. Ellis, Tampa                           Gerald Greiman St. Louis                              Judy Rosenberg, NCJW
      Susan W. Turnbull, Washington, DC                  Vikki Grodner, Birmingham                             Sandy Rosenberg, Baltimore
    Members                                              Ronald Halber, Washington, D.C.                       Jane Schiff, Atlanta
      Donna Beyer, Tucson                                Robert Horenstein, Portland, OR                       Stephen Skrainka, St. Louis
      Jason Block, PANIM                                 Adam Kessler, Philadelphia                            Stephen Stone, Springfield, IL
      Martha Cohen, No. New Jersey                       Joy Kurland, No. New Jersey                           Wendy Wagenheim, Detroit
      Robert Cohen, Detroit                              Lynn Leeb, ORT                                        Andrea Weinstein, Dallas
      Conrad Giles, Detroit                              Geoffrey Lewis, Boston                                Warren Wolfson, Cleveland
      Harold Goldberg, Silicon Valley                    Rachel Meytin, PANIM

    JCPA Staff
      Rabbi Steve Gutow, President & CEO                 Hod Klein, IAI Outreach Coordinator                 Marc Schlesinger, Legal Fellow
      Elisa Dell'Amico, Administrative Assistant         Elyssa Koidin, Senior Policy Fellow                 Michelle Shaland, Civility Fellow
      Jared Feldman, Washington Deputy Director          Haya Luftig, Director of Administration             Simcha Shapiro, Comptroller
      Ethan Felson, Vice President                       Andi Milens, Vice President                         Ben Suarato, Communications Associate
      Elana Fox, Confronting Poverty Field Organizer     Josh Protas, Vice President & Washington Director   Sara Yaverbaum, Executive Assistant
      Lynn Gefsky, IAI Director                          Martin Raffel, Senior Vice President
      Alison Holstein, Program Intern                    Sybil Sanchez, COEJL Director

Mayflower Renaissance Hotel Meeting Rooms


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