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               Tire Rack Survey
               LRR Tire
                                                                                                                                                                              Blizzak tires
                                                                                                                                                                              prepare you for

                                                                                                                                                                              whatever old man

                                                                                                                                                                              winter throws

                                                                                                                                                                              your way.

                                                                              introducing two new tires
                                                                        designed exclusively for winter driving.

                                   continuous lug                                                                                      center multi-z pattern
                               enhances snow traction                                                                                  improves snow and ice traction   3-d sipes enhance dry
                               and water evacuation circumferential                                                                    through drainage with more       performance while maintaining
 3-d sipes enhance dry                                                                                                                 biting edges                     snow, ice and wet traction
 performance while maintaining                        grooves channel water
 snow, ice and wet traction                           to reduce hydroplaning                                              rc polymer improves
                                                                                                                          snow and ice performance
                                                                                                                                                                                    continuous lug
     silica improves traction                                            zigzag sipes                                                                                               enhances snow traction
     in wet conditions                                                   increase biting edges                                                                                      and water evacuation

                                                                   • improved snow & ice traction                                                                         • improved snow & ice performance
                                                                   • h speed rating                                                                                       • r speed rating
                                                                   • 34 sizes from 17˝ to 20˝                                                                             • 46 sizes from 15˝ to 22˝
                                                                   • 5 run-flat sizes from 16˝ to 18˝

       Meets the severe snow service requirements of the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) and the Rubber Association of Canada (RAC). 1-866-9 GO TIRE
                 Contents                                                                                                                                                                                                                            December 2009

14                               COVer stOrY                                                                                                                                                                                18
                 f e at u r e s
                          8                         Unveiled at SEMA                                                                                                                                                        24   Succession Planning
                                                    Many New Tires                                                                                                                                                               Will You Be Ready When the Time Comes?

                          10                        Tire Trends at SEMA                                                                                                                                                     26   Wheel Weights
                                                    Tools That Earn Their Keep                                                                                                                                                   Getting the Lead Out!

                          12                        What Kind of Boss Are You?                                                                                                                                              27   Tire Balancing
                                                    Did You Learn from the Boss Who Made                                                                                                                                         To Balance or Not to Balance?
                                                    Your Job Happy, or Horrible?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            28   Kal Tire Gets the Lead Out
                          14                        Testing LRR Tires                                                                                                                                                            Steel Weights Replace Lead for a Greener
                                                    Low Rolling Resistance Tires Have Benefits                                                                                                                                   Environment

                          18                        Tires at SEMA                                                                                                                                                           28   Our Readers Write
                                                    A Brave New World
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            30   Diagnosis
                          22                        Business Succession                                                                                                                                                          Alternators and Charging Systems
                                                    How Will You “Re-Tire”?


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           | | December 2009 | Tire News |   3

                                                        Magazine said, “Some businesses, as well as
                                                        some people, will emerge from this downturn
                                                        stronger and more dominant than when it
                                                        started. Others will weaken and fade. It all     Rémy L. Rousseau
                                                        depends on critical choices they make right      Contributing Editors
                                                        now.”                                            Shirley Brown, Éric Descarries, Jil McIntosh,
                                                                                                         Brian Early

                                                        So where will you be at the end of 2010?         Copy Editor
                                                                                                         Shirley Brown
                                                        Where will your business be? Will you count
                                                        yourself among those who acted now to cre-       Olivier Rhême
                                                        ate a better future for themselves, their fam-   Valérie St-Cyr

    Plan Now for                                        ilies, and their businesses? Or will you look
                                                        back with regret, wondering how different life
                                                                                                         Circulation Manager
                                                                                                         Nancy Belleville

    a Better 2010
                                                        could have been had you had the foresight to     Administration
                                                                                                         Wendy Allain
                                                        act today?                                       Marie-Hélène Côté
                                                                                                         Denise Prud’homme
    With 2009 almost behind us, let                                                                      Advertising
                                                                                                         Nathalie Plouffe
                                                        In a perfect world, I would be able to sum
    us look forward to the new year                     up all your opportunities and tell you exactly
    as we work together to create a                     what you have to do with your business in        Luc Champagne
                                                        order to succeed—all within the few para-        514-945-1299
    better future.                                                                             
                                                        graphs I share with you here. In the real
                                                        world, it is up to each of us as business        Réjean A . Rousseau

         f your head is still spinning from the eco-    owners to look at our strengths, our weak-
         nomic roller coaster ride we’ve all been       nesses, our industry, our market, and our po-    Subscription
         on since the end of 2008, you’re not           tential to decide how we will make the most      1 year: $19.95 2 years: $34.95 3 years: $49.95

    alone. The year 2009 is sure to go down in          of our individual opportunities.                 Published by
    history as twelve months of business-changing
    challenges, monumental failures, unexpected         The 16th century English poet, John Donne,
    collapses, and nausea-inducing corporate            is known for his famous words, “No man is        Rousseau Automotive Communication
                                                                                                         455, rue Notre-Dame est, suite 311,
    restructuring.                                      an island.” That’s why I urge you look beyond    Montréal QC, H2Y 1C9
                                                        yourself and your business when planning         T : 514-289-0888 / 1-877-989-0888
    Personally, I was surprised to see many of the      for the future, to find ways in which you can    F : 514-289-5151
    big names in tires missing at the 2009 SEMA         harness the power of synergy by working with
    show in Las Vegas. You know things aren’t           your suppliers, your employees, the media,

    going well when the big names are absent from       and others. Together we can emerge strong-       Tire News Magazine is dedicated to serving the business
                                                                                                         interests of the Canadian tire industry. It is published seven
    a show as significant as SEMA.                      er; alone, we risk failure.                      times a year by Rousseau Automotive Communication, a
                                                                                                         member of AIA Canada.

    That’s the bad news. The good news is that                                                           Material in Tire News Magazine may not be reproduced in
                                                                                                         any form without written consent from the publisher. The
    the worst seems to be behind us. Within a few                                                        publisher reserves the right to refuse any advertising and
                                                         Rémy L. Rousseau                                disclaims all responsibilities for claims or statements made
    weeks, 2010 will be upon us and a better fis-                                                        by its advertisers or independent columnists. All facts,
    cal reality is sure to help us heal our financial                                                    opinions and statements appearing within this publication
                                                                                                         are those of the writers and editors themselves, and are
    wounds.                                                                                              in no way to be construed as statements, positions or
                                                                                                         endorsements by Rousseau Automotive Communication.

    Are you ready?                                                                                       Publications Mail Agreement 40014105. Return
                                                                                                         undelivrable Canadian addresses to
    As a business owner, your job now is to sit                                                          Rousseau Automotive Communication / Circulation
                                                                                                         Department, 455, rue Notre-Dame est, suite 311,
    down and think about how you will take ad-            Please also remember to visit our auto-        Montréal QC, H2Y 1C9
    vantage of all that the year 2010 will offer.         motive portal,, for
    During the recent Canadian Finance & Leasing          great business advice and insights into
    Association’s 2009 national conference, Geoff         our industry.
    Colvin, the senior editor at large for Fortune

4   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
           GO THROUGH

DM-V1   DM-Z3    LM-22    LM-25   LM-50     LM-60 MZ-03       W965   WS-60


           Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.

