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									                                                  Roxy's Guide to K9 services

  Roxy’s Guide to K-9 services
  Many times I am asked, “Where can I find __________ in the San Fernando Valley?” Well, here
are some of my favorite and thought out recommendations. Don’t miss the disclaimer at the end.
Click link to print pamplet for when you have to bring in a pet sitter. All the necessary
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This month’s featured service provider is HOUNDSTOOTH Non-Anesthetic Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning,
service through kindness, House calls. 818-592-0383
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Category      Name               Location                                       City         Phone          Comments

Agility       Jump City          Cara Callaway                                               818.881.9611 Monday evenings @
              Agility                                                                                     Balboa park
Boarding      Barton Kennels 9037 Glenoak Bl                                    Sun Valley 818.767.8990 Best price I found, a bit
                                                                                                        of a trek, minimalist
Boarding      Calgrove                                                          Valencia     661.255.5022 If you can afford it, is
              Kennels                                                                                     marvelous
Boarding      Central Bark       8921 W Pico                                    LA           310.285.0070 Premium Overnight &
                                                                                                          Day care
Catalog       Jeffer's                                                                       800.533.3377 best prices,
Catalog       Trainer's Choice                                                               800.678.7353 good prices training
City          Animal Services Emergency                                                      888.452.7381 24x7

Food-Kibble   Neura Wellness                        The only                    human grade baked
                                                                                one I eat.                  kibble
Food-Kibble   Old Mother                    Only                        Best dog treats
              Hubbard                                                           snacks I
Food-Kibble   Solid Gold         Human Grade ingredients, extruded                                          human grade extruded
Food-Kibble   Solid Gold         Holistique (no meat, hypo-allergetic) is                                   no meat Holistique can
                                 available at Petco                                                         be mixed with raw meat
Food-Raw      C&C Discount       16134 Nordhoff                                 NoHills      818.830.1452 All premium brands at
              Pet                                                                                         great prices
Food-Raw      Pat McKay                                                                      626.296.1120
Food-Raw      Pets Naturally     13459 Ventura Blvd                             Sherman      818.784.1233 All Natural brands,
                                                                                Oaks                      flower essences,
Grooming      Kut A Buv          Charming Charles                                            323.339.1020 Has a great rapport
Homeopathic   Pets Naturally     13459 Ventura Blvd                             Sherman      818.784.1233 Flower essences,
Remedies                                                                        Oaks                      homeopathic, natural
Homeopathic   Mirror Of          Mirror Of Perfection                                        818-342-4445 At Ease, Be Calm,
Remedies      Perfection                                                                                  Animal Immune
                                                                                                          Enhancer, etc.
Homeopathic   Rx Unlimited                                                      Beverly      310.360.0000 Reliable source for
Remedies                                                                        Hills                     homeopathic remedies
Homeopathic   Capital Drugs      4454 Van Nuys Blvd at Ventura Bl               Sherman      818-905-8338 Reliable source for
Remedies                                                                        Oaks                      homeopathic remedies

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                                                  Roxy's Guide to K9 services

Homeopathic     FurEver Yours                    818.522.3837
Homeopathic     Marina                    541.899.2080 Animal Nutrition, NAET
Remedies        Zacharias                                                                     BioSet
Homeopathic     Valencia Pharm Newhall                                           661.255.6217 Kim Wahl can guide yo
Remedies                                                                         x9
Insurance       PetsHealth                  800.807.6724
Insurance       Premier Pet Ins                                                  888.327.6232
Insurance       Vet Pet                800.872.7387 affordable, 3 plans/3
                Insurance                                                                     prices
Pet Adoption    Actors & Others                                                  818.755.6045 provides free
                                                                                              spay/neuter, med exp.
                                                                                              for pit bull & pb/mixes
Pet Adoption    New Leash on                            818.710.9898 Mobile Pet adoptions,
                Life                                                                          free training w/adoption
Pet Adoption    Pet Orphans                                                      818.901.0190 Saturday adoption
Pet Adoption    Villalobos   661.268.0555 Pit Bull adoptions,
                Rescue                                                                        volunteers needed
Pet Psychic     Interspecies  Jeanie Alonzi                                      818.907.9580 Healing & animal
                Communication                                                                 communication
Pet Psychic     Isabella                                          Lost Pets specialty
Pet Psychic     Lydia Hiby                                                       818.365.4647 $30/phone consult
Pet Sitting     Lyn Hughes        Sweet Peas Pet Sitting, recommended by my      818-343-4489 Certified Vet
                                  friend Pamela Orient.                                       Tech-Wonderful
Pet Sitting     Mary Kay Grant She’s my sitter; if mom has to go away, at        818-787-7007 Responsible and loving
                               least Mary Kay comes over and overnights
                               with us.
Pet Sitting     Brian Merrick  Warning to pet owners: if Brian sits with your    818-382-1046 Sparkling personality,
                               pet, Spot may not be as excited to see you                     loving and responsible,
                               when you get home because now someone is                       will take your dog
                               spoiled.                                                       running instead of
Pet Sitting     Barbara's Pet                                                    818.841.4255 Reasonable and caring
Pet Sitting     Christy's Pet     She sits for my friends Mandred and Binky.     818.789.7482 Reasonable, Bonded &
                Care                                                                          Insured
Pet Sitting     Jeanies Prof      Jeanie Alonzi                                  818.907.9580 Feed, water, exercise,
                Pet Care                                                                      medication
Pet Transport   Pet Taxi                                                         310.575.1985 Emergencies, general
                                                                                 #2           transportation
PooPatrol       Poo nanny
PooPatrol       Scoop masters                        800.787.7667 Since 1988, starts at
Training        Bobby                                                            818.716.5959 animal behaviorist,
                Dorafshar                                                                     protection work
Training        Jeanie Alonzi                                                    818.907.9580 Jeanie has a B.S. in
                                                                                              Animal Science
Training        K-9 Buddies &                                                    818.757.0964 Steve Mendolsohn has
                Bodyguards                                                                    trained 5 of my brothers
                                                                                              and me
Training        Pet Shrink        behavior problems, dogs & cats                 818.998.2844 Michael Steinberg, M.A

