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					            FIRES ON MOUNT CARMEL RIDGE – HAIFA, Israel
I want to give you a brief report from Israel on the greatest natural disaster in
the history of modern Israel--the wildfires on Mt. Carmel and Haifa. Israel is
experiencing severe drought. The water level in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) is
down at least 60’ in the middle. This was the hottest summer on record in Israel.
Look at your map of Israel at the Haifa-Carmel area. That’s the ridge where
Elijah had the contest with the priests of Baal (I Kings 17-19), and
headquarters of the reign of Ahab and Jezebel. That’s where Elijah said that it
would not rain for 3 ½ years, at his word, and it didn’t. Then after 3 ½ years, it
was on that ridge where he prayed, and it began to rain once again. This ridge is
also mentioned in the judgment of Yahuweh in the last days.
As of December 4th, Shabbat, 42 are dead, which includes the bus of prison
guards of 40 men who were burned alive when the flames came around their
bus. Already 17,000 have been evacuated from the Haifa area, including 600
prison inmates. Fire fighters are saying it will take a week for the blazes (more
than one) to be extinguished. It has destroyed villages, a kibbutz, hundreds of
livestock, forestland that was hand-planted over the years, as well as costing
millions in property damage. The fires are still threatening The Hebrew University
at Haifa. The flames have consumed the Druze village of Isfiyeh. If you’ve been
there, you know this village to be a wonderful place to shop—an artist center--
and to have lunch, the Druze there being friendly to Israel and tourists. [from—David Horowitz]
Many nations have sent help – primarily planes that could dust or drop water on
the fire—Turkey, Cypress, Spain, France, Russia, and the United States. Haaretz
said that Russia had sent a plane that could hold 42,000 liters of water. The IDF
has also been sent in to battle the blaze. Because nothing like this ever
happened, nor was even suspected to happen, the fire fighting ability of Israel is
very inadequate.
Haaretz, December 4th: The U.S. has sent the world’s largest fire fighting plane,
the Evergreen Super Tanker out of California, a modified 747 aircraft that holds
95,000 liters of water. The U.S. has sent in a team of other planes to help.
While many blame the blaze on Islamic extremists, the police are saying it could
be ―negligence‖, since the blaze evidently started in a landfill near the Druze
village. Yet, there were other fires that started in different places at the same
time. I think the police are reticent to come out and say it might have been a
terrorist attack. On Thursday night, a fire started near Nazareth, and even one
near Tiberias. The fires also went south and they blocked off a main highway.
I perceive something very strange: When did the fires break out? This is a
clue to a planned scenario--they broke out the eve of the nation’s Hanukkah!

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The fires are predicted to burn the whole week of Hanukkah. A main part of
celebrating Hanukkah is the lighting of the candles each night to commemorate
victory of Israel’s enemies.
We know that major events that have targeted Jews and Israel, and world
events of significance, have come around Hanukkah and Purim. These two
festivals are highly prophetic of our day – the return of the world ―Antiochus‖,
and the planned destruction of the Jews specifically. I would think that the fires
came from a higher echelon than Arab terrorists.
By the fires breaking out the eve of Hanukkah, I see a statement being made to
Israel. Israel is hedging on its obedience to America, the UN, the world elite
Luciferic Illuminati, the Vatican, and the Palestinian Authority. Israel is not
bowing fast enough to the demands that they give away land to the Palestinians,
especially East Jerusalem, for their capitol, and the Golan to Syria.
I am not saying this is the way it is, but I’ve studied the mind of the Luciferic
world elite for near 25 years and it matches their way of accelerating their plans.
I lived with Arabs/Palestinians for eight years. Some Muslims do all kinds of
things to advance world terrorism. But, this is not their typical modus operandi.
For one thing, what they do is usually out in the open so they will get the credit.
Just like when Ami Ortiz picked up that package outside his door in Ariel a few
Purims ago, and it exploded, many yelled ―Arabs‖. But, I knew different. It was
not their way--not to target Purim for an attack. The package was wrapped up
like a Purim gift—that’s not a sign of an Arab. I immediately thought ―Jewish
extremist‖, for the Ortiz family is a strong witnesses for salvation through
Yeshua, as well as ministering to Palestinians in villages nearby. Later they
found it was a Jewish extremist who did it. We praise Abba that today Ami is
healthy and happy, and normal.
I suspect a much higher purpose in these fires, if indeed it was planned and
executed by humans – and not just a tragic happening for no reason.
Some immediately proclaimed: ―God’s Judgment‖. That’s human arrogance
talking. Let go of your judgment if you have any… you are not Elohim!
But, at the same time, this ultra serious situation foreshadows Yahuweh’s
judgment to come--not only on Israel, but on America.
How so? Drought and fire are two of the ways Yahuweh judges. [Please refer to
the article ―The Ten Pattern of Judgment‖ – which shows His modus operandi]
Jeremiah 50:32, 38 and Haggai 1:11, speaking of drought, are examples.
Jeremiah 50:29-32: Yahuweh uses fire to destroy the cities of end-time
Babylon. [Refer to my Scripture study on ―End-Time Babylon‖] Know that an
assembly of great nations from the north destroys end-time Babylon. It just so
happens that the three great nations of the north have now surrounded America
off all borders, and within, and the US is now provoking them to war – China,
Russia and North Korea -- in the Yellow Sea. [Refer to: ―Asia About to Erupt in