                 WEST             EAST
        6290 SHAWSON DRIVE        140 McLEVIN AVE., # 6 & 7

 TEL (905) 670-9791               TEL (416) 292-8202
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    iNDUStrY NeWS
    Toxics Reduction Strategy                                                                              OTS Launch a Success!
      the ontario environment Ministry is mov-                                                                ontario tire Stewardship officially launched
    ing ahead with its toxics reduction Strategy                                                           on September 1 and, by all accounts, was
    with the gazetting of regulations which set                                                            very successful. the media coverage focused
    out the draft requirements under this act.                                                             on the major program benefits such as free
    it is expected that these regulations will                                                             scrap tire disposal and the elimination of
    begin to come into force as early as Janu-                                                             illegal dumping and stockpiles. Very little of
    ary 2010.                                                                                              the discussion revolved around the steward-
       the draft regulation is proposed to be                                                              ship fees. this should not be too surprising
    applicable to a wide range of industries in-                                                           as most consumers know and accept environ-
    cluding North american industry Classifica-                                                            mental levies as a normal course of affairs
    tion System (NaiCS) Codes 3262 (rubber                                                                 when dealing with disposal of waste prod-
    Product Manufacturing) and 3252 (resin &                                                               ucts.
    Synthetic rubber Manufacturing). the draft                                                                the rubber association of Canada (raC)
    regulation would encompass substances cur-                                                             continues to monitor the list of registered
    rently reported under the Federal National                                                             Stewards to ensure all tire brand owners and
    Pollutant release inventory (NPri) plus                                                                first importers are registered, as this is the
    acetone, which is reportable under ontario                                                             only way to protect their members from com-
    reg 127. the threshold levels are proposed                                                             panies trying to skirt their obligations—check
    to be parallel to those under NPri and o                                                               out
    reg 127. the draft regulation proposes that                                                            You can also check the list of registered
    facilities that use or create specified toxic
    substances be required to undertake toxic
                                                        Tire Discounter Group                              Stewards from the same link, so you are en-
                                                                                                           couraged to do so, then call raC if you be-
    substance accounting, prepare a toxic sub-          Awards “Play in the Dirt”                          lieve some companies are not registered
    stance reduction plan and to report to the          Winner With New ATV
    government and the public. Much of the                Who doesn’t love mixing machines and             NHTSA Considers Changing
    draft regulation serves to set out the specif-      mud? the tire Discounter Group made the            Test Pressure for Spare
    ics of these requirements.
       if you are currently reporting under NPri
                                                        most of that desire by holding its “Play in the    Tires
                                                        Dirt” contest, offering a 2009 arctic Cat atV
    for an ontario facility, you should follow                                                                the National Highway traffic Safety admin-
                                                        exclusively for tire Discounter customers who
    this regulation. the rubber association of                                                             istration recently issued a proposal to amend
                                                        purchased a set of Cooper brand tires.
    Canada will continue to monitor and keep                                                               the tire safety standard in order to change
                                                          the lucky (and very happy) winner was Bob        the test pressure for t-type (temporary spare)
    you informed.                                       Bentley of Brantford, ontario, who bought          tires to 60 psi. the actual test pressure is
                                                        his Cooper tires at Cainsville tire Discounter     52 psi. two reasons were given, the first one
                                                        in July. the winner was determined by ran-         being that the raise would also increase the
                                                        dom selection, and Bentley’s lucky ballot was      test’s stringency, and the second that the
                                                        chosen from over 2,000 entries. the arctic         same raise to 60 psi would make it consist-
                                                        Cat was presented to him in october by ri-
    Chemicals                                           chard Bender, during tire Discounter’s annual
                                                                                                           ent with international harmonization.

    Management                                          Fall open House.
      the rubber association of Canada (raC)
    has continued a dialogue with environment
    Canada (eC) on its “Chemicals Management
    Plan” initiative. the list of the substances
                                                        Pirelli Looking at a                               Continental and Hoosier
    most likely to impact the rubber industry was
    sent out for review and raC is awaiting re-         $100 Million U.S.                                  Form a “Strategic Alliance”
                                                                                                             Continental tire North america and Hoosier
    sponses from some members.                          Investment in Brazil                               racing tire Corp. have recently agreed to
      on Friday, october 2, a conference call with         Pirelli & Co S.p.a. announced that it is        work together in the motorsport and high-
    eC was held and raC is in the initial planning      considering investing $100 million U.S. in         performance street tires segments in order
    stages of face-to-face dialogue with them. raC      Brazil until 2012 to expand its production         to compete in what both call “new market
    is tentatively setting up a steering committee      capacity for agricultural and otr tires. a         segments.” No specific products have been
    to work with eC to provide leadership within        growing demand in South america justifies          announced yet. Note that back in the ear-
    the industry so that dialogue is meaningful         this decision. Pirelli had already invested        ly 1990’s, CtNa’s predecessor, Continental
    and productive.                                     $200 million U.S. in the same country for          General tire, had a contract to make a Hoo-
       For more information on this file, con-          passenger and light truck tires. Pirelli says it   sier Performance street radial. the deal ex-
    tact the rubber association of Canada.              sees a 25% growth in latin america through         pired in 1998 when it went to Goodyear’s                            2013 for these specialized tires, 37% in Bra-      Kelly-Springfield tire Co and the line was
                                                        zil alone.                                         discontinued in 2002.

6   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
    New Products
    Éric Descarries •

    unveiled at seMa
    Many New Tires
    Many manufacturers took advantage of their presence at SeMa (Specialty equipment Market
    association) in las Vegas last month to introduce new products.

    Pirelli                                             approved racing tire. Still, Pirelli warns                      The second tire Falken introduced is the
    Italian manufacturer Pirelli launched two           drivers that it is not a tire for street racing                 SN211 high-mileage performance touring
    new products at SEMA. The first one is              but a tire that will allow a performance                        tire, which comes with an 80,000-mile
    the all-new Scorpion Verde All Season,              driver to get to a track, do some lapping,                      limited mileage warranty. It features a
    a green performance tire designed spe-              and go back home without changing tires                         variable sipe depth design, four circumfer-
    cifically for SUVs and light trucks. Though                                                                         ential grooves, and tread wear indicators.
    its decreased rolling resistance and 8%                                                                             The SN211 will be available in a wide
    reduction in weight will help save fuel, the                                                                                                  range of replacement
    Scorpion Verde still yields better perform-                                                                                                        sizes for wheels from
    ance in wet braking, dry and wet hand-                                                                                                              14 to 18 inches.
    ling, and traction. The Scorpion Verde All
    Season will be available in 19 sizes for
    16- to 20-inch wheels in the T, H, and V                                                                                                            Falken introduced this
    speed ratings (depending on size), and has                                                                                                          new SN211 high-mileage
                                                                                                                                                        performance touring tire
    a UTQG rating of 600 AAA.                                                                                                                           during SEMA.

                                                                                                                        The third new Falken tire launched dur-
                                                         The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo is a street-legal tire that can be   ing SEMA was the Azenis RT615-K. This
                                                                             used on the track.                         performance tire is an enhanced version of
                                                                                                                        the former RT615 but with a completely
                                                        Falken                                                          revised tread compound with, as Falken
                                                        Falken Tire Corp. launched not one, not                         puts it, “uncompromised grip.” Eligible
                                                        two, but three new tires during SEMA. The                       in most “street tire class” by competition
                                                        first is the WildPeak A/T all-season SUV                        sanctioning bodies, the street legal Azenis
                                                        and light truck tire that will be available                     RT615-K will be available in 21 sizes with
                                                        in more than 27 sizes by year-end 2010,                         a 200A/A UTQG rating.
                                                        ranging from 15 to 20 inches in diameter.
        The new Scorpion Verde was unveiled at SEMA.    The tire is easily recognizable by its sym-
                                                        metric five-rib pattern and rigid block                         The new Falken Azenis
    The second Pirelli tire unveiled at SEMA            design. It also includes four wide, multi-                      RT615-K has the same
                                                                                                                        design as its predecessor
    was the P Zero Trofeo. The Trofeo is an             angled grooves for better water, mud, and                       but its newer compound,
    asymmetrical performance tire with two              snow evacuation. The biting block edges                         lightweight casing, and high
                                                                                                                        tension carcass make it a
    wide central ribs, large tread blocks and           also help improve traction and control.                         superior product.
    a pattern derived from asphalt rally ap-
    plications. The Trofeo, intended for per-           The new Falken
                                                        WildPeak is intended
    formance cars such as Ferraris, Porsches,           for SUVs and
    Aston Martins, BMWs, Subaru Impreza                 light trucks.
    STIs, and other fast cars, is like a DOT-

8   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                          Corghi Introduces Its Monster Truck Tire Changer
                          Among the many new tools introduced at SEMA, there was Corghi
                          USA’s Monster AGTT, a tire changer designed for heavy-duty
                                                                                                              WATCH OUT FOR
                          truck, bus, farm, and earthmover tires, featuring an automatic
                          and self-centering wheel clamping device with nine direct lock-
                                                                                                              THESE NEW PRODUCTS
                          able positions for 14- to 48-inch wheels. With tilt, it can go up
                          to 58 inches. The operator can stand to one side of the baseless
                                                                                                              IN 2010!
                          changer and work with a radio transmitter control unit

                                                                                                                                                SEE IT IN ACTION,
                                                                                                                                          CHECK FOR “BLUELIgHT”
                                                                                                                                           IN THE VIDEO SECTION
                               A single technician can work with the new Corghi Monster truck tire changer.                                     OF OUR WEBSITE.

                          Other news
                          Among the many other new tires launched at SEMA, let’s mention
                          three new products from Vee Rubber: the Vitron all-season high
                          performance tire which will be available in 21 sizes over the next
                          few months for wheels ranging from 15 to 17 inches in diameter
                          (this tire with asymmetrical design can be mounted with either
                          side on the outside), the Winter Season III studdable snow tire
                          now available in seven sizes featuring a square shoulder design
                          for improved snow traction, and the Taiga Ice Axe, a studdable
                          light truck snow tire available in six LT sizes.

