What we do

We embrace technology to create truly immersive brand communications.

“ Two Words: They Rock”
– Guy Laliberté, Founder, Cirque du Soleil

Sid Lee was one of the first agencies to fully embrace        our clients to benefit from the most flexible and
technology to offer premium interactive marketing             innovative solutions.
services. What rapidly set us apart was the fact that our
thinking and our staff were half from the digital culture     Sid Lee Technologies (SLT) is also backed by a network
and half from the branding and advertising world. Most        of respected partners, which allows it to take on
firms have digital divisions, but we have embedded            large-scale projects, pushing the limits of our campaigns’
interactivity into our everyday work. Today, interactive      performance and our commercial initiatives.
marketing still represents approximately 50% of what we
do. Our main strength is the development of immersive         PROJETS
online brand experiences consumers will want to talk          Recent projects include:
about and participate in.                                     • MGM Grand website
                                                              • Casino de Montréal website
OUR APPROACH                                                  • adidas Originals website
Sid Lee crafts digital experiences that connect the virtual   • adidas facebook fanpage & Strategy
and real worlds — experiences that people encounter,          • Cirque du Soleil - Casting website
play with and modify. These are delivered not merely          • Four Seasons - Bora Bora website
at a multitude of touch points, but on digital platforms      • SAQ - espace cocktail website
that successively position a brand, educate and prompt
interactions. Our approach in the digital domain isn’t        REPUTATION
rooted in any one medium, but rather in aligning the          • International Agency of the year finalist by Advertising Age
worlds of content, commerce, and community, on and            • Agency of the year by Marketing Magazine
off-line.                                                     • Interactive Agency of the Year (2005)
                                                              • Multiple Best of Show winner at the Digital Marketing
SERVICES                                                        Awards
Our interactive services include:                             • Regular interactive winner at Cannes Festival
• Web development                                             • More than 14 sites selected by the Favorite Website
    - Strategic planning                                        Awards
    - Site architecture
    - User interface                                          CONTACTS
    - Content development                                     New Business:
• Online advertising                                          Human Resources:
• Viral and social marketing                                  Media Relations:
• Mobile marketing
• Multi-platform content development
• Online brand monitoring

In order to bolster the commercial power of our
communications platforms, respect the immersive
nature of the brands we create and offer a multi-
disciplinary approach, we rely on the expertise
of Sid Lee Technologies (SLT). The team, which boasts
40 professionals, offers the following key services:
development of intra-extra-intra NET environments,
web 2.0 initiatives, online campaigns, e-commerce,
sites and mobile applications, content management
systems, online services, e-membership, systems and
database integration, webmastering, etc. This service
offer is backed by ongoing web monitoring, enabling
                                                        What we do


MGM Grand website                                              Cirque du Soleil website

adidas Originals website                                       adidas facebook fanpage & strategy

Cirque du Soleil - casting website        Four seasons - Bora Bora                  SAQ - Mobile Application

Montreal                         Amsterdam                    Paris                           Toronto
75 Queen Street, # 1400          Gerard Doustraat 72          12 du Sentier Street            55 Mill Street, Building 5, # 500
Montreal Quebec                  1072VV Amsterdam,            75002 Paris France              Toronto Ontario
H3C 2N6 Canada                   The Netherlands              +33 (1) 44 88 83 90             M5A 3C4 Canada
+1 514 282 2200                   +31 (0) 20 662 3030                                         +1 416 421 4200

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