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Last Sunday I was down at the marina in Tiberias with a friend. We noticed
many Orthodox Jews there. We found out that they had gathered for a special
prayer meeting to pray for rain. They were praying all over Israel for rain. Most
Israelis are family-oriented people, especially the religious community. Jews
join together to help--whether by prayer, in soup kitchens, in taking in refugees,
all to save lives. They are a life-loving people! But, in time of judgment, He will
not send rain, as in the days of Elijah. He demands repentance and a drastic
change of ways. He protects a set-apart remnant--we take encouragement in
Jeremiah 17:7-8.
Yahuweh’s Word is like a fire: Jeremiah 20:9, 23:29; Revelation 11:5.
He is called ―a consuming fire‖: Hebrews 12:29
In judging Sodom and Gomorrah, He rained fire and sulfur to burn up these
cities and three others. (Jude 1:7)
He sent Nebuchadnezzar, and later Titus, to destroy Jerusalem by fire for doing
the same thing that Israelis do today. (Jeremiah 21:10; 37:8, 10; 52:12-13)
After the 1,000-year reign of Yahushua, Yahuweh will gather all dissenters
against His Kingdom and burn them up with fire. (Revelation 20:7-10)
When King Josiah purged Israel of its idolatry, he burned the priests of Baal in
the Valley of Jehoshapat, northern Kidron Valley, in front of the Eastern Gate.
(II Kings 22-24; II Chronicles 34-35)
In Revelation 8, the trumpet judgments include burning up the ―green things‖--
the trees and grass, over 1/3 of the earth.
Israel is an Unholy Land--a land of much sin against Yahuweh--among its people
and in its government. It has legalized prostitution, and has one of the highest
abortion rates of any country on earth for its size. It allows two free abortions for
every girl in the IDF. Israel has a special women’s shelter just for the Ultra
Orthodox women who are beaten up by their Ultra Orthodox husbands. It is a
land whose government and many of its people are hostile to believers in
Messiah Yahushua, and to those non-Jews who want to guard the Torah. It is a
land governed to a great degree by the U.N., the Vatican, the United States, and
Masonic Luciferic elite. As He pleads in Jeremiah, those who guard the Torah
―do not know Me‖. Religion and atheistic secularism are two strong opposing
forces that direct the nation. Yet, the nation is stabilized by those gentle ones
that guard Torah from the heart. The true remnant always brings on His help.
Haifa is in the ancient inheritance area of Manasseh (western Manasseh). As we
have learned from researchers like Ya’ir Davidy and Steven Collins, and the
prophecy of Jacob to Manasseh (Genesis 48:15-20), and from Manasseh’s
migration westward, it is the founding tribal group America. The early Pilgrims
said they were of the tribe of Manasseh. The characteristics of Manasseh and his
son Makir, match the characteristics of America.
I put these thoughts on my mental shelf to ask Abba about. I have to have His
opinion on everything, since His opinion is the only right one!

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But, it appears to me that possibly the fires are a message to Israel to do as they
are told regarding dividing the Land—thus breaking the Abrahamic covenant
(Genesis 12-17). But, also, it appears to me that it is a warning of pending
judgment to America, allowed by Yahuweh, to stop forcing Israel to give away
His Land. As we do to Israel, He will do to us. If we divide His Land, He will
divide ours. As we forced the evacuation of near 9,000 Jews out of their homes
in 2005, so He sent Katrina to America. Remember, it is the anti-messiah who
divides the land for gain. As we now can even hear from America’s ―History
Channel‖, America was destined to be the ―New Atlantis‖, way back in the
1500s—to be a laboratory in which to resurrect, reincarnate, and restore
Nimrod/Osiris/Apollo, son of Lucifer, as the world ruler, in a world government.
(A good book on this subject is Tom Horn’s Apollyon Rising 2012)

Go to websites like Arutz Sheva, Haaretz, and The Jerusalem Post by going to Also google ―Haifa fires‖ and read some of the articles, and
look at some of the pictures.
But, I write this for one reason: THAT YOU MIGHT GET INVOLVED
HIS LAND! That you might study the Word more than ever, letting the Spirit of
Truth teach your spirit that contacts the eternal realm.
Do not judge by your own opinion of what is happening in Israel. His eye is on it
24/7 (Deuteronomy 11:12). Also realize that Jerusalem is the ―city of the great
King‖ – the ―apple of My eye‖ -- and He promises to be a fire around it for its
Zechariah 2:5: ―`For I Myself am to her’, declares Yahuweh, `a wall of
fire all around, and for esteem I am in her midst’ ‖.

December 4, 2010
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Scriptures on Carmel:
Jeremiah 50:19
Amos 1:2
Micah 7:14
Nahum 1:3-7
A variety of judgment, mercy, and promises … but always ―mercy triumphs over
judgment‖ …

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