                          At the same time, Hankook unveiled its all-season Optimo H724
                          passenger tire with improved handling, noise control, and ride
                          comfort. Its new carcass construction and wear resistant tread
                          compound are designed to improve longevity and fuel econ-                                          MONSTER AgTT
                          omy. The H724 will come in 38 sizes from 13- to 17-inch wheel

                          During that week in Las Vegas, Finnish tire maker Nokian an-
                                                                                                              FOR INFORMATION, CONTACT
                          nounced the arrival of its first all-season premium tire for North
                                                                                                              THIERRY LEFEBVRE AT 416-902-5663
                          America, the eNTYRE. It will thus allow Nokian Tyres to enter a
                          market in which it previously had no product. The eNTYRE will
                          be available in 26 sizes ranging from 185/65R15 to 225/45R17
Photos: Éric Descarries

                          early next year. It will be T, H, and V speed rated and will carry
                          a UTQG tread rating of 700 with four of the larger lower profiles
                          rated at 650. It will also be environmentally friendly with low re-                                              OntariO
                          sistance, lighter weight, and “earth-friendly” oils.

                                                                                                                                                          Jil McIntosh

     tire trends at seMa
     Tools That Earn Their Keep
     While it’s still the biggest shindig in town, the Specialty equipment Market association (SeMa)
     Show, held November 3 to 6 in las Vegas, definitely felt the impact of the financial meltdown
     in the U.S. it was cut by about a quarter of its usual size, with large empty areas curtained off
     in each of the four halls that spread over three buildings.

             ut even in a bad year, buyers and           Roadside tRuCk tiRe RePaiRs—Fleets can’t           GettinG ConsuMeRs involved—Peace
             sellers still have to get together,         afford downtime, and getting a truck back          of mind is a huge issue for consumers,
             and there were plenty of new prod-          in action as soon as possible is a major           and so Slime showed two new products
     ucts on display. The more frivolous items           concern. Ochoa Roadrunner Products                 for more worry-free motoring. A can of
     usually present had been weeded out, and            showed a new, made-in-USA hand-held                Quick Spair sprays enough sealant and air
     most products were designed for hard                portable tire machine under its Pneu-Tek           into a flat tire to drive to a repair facility,
     work and good value.                                Tire Tools brand. Powered by a compres-            without using a compressor; the product
                                                         sor and impact gun, the tool allows a              washes out with water during repair and
     So what’s new with tire tools this year? I          single operator to demount anything from           is TPMS-safe. Coming to market a little
     saw a few new trends, and the products              ATV tires right up to 24.5-inch truck rims.        later, the Tire Top Off compressor is about
     that go with them, including these:                 The company also makes a unique bead               the size of a paperback book and con-
                                                         keeper that stays put on the rim, allowing         tains an integrated tire gauge. It can fill
     Continued foCus on tPMs—It’s manda-                                           a tech to mount          a flat 15-inch tire in 14 minutes, but it’s
     tory on all U.S. cars, but that doesn’t make                                  t h e t i re w i t h     primarily meant for customers to top up
     it any less of a headache at times. Bartec                                    j u s t o n e t i re     a few pounds when a TPMS light comes

                                                                                                                                                                            Photos: Jil McIntosh
     showed its new Wheel Rite Tech 400 Plus,                                      iron. 1-575-             on. At an estimated retail of $15.00, it
     an improvement on the previous genera-                                        439-1561                 could be a great item to promote on your
     tion with a heavier-duty connector. A tech                                                             counter around Christmas or Father’s Day.
     can insert a blank Schrader EZ-sensor into                                                   
     the machine’s cradle, program it, and then                                    Justin Ochoa
     use it to replace a faulty sensor. Bartec                                     demonstrates the
                                                                                   Pneu-Tek hand-held
     says the EZ-sensor brand emulates 90%
                                                                                   portable tire machine.
     of SKUs, reducing inventory and elimin-
     ating lost sales due to insufficient stock.         MoRe duRable PRoduCts—Tire repair                                   company Black Jack couldn’t stop offshore
                                                         companies from counterfeiting its T-Bone
                                                         Tire Repair Kit, so it upped the ante by
                                                         making it better. The kit now includes
                                                         stronger steel tools, an improved needle,
                                                         an octagon-shaped lube bottle that can be
                                                         opened with one hand, and a lifetime war-             Slime Quick Spair aersol tire repair and Tire Top Off
                                                         ranty on everything, including the plastic                          compact compressor
                                                                                                            This article was brought
                                                                                                            to you by:
                                                            Black Jack
                                                           T-Bone Tire
                                                             Repair Kit
                Bartec Wheel Rite Tech 400 Plus

10   | Tire News | December 2009 | |

     Winter Sottozero Serie II                                    Winter Sottozero
         (210, 240, 270)                                             (210, 240)

       Winter 190                         Winter 210 / 240              Winter        Scorpion
      Snowcontrol                           Snowsport               Carving / Edge   Ice & Snow

       Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.
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                                    WEST               EAST
                  6290 SHAWSON DRIVE                   140 McLEVIN AVE., # 6 & 7
              MISSISSAUGA, ON L5T 1H5                  SCARBOROUGH, ON M1B 3V1

       TEL. (905) 670-9791                             TEL. (416) 292-8202
       FAX. (905) 670-0581                             FAX. (416) 292-8177
                                 TOLL FREE NUMBERS AVAILABLE

                                                                                                                                         Jil McIntosh

     What Kind of Boss are You?
     Did You Learn from the Boss Who
     Made Your Job Happy, or Horrible?
     Did you ever have a boss who made your life miserable? i think we all did. But now that you’re
     in charge, do you ever wonder if your employees are telling horror stories about you?

           he poet Robbie Burns asked for the            a certain way because it’s the best way to     glad to show you how to work the paging
           ability to see ourselves as others see        do it, or simply because no one’s going to     system, or how to put paper in the printer
           us. Take a look at your shop, your            tell you otherwise? I worked at a shop one     when it’s empty.
     employees and at yourself. What kind of             hot, dry summer where an ice-cream truck
     boss are you? Are you seeing any of these           stopped by 15 minutes before afternoon         The Too-Secret Admirer
     in your leadership style?                           break each day. The techs wanted to buy        Yes, getting paid and not getting fired can
                                                         treats, but the boss was adamant: he’d set     be proof that an employee is doing a good
     The Thermostat                                      break time at 3:30, and so he chased the       job, but a little praise costs you nothing,
     This boss “sets the temperature” for the            truck driver away—rather violently, and in     and goes a long way. You shouldn’t heap
     shop each day. If he’s in a good mood,              front of customers, when the man argued.       accolades every time a worker does some-
     everything will go smoothly, but if he ar-          Changing the break to 3:15 wouldn’t have       thing right, but acknowledging a job well
     rives in a foul frame of mind, then every-          disrupted the shop’s schedule, and would       done can really boost morale.
     body better tiptoe around him. Don’t                have made the technicians happier and
     think the customers don’t notice it, too.           more comfortable.                              The Best Friend
     Everybody has off days, but good bosses                                                            It’s possible to get too chummy with your
     don’t let their personal feelings dictate           The Octopus                                    staff. It can cause resentment toward
     everyone else’s mood.                               This boss has to have a micro-managing         your “favourite,” or make it tough when
                                                         hand in everything, no matter how minor.       discipline is required. Don’t be too aloof,
     The Short Fuse                                      I had one when I handled claim reimburse-      either. Remember that boss who did such
     Flying off the handle only gets people              ments: not a single piece of paper was         a great job, and made you want to work
     upset, and doesn’t solve anything. If you           allowed to come to my desk until he’d          hard for him. That’s the kind of boss you
     can’t keep your temper under control,               looked it over. Since he also placed similar   want to be.
     consider taking an anger management                 demands on every other employee, the
     course. Shouting at employees doesn’t               papers piled up waiting for him. When
     just cause problems with your staff—cus-            he was fired a few months later, I was
     tomers often won’t return to a shop where           finally able to process over $250,000
     there’s a lot of conflict.                          in receivables that I hadn’t been able to
                                                         claim, since they’d been locked in his desk
     The Hanging Judge                                   waiting for him to find the time to look at
     I worked in a shop where the outcome of             them.
     disputes was simple: the winner was the
     first employee to complain to the boss.             The Luddite
     Decisions should only be reached after              I’ve seen bosses walk by ringing phones—
     you’ve heard both sides of the story.               not because it’s beneath them to pick up
                                                         the receiver and talk to a customer, but
     The Rock of Gibraltar                               because they have no idea how a multi-
     Like that unwavering landmark, this boss            line phone works and don’t know how
     doesn’t budge. Are you doing something              to answer it. Just ask: someone will be

12   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                                                                                                                          Shirley Brown

     testing Lrr tires
     Low Rolling Resistance
     Tires Have Benefits
     tire rack, the largest independent tire tester in North america, decided to test lrr tires at its
     test track in South Bend, indiana. the results told quite a tale and are shown here as they ap-
     peared in the U.S. report.

