How One Parent Can Get a Passport for a Child

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           How One Parent Can Get a Passport for a Child
One parent can obtain a passport for a minor if certain requirements are met. The
general rule is that both parents must appear with the minor. For different
reasons, this is not always possible. This concise article will provide information
on how one parent can apply for a passport for a child.

When Parent Shares Custody of the Child

Even if the parent who is submitting the application has shared custody, it is still
possible for one parent to apply with a child if a notarized Statement of Consent is
submitted by the parent who is accompanying the minor. The consent form DS-
3053 has a section for special circumstances in which the written consent of the
non-applying parent cannot be obtained.

One Parent with Sole Legal Custody

When one parent has sole legal custody, that parent can appear with the child at
either an application acceptance facility or a regional processing center. The
parent must present one of the following as primary evidence of sole custody.

Document that lists only the parent submitting the application:

      Certified birth certificate
      Consular Report of Birth Abroad
      Certification of Birth Abroad
      Adoption Decree
      An official court order that grants one of the following:
      sole custody to the applying parent
      permission to travel with the minor
      Declaration from a judge to the non-applying parent's incompetence
      Death certificate of the non-applying parent

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Again, the applying parent can submit Form DS-3053 if none of the above
document can be presented.

The purpose of these requirements is to prevent international child abduction.
Although you may need to exert a little more effort to get the travel document, it
is good to know that, by meeting certain requirements, one parent can obtain a
passport for a child.

Other documents that are necessary in order to apply for a child's passport
include the application form DS-11, two recent passport photos, evidence of
United States citizenship, evidence of relationship to the applying parent, ID of
the parent and photocopy of the ID. There is an application fee of $80 and an
execution fee of $25 for each passport. There is an extra fee of $60 for applicants
who want to expedite the process and get the child's passport faster.

Visit U.S. Passport Service Guide detailed instructions on how to submit a minor
passport application and read reviews of qualified expedited passport services

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Description: A Child's Passport can be claimed or applied by only one parent personally. However, this is only possible for situations in which the documents of both parents is available. Here is a guide on how to apply for a child's or Minor's passport if you are only one parent.
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