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                                                   Roxy's Guide to K9 services

Vet             Dr Mullen         Mobile Vet                                                818.980.8588
Vet             Dr. Sandy         Mobile Vet

Vet             Megan Bamford 10180 Stonehurst Ave                               Sun Valley 818-768-0954 Veterinary Homeopathy

Vet             Granada Hills     10838 Sepulveda                                GH         818.361.0125 very reasonable and
                Vet                                                                                      outstanding vet techs
Vet             Jack Henry, Jr    20051 Ventura Bl                               Woodland   818.887.2262 Board Certified Surgeon
Vet             Sherman Oaks 13624 Moorpark                                      Sherman    818.784.9977 Dr. Nancy
                Vet Group                                                        Oaks                    Scanlan-renowned
                                                                                                         holistic vet $$$
Vet             Sindy Habib       5425 Laurel Cyn                                NH         818.984.2698 Holistic, reasonable
Vet             Tarzana Pet                                                                 818.342.3142
Vet-24hr        Animal Critical   20051 Ventura Bl                               Woodland   818.887.2262 Professional, pricey,
                Care                                                             Hills                   clean-the only one I'll
Vet-24hr        Chat-Oaks         Chatsworth/White Oak                           MH         818.363.7444 Board certified surgeon
                                                                                                         on staff-a BIG PLUS
Vet-24hr        Animal            11740 Ventura Blvd                             Studio City 818.760.3882
Vet-24hr        McClave           Hart/Reseda                                    Reseda                  I have had mixed
                                                                                                         experiences here
Vet-Dentistry   Ken Lyon DVM 5425 Laurel Canyon,                                 NH         818-766-2140 Fillings, root canals,

Vet-spay        Collett           13815 Sayre St                                 Sylmar     818.364.1544 Reasonable spay/neute
                Veterinary Clinic

Vet-spay        Spay-Neuter       Magnolia/Kester                                Sherman                    small, efficient,
                Clinic                                                           Oaks                       low-cost, excellent care
Vet-spay        Valley Animal     7721 Sepulveda                                 Van Nuys   818.785.5483 efficient, inexpensive
                Hosp                                                                                     spay/neuter
Vet-Specialties Animal Critical   20051 Ventura Bl                               Woodland   818.887.2262 Specialists of all kinds
                Care                                                             Hills                   inc. cancer

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  Who is Roxy?

I’m a K-9, Curious and Demanding
Aliases: HRHRF , Grandma, Digger

I am a 4 year old Doberman Pincher mix bitch. I was rescued from Glendale Humane
Society after being turned in by my owner at 5 months of age. I was adopted
through Irish Wolfhound Rescue, who sent a nice lady to ‘look’ at me. Hahahahaha !
No one goes to the pound and just ‘looks’ at a cutey like me who’s been there a
month and needs a home NOW.

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                                       Roxy's Guide to K9 services

I went home with her and even though I ruined 4 pair of shoes, she didn ’t take me
back, but she started to understand why I got turned in. Some owners do not
realize that when they get a puppy, that it requires patience and training, just as in
raising a child until the canine is 2 years old or so. Our energy level, inquisitiveness
and destructiveness are not to be underestimated.

people shy until I realized I was the Queen of Everything. I am fiercely loyal and
take my guard duties very seriously. I have to grant admittance to each visitor and
then my greeting disorder is not so pronounced. I am Debi’s punkin', Doppies,
Monkey, Monks and I’m her favorite. I am red-brown, black, and grey with a widow's
peak mask and white feet.

If you have a favorite service provider -- send me an e-mail and I'll include it on my list. Dog lovers
everywhere will thank you.

Roxy Roxodopolous  !
Queen of All Things


   These recommendations are my experiences and you need to make your own
 decisions and do your research. Don ’t sue me, I’m a K-9, all I have to my name is a
     warm spot in the bed next to momi. You must evaluate and bear the risks
   associated with, the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of any content.
                      Engage in commerce at your own risk.

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