                                                                                                        New tires to help fuel economy
                                                                                                        “Over the last year, a number of manufac-
                                                                                                        turers have introduced new tires all talk-
                                                                                                        ing about helping vehicles improve their
                                                                                                        fuel economy while still retaining their
                                                                                                        wet and dry traction and handling,” states
                                                                                                        John Rastetter, director of tire informa-
                                                                                                        tion, Tire Rack. “There wasn’t any informa-
                                                                                                        tion available that consumers could use to
                                                                                                        identify the influence the tires would have
                                                                                                        on their vehicle. We had questions from
                                                                                                        our customers, as well as we saw concerns
                                                                                                        expressed on some of the forms related
                                                                                                        to the hybrid vehicles, good fuel economy,
                                                                                                        from people who were enthusiastic about
                                                                                                        knowing the role the tire would play on
                                                                                                        their vehicle’s fuel economy. So we took it
                                                                                                        upon ourselves to test these tires. We do
                                                                                                        a lot of testing of performance tires, tour-
                                                                                                        ing tires and passenger tires and, in the

           ire Rack is a family-owned business           very effective in reducing carbon emis-        past, we’ve compared their ride comfort,
           and a consumer-direct source for              sions as well as increasing fuel efficiency;   noise quality, their handling in emer-
           tires, wheels, and performance ac-            in fact it has dubbed these tires as ‘Round    gency situations on our test track. We’ve
     cessories, as well as being an independent          and Black Becomes Lean and Green.’             taken summer tires versus all-season tires
     tire tester. It has more than 90 test drivers
     available and tests tires for every major                      tire line                    test MPG*                   % vs. Baseline
     tire manufacturer. The tests are done                 Michelin energy Saver a/S                53.8                        +4.74%
     and the results posted on the company’s               Bridgestone ecopia eP100                 53.5                        +4.12%
     website ( This allows               Yokohama dB Super e-Spec                 52.8                        +2.81%
     consumers to find out what they want
                                                            Goodyear assurance Fuel
     to know about any specific tire, wheel,                                                        51.6                        +0.37%
     or performance accessory purchase. Tire
                                                               Goodyear integrity                   51.4                           ---
     Rack also has various testing and informa-
                                                            Michelin Hydroedge with
     tion videos available on its site.                                                             51.1                         -0.59%
                                                                    Green X
                                                              Goodyear assurance
     Tire Rack recently published a compre-                                                         50.0                         -2.64%
     hensive report which analyzed the fact
                                                                  *Calculated based on GPS distances and ScanGage ii recorded consumption
     that low rolling resistance (LRR) tires are
                                                                             (offset 6% for Prius Summer e10 regular grade fuel).

14   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                                                                                     John Rastetter, director of tire information, Tire Rack

                                                                                                   versus winter tires and compared them
                                                                                                   in the snow and the slick ice of a hockey
                                                                                                   rink. So these new tires were sort of a new
                                                                                                   sub-category coming into the marketplace
                                                                                                   that really didn’t have enough independ-
                                                                                                   ent information.”

                                                                                                   Tire Rack published the information on its
                                                                                                   website as well as sending an email Alert
                                                                                                   to subscribers of its tire tests reports.
                                                                                                   This news spread to various automakers
                                                                                                   as well. Rastetter says they were happy
                                                                                                   to make it available to a lot of people as
                                                                                                   the company felt it was information they
                                                                                                   could use.

                                                                                                   Tire Rack testing
                                                                                                   A Real World Road Ride Economy run
                                                                                                   was undertaken by Tire Rack in order to
                                                                                                   determine whether lower rolling resist-
                                                                                                   ance tires are effective at increasing fuel
                                                                                                   efficiency. The test, using a small fleet of
                                                                                                   Toyota Prius hybrids outfitted with the
                                                                                                   Goodyear Integrity all-season radial tires
                                                                                                   as a baseline, compared its fuel efficiency
                                                                                                   and traction to other eco-friendly and
                                                                                                   standard tire models. Each tire was driv-
                                                                                                   en over 550 miles on a 6.6-mile loop of
                                                                                                   expressways, highways, and side roads.
                                                                                                   The Prius outfitted with the baseline tire
                                                                                                   achieved 51.4 miles per gallon*.

                                                                                                   With the Prius, the difference between
* For conversion from MPG (U.S.) to L/100 km,         the lowest and highest recorded miles
   gives this formula: to convert “x” MPG into “y” L/100 km → 235.2146 / “x” MPG = “y” L/100 km.   per gallon would result in an annual dif-
** 1 U.S. gallon = 3.78541178 litres                                                               ference of about 21 gallons** of regular

                                                                                                   | | December 2009 | Tire News |           15
     gasoline consumed at a cost of about                While the low-tech ways of achieving             As Rastetter states, “while tires have al-
     $52.50 U.S. (based on $2.50 U.S. per                lower tire rolling resistance has usu-           ways played an important role for all types
     gallon) for drivers traveling 15,000 miles          ally traded off wet traction and/or tread-       of drivers, the Tire Rack test results show
     (24,140 km) per year. The fuel recorded             wear, further controlled testing at Tire         that tire manufacturers have success-
     for each tire and its relative position             Rack’s test track has also shown that            fully added some green to the traditional
     compared to the Integrity tire’s aver-              the newest high-tech, fuel-efficient tires       round and black.”
     age is available at               have achieved it without compromis-
     mpgtest.                                            ing traction thanks to the introduction          Purchasing LRR tires
                                                         of new tread compounds, tire designs             When asked if these new tires were sell-
     Environmentally-focused                             and weight optimizing manufacturing              ing well, Rastetter replied, “It’s a trend
     development                                         processes.                                       that is growing. Certainly last summer
     “Low rolling resistance tires represent                                                              with the high fuel costs, we found there
     the most environmentally-focused de-                CAFÉ standards                                   was more and more interest in the in-
     velopment in tire technology today,” says           According to newly passed U.S. govern-           fluence tires would have on a vehicle’s
     Rastetter. “Every gallon of gasoline saved          mental Corporate Average Fuel Economy            fuel economy. In the U.S., the state of
     not only reduces each driver’s personal             (CAFÉ) standards, new vehicles will need         California’s Tire Efficiency Information
     fuel costs and America’s dependence on              to achieve 35.5 miles per gallon (56.8 km        Program and the Department of
     foreign oil, but it also releases 20 fewer          per litre) by 2016. As automakers reevalu-       Transportation’s Tire Efficiency Program
     pounds of CO2 gas into the atmosphere               ate every aspect of their vehicles in order      both went from simple law to implemen-
     from the tailpipe. Our tests proved that            to increase fuel efficiency, fitting their new   tation, and this brought about more
     vehicles equipped with these tires are able         vehicles with LRR tires seems like an easy       awareness that tires did play a role. We
     to achieve better fuel economy.”                    first step.                                      at Tire Rack see this as sort of the entry
                                                                                                          point became when the tire manufactur-
                                                                                                          ers began introducing a number of re-
                                                                                                          placement tire lines that were targeted
                                                                                                          to addressing this issue.”

                                                                                                          As you can see from the information
                                                                                                          above and the charts that have been in-
                                                                                                          cluded with this summary, Tire Rack has
                                                                                                          certainly done its homework well. Even
                                                                                                          though this information comes from the
                                                                                                          United States, we here in Canada must
                                                                                                          take notice of this as these tires will be
                                                                                                          coming into our country shortly as well.
                                                                                                          We think of it as ‘need to know’ informa-
                                                                                                          tion and valuable to the tire dealer as
                                                                                                          well as consumers.


16   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                  SIGNATURE FAMILY
    SIGNATURE                        SP SPORT SIGNATURE                           SIGNATURE CS

        Touring                             High Performance                    Crossover Vehicles/SUVs
       All Season                              All Season                             All Season

Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc. is committed to delivering value to our clients. Our pricing
program on the Dunlop Signature Family delivers a top quality product at a low price.

