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					Immersion suits
It may be many years until you really need the
immersion suit. But when you do, it’s comforting to
know that we guarantee our suit to last for 12 years.
                                                       Spray hood
                                                                                        Self-righting device
                                                       (Optional on SM-N6-N)
                                                                                        (Model SM-N6)

 Inflateable hood with face seal
 (Model N - standard)

                                   Life jacket light
                                   (Model SM-N6-N)

                                                                           Detachable three finger gloves
                                                                           Enables the user to make use of the fingers
                                                                           without taking the suit off.

Take a             close
at the important details
Watertight cuffs

                                                   Approved reflector material
  Lifting strap and buddy-line
  (Model SM-N6-N)

         High-quality materials                                                  Velcro leg straps
         High-quality flame retardent neoprene                                   For better fit.
         that keeps you warm in any environment.

              Detachable Gloves for Increased Safety
The Stromme immersion suit concept
•   High-quality suits with all approvals and certifications
•   One size (XXL can be made to order)
•   Optional adjustments can be made to the suits
•   Available from various stock points
•   Several service centres worldwide

Manufactured in 100% neoprene with double outer liner
and in accordance with the HHSP Quality Assurance System.
We therefore offer a 12-year guarantee against defects.

Approvals and certifications
All models:
• Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC
• Ship’s Wheel Mark approved by DNV
The N model:
• NmD* rules for fishing vessels

*NmD = Norwegian Maritime Directorate


6-hour suit for merchant/fishing vessels
• To be used with lifejacket.
Body height      Suit size     Weight      Prod. no
150 - 195cm      One size      4.5kg       1302-00300
195 - 205cm      XXL           4.5kg       1302-00305

Optional equipment: Harness for size adjustment

6-hour suit for merchant/fishing vessels and rigs
• Approved in accordance with NmD rules for fishing vessels.
• To be used without lifejacket
• Built-in life jacket light
• Inflateable hood
• Lifting strap and buddy line

Body height      Suit size     Weight      Prod. no
150 - 195cm      One size      4.5kg       1302-00300
195 - 205cm      XXL           4.5kg       1302-00305

Optional equipment: Spray Hood and harness for size adjustment
12 years’ guarantee
Acquiring the right immersion suits is a critical decision.

Helly Hansen is the most experienced manufacturer of
immersion suits using proven designs and only the best
materials. That is why Helly Hansen is our first choice.

Materials and seams are double checked during the
manufacturing process. This ensures maximum performance,
even after 12 years of frequent use.

Helly Hansen has manufactured maritime survival suits since
1974, and will continue to do so for many years to come. This
is an important consideration when you need new supplies or
if the suits need to be repaired.
                                                                                                                                           Oktan Sydvest • Photo: Getty Images, Helly Hansen
Stromme group offices around the world
We in the Stromme Group supply the maritime industry worldwide, operating in ten different countries.
Our main clients- are shipowners and ship management companies, shipyards, offshore operators and
exploration companies.

Norway Oslo                                  France
Head office                                  Phone +33 328 593 997
Phone +47 67 52 60 60                        Fax +33 328 636 637
Fax +47 67 52 60 50                          E-mail:
Norway Husnes                                Phone +34 956 675 200
NME office                                   Fax +34 956 675 118
Phone +47 53 47 95 00                        E-mail:
Fax +47 53 47 34 99
                                             Phone +65 626 11600
United Kingdom                               Fax +65 626 11500
Phone +44 1273 32 1212                       E-mail:
Fax +44 1273 32 1171
                                             Phone +1 860 653 9461
The Netherlands                              Fax +1 860 653 9457
Phone +31 181 60 35 55                       E-mail:
Fax +31 181 60 35 33
                                             Partner: Intra Mare Hellas
Germany                                      Phone +0030 210 4293843
Phone +49 40 30 97 880                       Fax +0030 210 4293845
Fax +49 40 30 97 8840                        E-mail:
Phone +48 58 623 6145
Fax +48 58 664 3737

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