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 What is a news report?
     A news report is about a particular topic which interests the public. It
     appears in newspapers or magazines and it is written in an impersonal
     formal style, aiming to catch the reader’s attention. A news report gives
     accurate facts only. The writer’s feelings or point of view should not be
 Organization of a news report
     A news report should always have an eye-catching short headline which
     introduces the topic. It should also be divided into well-structured
     paragraphs, that is: a) an introduction where details about the time, place
     and people involved in the incident are given; b) a main body consisting
     of two or more paragraphs where the event is developed in detail, giving
     information about the reason it happened and its result; c) an ending where
     comments or actions to be taken are briefly mentioned. Passive Voice and
     Direct/ Reported Speech can be used to make the news report more
     Paragraph 1
      Summary of the event (time, place, people involved)
     Main Body
     Paragraph 2 – 4
      Development of the event in detail, causes, consequences
     Final Paragraph
      People’s comments/ action taken
 Exercises
1. Read the following paragraphs and put them in the correct order.
A         Bruce immediately contacted the local police station to report the
incident. It appears they were not the only witnesses. “We received over forty
calls between 7:30 pm and 8:45 pm from people claiming to have seen a UFO,”
admitted police sergeant J.F. Stable.
B          The two men were walking their dogs when suddenly the whole sky
was lit up by a bright light and a whizzing sound was heard. Seconds later a
round silver object appeared in the sky. The object floated above them for about
fifteen minutes and then disappeared.
C       Experts are examining the Yorkshire moors for ay clues in an attempt
to explain the sightings. As a result of the incident. Hundreds of UFO fanatics
came to the moors on Saturday evening to watch the sky and wait for the
spaceship to reappear.
D       Two Yorkshire resident, Steven Bruce aged 35 and James Murray, aged
38, reported seeing an unidentified flying object hovering over the deserted
moors last Friday evening.

2. Read the news report below and write down the topic of each
     paragraph, then underline all the words related to the car crash:
        Two people were seriously injured in a collision at the junction of Mill
Road and Wrights Lane, Westbridge, early yesterday morning.
        Jackie Hill, 22, was driving a yellow Nissan Cherry when she
approached the junction and crashed into a delivery van coming out of Wrights
Lane. A local resident who witnessed the accident said that it was obvious that
Mrs Hill had not seen the stop sigh at the junction as she had not even slowed
        Mrs Hill was on her way home from her job as a night nurse when the
accident happened. She is said to be in a serious but stable condition at St
Michael’s hospital. The driver of the van, William Stephens, 27, is being treated
for head and back injuries.
        A neighborhood association spokesman commented later:”This is the
fourth accident to happen at the crossroads in the past month. We have been
lobbying for a set of traffic lights there for months, but so far nothing has
happened.” According to city councilor David Wilkins, plans are being made to
put up traffic lights at the junction in the near future.

3. Read the following news report and fill the correct words from the list:
   braked          injuries     direction        crashed
   damaged       overtake          skidded       collision
   “…. There have been further road accidents following yesterday’s heavy
   rain. Early last night two motorists suffered serious 1) _________ in an
   incident involving three vehicles.
         Mr Rey Amberly from Newden was traveling along Pyke Road at
   around 90 mph when he noticed the van behind his car driven by Mr
   Joseph Brown, moving out to 2) ________ him. Mr Amberly 3) _________
   slightly in order to let the driver of the van pass, but instead of slowing
    down, his car 4) ________ on the slippery surface and 5) _________ into a
    third vehicle, coming from the other 6) _________ which was driven by
    Mr Luke Porter. All three vehicles were severely 7) ____________ in the 8)
    __________ and the three drivers had to be taken to hospital.
         Police believe that the cash could have been avoided if the drivers had
    not been travelling so fast under such dangerous conditions.

4. Read the following news report and make notes about the time, place
     and the development of the event.
                           Gas Leak Results in Tragedy
      In the early hours of Saturday morning, the West Cross Shopping Centre.
Wolverhampton, was devastated by a gas explosion. Fortunately, nobody was
killed in the blast, but fourteen people were injured, two of them seriously.
      Eight hours before the blast occurred, shop assistant, Heather Fowles had
called the Gas Board, as she had noticed the smell of gas, but the Gas Board
workers did not detect any leak.
      “The explosion was like a flash of lightning,” said cleaner, Iris Adams,
one of the less seriously injured victims. She states that she saw her boss, John
Wilson, being lifted into the air and thrown against a wall by the blast. Mrs
Adams and Mr Wilson were trapped under the rubble for more than an hour
before fire-fighters managed to rescue them.
      Police inspector, David Chamberlain revealed that several other
complaints had been made about the smell of gas. The inquiry continues today.

5. Read the two models and compare and contrast them. A) which model
    is a news report? B) which model is a story?
Model A
     It all began one hot afternoon while I was on a sailing holiday in the
Mediterranean with my parents. As we approached the coast of Procida, we all
agreed that it was time we dropped anchor and stopped to have lunch.
     We were just about to start eating when Dad pointed out a fishing boat that
had stopped near ours to pull in its nets. As we were watching, I suddenly
noticed a fin sticking out of one of the nets. I could hardly believe my eyes: it
was a dolphin.
      Immediately, I grabbed a knife dived into the water and swam towards the
fishing boat as fast as I could. As soon as I got there, I cut a hole in the net so
that the dolphin could swim away. Exhausted, I swam back to our yacht. The
coastguard, whom my father had radioed, later told us that not only was the
fisherman using illegal nets, but he had also been fishing in a prohibited area.
      After the rescue, I felt sad that people could be so cruel to such intelligent,
friendly creatures, but at the same time, I was glad that I had saved the dolphin.
Model B
      Sixteen-year-old Andrew Truman was praised last night for his bravery
when he saved a stranded dolphin just off the coast of Procida last Monday.
      Andrew was on a sailing holiday with his family in the Mediterranean
when the incident occurred. They were relaxing on their yacht when a nearby
fishing boat began pulling in its nets. Looking closer, Andrew noticed that a
dolphin’s fins were trapped in the nets. Without hesitating, Andrew dived
overboard, swam to the other boat and cut through the net to release the
      “Dolphins are intelligent, friendly creatures,” said Andrew when asked
about his experience. “Fishermen should be more careful when using their
      The owner of the fishing boat was arrested for using illegal nets and
fishing in a prohibited area. Many similar cases have been reported recently and
the government is thinking about talking stricter measures towards the
protection of dolphins.

6. Write any one of the following compositions using 100 – 120 words:
   a. You work as a journalist. Write a news report about a car accident
       which resulted in the death of two drivers.
   b. You work for the newspaper. Write a news report about a bank
       robbery in which the robbers escaped.
   c. You work as a news reporter. Write a news report about two swimmers
       who were saved by a dolphin.

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