Atlas Tire + DUNLOP = True Value                                               Sample Sizes
                                                                   Signature            SP Sport Signature
                                                               P175/65R14 81T        P215/55R17 93V
       DUNLOP ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT &                              185/65R15 88H          205/50R17 93V XL
       RUN-FLAT TIRES                                           195/65R15 91H          225/50R17 94W
                                                               P185/60R15 84T          225/45R17 94W XL
            Comprehensive inventory                             195/60R15 88H          235/45R17 97W XL
                                                               P195/55R15 84V          245/40R17 91W
                                                                235/65R16 103T         225/45R18 95W XL
                                                               P205/60R16 91H          245/45R18 100W XL
                                                               P215/60R16 94V          225/40R18 92W XL
            Competitive shipping.                               225/60R16 98T          235/40R18 95W XL
            E-mail us for our toll free numbers.                205/55R16 91H              Signature CS
                                                                215/55R16 93H          215/70R16 100S
                                                                205/50R16 87H          225/70R16 103S
       B2B WEBSITE                                               225/60R17 98T         225/65R17 102H
                               225/55R17 97V         235/65R17 104H
           View inventory / place orders 24/7                   215/50R17 93V        P235/65R18 104T
                                                                                     P235/60R18 102T
                                                                         Additional Sizes Available

                            Atlas Tire Wholesale Inc.
                                 YOUR SOURCE FOR DUNLOP TIRES
                                        WEST           EAST
                        6290 SHAWSON DRIVE             140 McLEVIN AVE., # 6 & 7
                    MISSISSAUGA, ON L5T 1H5            SCARBOROUGH, ON M1B 3V1

              TEL (905) 670-9791                       TEL (416) 292-8202
              FAX (905) 670-0581                       FAX (416) 292-8177
                                    TOLL FREE NUMBERS AVAILABLE


     tires at seMa
     A Brave New World                                                                        Éric Descarries

     las Vegas, Nevada. every year, the SeMa Show includes a pavilion dedicated to the tire indus-
     try. in the past, most major tire manufacturers made it a point to be at SeMa, but this year,
     the economic situation in the U.S. made many tire makers pull out of the event, though quite a
     few other ones took advantage of the situation. if Pirelli, Mickey thompson, Cooper, Hercules,
     and Hankook attended the show, the spaces made empty by other manufacturers gave the op-
     portunity to many foreign (read: Chinese) manufacturers to go from the basement of the aaPeX
     show to the main floor of the tia pavilion.

                                      2                  3                    4


                                  6                          7    8     9               10

18   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                11                                                                                                    12                                                     13

                                                                                                                  14            15
Photos: Éric Descarries

                          1.    The TIA building at SEMA                                                         11. Greenball had quite an array of products to offer.
                          2.    Nexen had an outstanding booth at SEMA.                                          12. This booth introduced visitors to efficient tire rack systems.
                          3.    This could very well be the next fad in wheels—doesn’t that single branch        13. Wheels, as usual, were all over the place at SEMA.
                                remind you of a Citroen steering wheel?
                                                                                                                 14. Hercules Tires had a great looking stand at SEMA.
                          4.    Daewoo had an big booth at SEMA.
                                                                                                                 15. Hankook was part of the SEMA show.
                          5.    Daewoo has many types of tires to offer.
                                                                                                                 16. How about an original name brand, Lucy’s Tires!
                          6.    Chinese tire manufacturer Triangle finally had its stand at SEMA.
                                                                                                                 17. The TIA also had its own both and reception room at SEMA.
                          7.    Dutch tire maker Vredestein came back to SEMA
                                with an attractive booth.                                                        18. The Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tire was launched at SEMA.

                          8.    This brand new tool powered by an air gun makes truck tire dismounting easier.   19. Marco Zambianchi and Robert Thibodeau from Pirelli Canada were proud of the
                                                                                                                     new Scorpion Verde launched at SEMA.
                          9.    A totally new product, a wheel light for night illumination.
                                                                                                                 20. Pirelli had a big booth where one could see this unique
                          10. Chinese tire manufacturer Nankang had a remarkable booth at SEMA.                      P Zero Nero 315/25R23 tire.

                               16                                                              17                                                         18

                               19                                                                                                                          20

                                                                                                                                               | | December 2009 | Tire News |   19



      23                                                       24


      26                                                       27

 21. Falken introduced its new A/T SUV tire at SEMA.                                 26. Visitors were plentiful at the SEMA-TIA pavilion.
 22. Mickey Thompson had this massive 19.5/54-20LT tire at its booth.                27. Chinese tire manufacturer Double Coin was quite visible at SEMA.
 23. The Mickey Thompson booth was as colourful and interesting as ever.             28. Double Coin had the biggest tire at SEMA, a 49-inch OTR tire.
 24. Kenda had a place of choice at SEMA.
 25. The Konig wheel stand was simply superb.

“Focus on your business,
              ...not your insurance”
PBL Insurance Limited and The Economical Insurance Group® (TEIG®) have custom-built a
comprehensive insurance package to cover the special needs of Tire Dealers.

“At PBL, Garage Operations happen to be our specialty! PBL Insurance Limited and TEIG are well known across
Ontario for their comprehensive and competitive garage insurance programs. The brokers at PBL are not
generalists—we specialize in the garage business. As brokers, we know the tire business and how to protect it.

“We recognize that securing your investment properly is important to you. We also recognize that controlling your
costs is important, too. We work closely with you to balance coverage and cost realizing that both are critical to you.

“We are easy to deal with and we make it a point to deal in person. Give us a try—we can properly cover your
garage operations, your property, automobiles, pollution risks, business interruptions, employee tools, and more.

“You’ll like the way we personally work with you.”                                                                                                 PBL Insurance Limited
Doug Searle
Director of Business Development                                                 1-888-254-8294                                          
                                                                                                                                                   Member of the OTDA
PBL Insurance Limited
                                                                                                                                          Jil McIntosh

     Business succession
     How Will You “Re-Tire”?
     Planning ahead can protect you and your business.

            ou know that in order for your               viable plan includes discussions with key     Are you in the 11%?
            business to be successful, you’ve            people, such as partners, employees, your     According to the Royal Bank of Canada
            got to have a long-term plan. You            accountant and lawyer, and members of         (RBC), one out of every four business
     know what your company will need to do              your family.                                  owners in Canada right now is considering
     in order to thrive into next week, next                                                           getting out of his or her company within
     month, next year, and probably well be-             People and plans can change                   the next five years. The majority of them
     yond that. But how much thought have                All of these aspects of your plan should be   (34%) plan to sell the business to a third
     you given into what will happen when                updated whenever necessary. Pull them         party, while 29% will pass it to one or
     you’re no longer involved?                          out on a regular basis and look them over     more people within the family. Beyond
                                                         to see if anything’s changed. Again, don’t    that, 15% plan to sell to their employ-
     There will come a day when you, or any              just focus on what’s written on paper.        ees or managers, 11% will sell to their
     partners you have, will no longer be part of        People change: a son or daughter who          partners, and 1% will close the company
     the company—preferably through retire-              was eager to succeed you at the helm of       entirely.
     ment, although health or changes in life            your business five years ago might have
     circumstances can also play a major role.           gone in another direction, or a key part-     Surprisingly, a whopping 11% have no
     If you don’t have a succession plan that’s          ner’s health or life circumstances might      idea what they intend to do when the
     designed to move your company smoothly              have changed. Your business changes,          time comes. If you don’t, even if you’re not
     to its next step, the effect on your busi-          too: it might be worth substantially more     planning on “packing it in” in the next little
     ness could potentially be catastrophic.             or less than when you last looked at your     while, you should consider taking the time
                                                         succession plan, and that could have a        to chart your future.
     Mapping your future plans                           significant effect on what will happen in
     Quite simply, a succession plan maps out            the future.                                   Three basic steps to a plan
     the way ownership of your business will                                                           RBC suggests there are three basic
     be transferred. It includes legal docu-             Taking the right road                         steps to setting up a succession plan.
     ments, such as wills, tax plans, and pow-           It’s very helpful if you think in terms of    First, you need to examine your current
     ers of attorney, and it names the people            “mapping out” your plan. Consider what        situation, including determining how
     who will succeed you in the business. It            you do when you travel: you select a          much your business is worth, how much
     should include the value of your business,          destination, and then you look at a road      income you require, your role with the
     which is far more than just the walls and           map to see what streets you should take.      business following your retirement, your
     inventory—there’s worth in your licenses,           You don’t pick roads that will take you       personal and business insurance, who
     employee training, customer databases,              the wrong way. Likewise, if you know          has a stake in your business, and how it
     and even customer goodwill. It can also             exactly what’s going to happen with your      would run if something unexpected hap-
     include items of a more personal nature,            company when you retire, you have a des-      pened to you.
     such as a list of your business or personal         tination, and every move you make in your
     goals, and the timetable you may want to            business should be along the “right road”     Next, set out your goals. These include
     set for each step of your company’s suc-            to get there. If your plan is to eventually   how much money you want from your
     cession to its next owners.                         sell the business entirely, you’ll probably   business, the lifestyle you want following
                                                         take a different path than if you intend to   your retirement, and any role your family
     Certain aspects of your succession plan             step back from the day-to-day operations,     will play.
     won’t necessarily even be on paper. A               but still keep your name on the door.

