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Employee performance evaluation examples (DOC download)


Employee performance evaluation examples

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									Employee performance evaluation examples

Maintaining complete and legally defensible performance documentation is the first
step to a painless performance evaluation.

Supervisors should maintain a working file for every employee they supervise. The
working file may be a hard copy file or an electronic file and its contents can be used
to prepare the performance evaluation. Whatever format you choose to use, the
documentation should include positive, negative, and neutral examples of the
employee's performance. Anything that is factual and representative of the employee's
performance should be included in this working file.

Examples of appropriate items that are found in the supervisor's working file

-- Work samples

-- Working notes you've made regarding the employee's performance

-- Letters of commendation

-- E-mails related to work projects and outcomes

-- Certificates of completion

-- Quantitative performance records

-- Disciplinary notes or forms

-- Factual details about work-related situations

Examples of inappropriate items that are sometimes found in the supervisor's
working file include:

-- Gossip

-- Unsubstantiated comments from others

-- Personal feelings and opinions

-- Accusations that have not been investigated

-- Medical diagnoses or summaries of conversations regarding medical conditions

Do a quick audit of the files you have for each employee. Make sure that the
documentation you are keeping is factual and work-related. Appropriate and complete
documentation will make the preparation of the performance evaluation much easier. .
.even painless. Don't waste time, start collecting performance documentation as soon
as possible to maintain appropriate employee files. Remember, documentation is the
key to year-end employee performance evaluations. : Over 200 ebooks, templates, forms for
performance appraisal.

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