22   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                                                               DON’T BREAK YOUR
                                                                               COMPANY’S CHAIN
                                                                               OF OPERATIONS…
                                                                               PLAN AHEAD!
Finally, set up the “advisory team” that       delivery, a steady flow of customers, and a   provides tax-free supplemental income
will help you make the transition. This can    recognized brand name on the door, your       through tax-exempt life insurance; and a
include family members, lawyers, account-      business will obviously have more value       Retirement Compensation Arrangement,
ants, a business broker, financial advisor,    on the market.                                which is similar to an IPP, and is used for
your company’s management team, and a                                                        the retirement of key employees. Each
business valuator.                             It’s also possible that you’ve set too high   plan has advantages and disadvantages,
                                               a price on your business, in which case       and you should weigh them carefully be-
That last person on the list could be the      a valuator will bring you “back down to       fore making any decisions.
key element in your transition. Many           earth.” This can be an opportunity to see
owners don’t know exactly what their           what you can do to enhance its value.         Of course, you can’t forget the person
business is worth, because they haven’t                                                      who’s always an essential part of your
considered everything that adds value. As      Business retirement plans                     company from the first day you opened
I mentioned earlier, your company is more      A financial advisor can help you get the      it: the taxman. Setting up your succession
than just stock and sales. Factors that        most out of your company for your per-        plan well in advance can help to minimize
affect your company’s worth include your       sonal retirement. RBC says there are          his share, especially if unexpected circum-
company’s reputation, trademarks, con-         several retirement plans available to busi-   stances force a change ahead of schedule.
tracts, future earnings potential, location,   ness owners, above and beyond the trad-
customer relations, supplier relationships,    itional plans. These include an Individual    By starting early, planning well into the
and the reliability of your supply chain. If   Pension Plan (IPP), which typically has the   future, and knowing where you’re going,
a buyer could just pick up from where you      company making contributions into your        your retirement can easily be as successful
left off, with a guarantee of timely product   plan; an Insured Retirement Plan, which       as your business is.

                                                                                             | | December 2009 | Tire News |   23
                                                                                                                                 Jil McIntosh

     succession Planning
     Will You Be Ready When
     the Time Comes?
     Who will take on your company when you’re finally ready to retire?
     No matter how far in the future it may be, there will come a day when you’re ready
     to leave your business. if all goes well, it will be on your terms, but you should also
     have a plan in place if something happens to you, your family, or your business
     partners. it’s never too early to start thinking about your last day of work—whenever
     it arrives.

      What if your family wants your business?                              What if you’re going to sell?
      According to RBC, the majority of business owners sell to a           Most owners sell to a third party, but that doesn’t mean it’s a
      third party, but close behind are those who pass the company          simple process. It can take a year or more to sell your company,
      along to family members. If you are planning on passing or sell-      so be prepared—and be cautious. Putting your business on the
      ing it to family members, there can be many questions you’ll          market can present several challenges; be aware of them, and
      need to ask yourself, including these:                                consider how you will deal with them:

       • Does my successor really want to run the business, or is            • Your day-to-day operations can be interrupted by potential
          he taking it on just to “keep it in the family?” If so, does he      buyers coming through to examine your store.
          really have the know-how to keep it healthy? Can he afford
          to buy the business?                                               • Knowing the company’s for sale can make employees con-
                                                                               cerned about their future with the business, while custom-
       • What’s the best way to handle the succession, so taxes are            ers may be cautious about buying expensive products if
          minimized?                                                           they don’t know how warranties and other plans may be
                                                                               handled by the new owners.
       • If only one of my children want to take it on, what will
          I do for the rest of them? If one or more of my children           • Get legal advice about what you’re required to provide to
          want to stay actively involved, are they capable of working          potential buyers. If the deal doesn’t close, they can have
          together?                                                            “inside information” on your company that they could use
                                                                               to their advantage as a competitor.
       • Have I sat down with them and told them my intentions?
          Do I know as much about their future plans as I do about
          my own?

       • If my children take on the business but later change their
          minds, what’s the next step for my company?

24   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
What’s your business worth?                                       What about your employees?
Many shop owners grossly underestimate the value of their         If you’re not selling to your children, give some consideration to
businesses, because they don’t realize how much their intan-      your employees or partners. There are benefits to selling your
gibles are worth. Your company is much more than just a build-    business to the people already helping you to run it, including
ing and the inventory you carry. When you’re evaluating your      these:
company, don’t forget the monetary value in these:
                                                                   • Minimal disruption to your business—you won’t have to
 • The level of training your employees have received.               advertise your company or try to find a buyer, and you
   How much would it cost someone starting from scratch to           won’t have strangers touring your premise and upsetting
   teach his employees what yours already know? Do all the           your store’s daily routine.
   best techs and counter staff in the area already work for
   you, making it difficult for a new shop to hire employees to    • Because your buyers are already part of the store’s oper-
   meet your store’s level of expertise?                             ations, the transition will probably be seamless to your
 • The relationship you have with your suppliers, and the
   reliability of your supplier chain. What’s it worth to your     • It may take far less time to complete the operation than if
   customers to know that if you don’t have a part in stock, it      you sold to an outside party.
   will arrive at your store within a few hours, whereas they
   might wait a week somewhere else?                               • If you’re not planning to retire for several years, you and
                                                                     your buyers could set up an ownership plan that could let
 • Your company’s name and reputation. Do your custom-               them gradually buy into the business.
   ers recommend you to their friends?
                                                                  Of course, where there are benefits, there are also disadvanta-
 • Your location, and the “face” your company shows to            ges, so consider these as well before you make your decision:
   the street. Is your store on a busy street, and is it easy
   for customers to get in from any direction? Does your           • You will have to identify the employees/managers/partners
   store have appeal that would make a potential customer            who will be best able to carry the business forward. This
   stop in? If so, your company will be more valuable than           could mean excluding employees who are eager to be
   one on a lonely side street, cut off from customers by high-      “part of it,” but who aren’t suited for the job of running the
   ways or difficult access, or hidden by other businesses.          company.

 • Future plans for your neighbourhood. Will that new              • If you finance all or part of the transition, will the new
   planned subdivision provide you with new customers?               owners be able to keep the company’s momentum and pay
   Will the train stop or subway line going in nearby give you       back your investment?
   the chance to woo customers who can drop off their cars
   before commuting to work? If your company’s in a rapidly-       • Will elevating certain employees cause friction with other
   changing neighbourhood, it could be worth more than one           workers? Will everyone in the shop be able to function
   in an established area where the number of potential new          under the new ownership?
   customers is smaller.

                                                                                          | | December 2009 | Tire News |   25
     Wheel Weights
     Getting the Lead Out!
     there’s a very strong chance of lead-free legislation of some kind happening and this will im-
     pact on the businesses of the wheel and tire dealers. this will happen in the United States
     first, and Canada won’t be far behind.

            s a dealer, you will need                                                                                 precision wheel balancing that
            to plan ahead and do                                                                                      naturally improves ride com-
            your homework. You are                                                                                    fort and stability, you get more
     advised to ease into this transi-                                                                                fuel efficiency and tire wear is
     tion and to do this as soon as                                                                                   reduced. The results are an all-
     possible. You need to be as en-                                                                                  in-one, cut-to-fit precision wheel
     vironmentally responsible with                                                                                   balancing system. Needless to
     lead wheel weights as you are                                                                                    say, this system is far better for
     now with used oil and scrap                                                                                      the environment than lead—
     tires. Lead has already been                                                                                     fewer parts are required for in-
     taken out of many products i.e.                                                                                  ventory and therefore takes up
     children’s toys and paint and                                                                                    less floor space. In addition,
     coatings, so it’s just a matter of                                                                               installation is easy. This type of
     time as to the removal of lead                                                                                   system has many benefits for
     wheel weights in order to help                                                                                   the industry.
     protect the environment.
                                                                                                                      Legislation is coming
     “Lead” statistics                                                                                                In the U.S., the legislation is
     A s we s aw i n s ta t i s t i c s f ro m t h e     wheel weights, and a polymer composite.           moving across the land as it is across the
     Environmental Protection Agency, 50 mil-            These weights are being attached to the           globe, so the wheel and tire industry will
     lion pounds of lead are used annually to            wheel with 3M Automotive Attachment               have to answer to legislative changes.
     produce wheel weights across the world.             Tape, a company that has been producing           Lead wheel weights have been banned
     In the U.S., 1.6 million pounds of lead             this type of product for thirty years to the      by the European Union since 2005; they
     wheel weights are lost annually while driv-         automotive industry. The coated steel             were phased out in Japan and Korea also
     ing and many of these weights are washed            and coated zinc weights are supplied as           by 2005, and the EPA’s National Lead-
     into storm sewers and so end up in water-           individual parts—just like the current lead       Free Wheel Weights Initiative came out in
     ways or landfills… which is very bad for            weights.                                          2008 and say members will transition to
     the environment!                                                                                      lead-free alternative by 2011. So, as you
                                                         You already know about steel and zinc, so         can see, this won’t be an immediate “hap-
     Alternatives to lead                                we can tell you that the lead-free polymer        pening,” but experts expect legislation
     Let’s look at the non-lead alternatives in          composite is made of a unique construc-           to come about maybe in a few months
     the OEM wheel balancing market and                  tion that is corrosion-free for the life of the   but more likely within a couple of years.
     dealer service markets. At this time, the           product and keeps your clients’ wheels            So you have time to prepare and as sug-
     OEMs are being very realistic about elim-           looking better longer. Of course, if the          gested, ease into non-lead alternative
     inating lead wheel weights—and each                 coating is damaged somehow, corrosion             wheel weights.
     automaker is at a different stage of that           could occur. With the 3M lead-free wheel
     process. Currently they are turning to              weight system, which you can find avail-          Our thanks to 3M for the information.
     coated steel alternatives, coated zinc              able at, you have

26   | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                                                                                               Shirley Brown

tire Balancing

To Balance or Not to Balance?
it seems that not balancing axle end assemblies is costing the trucking industry billions of dol-
lars. auburn University in the U.S. and a firm called Counteract Balancing Beads conducted a
study on the Counteract product to see if it would be efficient in improving truck fuel economy
by reducing rolling resistance. When the results were in, the phones started ringing!

       ut let’s go back to the beginning,      assembly (axle end). In ten million appli-     effects that are ideally representative of
       when a Technical Service Bulletin       cations however, there have not been any       actual long-haul travel conditions.
       released by Counteract Balancing        disadvantages in using Balancing Beads.
Beads stated that “Some companies in the                                                      The Auburn University test confirmed the
trucking industry are sacrificing drivers’     Back to the test                               first-hand evidence users had reported for
health in a misguided attempt to follow        So, getting back to the test—both Michelin     the past ten years that axle end balancing
the advice of their tire suppliers who claim   and Bridgestone had run the same test and      shows fuel economy improvements. The test
that it is not necessary to balance tire and   found no such fuel improvement, whereas        also confirmed that the laws of physics still
wheel assemblies.” Counteract also found       the test by Auburn and Counteract resulted     apply to the real world of trucking: a round
that some large truck fleets’ drivers in the   in a 2.2% improvement in fuel economy;         balanced object has less rolling resistance
U.S. were paying out of their own pocket       so a controversial issue ensued. A careful     than an out-of-round, out-of-balance object.
to have their steering tire balanced with      comparison of the experimental methods         Both these test results are available at www.
their product because they had heard that      by Auburn revealed much dissimilarity be-
it improved the ride of the truck and re-      tween the two tests.
moved vibration from the steering wheel                                                       Get it in writing
as well as extending tire life by about        A Bridgestone Firestone fuel economy           Goodyear is the only major tire company
75,000 miles (120,675 km).                     test that was conducted recently by bal-       suggesting in writing, in their service
                                               ancing only half of the axle end complete      manual, that all wheel assemblies should
Two balancing methods                          wheel assembly (just the tire and the          be balanced. Benefits include maximized
The first method of balancing truck tires is   rim) showed no substantial fuel improve-       tire life expectancy, improved fuel econ-
axle end balancing, which is when a com-       ment. They also used conventional lead         omy, and reduced vibrations for the driv-
plete wheel assembly consisting of one         weights in the experiment, not balancing       ers and trucks. Other benefits include
or two tires and rims on a hub and brake       beads. At the Auburn University test, the      less carbon emissions and a reduction in
drum, including nuts and bearings, is bal-     complete axle end wheel assemblies were        vibration to the infrastructure.
anced as one piece on the truck.               balanced as one piece and showed a 2.2%
                                               fuel improvement.                              Balancing will not affect the tire manufac-
The second method—tire balancing—                                                             turer’s warranty nor the integrity of the
entails placing a mounted and inflated         Comparison                                     casing. If you’ve been told so, then get it
tire-and-rim onto a balancing machine          In fairness to this comparison, it must be     in writing. If it cannot be put in writing, it
and balancing it by adding wheel weights       added that the Bridgestone Firestone test      is not worth listening to.
to counteract the heavy side of the tire       (run at only 55 mph on a virtually flat
and rim assembly.                              test oval) was also conducted at a much        This article was
                                               lower average speed in comparison to the       brought to you by
The tech bulletin of July 22, 2009 from        average speed of the Auburn University
Counteract says that because the second        test (run on a carefully selected section of
method was machine balanced on an un-          variable grade open interstate at approxi-
balanced brake drum and hub, it will still     mately 65 mph). Higher speeds are known
produce an unbalanced complete wheel           to produce more influential dynamic

                                                                                              | | December 2009 | Tire News |   27
                                                                                                                                               Jil McIntosh
         Kal tire Gets the Lead Out
         Steel Weights Replace Lead for a
         Greener Environment
         environmental issues have become very important with many consumers—part of the reason
         why Kal tire has moved to steel weights in place of lead.

     “               e moved to steel weights in June            voluntary initiative. Experts estimate that               make sure the customers understand
                     2009,” said Michael Kinghorn,               about 3% of the 65,000 tons of lead                       what they’re getting, and why, so they
                     advertising coordinator for Kal             weights used in the U.S. each year fall off               know they’re getting a lead-free product
         Tire. “I would suspect that we were one of              and abrade down to harmful lead dust.                     because it’s better for them and for the
         the first. We try very hard at Kal Tire not                                                                       environment.”
         to be reactionary; we wanted to set the                 Cost is not a factor
         standards.”                                             “We feel that in Canada, the amount of                    Steel weights are just part of Kal Tire’s en-
                                                                 lead that gets into the environment from                  vironmental initiative, which includes recyc-
         Banned in Europe                                        wheel weights may not be significant, but                 ling oil, batteries, and rubber. “If a customer
         Lead weights have been banned in the                    we think it’s a big factor, and our custom-               comes in with a load of tires he’d found on
         European Union since 2005; they’ll                      ers want this,” Kinghorn said. “The cost                  his property, we’ll take them,” Kinghorn said.
         be gone in California next year, and in                 isn’t that much, and I think that if some-                “We have to provide the service. Canada is
         Washington State in 2011. The U.S. EPA                  body is interested in ‘green,’ they realize               an environmentally-conscious country, and
         hasn’t banned lead, but does have a                     there’s a price to pay. Our counter people                we’re going to lead the charge.”

         Our Readers Write
         Following our article on studded tires (Tire News, Oct, 09, p. 26), a few of our readers had very
         interesting reactions and more information. Thanks, guys, for the latest information. (É.D.)

          Hi Eric,

          I’ve enjoyed reading your articles regarding winter tires in Tire News magazine.

          Our company is the largest importer of tire studs in North America. You have provided your readers with good advice with regards to choosing the proper
          winter tire solution.

          There were a couple of points you should be aware of:
          1) Rather than decreasing in usage, we have seen a steady increase in tire stud sales in the past 10 years. In fact, we are currently importing more than
             double the number of studs into Canada than we were in 1999.

          2) Your chart shows that Manitoba uses ceramic core studs. We have not ever sold a ceramic core stud in North America in 25 years. Manitoba uses studs
             with a tungsten carbide pin just like everywhere else in the world.

          3) All U.S. states that currently prohibit studs, as well as Ontario, allow visitors to use studs on their vehicles in the winter season.

          4) The only difference in the law for studs in Northern Ontario is that the stud body be made of aluminum. This makes the stud lighter and causes very little
             damage to the roads. These studs are similar to the studs used in Scandinavia.

          Thanks again for making drivers aware of their winter tire options. Look forward to more of your articles. In fact, I’m renewing my subscription right now.

          Regards, Jeff Smith, Bruno Wessel Ltd.


          I want to thank you for the very interesting article about studs in Tire News. I just want to help you clarify that the line of demarcation in Ontario is the French
          River. Great article! I love to see that Tire News is printing more common interest articles.

          Alex Moore, National Sales Manager, Myers Tire Supply

28       | Tire News | December 2009 | |
Succession Award to                                                             South Korean Daewoo Launches
Marie-Josée Rousseau                                                            Its Own Tire Brand
  in the lux 2009 contest, Marie-Josée Rousseau was presented                     South Korean trading company Daewoo international has developed
with the Succession award, Published Work for a photo of a tire                 a line of Chinese-made, Daewoo-branded tires, which will be sold
                                           recovery centre (using               internationally. Daewoo was at SeMa in early November to introduce
                                           a Nikon D-200 cam-                   the product to North america. this line includes passenger, light
                                           era). Said photo was                 truck, and medium truck radial made by the triangle Group. Daewoo
                                           part of a series on the              will first be focusing on medium truck and otr tires.
                                           environment and the
                                           automotive industry,
                                           published in a special
                                           edition on the environ-
                                           ment in 2009 by rous-
                                           seau automotive Com-
                                             the artistic approach
                                           of Marie-Josée, who
                                           recently received a
                                           Diploma in art History
                                           – Photographic Con-
                                           centration, and who for
                                           the last several years
                                           has been contributing
                                           to the various activities
                                                                                 Daewoo introduced its new line of tires at seMa.
                                           of the aforementioned                 (photo Éric Descarries)
                                           firm, is geared toward
                                           Q u e b e c ’s i n d u s t r i a l
                                             the contest, where                  aDVertiSerS
                                           close to 2,000 entries
                                           were submitted by 84
photographers and illustrators, was presided over by Frédéric Metz              Atlas Tire Wholesale              5, 11,
and lino. the magazine Grafika dedicated a special edition to the                                                                         17, 31
contest organized by Éditions infopresse, in cooperation with l.l.
lozeau. la Capic and aiiQ also participated in the event. www.
                                                                                Bridgestone                    2
The Audi S6 Gets a New Toyo Tire as OE
  audi a.G. chose the new toyo Proxes t1-ao tire for its latest S6
model. indeed, the 5.2-litre V10 powered all-wheel drive S6 will                Continental Tire               7
come from the factory with the new 265/35Zr19 98Y Proxes t1-
ao tire that was developed in a record time by Japanese tire maker
toyo, who assures us that its high-performance product includes
improved wet and dry handling, better braking and cornering, and                Duret & Landry                    9
what it calls “incredibly precise” steering characteristics.

                                                                                Earth Day Canada         13

                                                                                Kumho Tires                         32

                                                                                PBL Insurance                   20

                                                                                Prema Canada                      21
the new audi s6 gets a new high-performance toyo tire.

                                                                                                             | | December 2009 | Tire News |   29
                                                                                                                                                                                   Brian Early

 This 1999 Taurus uses an internally regulated alternator.   This externally regulated alternator is on a 2000 Neon.          Internally regulated alternator on a 2004 Chevy Silverado.

      Alternators and Charging Systems
      Prior to the advent of alternators (a 1960’s innovation that can be attributed to Chrysler), most
      vehicle charging systems utilized a DC generator. Looking much like belt-driven starter motors,
      DC generators had weak low-rpm performance, and required fussy and unreliable mechanical
      voltage and current regulators to control their meagre output.

               lternators are actually AC gener-                     that newer alternators will often have                              fielding”) should cause the alternator to
               ators, and their primary benefits                     additional wires that allow the engine                              charge as proof of function, but do not do
               are much greater output—particu-                      computer to alter charging rates to im-                             it for long, as excessive system voltages—
      larly at low rpm—higher overall efficiency,                     prove fuel efficiency. Consult a wiring                             and possibly damage—will result. (It is
      and more compact construction.                                 schematic to be certain.                                            also possible to do this test with some
                                                                                                                                         internally regulated alternators.)
      Two primary types                                              Thinking outside the box
      While there are different internal wiring                      Externally regulated alternators are less                           My experience with Chrysler charging sys-
      designs out there, alternators can be                          common these days—unless you’re under                               tems suggests that the computer seldom
      generally categorized as one of two major                      the hood of a Chrysler product. Many                                fails—engine and chassis ground issues
      types—internally regulated and externally                      Fo rd s, u p u n t i l
      regulated. Familiarity with both types will                    the mid-nineties,               Familiarity with both types will greatly aid your diag-
      greatly aid your diagnostics, as testing                       and virtually all               nostics, as testing procedures differ between them.
      procedures differ between them.                                Chryslers (exclud-
                                                                     ing rebadged Mitsubishi models) use                                 are the most common electrical faults
      Internal affairs                                               externally regulated alternators.                                   when the alternator itself checks out OK.
      Since the 1970’s, most Asian imports, and
      nearly all General Motors vehicles, have                       Eighties and nineties Chryslers often in-                           Shared faults
      used internally regulated alternators.                         corporated the regulator into their fender-                         Both styles of alternator have common
      Particularly in older applications, these                      mounted “SMEC” units, while other                                   failures—mechanical, such as bearings
      alternators have needed only battery volt-                     automakers (like Ford) used stand-alone                             or loose/damaged/corroded connections
      age and key-switched power connections                         external regulators. Virtually all newer                            (watch for loose belts, too); and internal
      to operate (ground is generally provided                       Chryslers have the regulator built into                             electrical, like open or shorted windings,
      through the housing), simplifying both wir-                    their engine computers.                                             worn brushes, and failed diodes (required
      ing and testing. If power is present at both                                                                                       to convert the AC current produced into
      the main “B+” terminal and the “IGN”                           Straightforward testing                                             useable DC).
      trigger terminal, key on, yet the alternator                   In Chryslers, diagnosis at the alternator
      isn’t charging, the fault likely lies in the                   is relatively straightforward; power at the                         Charge lamps on while running (where
      alternator.                                                    B+, key or ASD relay-switched 12 volts at                           the lamp’s circuit is actually the trigger
                                                                     one of the two field terminals, and pulse-                           source), unusual noises or noise levels,
      Be aware, however, that many alterna-                          width modulated ground at the other field                            or excessive AC ripple—measured by set-
      tors require 12V power at a second “B+                         terminal (other manufacturers may modu-                             ting your multimetre to “AC Volts” (less
      Sense” terminal in order to function, that                     late the positive side, but the principle is                        than 0.5 VAC, measured across the bat-
      the IGN feed circuit may not go through                        the same).                                                          tery terminals, is generally considered
      the charging indicator in the dash (just                                                                                           acceptable)—are also indicators of faulty
      because the light comes on, don’t assume                       Briefly grounding the negative field                                alternators, and should result in their
      that the IGN terminal is powered), and                         terminal with the engine running (“full                             replacement.

                                                                                                                       this article was originally published in the May 2009 issue of CasP Magazine.
30    | Tire News | December 2009 | |
                                                   Features & Benefits
                                                   improved tread pattern:
                                                     Parallel central ribs to improve vehicle handling
                                                     Stable shoulder blocks with Force Transmission Links to increase performance
                                                     Circumferential central groove for fast drainage, slush expulsion and better self cleaning

                                                   increased sipe density and 3D Drop sipes:
                                                     More grip edges for better snow handling performance

                                                   nordic silica compound:
                                                     Innovative winter grip polymer for improved snow traction, performance and ice grip

                    NORD FROST 5

                                                                                                  SIZES AVAILABLE

                                                                                                1 3 inc h
                                                                                                               *FROST 5        1 6 inc h
                                                                                          1 5 5 /8 0 R 1 3 7 9 T S L   2 2 5 /7 5 R 1 6 1 0 4 T S L
                                                                                          1 7 5 /7 0 R 1 3 8 2 T S L   2 1 5 /7 0 R 1 6 1 0 0 T S L
                                                                                                1 4 inc h              2 2 5 /7 0 R 1 6 1 0 2 T S L
                                                                                         1 7 5 /7 0 R 1 4 8 4 T S L    2 1 5 /6 5 R 1 6 1 0 2 T XL
                                                                                         1 8 5 /7 0 R 1 4 8 8 T S L    2 0 5 /6 0 R 1 6 9 6 T XL
                                                                                         1 9 5 /7 0 R 1 4 9 1 T S L    2 1 5 /6 0 R 1 6 9 5 T S L
                                                                                         1 7 5 /6 5 R 1 4 8 2 T S L    2 2 5 /6 0 R 1 6 1 0 2 T XL
                                                                                         1 8 5 /6 5 R 1 4 8 6 T S L    2 0 5 /5 5 R 1 6 9 4 T XL
                                                                                         1 8 5 /6 0 R 1 4 8 2 T S L    2 1 5 /5 5 R 1 6 9 7 T XL
                                                                                                1 5 inc h              2 2 5 /5 5 R 1 6 9 9 T XL
                                                                                         2 0 5 /7 0 R 1 5 9 6 T S L            1 7 inc h
                                                                                         2 1 5 /7 0 R 1 5 9 8 T S L    2 2 5 /6 5 R 1 7 1 0 2 T S L
                                                                                         1 8 5 /6 5 R 1 5 8 8 T S L    2 3 5 /6 5 R 1 7 1 0 8 T XL
                                                                                         1 9 5 /6 5 R 1 5 9 1 T S L    2 3 5 /5 5 R 1 7 1 0 3 T XL
                                                                                         2 0 5 /6 5 R 1 5 9 4 T S L    2 0 5 /5 0 R 1 7 9 3 T XL
                                                                                         1 8 5 /6 0 R 1 5 8 8 T XL     2 2 5 /5 0 R 1 7 9 8 T XL
                                                                                         1 9 5 /6 0 R 1 5 8 8 T S L    2 2 5 /4 5 R 1 7 9 4 T XL
                                                                                         1 9 5 /5 5 R 1 5 8 9 T XL             1 8 inc h
                                                                                                                       2 4 5 /4 0 R 1 8 9 7 T XL

                                                                                               NEW SIZES FOR 2009

                Dealer Enquiries Welcome
        Call (905) 670-7354 Ext. 270

           Exclusive Gislaved Distributor for Ontario

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